Over the years, I have come to like football as my favorite sport.

It wasn't always that way, but in recent years, perhaps because here in Charlotte the Panthers are simply better liked than the Bobcats. Plus, I'm not really a big fan of basketball, or maybe it is the process that built the arena against the wishes of the voters of the city.

Nonetheless, for the first time, as I waited for a contractor to deliver lumber on Saturday, I watched the NFL draft. Not the whole thing, but I did flip to it now and again to see what happened. Imagine my surprise as the Panthers' own Keyshawn Johnson was on the panel. I kept hoping to hear him add something to the discussion. I was disappointed.

Keyshawn has only been with the Panthers for a year, and I suspect that he will only be around for another year (or perhaps two at the most), as he's getting older. But still, he is the guy who wrote the book titled Just Give Me the Damn Ball! after his rookie season. Sure, that was 10 years or so ago, but I thought it would be worth something.

How wrong can someone be.

On one side of the panel, there was Mel Kiper, Jr., who apparently in the NFL draft is something like Dick Vitale is in college basketball. I don't mean to insult anyone, I just don't know these things. On the other side is Chris Berman, who has a huge mouth. Filling out the slots were Chris Mortensen and former quarterback Steve Young.

I can see Kiper and Berman taking most of the air time. That's why they are there. They are on opposite sides of the desk, so as to give them the opportunity to "talk to" one another. That makes perfect sense. But surely Keyshawn could handle the other two. Wrong.

He was in the middle of the desk and just say there like a bump on a log. The only thing I remember him saying all day was that at the 14th pick (or thereabouts) was that the Panthers should take Brady Quinn, who was falling like a rock - even though they just signed David Carr. Oh, and then when the Panthers picked a receiver in the second round, Keyshawn went on and on about how the guy looked just like him.

I would be amazed if they wanted him to come back again. He was absolutely useless as an analyst. As much as I like to root for the local guy, Keyshawn absolutely stunk up the place. Sure, he looked good, and he can do a decent job backing up Steve Smith, but as for a job in broadcasting? He better hope that he can learn to speak up.

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This post merits an update as KEYSHAWN has been released.

No doubt. I just hope that Keyshawn isn't banking on a career in the broadcast booth. He's a decent enough receiver (though I wasn't really impressed with his statistics, he's not what he once was), but his showing over the weekend showed that he's got some growing to do in front of the camera.

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