The Twilight Zone Recap: Judgment Night

Lanser is having a horrible time on the ship. He can't even remember how he got there. But he sure knows a lot about those German U-Boats. Then he sees one coming at them, but he can't find anyone to tell. So he picks up the binoculars, and who does he see but himself, looking at the boat, and then he remembers.

He remembers having a conversation with his second in command, who asked if perhaps they wouldn't be doomed to repeat the night over and over, for sinking a ship full of innocent people without so much as a warning. And the ship sinks beneath the waves. And then we see him back on deck as the dream starts over again.

Finally, a cruise, albeit on a decrepit old ocean liner called the Lady Anne. Sure, there are faster vessels around, but beggars can't be choosers, can they now? As it turns out, perhaps they can. For it seems that this old lady holds a secret. It seems that this is the last voyage of this lady, as the passengers have been cruising aboard her for some time, and they have agreed that this shall be her final voyage.

So at the end, this young couple who embarked with such hope, and now faces an uncertain future, has even more worries, as they are set adrift in a life raft. At least they didn't go down with the ship.

Albert Salmi (Execution from Season 1 and A Quality of Mercy from Season 3) stars as William J. Feathersmith, who is on top of the world. Or would be, if he could just find something that he doesn't already own. And so he meets the devil on his way home one night, and the devil has a new deal for him. The devil agrees to sell him a trip back in time, to Cliffordville, before he struck it rich, with just enough money to make the deals of a lifetime.

Unfortunately for Mr. Feathersmith, he seems to have forgotten a few details, like the fact that he doesn't have the equipment needed to drill down to the depths where the oil can be found. Everyone knows the worthless land contains oil, but no one can get to it. So he has just sold everything he has to get back to the past, with nothing at all to show for it. Perhaps it wasn't such a good deal after all.

Also a brief appearance by Julie Newmar (the original Catwoman) as the devil.

Treasure Hunters Recap: Hardy, Montana

Bend the Light. While the contestants of The Amazing Race rough it a bit between legs, not so for these nine teams - at least, not this time around. They stayed in a bed and breakfast! The only downside, however, was that they would have a varying amount of warning before the next leg started. As it turned out, that warning was just a few hours after they settled in for the night.

Bruce Willis stars in this thriller about a down-on-his-luck private eye who gets a plum assignment guarding an exotic dancer (a young Halle Berry).

Unfortunately, he gets the job from his best friend, which ordinarily wouldn't be so bad, but he gets the job because his friend is finds out that it's dangerous, and since he is sleeping with his wife, he wants him out of the picture. Too bad for him he's too late and gets blown up early on.

Mythbusters Recap: Exploding Port-A-Potty

Drive Shaft Pole Vault. Somewhat similar to the Rear Axle myth from the Expolosive Decompression, Frog Giggin', Rear Axle episode, but with a twist - can a failing drive shaft cause your car to pole vault? The first challenge is, of course, to make the drive shaft fail on cue. So after a bit of investigation, the boys think they have that one down (they don't, but we'll get back to that). While Adam and Jamie rig a car up for remote control, the build team digs a rather large hole in the concrete where the failed drive shaft will end up.

The Twilight Zone Recap: The Silence

This may just be one of the best episodes of the series. When an older member of an exclusive club has decided that he can't take any more of a younger member's bragging, he wagers that the younger member cannot keep his mouth shut for one year. In return, the younger member, should he win, will get the sum of 500 thousand dollars. To make sure that things are on the up-and-up, the younger member agrees to live in a glass-enclosed cage in an unused room in the club basement.

The Twilight Zone Recap: Long Distance Call

A young Billy Mumy (also seen in the Season 3 episode It's a Good Life and the Season 5 episode In Praise of Pip) makes an appearance here as a young boy who is very close to his grandmother. Unfortunately his grandmother dies early on, but he can still communicate with her by way of a toy phone. Even more unfortunately, she isn't quite ready to let go of him, so she takes him, well, somewhere, and it's only after some serious begging on the part of her son that she releases him back to the land of the living. Really rather bizarre.

Brothers Frank and Jack Baker (played by real-life brothers Beau Bridges and Jeff Bridges) have been hanging around the Seattle lounge scene for fifteen years, and it's just about time for them to hang it up.

That is, until they meet Susie Diamond (Michelle Pfeiffer),who livens up their piano act with some sultry vocals. The only problem is that perpetual bachelor Jack has an eye for Susie, which leads to problems of a different sort.

I expected a lot out of this movie - mostly because it had really good reviews from what I had seen. I can't say that I was completely disappointed, but it didn't really live up to its billing either. It wasn't exactly a bank heist, but it wasn't exactly as advertised, either.

The actors that you'd expect to do something wonderful (Denzel Washington, Jodie Foster) didn't. They were okay, just not great. The others weren't notable at all. I think that the movie tried to do too much. Had it cut out the extra pieces unrelated to the heist (and probably 30 minutes of its length), it probably would have been a lot better.

Still a combination of headache and body ache, so one more pill before bed tonight.

While I suspect that this movie is a bit of a fabrication because it says it was "inspired by a true story", which has to be a step below "based on a true story", there was some truth in there somewhere. We do know that Frank William Abagnale Jr. (Leonardo DiCaprio) was a con man who, before his 19th birthday, wrote millions of dollars of fraudulent checks and passed himself off as a pilot, doctor and lawyer.

FBI agent Carl Hanratty (Tom Hanks), meanwhile, is his foil, who tracks him across the country and finally around the world to bring him down. Time after time they cross paths as Abagnale goes through identities and his checks get better and better. We're watching a movie, but it's probably somewhat accurate in that the first batch of checks he passes are little more than paper with some decals on them.