Now that I've mentioned - more than once - the fact that smartphones may not be all that smart, and make it seem like I'm nothing more than an old codger who doesn't care for all this new technology, let me say that I love technology. I have a ton of technology. I use it every day, in fact. But as I grow older, I find that more and more I want technology to work for me, and not the other way around.

When I recalled a couple months ago how I had been using a phone for years that resembled a smartphone, it made me think about the entire process - how you end up depending on the devices themselves, and that's just wrong.

I really like how Google Glass is finally starting to look at things a bit differently. Unfortunately, it appears that they are still dependent on your phones (I unfortunately am unable to afford a pair, and am not in the program regardless). But they take on a completely different paradigm - you wear them, and rather than having to take out your phone, power it up, turn on a camera app, get the subject into focus and take a picture, you look at the subject and take a picture. That's awesome.

About the only way you could do better is if it was integrated into your brain, and I'm thinking that probably isn't that far off. Sure, there are some issues, but do you really think that it won't happen. There have been stories about that sort of thing for decades. At some point, the only way that true integration and customization will happen is by implanting something like an RFID chip to identify yourself to the network, which would have to be worldwide. It would also prevent ID theft, at least until someone figures out a way to spoof it.

While there are stories of people who have implanted RFID chips, it is far from common. One day, it will probably happen at birth, or maybe it will be more like something out of Gattaca, where your DNA will be sequenced and your very future will be determined as soon are you are born.

Regardless, the point is that there is a long way to go from staring at a piece of glass and allowing it to take over our lives.

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