Repetitive Events

I find it interesting how certain events can repeat year after year (or even more frequently), and yet people still attend in droves. It’s not so much the people who visit for the first time that have me puzzled – it’s those who go time after time after time.

I can understand people who go to an event because they’ve never been. I can even understand people who go to an event time after time because it’s different. Though I don’t particularly care for them too much myself, I’d put things like car races and most sporting events in this category.

Sure, now and again a baseball game in the middle of summer when the nights are warm, but not too warm, is a great way to spend an evening. But to go day after day? Doesn’t work for me. Still, there is enough variance from game to game (or race to race) to make it not quite the exact same thing. So I can understand.

What I don’t get are those things that just don’t change. The Renaissance Festival. The Greek Festival. Both are entertaining, and both are worth seeing at least once. But year after year? I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s me.

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  1. It’s you. . . and many others. Visiting the same event time after time can create a since of belonging. There is a reassurance that you are not the only one interested in (fill in the blank). Friends are made, stories lived to tell later (like your favorite camping spot or sport) and even beliefs reinforced (like church).

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