Truth in Advertising

Watching the Panthers game last night, we saw some of the new Miller commercials. The commercials appear to specialize in honesty. The problem is, the honesty is so hard to find that you might miss it.

First, the commercial talks about taste preferences, and then moves to taste tests and finally explains how more people find that Miller beers have more flavor than Budweiser beers. All completely true (presumably) – but make sure you pay attention to the details. Never does the commercial mention that people actually like Miller better than Bud. All it says is that people find that Miller has more flavor than Bud.

Even the “taste test” commercials, that have a single person doing the deed, have the person saying an unlikely “This one has more flavor”. If I like something, I’ll say “Damn, that’s good”. Or even “Wow. Great stuff”. Not “This one has more flavor”.

Still not with me? Check the fine print on the “summary” commercial (not the one with the individual taste test). It says something to the effect of “Results reflect those noticing more flavor, not preference”. The taste could be that of a landfill, and people might not care for it. But hey – at least they’re being honest. You just have to look for it.

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