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Have you seen the Outhouse Springs billboards? I’ve been seeing them in the Charlotte area for a while now. I also saw them in Charleston (SC) when we were there in July for the 4th. But I never could remember to look up the company. Surely these things weren’t real. Slogans like “We’re #1, not #2” and “People Love Us, but They Won’t Shake our Hands” – no way would someone even try to pull that off.

Well, this morning I got around to looking. It turns out that while the ads were not real in the beginning, they are now. What started off as a move to show the effectiveness of outdoor advertising became the impetus for actually creating a product. How often does that happen? Advertise, determine the reaction, and then if there’s enough interest, create the product. Pretty unbelievable, actually.

For a limited time (the page says 8 weeks), Outhouse Springs water will be available in Charleston-area Piggly Wiggly stores. Some of the proceeds (I seem to remember seeing 50 cents per six-pack, but I can’t find it now) go to the Save the Light project to restore the Morris Island Lighthouse (Quicktime viewer required).

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  1. Go take a look at the Lighthouse Springs web site!

    Make sure your pc speakers are on for full effect.

    Thanks for metioning this and linking to our site!

    Bob Chapman – webmaster for Save The Light, Inc.

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