That French Paradox

How do the French indulge in such guilty pleasures as thick, creamy sauces and rich, buttery desserts, yet stay so slim? While only 7 percent of the French are considered obese, a whopping 30 percent of Americans are considered over the limit. This mystery has confounded overeating Americans for years. How do they do it?

According to one article, the French just don’t eat as much. Sure, they eat a lot of fat. But they eat a whole lot less food overall. Consider these findings: The average portion size in Philadelphia is 25 percent larger than it is in Paris. Individual examples include Chinese restaurants with meals 72 percent larger, candy bars that are 41 percent larger and soft drinks that are 52 percent larger. Is it any wonder that we’re packing on the pounds?

Rather than trying to moderate our carbs, or buy and eat more foods that are considered low in fat, maybe we ought to just stop eating so damn much.

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Hermaphrodite, Heal Thyself

By a show of hands, who in the audience thinks it is a good idea to find someone on the Internet to castrate you in your own home? You, over there near Pittsburgh – what were you thinking?!? Were you thinking at all?

As bizarre as this story is, it’s not unique. A similar thing happened in Saskatchewan two years ago. In fact, 2001 was a big year for do-it-yourself castrations, with at least one other story listed on the front page of Google!

Come on people – Hiring someone off of the Internet is a good idea? To perform the operation in your own home and toss the pieces in the garbage? It amazes me how people that are this stupid can continue to reproduce. Then again, maybe they’re trying to stop themselves, and this is the solution that seems to have the best chances for success.

Human Condition

This morning, I read about a kid who beat a puppy to death with a board. Why? He said that it felt good. It felt good? To beat a puppy? Until it died? Where do we find these people? I don’t care how much you dislike something – to beat it to death with a board simply because you don’t care for it is wrong. I don’t particularly care for cats, but I’m not going to beat one.

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A Sense of Entitlement

Earlier today, I read a disturbing post at Mezzoblue.

For those who don’t know, Dave Shea is the creator and caretaker of the CSS Zen Garden. If you haven’t visited the garden to see the designs that people come up with using pure CSS (no mucking about with the page itself), you owe yourself a trip. This is some cool stuff.

But I digress. It seems that Dave’s had some problems with people making use of the CSS made available by the garden and using it as their own. The issue here isn’t one of legality, though that’s how some have portrayed it. The licensing terms used by Dave in the creation of the garden were apparently too lenient, as some goofball can just come along, take everything, and pass it off as his own, and that’s a shame.

It’s not a crime, but it is abhorrent that someone would do this. While apparently legal if you follow the letter of the law (or the license), it’s just not in the spirit of things. Since when did our society become a place where you took what you could – and didn’t leave well enough alone when you should? To be presented with your own work, and be told that it’s going to be used and you’ll like it? That’s just wrong.

Many people would love to say “oh, it’s an Internet thing”. And while that phrase means less today than it did even five years ago, it’s a really pathetic reflection on our society.

On the way home today, the person in front of me flat-out ran a stop sign. Didn’t pause, brake, or even appear to look at the cross street. I was so busy wondering about this person, that I nearly ran into someone else at the next stop sign. I realize that doesn’t make me any better – and that’s exactly the point. This isn’t about finger-pointing. It’s about recognition of a disease.

There was an article in the paper the other day about the next disease that will come along, and if it will result in catastrophe. I submit that the next disease is here. The pandemic is among us. It’s a disease of carelessness, a disease of selfishness. Somewhere along the way, we decided that the person next to us didn’t matter nearly as much as we did, simply because they weren’t us, and that’s not right.

Just Another Bowl?

In the beginning (not that beginning), there was the Bud Bowl. Then the Butt Bowl. Now we have the Lingerie Bowl. I know, I know, I missed the announcement earlier this summer. Better late than never, right?

So they say that these women will be playing 7-on-7 full contact football during the Super Bowl halftime show. At first glance, that sounds much better than the No Doubt and Shania show last year, or Britney and Aerosmith the year before that. But then I read further in the announcement, and there they are. The two words that men dread to hear. No nudity.

Why in the world would I pay $20 to see women play football in lingerie when there won’t be any nudity? I mean come on – I have no problems with women participating in sports, but let’s be real here. Powder Puff is Powder Puff. And that’s okay. But it’s only fun to watch if your girl is on the other team while you’re standing on the sidelines, cheering like a moron. Otherwise? Well, it’s Powder Puff.

So I’m wondering how many guys will plunk down their $20 with the hope of seeing nudity, when the announcement already told them there won’t be any? I suspect there will be plenty, because guys will read the beginning of the release (models… full contact… lingerie) and will never make it to near the bottom when they mention those two words. But I don’t think I’ll be one of them.

Wait a minute – what’s this? A quote from Team Euphoria captain Angie Everhart about that statement? Hmm… That’s what they say, but I’m going to be ripping off tops.

Maybe I need to find a spare twenty after all.


I had to use more SQL than usual the other day. It had been a while since I had much call to use SQL in my job for something more than a simple query, however. I needed to use it to update some records in a file as I really just didn’t want to write a program to do the work. SQL should have been much faster, had I a clue what I needed to do. Eventually, I struggled my way through it and it was much faster – assuming you didn’t count the time spent on the learning curve to get to where I could actually use it!

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Political Affiliation

I probably most closely align myself with the Libertarian point of view. I’m not always sure if I agree with the Libertarian Party point of view, but I would definitely consider myself a Libertarian at heart. I recently read a book about this very topic. It gets a little long-winded, but starts off pretty well and gives you some idea of what this could mean if it was actually pursued by anyone.

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