Mythbusters Recap: Best Explosions

This summary episode contains some of the best explosions ever seen on the show, and recaps those highlights for your viewing, so if you think that you just don't have time to watch the full show, take a look at this episode to catch the best bits of several all at once!

Mythbusters Recap: Underwater Car

Underwater Car Escape. This is one of the coolest myths ever tested on the show, just because it is involves live action - that is, actually doing something, and it doesn't involve Buster (who has been conspicuously absent lately). But in it, Adam is given the rather unsettling duty of "driving" a car as it takes a dive in a pool, to see if it is really true that you can't open the door until the car fills up inside, so that the pressure equalizes.

Of course, precautions are taken - there are safety divers all around the pool, and Jamie is in the backseat, just in case he's needed. So with everything ready, a car is acquired and stripped of oils and such that will foul the pool (since it is actually in use). Then weight is added back to mimic the weight that was removed by the engine being ripped out, the car is loaded onto a crane, and Adam is unceremoniously lowered into the pool.

At some point recently, the Google Reader has added the long-awaited (or long-desired) "Sort by Oldest" function. To turn it on, simply click the "View Settings" drop-down, and then "Sort by Oldest". This is available for individual feeds or the "All Items" view.

Though I've been using the Google Reader for a while now, I have to say that this is the main thing that was bothering me. There are a handful of blogs that I read where I just want to get the information in an oldest-first method, because I want to hear the first thing that happened to someone prior to hearing about the newest thing. Otherwise I get the last thing and have to figure out what happened previously, which is just a pain. This is perfect!