No Common Sense

Okay, folks, time for a pop quiz!

You’d like to see a movie this weekend, but find out that all the theater is playing are PG-13 and R-rated movies. What do you do? What do you do?

A. Skip the movie. You don’t need to see such trash anyway. Rent a Disney flick instead.

B. Skip the movie, because you can’t find a babysitter to watch your 4-year old, and, well, it’s not really appropriate for a 4-year old to see those kinds of movies anyway.

C. Find a babysitter to take care of your 4-year old so you can enjoy the trash without worry of causing others distress or harming the poor kid with the contents of the movie.

D. Make sure you take your 4-year old to see the movie anyway, then get upset when either everyone complains about the racket or if you aren’t allowed inside.

If you’re like some people, it looks like the correct option is D.

One lady in particular takes her 4-year old to (at least) a PG-13 movie and is upset that she can’t get in! What is she thinking? What sort of 4-year old needs to see a PG-13 movie? Even if they don’t disturb the peace, don’t you think that’s a bit much for their little brain to handle? I know 16-year olds that can’t handle the contents of a PG-13 movie because they can’t distinguish movies from real life. How is a 4-year old going to handle it?!?

Unfortunately, I also know some folks (parents, even) who thinks this smacks of censorship. Well, as a parent, it’s your job to censor. Get over it. But in case that’s still not enough, check out this review of the recently-released movie The Hulk (make sure you scroll to the bottom and read the “violence” section). Then tell me that a 4-year old needs to see this movie.

Does common sense even exist any more?