And So It Begins

Customers ask for your assistance with issue X. You disrupt your life to make things work for them and do your best to present a smiling face all the while. You fix issue X and conveniently, since you’re there, they decide to ask about issues Y and Z. Of course, this comes as a complete surprise to you.

Are people just morons?

I doubt it. I’m not even sure that I’d call them selfish. More likely that they just don’t consider other people. And that’s where it really starts to make you wonder. Does anyone really care any more?

I hope, if nothing else, that I can convey that sense of compassion to my sons. If not, how can I consider my life a success if I just contribute to the mess that is today’s society? Personal responsibility is on the edge, and is perilously close to falling over. Maybe my efforts will only pause the great plunge, but I can’t just sit idly by and watch the fall.

Every revolution begins with but a single thought. Might as well be mine.