Address Translation Frustration

I’ve been pulling my hair out on this, and I’m just about to throw in the towel. Before I did so, I figured I would see if anyone out there might know definitively if that’s a good idea or not.

I’m working with a Cisco 2620. This router has address translation enabled on it, so that services on the internal network can be offered to the external network (the Internet). This is done through statements like this one:

ip nat inside source static

Where is the internal address and is the external address. This works fine, so long as someone from inside the network does not try to do something involving the address on the outside of the network while they are connected to the internal network. Lost yet?

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Non-Stop Lawmaking

Okay, I realize that the congress really isn’t non-stop. They take breaks like the rest of us. Heck, they probably take more breaks than the rest of us. But let’s think about it for just a minute: Congress has existed, generally speaking, for nearly two-and-a-half centuries. Is the world so messed up that we really need full-time lawmaking, even after nearly two hundred and fifty years? Why not change things around and have congress actually work for a living?

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Copycat or Slowpoke?

A story posted in the Observer on Sunday is remarkably similar to one provided by Creative Loafing on Wednesday.

Yet neither credits the other. I’m not saying that either was copied verbatim – to be fair, I didn’t read both verbatim in order to be able to tell. But it is odd when one news outlet publishes a story a few days after another, albeit less well regarded, news outlet, and doesn’t even mention that they aren’t the only one investigating or turning up interesting evidence.

A Small Consideration

It seems that everywhere people are talking about how bad things are these days. I’m not saying that I disagree, but generally I’m not quite ready to take Lemony Snicket‘s attitude either.

So today I read another story about the airline industry. In case you didn’t know it, things aren’t good in the airline industry (with a couple of exceptions). But the extent to which things are not good is surprisingly bad.

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The Deepest Cut?

The Panthers cut 14 yesterday. Understandable. They still have 4 to go by today’s deadline, but I can’t understand why they cut Rod Rutherford, who played as a 4th string QB during the preseason. While Rutherford only had a few snaps during these four games, he made several nice plays – with his arm and with his legs. That alone is a bit of an accomplishment among Panthers’ quarterbacks (Jake’s red zone scramble a couple weeks ago notwithstanding).

Comparisons to Michael Vick may be a bit overstated, but still – I think they should have kept this guy. While he’s listed as a practice squad possibility, that means the Panthers have to cut him first – and with an exciting (though brief) preseason, other teams may have some interest. I hope he makes it through to come back and be on the practice squad. You have to wonder what they were thinking – is it really worth keeping near senior citizen Rodney Peete on the roster to give up potential like this?