Naproxen belongs to a class of drugs called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, generally referred to as "NSAIDs". Another common member of this class is Ibuprofen, found in Motrin.

These drugs are used for the management of mild to moderate pain, fever, and inflammation. They work by reducing the levels of prostaglandins, chemicals that are responsible for pain, fever, and inflammation. Naproxen was approved by the FDA in December 1991.

NSAIDs reduce the flow of blood to the kidneys, which may impair their function. The impairment is most likely to occur in patients with preexisting impairment of kidney function or congestive heart failure, and use of NSAIDs in these patients should be done cautiously. Individuals with asthma are more likely to experience allergic reactions to naproxen and other NSAIDs.

NSAIDs also reduce the ability of blood to clot and therefore are likely to increase bleeding after an injury.

NSAIDs increase the risk of potentially fatal, stomach and intestinal adverse reactions (for example, bleeding, ulcers, and perforation of the stomach or intestines). Sometimes, stomach ulceration and intestinal bleeding can occur without any abdominal pain. Black tarry stools, weakness, and dizziness upon standing may be the only signs of the bleeding.

NSAIDs, except low dose aspirin, may increase the risk of potentially fatal heart attacks, stroke, and related conditions. This risk may increase with duration of use and in patients who have underlying risk factors for heart and blood vessel disease. Therefore, NSAIDs should not be used for the treatment of pain resulting from coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery.

Naproxen is available by prescription or over the counter in Aleve.

This description is adapted from information sources found online, and is in no way meant to replace or substitute for professional medical advice. If you are in pain, or considering taking this or any other medicine, contact your medical professional for assistance rather than using the internet as your sole source of information.

My Personal Experience

I went to see the doctor and talked about the headaches I had been having on and off, at which point I was prescribed Naproxen. Since once of these pills can last an entire day, along with the bonus of not having to pop Advil all day? I'm game.

After taking one pill (a dose of 500mg), however, I found out that the headache itself was handled fairly well, but my stomach did not handle the medication all that well. It could have been because I hadn't eaten anything, so the next day, I tried again after having a hearty breakfast, and was just about floored when I then tried two pills (a dose of 1000mg) - and this time around, my head wasn't helped at all!

On the third day, with no help for my head, and not being able to keep any food down either, I finally gave up. Since the pills last so long in the system - usually around twelve hours - it takes so long to recover to the point where I can even keep something down, it's back to the drawing board.

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Hi Chad...I've also experienced the side effects that you have had with Naproxen..I finally gave it up. My blood pressure went up, I was retaining fluid, awful stomach upsets, sweating, headaches, etc...this is definitely not a good drug...I'm back on only aspirin and doing much better...I was taking it for arthritis and I will never take it or anything like it again. I hope your headaches are better! Best to you!

I have been taking EC Naproxen 500MG for two weeks. They are great, no side effects and pain goes away in 1-2hrs.

I have been taking Naproxen for a lumbar strain when I had my ATV accident 8 weeks ago. I take 500mg 3 times a day. It is used in my case as an anti-inflammatory. You have to take this with food otherwise you run the risk of bleeding in the stomach from what I udnerstand. I never had any side effects. Be sure you let the doc know of any other medication. Also, you should not take additional aspirin or NSAIDs or you may have the bleeding.

I have been experiencing severe cluster headeches for several years. Excruciating pain on the right side of my head, followed by severe vomiting. I get about two-three attacks a day. Yesterday I was given Naproxen by my doctor, and to my surprise the pain in my head did not return. Although my severe headaches vanished, now my vomiting is accompanied by the all-famous diarrhea.

My daughter takes the Naproxen for her leg and menastral cramps and she wont take anything different. She says that the Naproxen helps her tremendously. I have Fibromyalga and i have been on Hydrocodo for many years so i am going to try the Naproxin and if it doesnt work then i will discontinue it and continue my Hydrocodo but medicine works differently for every person i think. Their systems are totally different so it may work differently for everyone.

i've been take Naproxen for a wild now and it does not work at all for my headaches what should i do about it da pain is still there after 2 to 3hours what eles could i take for headaches

I didn't care for Naproxen either (as you can tell). I'm not sure if it was because they made my stomach upset or what, but they never really helped my head.

So I just stick with good old Ibuprofen.

I have just stated on Naproxen 500mg I had a heart attack 4 years ago is it safe to take naproxin

I was prescribed Naproxen 500 mg. about 3 weeks ago for back strain. The doctor also said I have degenerative joint disease in my spine.
I have been having a lot of trouble breathing. It's a "smothering" feeling. I didn't realize this is a side effect Naproxen. I will discontinue taking it and see if I will do better.
Has anyone else experienced the same side effectf?

I had some very bad effects from Naproxen - I can't say if it's a problem with the medicine itself, or if it was just a bad time for me in general. But, keeping in mind that I'm not a doctor (or a lawyer), I would say that if you take Naproxen (or any other medication) and you feel bad, I'd definitely talk to your doctor pretty quickly.

i ate alot of naproxen cause i wanted attention...and naproxen does alot of effect...
i overdosed

In answer to Bob McKim. I have exactly the same problems you have from whatI'm told and have just been put on Naproxen and am experiencing that same reactions you are. I'm going to try and discontinue it also o see what happens.

I have 2 herneated disks in my neck c5-c6 disks I have been pretty lucky with this medicine naproxen 500m I drink plenty of water with the pills and i have no problem it makes the pain easier to deal with I dont take it every day just when needed.

I have just read your comments on Naproxen. Please don't take anymore. My mom was prescribed Naproxen for arthritis in her knees. She took it for two years. She started having kidney problems and gained alot of weight (which was fluid). Her doctor sent her to a kidney specialist. He took a biopsy of her kidney's. He told her her kidney's were dead. She walked in the hospital and never walked out. She went on dialysis and had a stroke all in the same week. She could no longer walk, turn herself over, nothing. She was totally dependent on us to take care of her. She wasn't warned about the damages of Naproxen. Her kidney doctor told us she should only have taken the Naproxen for six weeks, not two years. On her first visit, he took her off of it, but it was too late. My Mom died September 21, 2007, almost one year after her first visit with the kidney specialist. She went through pure hell during those last months. Please pass the word, I would not want anyone to experience the trauma she did.

Missing My Mom in Mississippi


I'm greatly sorry for your loss, I was prescribed Naproxen 500mg for my chronic back pain but now have fluid retention, upset stomach, abdominal pain, and other associated side effects of Naproxen. I was prescribed naproxen approx. january 07 took it until june 07 and discontinued use until a month ago. I found that marijuana helped my back pain much more then the naproxen ever did with no side effects, but due to legal troubles I have discontinued my use of marijuana and have started taking naproxen again. I am curious as to how much and how often a day your mother was prescribed to naproxen. I am only 18 now and my back pain is still as painful as it was at last year, yet I am not sure if I would want to continue to take my naproxen after hearing your story especially if my condition requires long term use. I would like to know the dosage your mother was given and perhaps I will be able to talk to my doctor about changing prescriptions to something more agreeable.

Thank you,
Pavan Rikhi

I would like to thank every single one of you. I am having breathing problems and fluid retention. Having had a Stent put in 6 months back, and having felt fine till recently I was wondering if the Naproxen the VA prescribed at 375 twice a day was the problem. It certainly helped with my back and shoulder pain (war injuries). But I don't need another case of Congestive Heart Failure. So, tonight I won't take my dose, lets see how I do tomorrow.

Thanks again

Hi folks,
I have osteo-arthritis in my left knee. It was so bad an orthopedic surgeon wanted to operate. Being a chicken I did not get the operation. I started drinking tart cherry juice and the pain began to go away. It took about 6 to 8 months of drinking the juice, but the pain is less. I also lost 40 pounds which I am sure wasn't helping any. Hope cherry juice helps someone else out there. Sorry to hear about your mom's loss, but the sharing of your story I am sure will help someone. All the best to all.

Hi there, I would suggest that anytime one experiences disagreeable side effects with any drug (antibiotics included) that they STOP taking it immediately and consult a physician. Many times doctors prescribe as a panacea or band-aid of sorts without doing a full panel on a person to find out at what level their kidneys are operating, liver enzymes & function, how's their heart doing, that sort of thing. We're so stuck on our hearts that we forget how vitally important our kidneys and liver are, too. Everything we ingest eventually filters through the liver and kidneys. I had many problems with Vioxx, almost had a heart attack, and that was before they published the problems with the drug. Aleve is probably the best pain reliever I've ever taken, not even prescription pain killers work as well. However, I am aware that NSAIDs all carry risks. Read everything you can, and continue to record your experiences for others to see. We are literally guinea pigs for the drug companies, and if you don't believe me, ask anyone who took Phen-fen!!

I want to thank everyone that has posted their info on Naproxen,I just went to the Doctor today,with pain in my foot,and she did tests,and said it appeared to be Gout,she has got me wearing a Fracture Boot and Prescribed EC-Naproxen 500mg twice a day,being a worry wart anyway,I always read upon Medications,before I ever take them,because I'm allergic to everything including Aspirin,and I'm also Diabetic,so when I read the comment about the ladies mother which I am so sorry to hear,It scared me.I think I'll just wear the boot and see how it gets.I have an ulcer as well,It makes me wonder if my Doctors remembers anything about me it's all in my chart and she's the Doctor not me.It's awful the way things are now that the Patient needs to research everything to keep something bad from happening.I am also considering changing Doctors.Again Thanks

Be very careful about continous use of Ibuprofen! I took it for several years and now have an imune system issue dut to taking too much. There never used to be a warning label on it! Too much can also lead to liver damage!

I have been taking these Naproxen 500 MG Enteric Coated pills for about 3 weeks they were perscribed for a contusion in my right hand. The first week I did get these crippling stomach pains but I thought it was from my abdominal work out. The 2nd week I used the Bathroom a lot and now the meds realy only stop the pain for about an hour or two. These meds always put me to sleep and I would wake up in worst pain then I was in before the sleep. Also the hand always swell back up no matter how much I hold it up. Can someone please help me determine what's going on with my hand and should I keeep taking these meds.

My doctor precribed me naproxen after i had a c-section. Those pills were like heaven in a bottle. But be sure you take them after you have eaten something or they will make you feel pretty bad.

i am a fifty yr. old firefighter, recently i had an injury to my L6, L7 and was prescribed naproxen by my doctor. I have been having problems with my stomach, diarea, and stomach cramps. I will stop taking it for a while and see if the situation gets better .

hi im 36 years old and was diagnosed with severe scoliosis at age 14 , i have a herrington rod fused to my spine and several ribs removed due to this ... now the doctors are telling me that the rod is deteriating and they gave me naproxen 500 mg will this stop the deteriating or are the doctors just trying to mask the real problem that i will become paralized when the rod degrades enough???? please help am totally lost

I injured my shoulder at the gym and at 40 years old I decided to get it checked out just to be safe. The doctor said it was just a strain and gave me a cortozone shot and sent me home with naproxen. Two weeks later I got the scare of my life when I began to pass blood in my stool. I went to a specialist and found out that it was the naproxen. I quit taking it and am now fine. I can tell you one thing, I will definetly research anything I am perscribed in the future!

I have tendonitis in my right hand and started 500mg Naproxen 2x daily. Immediately, I began to have blood in my stool and gained 4-5lbs fluid in one week. I also experienced crippling stomach pains one evening which persisted into the late night. I have stopped the Naproxen and was told by my pharmacist to call doctor and maybe switch to Motrin IB. Thanks everyone for their posts, very helpful.

TOOK ONE NAPROXEN, awake all night with stomach cramps and diarhea including some blood. Don ,t think these meds are always a good trade off for what they are treating. You take med for one thing and it causes something else. Nothing is a miracle drug WITHOUT a huge payoff. Watch what you take because doctors think nothing of handing you that RX and sending you on your way.

god i wish i had not took any tonight now,, just started on them

I've been taking 500mg of Naproxen for back pain. I took it tonight before going to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night all swollen, especially swelling in my face. I also had a tingling in my arms and legs. I took a benadryl and the symtoms stopped. I definatly woun't be taking naproxin any more!

Started taking naproxen 1 week ago for arthritis in both my feet, started feeling weak and sick after 5th day didn't hit me till I took 1 befor bed last night after feeling better thru day. Woke up same sick weak feeling & noticed heart fluttered all day yesterday & woke with heart flutters today. I.m not taking anymore of this drug and see how I feel, would rather live with the pain & stiffness in feet than how I feel today.

took 500 mg with very small amount of food and was dizzy and wobbly all day, now afraid to take it again as I cant work if i get dizzy, will full stomach help?

I have been taking them for some time for heel spurs. I started getting heart fluttering and tightness in chest (thought heart attack but all test showed healthy heart). Blood and stool and sudden weight gain. I was also getting abdominal pain and cramps. One day I ran out of the Naproxen and went the day without. That was a day with no abdominal pain or cramps. No shortness of breath or heart fluttering. Fortunately, my brain made the connection and I have since quit taking this poison!

Started taking Naproxen 2 weeks ago for Plantar Fascitis which is terrible pain on the bottom of your feet, i have had no side effects and the pain is 90% better, i won't take them for long but it is just a relief for a while.

Naproxen SUCKS! Worst stomach/intestinal cramping, aching and bloating EVER, headaches as well....prescribed 500 mg 2X daily. Only took 2 out of the 7 days.....COULD NOT STAND THE PAIN THIS Rx INFLICTED ON MY BODY. God, the side effects of the Naproxen were 50 times worse than my original complaint. I'd rather suffer with my original pain than ever go through anything like the side effects of Naproxen again!

Totally agree Naproxen SUCKS! I only took two did not sleep all time , still suffering stomach cramps. I suggest anyone suffering side effects of stomach cramps consults their GP - better alternatives must be available off the counter.

I started taking Naproxen for only 2 days to relieve swelling of my wisdom teeth ready to come out. I was fine the first day, but the next night i woke up with a huge back pain. I took another med; Aleve, to rid of the pain. Little did I know that they arent supposed to be mixed. I woke the next morning feeling nautious, dizzy, sick, and stomach pains like a B*ITCH. I went to work and seriously felt like I was gonna pass out. My stool was painful and constant. My heart was pounding, I was sweating, and had shortness of breath! Naproxen is horrible, it isn't worth the extra pain. I rather have a painful jaw. DO NOT MIX NAPROXEN WITH OTHER NSAIDs.

I had a heart valve replaced in 2005 and have suffered four times with a pleurisy type condition since. The doctor gave me 500mg doses of Naproxen on Saturday noon (1/24/09). Saturday night after attending a retirement party and having two coctails I took my second pill when I got home. Within 10 minutes I was in atrial-fib and heading to the hospital where it took 24 hours to get my heart back into standard rhythm. They are not sure what caused it but logic would tell you not to mix alcohol with drugs. Nevertheless, I'm am very concerned about the effects of Naproxen. Interestingly, the first pill did relieve my pleurisy symptoms!

I was prescribed Naproxen for inflammation of my jaw due to TMJ. When I got home the night after being prescribed this, I took the medication on a full stomach, not exactly with food but I had just finished eating minutes before. A few minutes into it, I felt like my heart was racing. Then I felt fine. I went to bed and about an hour later I woke up with the most intense stomach pain i've ever had in my life. It kept me up for another 5 hours. Finally, I was able to fall asleep for about an hour and then woke up to the sharp pains again. Strangely, it was more located right beneath my chest and just above my stomach. I couldn't have a bowel movement all day until later that night when I had diarrea. The diarrea didn't stop and I started throwing up along with it. That went on for the remainder of that night. Now, two nights after taking that ONE pill, i'm still sick. I've stayed in bed all day except to get up with the diarrea or to try and eat. Oh, there's another thing, when I stand up, the pain increases and when I eat, it's like my stomach doesn't fill up and the food, no matter how soft, hurts badly going down. Tomorrow I will call my doctor. Moral of the story, don't ever take Naproxen. It's horrible!

Hey I took one naproxen 500mg one night and I have 2 days suffering from the worse stomach cramps I ever have.
dont recommend the pill at all.

Hi. I did myself a wrist nerve injury in late 2005. Since then, I have been on oxycontin, morphine, methadone, and many other drugs to try and ease the pain. Now I have a frozen shoulder, and the pain continues. I was prescribed Naproxen 500 April 2 of this year. I have not suffered the major side effects that I have seen here, but I feel the ones I have far outway the benefit I am having. I can't honestly say the headaches are as bad, but the other pain doesn't seem to be any better.
I take 1000 to 1500 daily, and really the only difference I feel is that my sleep is even more disturbed. I am still on Methadone, Nortriptylene, and Venlafaxine, and I really wish I could get off all of it, and have some sort of a normal life. At times, it honestly seems to be foolish to even try to go on. I now feel that if one is able to deal with the pain, and not use drugs, life would be a lot more uncomplicated.
My sympathy for everyone that has had bad experiences personally, or for a family member.

Hi. I did myself a wrist nerve injury in late 2005. Since then, I have been on oxycontin, morphine, methadone, and many other drugs to try and ease the pain. Now I have a frozen shoulder, and the pain continues. I was prescribed Naproxen 500 April 2 of this year. I have not suffered the major side effects that I have seen here, but I feel the ones I have far outway the benefit I am having. I can't honestly say the headaches are as bad, but the other pain doesn't seem to be any better.
I take 1000 to 1500 daily, and really the only difference I feel is that my sleep is even more disturbed. I am still on Methadone, Nortriptylene, and Venlafaxine, and I really wish I could get off all of it, and have some sort of a normal life. At times, it honestly seems to be foolish to even try to go on. I now feel that if one is able to deal with the pain, and not use drugs, life would be a lot more uncomplicated.
My sympathy for everyone that has had bad experiences personally, or for a family member.

Ok people you are having these problems A. because you are not eating before taking this pill which will obviously give you stomache pains, you must eat this will cause stomache bleeding and ulcers. B. You shouldnt be taking it for so long someone said their mother took it for 2 years? Thats just crazy!! I have been prescribed Naproxen for a number of problems, headaches, toothaches, lumbar sprain, shoulder pain....etc... and it does really help alot

I'm so sorry for what happen to your mother. My mom died exactly a year later after yours. Same day. She went for open heart surgery and caught a bateria in the operation room. after that hundreds of medications were prescripved. She was fed up with so many pills. These "doctors" have the right to kill you!!

As for mayself, I went to see my doctor yesterday 4/20/09 with severe headache and no able to have a soung in my voice. She found I have VIRAL PHARYNGITIS. she prescripved me NAPROXEN 500MG. But after reading all these, I'll make sure I eat before I take the pill. no take more than 2 a day, and also make sure I stop them sooner I feel better.

I had back sprain, and my doctor prescribed me naxopren 500 mg 2x 7days. He told me not to stop taking the pills; He also told me to eat those with food. I have taken my first pill after dinner (5/29/2009) with one and a half glass of water and I feel the pill still in my throat. I do not know what is going to happend later. Just Before I took the pill I felt a sensation to not to take the pill but took anyway. Now, I prayed so I can feel if I have to still taken it. I heard from a lady who graduate of chemestry. She recommeded me not to take any pills unless you really need it. She added that pills can help sometimes, but most of the time it will affect another organs in the future. It is better to cure naturally, avoiding as possible to take pills.

I have stopped taking this drug. I did not notice any real relief, and have to contend with the side effects. I was sure to eat, drink lots of water, and rest for extended periods of time after taking, and am still suffering from the side effects. Now, I feel I just have to suffer through the headaches and pain, but I still feel that's better than dealing with the problems the drug causes me.

l have been prescrib ed naproxen 500mg 3 times a day for osteoarthritis in my knees l was concerned about taking them because l also sometimes suffer from i.b.s. thought l would look them up on google l am glad l did my family were telling me l must take them but l most definately won`t be now .Thank you for all your comments and my heartfelt sympathy to the young lady who lost her mum . Guess l am just going to be coming down stairs on my bottom from now on ! better that than taking these l just felt l didn`t want to take them from the start.

I'm replying to JD's post - I want to know: did you go to the doctor and what did they say? Because I have exactly the same symptoms.
I was taking naproxen for a leg strain injury and about a week after taking it I had the worst abdominal cramps - directly beneath my ribs.
it also hurts more standing up and feels like I haven't eaten anything.

I haven't taken it for 5 days and still have really bad pain.

Note: I ALWAYS took Naproxen after a good sized meal.
2nd note: I wonder if I should go to the doctor but because of my leg injury I don't want to unless I have to as I require someone else to drive me.

Hello again. I refused to take this drug, when asked to try it again for the headaches. I honestly believe this is one instance where the cure is almost worse than the disease. This may only be the experience that I have had, and I hope that if you are taking it, it does well for you. My problem has been officially tagged as Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, (CRPS), and it looks like I am sentenced to have this problem for as long as I live. I do have some exceptional doctors, and our hope is that they possibly will find something that will reduce the pain, but still let me function. Its amazing how we never think that anything like this can happen to us. All the best.

Does everyone take this on a regular basis??? I take Naproxen with Imitrex for Migraines, but that isn't every day! I think I also only take 10 mg.

My doctor prescribed the naproxen for bursitus. It stopped the pain in my shoulder, the artritic pain in my hands (now I can crochet) and the pain in my knees. But...after taking it for one month, I started having awful stomach pains and bloating. I must admit that I did not take it immediately after meals and I did not drink a lot of water. I quit taking the meds and my stomach pain went away. Now the pain in my shoulder, my hands and my knees is back. I was taking 500m twice daily so I am cutting the pills in half and taking 250m twice a day to see if this will work.

I was prescribed naprosyn 500mg for pain in my hip only taken for a week my legs and feet have swollen I have stop taking this and when I looked into the side effects I was horrified my sister died only four months ago from a heart attack and to think that you are givena drug that can do these things is frighting. I do not like taking tablets and I will be speaking to my doctor when I go back and will investegate more when they try to give me medication.

Hi.... I have been prescribed Naproxen 500mg as the nerves in by left leg are inflammed, lower calf partially numb, pain generates up the leg to left buttocks. I have degenerated disc disease in my lower spine. the Naproxen helps my back, but doesn't seem to relieve the pain in my calf. so far I have had no side effects taking the pill.... Has anyone else had this problem?

I totally agree with all of you that Naproxen is not the best of drugs. I started taking it in the 1980's for my degenerative disc desease. It wasn't until 5 years ago that it was bad for your kidneys. I had an ultrsound and was told my kidneys were inflammed. I stopped taking it and so far my kidneys are still working. But taking it for 15 years is a long time for nothing serious to happen.

Hi everyone My brother a perfectly healthy 47 year old male, never drank,smoked and no drugs. Took Naproxen 500mg twice a day for 4/ days for a muscle strain in the back, he could not stay awake and then proceeded to turn all yellow, these side effects are just a few listed. It has now been 6 weeks since he stopped taking this drug and about 15 trips to the doctor's many evasive tests ran on him to see what is wrong with his lver, no one will say that it was the naproxen that caused this....this drug can be fatal.....waiting to see an internal disease doctor...hopefully he can be cured.. READ THE FINE PRINT!

Hi everyone, I am a 46 year old female. I have never had any serious medical problems. I recently, for the first time, started having severe pain in the heel of my foot and the back of my leg calf. I wasn't sure what was causing the pain, I didn't injure my foot on anything. I went to the doctor to have it check out. He said that I probably was experiencing some inflammation in my joints. He told me that it was a possibility that I had a touch of arthiritis. He prescribed me Naproxen 500mg to take 2x per day as needed. I left my doctors office relieved that he had prescribed me something for the pain. It wasn't until I picked up my prescription that I began to worry. The pharmacist attached a printout of all of the side effects that this drug can cause. Once thoroughly reading from beginning to end. I wasn't so sure if I wanted to take this drug. I rather deal with my pain than to take a drug with such terrorifying possible side effects. I have yet to open the prescription bottle. I do understand that all medications have some side effects, but this was just a bit much for me to take a chance on my life. I will continue to believe that GOD is a healer and await my spiritual healing. May GOD bless all of you.

I recently took naproxen for just two days for back ache - prescribed by the doctor. Since then i have stomach cramps - and its been more than four days. Its esp difficult when/right after a meal when the stomach feels very sensitive and i get mild pains. The worst is at night when I always wake up with a cramp that eventually goes away. I went to the doctor and she has now prescribed nexium. I hope this gets rid of the stomach cramps.

Hi, My name is Raven i'm only 15 years of age.
I was prescribed Naproxen 500MG on September 10, 2009 for my severe back pains, my doctor said i had inflammed kidneys.
So I did as the bottle said, "Take 1 Tablet by Mouth Twice Daily".
Whenever I do take this medicine my insides feel as if they are going to explode. I'm not sure wheather I should continue taking this medicine or just stop. I've tried going to the doctor, but all the doctor said she could do was but me into Physical Therapy.. I'm really confused on what i should do. If you have some advice please tell me.


I have suffered chronic back pain for 45 yrs now following a serious spinal injury. I have dual spinal blocks when needed but postpone these as long as possible, taking naproxen 1000 once a day, together with one losec tablet to prevent stomach irritation when, and only when the pain threshold deems it necessary. This can vary, but usually no more than once a week. I pride myself in keeping fit, walking, playing 18 holes of golf once a week, and still work 3 evenings a week 5-9 at night-fill to help my waist! I am now 72yrs young.

I started Naproxen two days ago and I have had the worst stomach problems ever. Yes, I am taking it on a full stomach. No, I don't lie down for at least 30 minutes after taking the pill (that is one the "don't do" listed on the pharmacy thesis I received with the medication). I have a pinched nerve in my neck that is causing me not to have any strength in my left arm and I cannot lift the arm above my waist on its own valition, but I can with help from my right arm. It doesn't stay up very long, but oh, well!! I am not taking this medication anymore. Not worth the discomfort the rest of my body is taking. I can live with a weak arm!

Hi Brigitte. Contrary to what Carmen has said, I think most of us followed the rules. Like you said, not laying down for a time after taking, and having a full stomach. I took it with the last part of my meal, and washed it down with milk. It didn't seem to matter, I still suffered.

Now, like you, I have decided that the cure is much worse than the problem, and am striving to do without it. I'm surprised more doctors aren't aware of the side effects. Or, if they are, they chose not to pass it on to the patients.

I have been taking naproxen for 2 weeks and put on 8 lbs in weight despite doing more exercise. Will stop taking it and see what the doc says next week.

Don't take it for long time.
My mom took it for many years and she had kedney failure. She passed last month.

stay clear of this drug, very bad stomach cramps, very scary potential side effects too, not worth the condition it treats,

Thanks, everyone, for your posts about this drug. I just started taking it within the past month for migraines and although I had some diarrhea and noticed heart flutters I didn't even think twice about it. I knew diarrhea was one of the possible side effects but I didn't even connect the heart flutters to this drug (just thought it was another crazy symptom of pre-menopause). Well, last night my face and neck started itching so I took a Benadryl before going to bed. This morning I woke up and the entire right side of my face was swollen -- my eye being almost swollen shut. The last time I had this experience was when I was taking Tylenol for my migraines so I started doing research on Naproxen and I had no idea this was the pharmaceutical name for Aleve. Tylenol, Advil and Aleve trigger allergic reactions in me and I had no idea I was taking one of them for the past month. Like some of you, I will now research all prescribed drugs before I start to take them. Thanks for your stories/warnings. Take good care.

thanks for all the submissions. finally a website with info i actually needed. My dentist prescribed me naproxen a week and a half ago. ive had vaneers put in and they are worse than when i had labor pains. I suddenly started getting headaches. which is really rare for me & the pills only help the pain for about an hour or two. He said take my 500 mg 6 times a day, to me that sounds excessive.... anyone else disagree with him? (after all im not a docter, dentist etc, but it sounded not right to me)

My husband had a severe back spasm about a wk ago, had to be transported to ER via ambulance, unable to breathe, stand, etc - in ER gave shots/pills valium and percocet - sent him home w/skelaxin, naproxen and oxicodone - the side effects, zombie state etc were awful, so only took one as prescribed schedule and next day cut in half for a few days and only 1x vs 2x daily. Have not taken any for a few days but have noticed difficulty breathing - not able to take good deep breaths. Has anyone experienced this and how long til it went away? Otherwise he is doing well...still dealing w/the muscle strain/spasm but thank god no other side effects. Thought it was a mixture of the meds, as we normally do homopathic, natural, etc and also the fact that the spasm was right in middle of back/lung area and the fact that it was totally locked up...Good luck to each of you! Have a blessed day. Thanks

I don't want to cause you to panic wronro94, but he is using some scarey opiates. I spent a long time on a high dosage of oxy, and have little to no memory of the better part of 2 years. Oxycontin's street name is Hillbilly Heroin, and many users eventually change to heroin as its less expensive. My experience with naproxene was terrible, and yes I followed the instructions closely, and always took food with it. I still have lots of the pills left, because I won't take them. Please speak to a good pharmacist, and tell them your concerns. They probably are more up on drugs than most doctors. Good luck to you and your husband.

I've been prescribed Naproxen 500mg twice a day for tendonitis in my fingers. I've taken them for 9 days and always took the tablet straight after eating. Today is the 10th day that i'd have to take another one of those pills but i don't think it's worth it. I've been waking up for the last few days with strong pains just below my ribs on the left hand side of my abdomen and during the day i experience influxes of sickness like the feeling of just having been kicked in the balls that last for 1-2 hours.
I think i'm going to just stop taking the tablets.
It seems like they would be a good medication for some people who don't experience the side effects, because apart from that it works really well.
I wouldn't base the opinions of people on a forum over that of my doctor though, so i would ask for their advice about it, they'll know your medical history.
If it works for you then happy times!

i just started taking naproxen and i had the worst diahrea ever. my stomach pains hurt so bad and my stomach made the loudest growls ever. then once i blew my ass out and went to sleep everything was fine. it takes care of my back pains but if you want your stomach to feel terrible then this is what you want

I took Naproxin for about 3 months before I noticed any "bad" side effects. While taking it I felt fine but I stopped taking it and a few days later I begin to feel bad, (stomach cramps,pain under rib cage, light colored stool, headaches, dizziness, heart palpations, insomnia, the feeling of being really tense in my shoulders and neck, loss of appetite, loss of sexual drive, ect) I havent taken it now for just over a month and can still feel these effects... Any suggestions on what I can do?? I told my doctor and all he asked for was a blood sample. Those VA doctors dont seem to care much!!!

This is a hurrible drug, i have been on this drug for almost a week now to treat a back pain and finger numbness. So far, I have minor cold, severe heart burn, and chest pain, stool is brownish, lost appetite, nervousness, shoulder pain. I'm so afraid now as of the long term effect. Been to ER 3 times, my doctor feel i was crazy. A cardiologist financially told me to stop using Naproxen. The only time i fell relief is when i'm walking to relief the heart burn. It pretty bad and drinking coffee or caffeine makes it worse. I stopped the medication as of today.Please pray for me all.

Any remedy to wear this off will be helpful

These has to be the worst pain Ive ever been in the entire 37 years of my life.


Wale Stevens

HI everyone! I would like to say that my doctor prescribed naproxen 550 mg. I regret taking it because it makes me dizzy and my body feels numb especially my legs. I will not take them anymore and i don't recommend this medicine to anyone. I think i better just stick to tylenol or advil. good luck to all.

Hi can anyone tell me if this drug affects your blood sugars as since iv been on it they have gone thru the roof,

regrads debrah

I received a script for Naproxen 500 mg yesterday, on top of vicodin 750 mg I have been taking for a shoulder injury. I just took my first dose and decided to google it. Now I'm a little worried....... I was getting by on the vicodin (been taking it for 6 days) but the doc added the Naproxen to the regiment yesterday on a follow up visit. Are they safe to take together? The doc said it would help with pain but he was prescribing it more for inflamation.

hi,my name is wendy.i have been taking naproxin for two weeks now for knee and leg pain. since iv'e been taking the naproxin iv'e had side affects which are short of breathe, stomache cramps and thriving on both sides of my lower back it switches from side to side.dizziness and it seem like my heart races sometimes. i dont know if the naproxin has anything to do with this but i have been having anxietyattacks.

I have taken Aleve for years, and never had any bad side effects. I just started taking Naproxen 500mg yesterday for my right knee. It's helping with the pain a bit, since I do have some arthritis developing in that knee (I'm 46).

I'm still going for an MRI to make sure nothing else, with the disc, is going on, but have had no side effects with the Naproxen.

Sometimes people are suseptible to side effects of medications and some aren't. The only medication I ever had trouble with was Celebrex. Had diahhrea with that. Otherwise, nada.

I don't plan on taking this for long, since my body adjusts to medications quickly so any relief I have will be about 2 weeks tops with it anyway. No matter what medication I take, after a short time, it doesn't work since I "adjust" to it. That stinks. LOL

I have been taking naproxen twice a day for 9 days now. The doc also gave me something for my stomach to avoid the side effects. Well it did not help at all! I have the worst stomach pain ever below the rib cage and excessive bowel movement. It seems to get worst every day. I always took it after a meal. I called the pharmacist but he gave me no helpful advice. After reading these comments I will stop it ASAP. Thanks for your posts.

I took one pill Friday nite (3 days ago). woke up on saturday morning with intense pains in between my ribs and belly button. thought it was just an air pocket, googled naproxen side effects and it all made sense....i'm now on day 3 of stomach pains...not as bad...been taking gas-x....any recommendations on remedies? or will the pain just eventually go away?

ive been taking naproxen 500mg for awhile but i only have one pill left. would acetaminophen work the same if its extra strength and its 500mg just for a couple of days until i get home or refill it?

i started taking naproxen on thursday 12th august by the time night came i was in terrible pain in my stomache and i felt really sick this was not good as i work nights cooking in a kitchen spent most of the night doubled over it is now sunday and i've made my mind up to stop taking these tablets as i can't stand the pain any longer.

Do not take this if you have a history of any cardiac rhythm problem.
I have a history of going into Atrial Fibrillation if I mix certain drugs and alcohol. Well add Alleve to the list. I took 440mg of alleve 2x day for about 3 weeks and drank some alcohol, soon after I went into Atrial Fibrillation. I got back normal after going to the Emergency Room and getting Cardizem to slow me down (heart rate was about 140), took about 4 hours, but I returned to normal rhythm.

I was prescribed Naproxen for lower back pains. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I have the worst lower stomach pains. Constant diarrea. I only took two pills. This medication is definately not for everyone. Just make sure you read articles and consult with your doctor. i was thinking about going to the ER but after reading these comments, I will just sit the pain out until I see my doctor after Labor Day holiday. These comments were very helpful. Thanks to everyone.

Don't even know where to start after reading all of your posts. I'm so sorry for all your problems. 6 years ago I started having pain in my hips and knees out of nowhere, within 1 year I was wheelchair bound. Had no insurance so had no real diagnosis. My doctor suspected arthritis, I have been taking 500mg 2 times a day for over 4 years and have had no side effects. 2 years ago I changed jobs and now have insurance. Since then I have been diagnosed with degenerative joint disease, have had both hips replaced, and am planing on the knees next. I continue to take naproxen, and 2 years ago added loritab and tramadol to deal with the pain. I always take my meds with food or a large glass of milk. Good luck to all

For folks feeling stomach pain, cramps, bloating and experiencing persistent stomach growling: I really would recommend "fasting" for a day or two in which you cook up some plain white rice. Eat only that (no butter, no salt on it please) and drink water or herb tea but no meat, no milk, no fruit juice, and no raw plums, no raw apples or other raw fruit. (The only exception if you feel you must have something else could be bananas.) I don't know what it is about the rice-only for a day or two that sets me right, but it sure has worked time and again. I learned this from my vet who recommended it for my dog when she had severe stomach distress. It worked so fast and so well helping the pooch that I tried it for myself, and it's the best!

Hey guys.. I been on NAPROSYN/NAPROXEN for 2 weeks now.. I have severe pain due to 4 partially erupted impacted/badly decayed wisdom teeth..
It's all not too bad,it takes half the pain away.. But something freaked me out;I can't sing!!?? I was formed in opera and I cannot hold a note?!!
After looking it up,it says it could cause vocal hemmorage.. I hope it didnt,now i'd be really screwed!!


I just found this site due to being prescribed Naproxen. I took it for 5 days successfully, and then on the 6th I got the runs / severe headache / nauseau -so am stopping it. It was perscribed for shoulder/arm pain/inflamation.
The real reason for writing is that I read a post that someone was cutting the pills in half. I understood this to be a big no-no!

Hi, I think you should all get yourself another doctor who knows the problems of NAPROXEN my doctor is great,he new the problems of the medication and gave me another pill which is gastro resistant its called Omeprazole,taken to gether with food will resolve all the upset stomach problems.

I have been taking naproxen500 for 2wks now for severe arthritis in both knees currently waiting to have knee replacement surgery on right knee! this pill is magic i can walk around minus pain was wearing brace on right knee for clickin popping & also it locked couple of times!! I dont need it now im brace free I cudnt walk from one block to the next without severe pain now i can walk for 15 mins at a time Im so happy to have been givin Naproxen 500 i take it twice a day no side affects :) so far so good...

I was recently given naproxen (500mg) for severe back pain, took the tablets for 3/4 days until I started experiencing excruciating stomach pain, and aching kidneys. I stopped taking the tablets straight away, but over 48hrs am still having severe stomach pains - am currently being kept awake by them (it's 02:30), and the medication given by my doctor to counteract the damage has had absolutely no effect. And just for the record, I took them exactly as you're supposed to. So now I have the back pain, plus the stomach and kidney pain.


hi iv been on the madication for over a year for my left knee omg have i sufferd i wish i just put up with the pain ....... i am now waiting of results as i had a full blood count done due to swollen feet , nose bleeds hot sweats

I've been taking Naproxen 500mg twice a day (breakfast/dinner) for about a week - for shoulder strain/pulled muscle - and have been having terrible abdominal pain and bloating at night.

After reading these comments I'm stopping this today - I would rather live with the pulled muscle than take chances with this stuff...

Good luck to everyone - and thanks for your comments!

I am really scared to take it because he gave me a shot of it at at his office and it made my stomach upset it was hard to breath and my chest hurts so bad he gave it to me for my back pain I am only 26 years old and I have kids to take care of and that is not writhed me loosing my life for.....

I was prescribed these tablets for pains in my back due to a work injury.
I am always a bit cautious of taking new tablets and after reading the first few pages of this review and few pages at the end i have too wonder if there are any good reasons too take them.
I have seen very very few good comments compared too bad about them yet wonder if they are so bad why a fully qualified doctor of age(experienced) would prescribe them.

I already suffer from bouts of irritable bowel syndrome and wonder if these tablets will make them happen more often and be more severe.
So i now have a dilemma do i go by the reviews i have seen on this site and many other or trust the doctor who i more then presume knows what he is doing.

Tricky one this is too be honest.

Was put on Naproxen from my doctor a few months back for a bulged disc between my L4 and L5 vertebrae. Took them for a short time with no side effectd. Took 2 in two days and now I have massive heartburn with chest tightening. 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and GERD. I haven't had any symptoms of GERD for well over a year until now. Done with these things for good.

Wow I can't believe this! I started taking this pill cause my shoulder and arms
Were hurting so my doctor prescribe naproxen my pain on my arm and should went
Away but I started getting check pain ever went to the
Hospital thinking I was getting a stroke cause it surely felt like that
They told me they couldnt find anything wrong with me and sent me home
But I continued to have this pain on my chest and it was hitting the heart area
Without knowing I continued to take naproxen! like I just took one for A headachnow couldn't sleep cause
I just got the pain on my chest! So I decide to look up the side effects of naproxen and pulls this up
Getting rid of them now! Thanks for opening my eyes!

was precribed this medication for a back pain took it for 14 days had loose stools every day then had heart burn symptoms under the ribs and after eating a meal felt like i hadnt had a meal worst med i have ever taken

was precribed this medication for a back pain took it for 14 days had loose stools every day then had heart burn symptoms under the ribs and after eating a meal felt like i hadnt had a meal worst med i have ever taken

I have been on Naproxen 500mg for almost 2 weeks due to neck and back pain. All was going well until the one I took this last evening. I've been up all night with diarrhea, shortness of breath, and feeling like I'm going to have a heart attack. I am not taking it anymore. This is the sort reaction I've ever had to any drug.

Im perscribed naproxen iv been on it before but before I ripped a big muscle in my back this time it my rotator cuff, a torn legament, my shoulder is strecged out (somewhat out of place) I havnt had any side effects im on 500 mg but it still hurts extremely bad iv just started using my sling it seems to help support my shoulder I had it pop out of place and back in earlyer today but im still having pain may have to have surgery dose anyone know what I could switch to insread?:/

I been taking this for my Fibromylagia and it seems to help but i feel bloated not to sure if its the medication but over then this it helps alot.

Not one good comment? Unbeleivable! Over 15 years ago a painful knee made me attend a seminar. My prinary then made out the subscription redommended. In 2 days time the pain was gone. During a check up last year picked up a Med magazine, said to the doctor I can't believe it Naprozen is still available. July 5th went to the EM My right hip was so severe I could not walk. After xrays was told of arthritic back pain. I asked for Naproxen In two days time I was pain free, then stupidly went back to heavy cleaning anfd moving. My primary dr. gave me another prescription that I started taking and it never gave a smidgen of relief so I looked up and found there are 36 listed naproxen tablets Have been taking them for 2 weeks with no side effects, but still have much pain. Next week I will ask for anothr prescription and go back to my local pharmacy rather than Walmarts. Is it possible that Naproxen in itself is unreliable?

I got a shoulder injury on the job and my employer sent me to get medical treatment.I was given Naxopren pills to take 1 pill 2 times per day.After taking my third pill I noticed vision changes and when I went to work I got very angry at my boss(I got fired).I did not know what was going on with me until I read the side effects on Google.

i was put on naproxen 1500 twice a day for a jaw pain , i developed heartburn so bad you could start a fire with it, told to take the purple pill wathever that stuff should be pulled from the market and flushed down the stool, itas taken me two weeks two get back up and running. and for some reason i now have an eye floater hope its not connected

I am really scared to take it because he gave me a shot of it at at his office and it made my stomach upset it was hard to breath and my chest hurts so bad he gave it to me for my back pain I am only 26 years old and I have kids to take care of and that is not writhed me loosing my life for.....


Hello All, wow as I have tried to read through most of these posts I can't help but notice you all have only been taking Naproxen for up to 2yrs at most - sorry if I have missed anyone over that time period - but I just wanted to share with you my experience as I have been taking Naproxen ( with a period on Feldene - about 5-7 yrs and a test period on Methatrexate of 18 months) since I was 7 yr old... I am now 40..!!
All throughout I have taken Naproxen after food twice a day - I am now on 500mg per tablet.
I had a anaphylactic reaction to a bee sting which triggered a chemical reaction and I ended up with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.
I came onto this forum to find out why now... yes now, that my stomach is feeling bloated and sore as described by many already. If I miss a tablet I am in agony and cannot function, but my Dr has just prescribed me a 2 month course of Glucosamine 1500mg once a day... so I will see how that goes..
But for now - I must say my heart goes out to all who have gone to the trouble of making a comment and the results that have happened have not been good in the least for many, but I wish there was a safer alternative, yet sadly my Dr says this is the safest NASAID at this time, well for me anyhows.

God bless all of you brave souls taking naproxin. I took it for 3 days for heel pain and thought iwas going to croak from stomach pain, you name it. I stopped taking it and 3 days later am STILL having bad stomach pain, nausea. Hoping to feel better sometime soon!

I was given Naproxen 500mg to take twice a day for pain in my hand (there investigating possible arthritis)
This drug wiped me out. I took it on Saturday and Sunday, on sunday afternoon my legs were like jelly and i felt so anxious and nervous. On Monday morning i was so drowsy I couldnt go to work.
I wont be taking them again.

I just took 20 naxoprens 500mg in the last 36 hours...nothings happening...i have fell into another depression spell...

Came here after a sleepless night..
I started taking naproxen when I was 22, after being completely floored by joint pain, returning fever spikes, I wasn't able to move at all on the worst days and this kept going until I was forced to see a doctor after 8 months of being sick.. naproxen was prescribed and voila, a month later and I was almost back to normal. A year later and I had no pain at all.
So I cut down on taking naproxen to once every now and then when I felt my problems flaring up again and it really got the job done. Until December last year when I ran out of pills that is.
It was fine for a couple of months but then the swollen fingers and joint pain came back so now my fingers looks like fever spikes tho thank God.
I got a new prescription for naproxen in June and have been taking it every day as instructed, it does take away the sharpness of the pain but it's nowhere near as helpful as it was the first time around. I am slowly coming to the realisation that it is not working for me anymore and I feel so hopeless because naproxen is the only thing that's kept me functioning until now.
I have never had any side effects from taking naproxen 500mg but I can't keep taking them when they're absolutely useless and now only carries health risks for me. I don't even want to think about for how long I've been eating this scary stuff(I'm 26 now..). Fingers crossed that I won't get worse and that the fever will stay away.
Who knows, maybe I'll even get better?

STOP taking naproxen immediately. I was prescribed it by a doctor for my arthritis in my back. 500mg a day. Sure at first I thought it was a miracle drug but then started to have side effects. My feet and ankles started to swell up 3 times their size. My wrists also started to swell. The drug started to not work as well, it no longer worked for 8 hrs. I did complain about it not working that well and the Dr just wanted me to take 2 pills a day. Thank goodness I didn't listen because I started having more symptoms of the drug. My stomach started to hurt, my eyesight seemed to be failing, my skin started to breakout.

When my stomach had such an acid reflux I decided to start investigating on my own since my Dr wasn't concerned. Other symptoms also were there itchy skin, a pain in my chest. I decided it is better to have arthritis pain than to keep adding on symptoms.

Do yourself a favor and stop this bad drug.

I'm so glad I came across this article. I was put on Naproxen for my shoulder. But my stomach hurts so much and are starting with the burning sensation as well.

naproxen makes my fingers burn inbetween and all sorts of nasty blisters i would not recommend

Went to the doctor for back muscle pain that was radiating to my shoulder and front chest. Physicians Assistant laughed at me when I said I wanted an x-ray. She gave me a prescription for naproxen 250mg twice a day and also a muscle relaxer called Baclofen 10mg three times a day. I took both the first day and the pain immediately went away. I took them again that evening and I started getting an upset stomach and nausea. That night at bedtime, I was in full blown stomach cramps (felt like child labor). The cramps were combined with spasms and I had diarrhea all night. The spasms and stomach cramps didn't go away either. It's now morning and the cramping is still happening. I now have to wait until the medication gets out of my system. I am not taking either medication anymore. The pain immediately came back but I don't care. The cramping is worse than the back pain. I looked up the side effects for both medications and they are horrible. Not worth it. I do not trust the medications doctors give. They just want to make their quota in prescriptions for that day without any regard for the patient. Medications are just a band-aid for your symptoms. We all should work on fixing the issues at hand instead of masking our symptoms with medications for a quick fix. I'm done with these horrible pills and I only took them a couple of times. My body instantly rejected this junk.

I have been taking Naproxen 375mg 2x day for two weeks and it is helping the pain in my back and a torn tendon in my arm giving me about 50% relief so I asked my Dr. if there was something stronger I could take. He suggested Vimovo (500mg Naproxen and 20mg esomeprazole) He said it was a coating to help the stomach. Well I checked it out before taking it and esomeprazole is a proton-pump inhibitor which reduces stomach acid. To anyone here that mentioned turning yellow and having kidney problems it could be that you have a genetic condition and taking this drug shuts down your detoxification pathways. I found out I have homozygous MTHFR C677T mutation and cannot take a proton-pump inhibitor. I didn't take them and now I am going to stop the Naproxen completely because I am having painful cramps and diarrhea. I could have been so much worse off if I hadn't had genetic testing and hadn't looking up this drug to find out what this "coating" was.

been on naproxen since Thursday felt as if I couldn't breath stopped tablets Tuesday still can't breath Monday couldn't sleep paced all night and bad tempered and getting my words mixed up never touching them again

Hi guys! I'm really happy despite my pain, because I found this page.
Well I got all 4 of my wisdom tooth extracted under GA exactly 5 days ago. Things were really ok until I hit the 3rd day and pains started... 48 hrs of pain while u cannot eat and u r in low spirits, isn't a joke. Anyhow I was prescribed brufen 600 and it helped a little. But exactly after 3-4 hours of taking it, pain would come back and I was freaking out feeling soooo helpless. This is worse than the worst period pain I have ever had.
Having said this they suggested me naproxen 500. Now I'll tell u what... Gonna tolerate the pain and deal with brufen cuz after reading this page, I don't see any reason to gamble my life in favor of pain relief.

I am on statins but have been prescribed naproxen 500mg for muscle pain in my arm to be taken twice a day is it safe to take 3 times a day for a short period. As wearing off after 4 hours?

I was taking naproxine for tendonitus of which is helps, but does cause tummy upsets. BUT I also have meds for hypertension to control it, well my went up very high last week and was in urgent care waiting four hours to be seen, a doctor there told me NOT to take naproxine with my hypertension. Then I saw my own GP and was told its fine to take it in small doses and she gave me some more, she was a locum doctor, my pharmacist does not think I should take it either. What is a patient supposed to do when two doctors say opposite. Patients are not toys to be played with. I think you have to be very careful with this drug if you have hypertension as it made mine sore up very high. I have read it can cause internal bleeding as well. Just keep an eye on your blood pressures if you are taking this and have hypertension.

the problem is, doctors spend 10 minutes with the patient. In Uk everything is on a time scale on nhs. They just give you pills without really looking into stuff, plus now we have locums a lot so you dont even get to see your own doctor anymore, just another stranger who does not know you, but has to look up all your notes. People just end up heavily medicated as they have no other answers to help the patient. How many doctors give patients an exercise routine, they dont, its just pills. If we wait for physio here we wait months at time for an appointment and even they dont have answers either with some situations. So patient is just bounced back and fourth like a pin ball on a machine. I think naproxine is dangerous for some people. years ago there was this drug called Chest Ease, it was brilliant for chest infections. very strong. a couple of years ago they decided to remove from market as now decided it wasnt safe to take, yet it was on the market for years previously.

My knees bothered me in 1995, arthritis. I couldn't climb a ladder. A Specialist gave me a Cortisone shot. It hurt worse for 24 hours and then disappeared. I had Cortisone in my elbow and another time in my wrist also for tendentious. For me it all hurt worst for 24 hours after the shots, and then completely disappeared and never did return. I laid brick for 40+ years. The Specialist said I would need knee replacement in a year. A friend suggested Glucosamine, MSM and Chondroitin. The recommendation is 3 pills a day. I have been taking 6 pills a day since 1995. I've never had a knee replacement. I could climb the ladder again after 8 weeks. I call it a miracle medicine.

Now my recent shoulder problem. For several weeks my shoulder hurt when waking in the morning. The wife told me to take Aleve. The next morning I had mild “Shortness of Breath. I took Aleve again the next night. The next morning “Shortness of Breath again. I payed it no mind. The third night I took Aleve with the Shortness of Breath again.

I researched Google and read on a site that Aleve and Nexium (Omeprazole which is Prilosec too) together can cause Shortness of Breath when taken together. I thought it would be resolved after it was out of my system. It's 36 hours since I took Aleve and still symptoms of Shortness of Breath.

Now I'm confused! Is it the Aleve? I've been on 20 mg Prilosec twice a day for maybe 20 years. With no breathing problems. I lived with Rolaids and Zantac for many years before I found Prilosec and never had breathing problems.

Could I have another problem which coincidentally popped up at the same time that I took the Aleve? Doctor time I guess.

Hi, why aren't you all taking stomach liners too? It protects the stomach from damage caused by naproxem. I've been taking them as needed for years, and always take with a liner.

I've been complaining you doctoctor for 2 yrs, about pain in my my back side, and going to my gut, had kidney tests,no other tests, then seen a new doctor, kidneys were fine and she prescibes naproxin, within 2 days I was in hospital coughing blood up and coming out my backside, nearly died 4 pints of blood later, in resus, and the doctors told me it was naproxin,if only they had sent me for more tests early on,

I had some persistent back pain (unusual), and a doctor prescribed 500 mg Naproxen twice a day. By the end of that first day (after 1000 mg) my blood pressure had shot up so high I almost ended up in the emergency room. It has now been four days since this poisoning and I am still feeling occasional after effects of those two doses. I have never had any blood pressure problems before -- I didn't even know what was happening to me as my face started to flush and my pulse started racing.

Naproxen is very dangerous.

I have prescribed 500naproxen for osteoarthritis plus I was told to take 1in the morning and 1in the evening plus 2paracetamel every 4hours ..... is this ok

I have just recently been put Naproxen for hip pain..approximately 10 days ago..I take as required..I have had a x3 bypass and take heart medications..even though Naproxen has not caused any side effects to date that I am aware of..what I have read is enough for me to cease right now..not worth the risk..great to read the feed back..Thank you

Was prescribed this crap a few months ago. It helped with my kneck through lower back pain but i noticed after a while, it started to make it harder for me to walk and it caused pain in my left him/joint area which i've never had before. I've had lack of sleep, random appetite's, on and off mood swings, stomach issues and even mental instability. I didn't realize that it was this bad until i ran out and wondered why in the hell do i have no pain now, my left hip area is back to normal, i can eat and sleep just fine and have actually stopped seeing and hearing things as bad. I'd suggest NOT taking this crap unless you prefer to be damaged worse then you already are.

Please be warned on the devastating consequences of taking Naproxen.
My daughter was prescribed this for a painful foot after taking it for a few months she suddenly had blurred vision & her sight was impaired.
She was referred for a brain scan & numerous tests & she has now found out that she has MS.
My daughter & the family are devastated don't know what the future holds.
She was a perfectly healthy 37 yr old before taking this poison.
On doing research I find out that if you are female around this sort of age you are at a higher risk of contracting MS when taking Naproxen.
It seems on looking into this that there are many that have gotten MS from taking Naproxen.

Naproxen should only be used for short term use. Long term use can result in many dangerous health effects. Just google it! I have only taken 14 so far for my injured thumb and now have diarrhea, nausea, abdominal and pelvic pain. I stopped taking it. Read the warnings. Especially if you experience breathing problems! Stop taking it! My prescription is for only 2 weeks. Long term use of this medication is very dangerous in my opinion. Google Naproxen warnings. Good luck everybody. ❤️


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