Because of events that recently transpired, we were able to come face-to-face with some of the staff of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Control team, and came away less than impressed (to say the least). You're probably not surprised, as I've been talking about them for years - I think that the first post on the subject was way back in 2004.

To start things off, if we're talking about the strict letter of the law, Tigger never bit our son. Scratched yes, bit no. That means that he should never have been quarantined or even reported to Animal Control. But because we consider ourselves responsible parents and citizens, we explained what happened, and also to be absolutely sure that there was no cause for alarm (and because it was here at our house), allowed Tigger to be quarantined. What we really didn't like was the way in which it happened. There are so many blunders that it's just sad.

To begin, Animal Control showed up at our door sometime after midnight on that first night, as if we were reporting that we had been attacked. When we informed them just what we going on, they acted like they were going to leave, and come back later that day. Come on, people - get us out of bed after what by any measure is a stressful day, and you might as well follow through! After checking and making sure that all the records were in order, and that Tigger was indeed entitled to stay at home because he was up-to-date on his shots, the officer thanked us for our time, apologized for coming in the middle of the night, and left. Like we could get any sleep at that point.

Two days later, another officer showed up on a Saturday afternoon, glanced in the sunroom window, asked if it was the correct animal, and proceeded to walk away. Nothing in the way of identification, no paperwork, nothing. It was the proverbial pulling of teeth to get him to stay long enough to answer a few basc questions - obvoiusly he had other things to do and didn't want to be there, but you think he could show a bit of assistance. After a few minutes of this, he left, and we found out that we had ten days of quarantine, after which Tigger would be cleared to return to life as normal (provided he didn't show any sign of rabies).

The next day, the only helpful officer of the whole process showed up. Her name was Jacky. If you ever encounter Jacky, tell her that we said hello. She's a sweetheart, and she deserves better than to work with these morons. She came by because apparently the idiot from the day before did have to fill something out, and he didn't. So she came by and spent at least half an hour talking to us about the whole process, and helping us to figure out just what we were going to do. Though I think we knew it, it was during that time that we really decided that we'd put Tigger to sleep at the end of the quarantine even if he was healthy. His mental health had been in decline and the fact that it had resulted in this situation was just too much.

At the halfway point, we had another visit from another officer, who looked in to see if Tigger was doing fine, and other than being cooped up in his crate for five days, he was just great. That's when I took him out to play ball with him, and found that he was pretty well gone - there was none of the old Tigger left, because when he used to play ball, he would just play and play and play. On this day, he took off down the street, even though the ball was right there. That's probably what really cemented it, and I hated to see it.

By day ten, someone else showed up, popped their head in the window, said that Tigger was fine, and we were done. All in all it was an uneventful week and a half. But it was pretty stupid that it had to happen at all. We knew that Tigger didn't have rabies, and that he didn't go after our son. He just got spooked. The fact that they wasted who knows how much money on this whole process is unbelievable. Then they try and talk to us about licenses every time they are here, because Tigger didn't have one. Sorry people, deal with it. We pay for all the vet visits and shots and other things - that's bad enough.

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Gotta love that animal control. Gaston County Animal Control is also pretty sad. Our cat started having "temporary psychotic episodes" aka she was bipolar to the extreme and would physically attack us for no reason for hours and then be fine the next week, then go crazy, etc... Several vets treated her to no avail, even my husbands vet mother couldn't figure what was wrong with her other than signals in her brain were getting crossed. Finally, kitty decides to not let us back in the house one day and we had to call the animal control. Their only advice was to let her loose outside and someone else has to call an report her. we had satan herself attacking us with a vengeance (not rabid, by the way) and animal control wouldn't do anything! we had to call an outside company to come get her and take her to animal control! If they can pick up dangerous outside "critters", they should be able to pick up a dangerous inside one! It's like they will do anything so they don't have to do their own job.

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