Always ready to try something new (especially if it's free), we headed over to McDonald's for their big Southern-Style Chicken Sandwich Giveaway. Afterwards, I wish that we hadn't. It was that bad. Let me start by saying that we live in the South, which means that we can get Chick-Fil-A, something that not everyone everywhere can do. If you can, I'd suggest that you do that instead. I will absolutely give the nod to the fries at Mickey D's - who wouldn't, over the Waffle Fries at CFA? They really need some help. But the sandwich and milkshakes at CFA will always take the win. Back to the sandwich itself.

You purchase a medium or large drink, you get a free sandwich. Cool. That's not too bad - for $1.40, you get a drink and a sandwich. That's not bad. Normally we'd get a double cheeseburger and a drink ($2.00), so that seems like a good deal. Until we get the sandwich. This thing is tiny. A classic Chick-Fil-A sandwich is a good-sized slab of chicken on a nice steamed bun. This "Southern Style" sandwich at McDonald's looks to be about half the size. That could be a problem. We have growing boys.

The taste actually isn't bad - it's very close to the Chick-Fil-A chicken. A comment on this post mentions that the difference is MSG at Chick-Fil-A. I can't tell you if that's true or not, but it could be. I just know that the Chick-Fil-A does indeed seem to have a better "kick" to it, so I'll take their word for it.

After you take a bite, it's a bit stringy. I'm not sure what that's all about. More than once, we found pieces of chicken flying all over the table, and grease going everywhere, because you couldn't take a clean bite. So that's definitely a win for Chick-Fil-A.

As suspected, the sandwich also didn't last long - it literally seemed to be about half the size of the classic Chick-Fil-A sandwich. We did get some fries, which helped, but it left us hungry. We were in a rush to get to a movie, so we left. We decided we were so hungry that we'd stop again, however. So we went to another McDonald's. We went with our old standby - the Double Cheeseburger and McChicken. Both of those left us nice and full (well, those and some apple pies). It's safe to say that we won't be going back to the Southern Style sandwich.

To make matters worse was the cost of this thing - at $3.50 for a sandwich alone, or $4.50 in a combo meal for a sandwich that's unlikely to leave you full, that's just too much. A $1 Double Cheeseburger or McChicken would be much more likely to hit the spot.

Now if we could just get Chick-Fil-A to do something about those Waffle Fries!

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I love Chicken Sandwiches I weigh 124 and I will never back down chicken sandwiches nor French fries OMG it is sooo Good and if any- body got's a problem with it you going to have to write down your numba no fake numba so I can beat you up.

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