When Will it Stop?

Today we have yet another example of a government gone awry. The State of Georgia has apparently decided to decree mutilation of the female genitals to be illegal. For those who have heard horror stories about children in remote areas who are mutilated, you might applaud. I might even join you on this one.

But in the end, this bill shows just one more time how a government left unchecked will usurp whatever power they possible can. You see, the bill itself wasn’t good enough. An amendment was added that also made piercings a part of the list of “mutilations”. Moreover, the law will apply to everyone – thus, even adult women who seek the piercings for themselves could perhaps be charged with violating the bill.

When asked about the amendment, sponsor Bill Heath didn’t seem to understand that women may seek genital piercings for themselves. While you may not understand this is something that people do, and while you may not agree, the government has no business telling people what they can and cannot do with their own bodies.

Whether you agree with the bill or not, whether you live in Georgia or not, I say it’s time to let government know what you think. We’re supposed to have a government for the people. Now is the time to let them hear it. If you do live in Georgia, you can even email Mr. Heath directly to let him know!

Have You No Shame?

So I’m at the Food Lion. I have a grand total of four items, so naturally I look to the express lane. Before I can get there, another lady beats me to the line. No problem, I think to myself: It’s the express lane, and thus she won’t delay me by much.

First, the guy in the front of the lane discusses the finer points of Skoal long cut with the cashier, repeatedly having her come look for it. Or look to return it because he didn’t want it. That wasn’t quite clear. I just couldn’t get why it was such a big deal while he’s already in the line – why not get it prior to standing in line? Even if he had to wait, why pull the cashier over twice, instead of just doing it right the first time?

Regardless, this transaction did give me time to check out this lady in front of me. She had way more than 12 items in her buggy. So while I fume, I try and figure out what she’s doing. Apparently separating the piles into two separate transactions, each of which is presumably less than 12 items. Interesting tactic. Not sure how to take this one. If it was two separate people with small transactions, it wouldn’t bother me – is it bad that one person makes two transactions to fit under the limit? Not sure. Regardless, it turns out that her second transaction had 14 items, so she would have been busted anyway. Not that she was busted, but she was overloaded. She could have been more considerate.

Where does this madness end? Not at the credit union. Signs are plastered everywhere that you need to fill out a slip to describe your transaction. Does anyone? No. If the cashier even bothers to point this out, they fill it out there at the window instead of out of the way where others might actually get things done. The signs also say you need ID. Does everyone bother to bring ID to the bank? No. A new sign I saw the other day said that the Patriot Act requires proof of identity to open an account. Huh? Like a bank wouldn’t want that anyway? Apparently there are enough people who balk to make the credit union think that they need the support of the Patriot Act to back them up.

At the Waffle House, signs say that they don’t accept checks. Yet people justify their actions (that is, trying to write a check) by saying that they are honest, and that it’s all those dishonest people who shouldn’t be writing checks.

And why does all this happen? Because we’re so afraid of making a scene? What is the problem with a scene, anyway? Because you call someone on something they shouldn’t be doing? If there’s a sign posted, and you choose not to follow the instructions of the sign and someone calls you on it, have the decency to stand up and admit you were wrong, instead of acting all offended. If you’re wrong, swallow your pride and admit it. Beg forgiveness even. But don’t be that person who thinks that the rules don’t apply to you. We’re all in it together people. Can we maybe try and act like it?

Boy Gets Girl

We once again made our way to a production of the Off Tryon Theatre Company (OTTC) last night. On our last visit, a few months ago, we saw the fine production of Quills. Once again, we were not disappointed.

The show this time was Boy Gets Girl, the story of an all-too-real situation that arises from a simple blind date. As with our last visit, the folks at the OTTC made excellent work of their limited space, dividing the set into two primary sections, adding a third scene on the “sidewalk” outside and a fourth in a small corner of the theatre.

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Rude and Stupid

I don’t pretend to understand grafitti, the tagging of things with your name, someone else’s name, an insult, or perhaps even a URL. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Someone other than yourself takes the time to do something, and this somehow gives you the right to plaster whatever you like wherever you like. Does anyone else see the problem here, or is it really just me?

Let’s take the recent comment from Freddie McGee:

  Your really stupid!!!!!!

That’s it. Nothing more.

“Your”, as it is spelled in Freddie’s comment, is possessive. So what Freddie apparently forgot to include in this comment is what he (or she) wanted to say about my really stupid <blank>. Perhaps it should have read:

  Your really stupid momma wears combat boots!!!!!!

In which case, I am duly offended and will make sure that she no longer shops at the surplus store and instead heads over to the shelter so that she can get some real shoes at the expense of Freddie’s momma. But I digress.

I think it more likely that instead, Freddie meant to say you’re stupid, which instead of being possessive is a conjunction of the two words you and are, meaning to say that I am stupid, not that I have a relationship to something stupid. Though to give Freddie credit, perhaps that was to be implied.

Does anyone really think that I, or anyone else, will suddenly realize that I am stupid, and that I must repent for said stupidity?

Regardless of your answer to that question, let’s say for a moment that I do feel the need to correct my ways. Why didn’t Freddie at least tell me why I am stupid? Then, perhaps this excellent comment could at least serve to help me recover from my stupidity, rather than be forgotten because it was, well, useless.

On the other hand, I may know a Freddie McGee, and call him (or her) up and have a few choice words for what he dared to write on my web site. Perhaps that’s what this person is after – trying to pick a fight, while not actually getting into one himself. I’d suspect that we will never know.

Freddie, if you’re out there, come back and tell us what we are supposed to do with these words of wisdom!

North Carolina Tourism

It’s official. The most popular tourist destination in North Carolina is… Concord Mills? That’s right, compared to all other tourist attractions in the state, a shopping center wins the prize. 15.3 million visitors last year. That’s a lot of shopping.

Apparently the stodgy old Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina managed only 13.7 million visitors. How about that. Been around, well, pretty much forever. Created by the forces of time or God or maybe even a bunch of ants over eons. And you lose out by 1.5 million people to a shopping mall.

Something’s wrong with this world.

New Day, New Grievance

This time, I’m sure you’ll be surprised to know that it’s about another football player. In this case, he seems to think he’s missing $6.5 million. Now I don’t know about you, but even if I had a contract for nearly $70 million, I’d make sure that extra $6.5 million was included before signing anything.

Heck, my wife wanted me to sign something yesterday and I hadn’t read the materials I was saying I had read, so I had a problem with it. And that’s just a notice – I wasn’t receiving any money for the reading.

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Why Do People Steal?

So I’m doing the weekly shopping in Aldi. If you have an Aldi near you and haven’t tried it out, you might just want to give it a go. Prices are good, products are good, why not? Because you can’t write a check or use a credit card? Hmm. Seems a strange reason for not saving money, but if that’s your choice, that’s okay by me.

In any case, the cashier of my particular lane suddenly shows no small amount of distress. She’s frantically waving, trying to get the attention of someone further back in the store. Turns out she was trying to get the manager-type, which she finally did, and he came up to find out what was going on.

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Revisiting the Browser

After two weeks or so, I’m still using Mozilla Firefox as my primary browser. I haven’t yet completely dumped MSIE, but I have only fired it up two or three times thus far. Primarily to check and see if the problems I was having in Firefox were browser-related or not (they were not).

One huge benefit to Firefox: EditCSS. This extension to the browser means you can open the CSS on any web page, tinker with it, and see your results live. Very helpful for debugging problems with funky web pages that just don’t want to display correctly when you think they should. Theoretically, you could also steal CSS very easily. Don’t do that.

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