Just a week ago, my Zonegran dose was bumped up to 500mg. Nothing much interesting has happened in the last week - which is certainly good news, to be sure - so it's time that it go up another pill. That's right, hold on to your hats, it's time for: 600mg! It's really not as exciting as it sounds, but it does bring a change with it.

As I mentioned last week, I'm no longer taking all of my 400mg pills at night. Zonegran does have a longer half-life than Dilantin (or so I'm told), which means that I could take all 6 pills at night, but it just seems strange. That, and that's a lot of pills to take at once, and the Zonegran pills aren't exactly small, you know. So last week I dropped down to taking 3 of them at night and 2 in the morning. Today I picked up an extra one in the morning, so now I just take 3 whenever I'm brushing my teeth. Easy to remember. And I have a monstrous bottle for a month's supply. It's really rather impressive what a 50% bump in dosage will do. I go back in next week for an ambulatory EEG. Turns out that I don't have to have an MRI after all.

At least not yet. That's cool.

Way back on March 8, 2006, I bumped my Zonegran level to 400mg, which is where it's been even since. A little over two years! And everything had been going along just swimmingly. Until Sunday. I don't really know why (or if) the Zonegran has started to be less effective, but after visiting the doctor, we decided that it was time to bump up the dosage a bit.

My best guess is that I've put on a bit of weight - currently I'm hovering around 250 - so for now, I'm going to go to 500mg of Zonegran, and in a week or so, I'll go to 600mg. Rather than taking all the pills at night, I'm going to split up the dosage. While the Dilantin was relatively short-lived, Zonegran lasts longer in the bloodstream, which is good, but I still feel better about spacing it out some. It just doesn't seem right to take it all at night. For the time being, I'm going to take 200mg in the morning and 300mg at night. Then next week I'll take another pill in the morning to bring me up to the full 600mg. Hopefully that will keep me seizure-free.

I really try not to take too many medications, mostly because I've had pretty bad luck with them. I don't know how others look at medications, but I believe that most people probably don't look at over-the-counter medications as a problem. Unfortunately I have allergies, and a couple of years ago I just could not shake a cold, so I ended up taking just about anything I could get my hands on (legal items, thankyouverymuch). By that I mean I was looking for any sort of decongestant to provide some sort of relief.

In the end, I found out that decongestants could have a bad interaction with Dilantin, but not before having at least one seizure that we could attribute to it. Now that's not to say that a decongestant by itself can cause seizures. I don't think that they can. I also don't take Dilantin any more, and I don't know that decongestants cause problems with Zonegran. But it certainly made me gun-shy, you know?

In 1986, I was in high school when I had my first seizure. I was at a friend's house and we were playing Boggle. That's about all I remember. According to him, I sort of half-stood and then leaned over, as if I was playing some sort of other game, and shortly thereafter he realized that I wasn't. That's when he got his mom, who realized that I was having a seizure. I'm glad that she had worked in a day care environment and knew what it was, as I had no idea. It was my first.

I went to the doctor and some time later was diagnosed with epilepsy, which doesn't really help - it just means that you are prone to seizures. Thanks, doc. For the next twenty or so years I took Dilantin of varying strengths. My mom tells me that when I was in high school, I had so much in my that I slept. It may have just been school. I don't really recall. But about eighteen months ago, my neurologist decided that it was time for a change. He suggested Zonegran.

I've actually been relatively headache-free for a while, but for some reason tonight, I had one that just didn't want to go away, so I took a couple of Ibuprofen to help me get to sleep. I added an eye mask (my latest trick to help me sleep well) and it seemed to help me drift off without a problem.

Still a combination of headache and body ache, so one more pill before bed tonight.

I still had a headache today, but it's better. Unfortunately my arms are just aching. Mostly in my forearms but my upper arms are bothering me too. So just one pill tonight before bed.

Another night, another couple of pills before bed.

I can't seem to get rid of these headaches, but at least they're only coming at night. So before bed, I'm taking a couple of pills to allow me to drift to sleep. Thus far, it's working and I'm managing to get a bit of sleep.

Even though I was feeling great today, my headaches came back in the evening, so I took a couple of pills before getting into bed to help me fall asleep a little better.

The antibiotics that I took earlier seem to be helping. My nose is clearing up nicely and there doesn't seem to be much pain left (in my nasal passages, I mean). Can't quite get to sleep though, and my head is bothering me a bit, so I took some Acetaminophen of the "PM" variety (includes Diphenhydramine).

Update: That worked well. Good night's sleep. First time in a few days. I needed that.