Contact Information

When I'm at home, I'm online most of the day. And I'm not particularly secretive about anything. At the same time, spam via email is out of control, so I don't like to publish anything that even resembles an email address if I can help it. I did that early on and I still get a ton of junk mail at that address, though I don't think it's existed online anywhere for a while now.

At most places that I visit, I'll submit a designer email address, and if I get spammed, I know the source. For instance, if I came here, I might have an email such as cxliv at my domain name. Which, incidentally, is the domain name in my case, so it might look at little wacky. And hopefully I can trust myself, after all. Anyway, that doesn't work well for unsolicited incoming mail, so it doesn't really help. But I would like to hear from you. Here are some options for contacting me.

Leave a Comment

Your first option is to submit a comment. There are plenty of entries across several sites, surely one of them is going to at least resemble something about which you'd like to talk. Plus, they are emailed to me directly, so as soon as I have email open on my desk, I know you sent something for me to read. As an added bonus, other people get to read too, and then maybe they will add to the conversation as well.

Send an Email

Send your email to the current year - you do know the current near, don't you? - at jayseae dot cxliv dot org, though it won't get here any faster than a comment notification, and I do reserve the right to filter email from this address, since it's readily available to anyone.

If you have previously used another year - or any other address - at that domain, I suggest you change. Those addresses have been added to a spam filter because, well, they generate a lot of spam. Sorry for any difficulty this causes.

Use Instant Messenging

I am often available via instant messenging, though I do hop between networks throughout the day, so I may occasionally be unavailable. If I am online, you can find me at jayseae on AIM, Plurk, Twitter or Yahoo!, the same name at on Google Talk or at on MSN. I probably watch Twitter the most (follow button below), but if I don't respond right away, please understand - I might be looking elsewhere and your message got lost. You may want to try again to be sure.

I am not often on the ICQ network, but if I am, you can find me at 32217842. I am not usually on the Jabber network (although Google Talk connects via Jabber). If you need to contact me on any network and we are not currently connected, let me know and I'll get things set up so I can receive your messages.


Make a Donation

It may be hard to believe, but none of these may be the best choice - though they are likely the cheapest. No, the absolute best option may be to send something via the wish list, where Amazon allows you to send a personal message along with your gift. I hate to say it, but money talks, right?