Trying Trillian Pro

I tried to like GAIM. I really did. As good as it is, I just couldn’t quite get it. So I’m back to Trillian. I finally heard back from Cerulean Studios (makers of Trillian) on my payment. According to the email, they are having problems with PayPal payments. Doesn’t explain why it took them nearly a week to get back to me after I asked for help, but that’s okay. My account is working now.

So I have Trillian Pro. It’s much like Trillian, but it has enhanced preferences (I can turn off those pesky mail announcements) and it also supports meta-contacts, so if I chat with you on more than one service, I can file those services all under a single contact for you, rather than having multiple ones. That’s cool. I like it so far. I’ll update you if that changes.

Update: I did have one problem. I downloaded what I suspected was the most recent version (it said so on their site), I even accepted the download when I started the program and it said I still didn’t have the most recent version. But apparently neither took. I had to manually download the 2.01-to-2.013 updater to get me to the most recent version (and fix my Yahoo! sign-on problems).

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  1. I don’t know. I don’t use Trillian any longer, though it is registered. I use Gaim now. I like it better and Trillian just hangs too often. Moreover, Gaim is much speedier on my system.

  2. Did you update to Trillian 3.0 in between? It works very smart now and no problems should occour …. btw. I also tried other IM’s, but always got back to Trillian 😉

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