Transportation Follies

Not long ago, a teenager was arrested at Logan International Airport in Boston for what can only be described as a joke in poor taste. The teenager, you see, had seen fit to leave a profanity-laced note in his bag, which when found by TSA screeners, apparently caused no end of anxiety. Why? The note contained the word bomb.

Perhaps our country has finally lost it’s sense of humor. Should he have used profanity? Probably not. But simply mentioning the word bomb may not be the best test for explosives on an airplane. Heck, this poor kid wasn’t even on the plane yet (unlike Ben Stiller).

As soon as word of this scheme leaks, any terrorist who wants to blow something up will simply not speak (or write) the word and then just casually stroll onto the plane. In the immortal words of Shaggy (and BoingBoing), we are doomed. The TSA will surely stop Ben & Jen, but who else will make it through their checkpoints?