Sure, I understand that bringing the Tim Tebow Show to Charlotte may not be the best idea, but the Charlotte Panthers need something, and while I think their first draft under Dave Gettleman seems like a good start, it doesn't mean that they should sit still.

First off, the Panthers need an upstanding guy. There is little doubt that Tebow can fill this roll. Perhaps more than any other he can handle this one. There is always the possibility that he'll end up like Jim Bakker, but chances are good that he's on the up-and-up, and the team can use some good press, so let's call this one a good move.

Unfortunately, that may be the biggest reason, but it doesn't mean it's the only one.

The backfield is currently rather crowded with quarterbacks. Cam Newton seems set as the starter for the time being, yet it is quite possible that since the Panthers are in such salary-cap trouble, the team could use someone to come along and help out there - he could go elsewhere when his rookie contract is up. Why not see if Tebow could ride the bench and get molded into a decent replacement?

Derek Anderson, while a good backup, isn't a reasonable long-term replacement, and Jimmy Clausen is, well, Jimmy Clausen. There are those who may argue that Armanti Edwards is a viable option, but that's about all he is - an option. By having him in there, he create a bit of havoc. Over his career, there have been some bright spots, but it's not enough to keep a spot open for him either as a QB or a receiver (or anything else).

Tebow, however? That might be compelling. He's nearly good enough to be in there as a quarterback - maybe even a starting quarterback with the right tutelage. In the meantime, it's been said he could be a tight end. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be able to run routes or catch the ball. That could take some work, and we've seen how it worked out with Edwards. It would be even worse with Tebow, since he doesn't have the same athleticism. The answer is to put Tebow in as a fullback.

Sure, he may not want to change position, but the alternative is to not play at all. This gets him in there, perhaps on as many as half of the team's offensive snaps, and when you really want to throw off the defense, keep both Newtown and Tebow in the backfield. Forget the Mountaineer or the Wildcat or whatever they are calling it. This is like the Beeblebrox (from Hitchiker's Guide - since it would be a two-headed beast). They wouldn't know who would get the ball, and if they did, who would do what. Either Cam or Tebow could run or throw.

At the moment, Tebow is probably still a bit overpriced, and someone needs to convince him that he isn't going to play as the primary, or even a backup, quarterback. If he was, he wouldn't be a free agent now. Someone would have called his name before he made it that far. Since he's now free to sign with anyone, that means no one wants him for that gig.

Of course, the fact that Tebow and Newton were actually teammates could even factor into the equation - or it could be a bad thing. But just imagine the possibilities. Sounds to me like a perfect opportunity!

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