The Need for News

How else would we read even more evidence about the ever-increasing costs of certain programs? Or find out about the death of a giant buck deer? Naturally, we also may need to find more information about truly disconcerting issues, and without the news, we wouldn’t. But I can’t help but think it still isn’t enough. Strange words, as by most any count the news we get is way too much. But this week I’ve found myself starved for news – in truth, one specific item.

On Sunday afternoon, we witnessed a horrific wreck on the interstate. Amazingly, only two cars were damaged, but the wreck was spectacular. One car weaved suddenly across several lanes of traffic, swerving onto the shoulder and then back into the travel lanes. Suddenly, another car started to roll, and then rolled over and over and over until coming to a rest against a small embankment.

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No Wonder We Suck

Nearly half of all Americans believe that the civil liberties of Muslim Americans should be restricted. Now, the article doesn’t mention which liberties should be restricted, and it also doesn’t mention if it’s only the liberties of Muslim Americans. After all, if the poll asked about restricting the freedoms of all Americans, it would include the Muslim count, yes? But I suspect that it was aimed specifically at this group.

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Bloglines Toolkit 1.5.1

About a week ago, I pushed a new version of the Bloglines Toolkit to the site. This version, 1.5.1, does not change anything function-wise, but it does unify the toolkit into a single package containing multiple localizations. Okay, multiple might be a bit much. It has the English version and the Portuguese version. But it’s a single package that should handle both languages. If you are running version 1.5.0, and check for updates, you may have already received this version. If you haven’t, you may or may not want to upgrade to it. Except for the new packaging, there really isn’t a reason to do so.

The really cool thing that this does is that it opens the way for more localizations. If you hadn’t noticed, Mark recently announced multiple language support for Bloglines (and this is really multiple language support, with more than two!). Now, it should be pretty easy for someone to create even more translations for the toolkit, so that not only your Bloglines interface is in your local language, but the toolkit will be as well. Anyone who is interested in localizing the toolkit for a language, let me know and I’ll get you started on the process.

List Pending Comments

So MT-Moderate automatically moderates most comments that you’ll want moderated. This is a huge step in blocking comment spam. If it doesn’t show up on the site, then that’s most of the battle. In fact, for some people, it is all of the battle. All you have to do is occasionally approve some comments that come in, because you’d like to see them on your blog. Those pending comments that contain nothing but spam? Ignore them. Done, problem solved.

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Trying Trillian Pro

I tried to like GAIM. I really did. As good as it is, I just couldn’t quite get it. So I’m back to Trillian. I finally heard back from Cerulean Studios (makers of Trillian) on my payment. According to the email, they are having problems with PayPal payments. Doesn’t explain why it took them nearly a week to get back to me after I asked for help, but that’s okay. My account is working now.

So I have Trillian Pro. It’s much like Trillian, but it has enhanced preferences (I can turn off those pesky mail announcements) and it also supports meta-contacts, so if I chat with you on more than one service, I can file those services all under a single contact for you, rather than having multiple ones. That’s cool. I like it so far. I’ll update you if that changes.

Update: I did have one problem. I downloaded what I suspected was the most recent version (it said so on their site), I even accepted the download when I started the program and it said I still didn’t have the most recent version. But apparently neither took. I had to manually download the 2.01-to-2.013 updater to get me to the most recent version (and fix my Yahoo! sign-on problems).

Money Matters

Are you concerned about terrorism? I don’t mean in a general, worldwide, sort of way. I mean on a regular, even daily, basis. I know I’m not. That doesn’t mean that I don’t think there is any reason for concern (so no need to prove me wrong, Osama). It simply means that, on a daily basis, I don’t think that the activities in which I engage are particularly good targets for terrorism. And if I should happen to be on a plane or train, or perhaps even a boat or a car, and become a victim of terrorism? Then perhaps I should have been more concerned and you can all stick out your tongues at me.

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Bonaire Day Two

The next morning, we had breakfast at the Inn and decided that we needed a car. The island isn’t huge, and the city (Kralendijk) isn’t that big, but it would help. So we had the innkeeper call a service for us. The promised rate was something around $25 USD, but as we traveled back to the airport, our driver informed us that those cars were not available, despite our innkeeper’s reservations a few minutes earlier. While we appreciated the ride back to the airport for free, we decided we’d check out the competition and see what they offered, since this company didn’t seem to want our business very badly.

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Multiple Domains with Exchange 2003

I’ve been setting up three new domains on an Exchange 2003 server for a few days. It really isn’t that difficult, but it’s taken me a bit to get used to working with 2003. It’s a lot different (a lot more integrated) than previously. Of course, 2000 versions may have been as well, but I’ve never – knowingly – worked on an Exchange 2000 system, so that could be part of it. Quite a jump from Exchange 5.5.

Anyway, it’s never been particularly difficult to set up another domain on an Exchange server, and then to assign additional – or even different – domains to different email addresses, and on to users. But I had all that set up and it still wasn’t working. Everything worked well internally, but when I tried to send email to one of these new domains from an external account (not on that server), it returned a dreaded 550: Unable to Relay error. I was stumped.

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