My Hotel Ethics

Generally speaking, I probably use most of the consumables found in the hotel room – the soap and the shampoo being the two most notable examples of this. There are certainly times where I’ll stay for more than just a day, so I’ll end up with an extra shampoo or even some bars of soap. As I travel a decent amount, I will typically take some of these with me, in case I run into a place that doesn’t supply such things.

If the lodging is more personal, such as a Bed & Breakfast, then often the toiletries will be supplied in a standard consumer-grade bottle, which is naturally much larger, and probably not supplied just so you can take it home and not have to buy your own. On the other hand are other facilities which don’t supply anything – in this case those extra “trial size” toiletries come in handy.

Though it’s rare, some places will supply lotion. I use my hands a good bit for work – both at work and at home – so I can make use of some lotion when I can get it. It’s fair to say that lotion, especially the nicer kinds and not the funny-smelling white or pink lotions found in most hotels, will typically end up in my bag whether I need it that day or not. It will get used eventually!

While I’ll also make use of a sewing kit once in a while, or bring back a shower cap for a souvenir (my wife is especially fond of these :), I don’t generally take them. I also don’t typically wear shoes that require polishing, so that polishing cloth will stay on the tray.

I’ll often also grab a pen or two, since I seem to lose them pretty regularly. As these are generally the cheap ball-point pens with the hotel logo that can’t cost more than a few cents each, I don’t have a problem with this either. If I were to grab a box of ’em off of the housekeeper’s cart, that would probably be a bit overboard.

As far as the toilet paper, kleenex, sheets, towels, pillows and lamps? It’s safe to say that they all stay in the room. Sure, if you have allergies or a cold, taking a wad of tissue to stick in your pocket is okay. But if you just want some for your kitchen? Come on – you can pony up the couple bucks it takes for that.