Way back in December of last year, rumblings were heard about a deal for freezing rates for homeowners having trouble with their mortgages. Yesterday, it was announced that the government may have the plan ready to use about $50 billion from the financial bailout in order to guarantee $500 billion in mortgages.

This must be new math, because I have no idea how $50 billion can guarantee $500 billion. Regardless, I want some of that action. I really don't get how the people who pay their mortgages and their car loans and credit card bills and every other debt they incur don't get any relief, while those who don't pay their bills get to take a free ride. It makes you wonder why you should bother being responsible.

While the dynamic publishing model of Movable Type is not heavily used, it is actually a very useful feature. Probably not as a complete CMS - mostly because it is not full-featured - but certainly to provide some nice functionality on the side as it were.

Unfortunately the dynamic publishing functions are not documented much, if at all, so when you run into some issues, it can be difficult to troubleshoot. One of the more common problems you may find is an error message such as this one - when you cannot redeclare the 'MT' class, it will prevent the entire dynamic publishing subsystem from starting up, and you will be dead in the water!

About a year ago, some strange ballot wording opened the door to victory - or at least continued existence - to the Mecklenburg County Transit Tax. It seems that such wording may actually be handed down from the state.

You see, in most places, if you were to go into a polling place and vote a straight ticket, you would expect that your vote would include casting your lot for the president on that party. Not so in The Old North State.

Another less-than-friendly hex error from our friends at Windows Update.

Why is it that they cannot write things out and just tell you what the problem is, or even better, how to fix it? That I do not know.

But like last time, the problem here is not hard to fix. In fact, this time around, it might be even easier.

Have you run into this error while trying to update your plugins from the legacy-style Perl format to a brand-spanking-new YAML layout, only to find that you can't seem to figure out just what the problem is? Spending hour after hour troubleshooting and still getting that annoying message and it just won't go away?

Look no further, because this one is easy. Well, sort of. You do have to look a little bit, but you actually are not missing a semicolon or a brace or anything along those lines. In fact, it might be a little hard for you to find, you just have to know where to look.

With all the excitement that banks are having lately - 13 insured banks and savings and loans have failed this year, including two major thrifts - the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has decided that they need more money coming in to help shore up the money going out.

As the insurance fund stands (and there apparently is an actual fund), the balance is somewhere around $45.2 billion, which is below the minimum level set by Congress, and the lowest level since 2003.

With the incredible explosion of social media, there are social media sites everywhere. Any time you turn around, it seems there is another one. I'm not just talking about the big boys, like Facebook and Twitter, either. Mister Wong, anyone?

Cool name aside, there is only so much one person can do. So how do you decide which of these services to use? While I get that you might want to provide each and every one of them on your site so that you gain maximum exposure, there is a limit, right? How can you possibly expect to keep up? Enter even more services, which aim to help you do so. Now how do you decide among them?

While TiVoToGo (TTG) is not the most reliable piece of software out there, and often just being able to transfer shows from one TiVo to another is much more useful, there are times when being able to save shows to a computer for later retrieval is a nice feature.

Unfortunately it seems that more and more often, this error message comes up and getting it to go away is a royal pain. So what do you do when you get the message "there are no tivo dvrs available on the network"? Other than panic, I mean?

Much like the Windows Update Errors I mentioned previously, it seems that Firefox has similar problems. Unlike those from Windows Update, however, these at least return a somewhat-friendly message, which helps a bit.

So instead of getting a cryptic hex number, you are given a message that reads something like "an error occurred while trying to find updates". Unfortunately, there isn't much help in resolving this error - and because many updates come from individual users, rather than a central repository - you may be stuck.

There is no doubt that Windows Update is one of those things that has made life both easier and more complex for everyone. The process of receiving updates is now nearly transparent and can generally be painless - unless something goes wrong, in which case you get errors that give you messages that mean next to nothing.

So it was the other day when I received messages telling me that I had errors 0x80072ee2 and 0x8024d00e. Those don't even look like numbers (they are actually hex representations), that presumably mean something to someone, hidden in Redmond. Or maybe the computer is trying to speak to me directly.

After running with the Airport Extreme Base Station (AEBS) for a little while now, I have decided that I like it. On most days. But there are definitely times that I really, really want to throw it through the window. And drive over it with the car.

Now I have no doubt that the current iterations of the AEBS are vastly superior to the older ones. If nothing else, it just looks a lot better. Now there is no way that looking better is going to be the only reason we are keeping these things around, is there? Probably not.