Watch What You Say

A recent article mentioned that Tamyra Gray, fourth-place finisher in the inaugural American Idol season, thinks that you have to be really careful what you say and do (on TV, presumably). Here’s what I don’t get. Ms. Gray mentions that when talking about La Toya London, who said she was already a winner. To me, that sounds like positive thinking, and I really don’t understand. Sounds catty if anything.

For a better example of watching what you’d say, I’d look to Ms. Gray herself. Near the end of that article, she is asked where she would be if she hadn’t been on American Idol. Her answer? Probably Broadway. That sounds much more like a boast to me. She may have gone to Broadway, and she may or may not have made it – she does have some talent – but to simply assume she would be working there? That might be a bit much.

And while I’m talking about Things Idols Say, what is up with Fantasia Barrino? This year’s Idol winner said in her acceptance speech that she had worked for everything she had. I’m sorry? I don’t begrudge Ms. Barrino anything, and out of the competition she faced, I think she was easily the most talented. But we’re talking about a 19 year old who gets picked for a reality show, wins it, and gets a recording contract. Even fourth-place finisher Gray has had spots on TV shows essentially thrown at her. Where exactly does the working part find its way into the story?

Advertising Explained

I admit it. Advertising rarely works on me. I’m much more likely to get excited about seeing a 160GB hard drive for $100, listed in plain text in some obscure computer catalog, than I am to be impressed by the fact that some athelete gets paid to say he eats Fruit Loops. And while I did happen to purchase such a hard drive a while back, I don’t currently know where such a deal is available. Sorry.

I’ve talked about this before. I think it’s because I don’t understand it. Maybe my brain is just wired differently. A fact that I’m thankful for, to be sure. But I don’t get why I should be impressed about the official fast food restaurant of a sports team (that makes sense) or by the fact that some company pays someone millions of dollars for a sticker to put on their race car. I don’t see why that should drive my buying habits.

Luckily for those companies, there are some who do.

Forensic Video

First, some disclaimers: While forensic is probably accurate in at least one sense, I’m not an examiner of any sort or by any means. All observations are simply casual observations, nothing more. My deepest sympathy goes out to the family of this – and any other – person killed in pretty much any situation. But most often in one such as this where the whole world shares in that moment and you simply cannot get away from it.

In case you hadn’t guessed, I was recently able to watch the video. Okay, that’s probably not completely true either. I watched a video, which I am led to believe is the video. Based on the comparison of the clips I’ve seen on TV, I’d say it’s a reasonable assumption.

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Moving Movable Type

It turns out that it was surprisingly easy to move from one host to another. I’d love to think it’s simply my own brilliance, but let’s be honest here. Much of the work was easy because I had a copy of the data on my own PC. It was a bit out-of-date, but the general structure was in place. That saved a load of time, especially as I couldn’t get FTP access to my prior host.

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