Just over one month ago, I released MT-Notifier version four. There weren't too many changes in this version, as it was mostly done in order to bring the code base up-to-date with the new Movable Type interface, a change that had been a while in the making (much of which had to do with lacking documentation in this regard).

Most of the changes made in this release were cosmetic - seeing the interfaces updated to reflect the new lightbox-styled dialogs, add quickfilters used in the way that MT4 was using them, that sort of thing. But there were also some other changes that were made as well.

Some of these were made under the hood, to make things operate a bit better. While many of you may not be terribly interested in the details, it essentially involved rewriting most of the code in the increasingly ancient MT-Notifier code. The original MT-Notifier was released nearly four years ago - on November 19, 2003. In that time, the software has changed quite a bit.

When originally introduced, the intention was to simply provide a way to subscribe to comments - developed at the request of Jennifer, but that quickly turned into something entirely different, as more and more features were piled on all the time. I can certainly feel for Robert Synott, who has developed his own Comment Subscription plugin - interestingly enough, to subscribe to comments!

In any case, since MT-Notifier started in one place, and then was built on time after time to add first one feature and then another (and another, and another), I figured that the time had finally come where I needed to do some rework on the plugin. What better time when there is a major release of Movable Type itself? So I dug in and really reworked everything. Though on the surface things look mostly the same (with a glossy new covering to match MT), the underpinnings probably didn't need to change as much as they did - but it should make things work much better than they have been, and make adding new features a better process as well.

As to new features right now? There unfortunately aren't a lot - but I was able to squeeze in a few. I updated the lexicon, so that translations should be more complete (there were holes before), I added one-click widgets to the settings interface so that you can easily add forms to your blog, and I integrated the edit-in-place functionality of Movable Type so that if you notice a problem with the subscription list, you can change it right there in the list (I think this is really cool). I also have a few features on deck for an upcoming release, but I need to take care of a few other things first.

In the meantime, enjoy, and let me know what you think!

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