Treasure Hunters Recap: Normandy, France

Founding Fathers. We pick up with our teams just where we left off, right after last week's episode, and the other teams are quite disappointed that Air Force comes in rather than the Fogal Family. Still, just as Air Force arrives, everyone has to take off, headed back to France, so they have to be a bit happy that they had no chance for even a moment's rest (or so it seemed).

The seventh challenge starts in front of a church in the Dutch town of Sleepy Hollow. According to Laird, the town predates the American Revolution by over 100 years, and it is here that the famous horseman waits with the next clue.

The Twilight Zone Recap: The Bard

Julius Moomer (Jack Weston, also in the excellent The Monsters are Due on Maple Street from Season 1) is in a bind. He is a writer, but he can't write. Sure, he can grind out zombie stories with the best of them, but they aren't very good. So he uses some black magic to conjure up William Shakespeare to help him out, and what do you know? It works.

A bit strange, really, as it's tough to imagine Shakespeare translating well to any 20th century medium, even after being edited by Moomer. But it's fiction. In the end, of course, it doesn't work out because Moomer wants all the glory for himself and Shakespeare doesn't think that is right. It's not that he does, mind you, he just doesn't like what Moomer is doing to his works of art. So he leaves.

Keep your eyes open for small roles from Burt Reynolds, John McGiver (Sounds and Silences from Season 5) and Howard McNear (Floyd the Barber, also in Hocus-Pocus and Frisby from Season 3).

The Twilight Zone Recap: No Time Like the Past

Paul Driscoll has invented a time machine and convinced himself he can rid the world of the things that make it such a horrible place. He visits Hiroshima, then Berlin, then the Lusitania, but he cannot change the events of any of them. Finally he decides to settle down in a small town in Indana where he will be away from everything.

The only problem is that the very next day is the day that the president comes to visit and gets shot, and he will die a few months later from an infection he picked up when shot. Then he finds out a fire will break out and school children will die, but if he saves them he will change the world. He tries to not give in, but he eventually tries to help, and in so doing actually sets in motion the events that start the fire and does the damage. Perhaps time is not so fragile as we would believe. But that does not mean we can handle the events of time.

Paul returns to his time, convinced that we are not meant to live outside our own time, and convinced to try and make it better through his knowledge that he has gained. This would have been an excellent episode if he had returned to find that some small thing he did rippled through the years to upset his world even though the larger events didn't do anything. That would have made it excellent. As it is, it was just good.

This epic takes us to the crusades, where we encounter a young blacksmith (Orlando Bloom, who seems to have a thing for acting in epics) just as he learns that a passing lord is his father.

The lord invites him to come on a crusade to Jerusalem with him, but he declines, opting to stay where he is, and that he does until the local priest comes to talk about his recently deceased wife. That's when our young blacksmith spots his wife's necklace on the priest and kills him, then promptly takes off after his father.

The Twilight Zone Recap: Come Wander with Me

This episode is another that perhaps isn't told as well as it could be, but isn't bad once you get to the end. We see a young singer, Floyd Burney, who is looking for his next song, when he wanders into a shop run by an older gentleman. Apparently Floyd was told that this is where he can find inspiration, and here he has come looking for it. Unfortunately for Floyd, the other man doesn't seem to anxious to help him. But after picking up a guitar and leaving some money to pay for it, Floyd takes off, for he has heard some notes that he thinks might just do the trick. What he fails to notice is the gravestone that he passes that has his name on it.

The Twilight Zone Recap: Shadow Play

In this odd telling, a condemned man is apparently dreaming, but he knows he is dreaming. The odd part is that he realizes that he is dreaming about his own execution. He feels he is dreaming, and waking up night after night, but cannot realize why he keeps waking up and cannot escape. The reason, of course, is that he is about to be judged guilty of his crimes, which is when he will actually be sentenced to death. Perhaps an interesting tale, but the way it is told makes it a bit difficult to follow.

Close to Home Recap: Baseball Murder

When one young teenager feels that he loses a playoff game for his team,. he takes a baseball bat to the head of another young teenager on the other team, who he felt won the game for his team. It just so happens that they are - or at least were - friends, which makes the killing all the stranger.

While most of the prosecuting team wants to forge ahead with full charges as an adult, Annabeth wants to get to the bottom of things and figure out why a generally good kid would suddenly go berserk and lose it in such a manner, killing someone who formerly was such a good friend. Of course, he didn't mean to kill him, he just wanted to vent his rage. It doesn't help that the boy's parents want to pass it off as a phase the kid is going through.

Eventually Annabeth's efforts pay off as she finds a trend where the coach encourages his team towards violence, with the former pitcher having refused to throw at the same boy just one game before, and quitting the team because of it. Several members of the team had no problems before joining the team but now have criminal records. In the end, the boy has to do time, but the coach gets what's coming to him in the form of a charge of his own.

Dirty Jobs Recap: Fuel Tank Cleaner

Candy Maker. Our first stop is Lebanon, Pennsylvania, where all sorts of sweet treats are made at Wertz Candy. First, some caramel corn, then some peanut butter balls and on and on it goes. What I don't get was the corn syrup. We've all seen corn syrup in a bottle. Their corn syrup wasn't, well, syrupy. It was more like a taffy substance. I'm sure it was good and all. I'm just not sure it was named appropriately.

In this latest offering from Dreamworks Animation, they're making quite an effort at stealing the thunder from Pixar. Actually, they probably couldn't do quite as good a job if Pixar's latest effort (the less-than-stellar Cars) wasn't as poor an outing. Nonetheless, this is quite good.

This is the tale of RJ (voiced by Bruce Willis), a scavenging raccoon who decides to raid a bear's stash and ends up waking him up in the process. The bear doesn't like this too much, and the food gets smashed by a truck, so RJ ends up having to replace all the food - in less than week - so he runs to the only source available: The tract homes springing up nearby, and the animals that are being displaced and have just woken up from their own hibernation to help him get the job done.

Windfall Recap: Answered Prayers

Sean and Tally have even more hope that Zoe is alive as the Russian who confessed to her murder tells them that he only confessed so he could stay in a US prison, since it's much nicer than a Russian prison. That is, until Park tells them that he was the one who took the money out of the offshore account. Sean tells Park that he isn't giving him any money, so Park brings in some goons to beat him up.

Damien has indeed moved back in with his folks, and seems to have completely separated himself from Galina - no sign of her in this week's show. Frankie, meanwhile, is trying to get her mom to move back home, but no dice there, so she simply walks out while Damien breaks curfew and takes off in his car to drive to pick up Frankie. I though they lived in Illinois somewhere, while Frankie was on Manhattan. Even in a fast car like that, that's got to be a drive of several hours. What was he thinking?

As Peter prepares to unveil the company's new bike, Sunny seems to be putting the moves on him since Nina can't seem to make up her mind if she wants the family life or if she wants everything as she claims. At the end, she seems to want Cameron, since she didn't go to the party for Peter, but she did go to see Cameron and ending up kissing him wildly in the parking lot (and who knows what else). Beth, meanwhile, had an odd discussion with Kimberly about being a single parent. Though she says she isn't pregnant, I still suspect she is. Guess we'll have to wait on that one too.

Meanwhile the preview seems to show that Zoe will return next week, but it might be just another teaser. I still think she is alive, as I have all along, and she just took off so she didn't have to deal with Sean and all the money.