A couple of weeks ago, Keyshawn Johnson did his second round of broadcasting for the NFL draft, and I mentioned just how bad it was. To be fair, it was a bit better than it was last year. For someone who appears to totally lack the ability to shut his mouth, when the cameras are on and rolling for hour after hour of incessant coverage, Keyshawn totally clams up. It's like he just becomes a different person.

What's even more amazing to watch is that he is totally and utterly upstaged by Mel Kiper, Jr. of all people. Now this is no slight against Mel Kiper, Jr., mind you, but for the last thirty or so years, he has done next to nothing except pick apart the draft. He barely goes outside. Understandably, on draft day, he is surely an imposing force. But for Keyshawn Johnson to be intimidated by a guy like Mel Kiper? That's almost impossible to fathom. Yet he is. Last year, perhaps - it was his first year at the desk. But it happened again. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he didn't make it back for a third year. Regardless, this year Keyshawn decided if he couldn't out-talk Kiper, he'd out-dress him. It apparently worked.

For those of you missed Keyshawn, behold the face of the best-dressed man, according to the Michael Awards. What are The Michael Awards? I have no idea. But apparently they say that this is one of the best and the brightest of the fashion industry, and that he is the best-dressed man. I say again, in case you missed it: Can you believe that this is the best-dressed man?

Now if you have ever seen an actual fashion show, you'll realize that they put some pretty odd pieces together up on the runway, and perhaps that explains things. Keyshawn may be the only person who actually takes one of those outfits off of the runway and wears it out in public. According to the ESPN Hashmarks blog, he was accompanied to the event by his designer, and the fact that he even has a designer amazed me.

I get that the normal announcers on ESPN wear fairly staid suits, and that they look pretty decent. I don't mind if he wants a splash of color to stir things up. But come on, Keyshawn. If you aren't going to add anything to your draft coverage, at least act like you can dress. You have a designer, after all!

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