Perhaps after reading my entry about the fact that Keyshawn was a bust in his draft-day coverage, the Carolina Panthers released him.

Chances are strong that this played no effect whatsoever in the team's decision to let him go, but you can never tell about these things, so perhaps I'm moving up in the world. And even if they did see the earlier entry about the subject, it's not like they would have given him a good chance for having the ability to land on his feet after football.

No, chances are much more likely that if it had anything at all to do with the draft-day coverage, it was one of two comments.

The first was when Keyshawn mentioned that the Panthers should pick up freefalling quarterback Brady Quinn with their first-round draft pick. You can't really fault the guy for making such a comment, as he is after all a wide receiver, and the top brass at the team always says that they will go after the top-rated guy on the board. But you just have to wonder if it's a good idea to lay such a claim out there.

Does that mean he doesn't have any faith in Jake Delhomme? Or even the recently-acquired David Carr? I think it's apparent that Keyshawn doesn't have a certain amount of inner strength, as he never stood up and took the blame for some of those late-game interceptions that could have perhaps saved the team's season last year. Instead, he let Jake take the fall. That, more than likely, is what cemented his release. But you just have to be curious about why he'd wonder on draft day about his team needing another quarterback.

The other comment is that when the Panthers pick up a wide receiver in the second round, they get a guy who is "much like me". On and on and on he went. Supposedly this is to make everyone know that he can mentor Dwayne Jarrett, who like Johnson himself, came out of Southern Cal. But maybe - just maybe - it made those front-office types sit down and wonder just how much like Keyshawn the kid really was, and just how much longer they wanted to keep Keyshawn on the roster.

According to the official party line, it wasn't a money move, as they have some room under the salary cap. So if Johnson was productive last year (and he had a decent year for an aging receiver), and it wasn't money-related, what was the real motive? Just that he wasn't a team player? Better hope that Jarrett isn't too much like Keyshawn.

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Keyshawn can say as he wishes but he don't own the Panthers nor is he the manager or coach to say anything.

Some think his 70 catches were productive but I say its the balls he didn't catch that cost the team the game.

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