Dirty Jobs Recap: Dirtiest Water Jobs

Just a reminder that if you skip the highlight shows because they are never any good on other shows you watch, don't skip this one (at least not for that reason). If you don't even normally watch Dirty Jobs, watch the highlight shows. They are easily the best part of the show, perhaps even better than the regular episodes.

Dirty Jobs Recap: Shrimper

Shrimper. Mike heads out from Shem Creek (near Charleston, SC) to see if it's time to open the shrimping season. Apparently this involves catching a whole lot of stuff that doesn't really want to be caught, then looking through it to see if you've caught any shrimp, and throwing back whatever isn't shrimp. They catch a few, and submit the results to the legislature to decide if it's time to open the season or not.

Mythbusters Recap: Shredded Plane

Shredded Plane. This myth encompasses one of two things. Either an irate wife came to the airport and sliced up her husband's plane with a chainsaw or another plane got loose on the runway and ran into another, cutting up the tail section. Busted and confirmed, respectively. The first resulted in slices that were quite possible, but jagged, not clean. The second was rigged up with a rail cart and an old engine and looked just like the picture.

The Twilight Zone Recap: The Fever

Upon visiting Las Vegas, Franklin Gibbs immediately declares that it is immoral. But when a stranger pushes a silver dollar into his hand and asks him to play a slot machine, he figures that he must do so. When he wins, he naturally must walk away. It is the prudent thing to do.

But then the machine begins calling his name in the middle of the night, and the moral thing to do is to get rid of the ill-gotten gains, to put them back where they came from. But then The Fever takes hold and he has to write check after check to try and get back some of what he has lost and after 24 hours of playing he suddenly throws himself out of a window to his death.

The Twilight Zone Recap: Perchance to Dream

Edward Hall walks into the doctor's office, afraid that if he will sleep, he will die. He tells an interesting tale of how he is haunted by his dreams, and at the end he jumps out of the window to his death. Then we see the doctor call for his receptionist and tell how the man just walked in, laid down, fell asleep, and died peacefully (except for the scream). Interesting, if told a bit awkwardly.

The Twilight Zone Recap: One for the Angels

Lou Bookman (Ed Wynn, who we would see again in Ninety Years Without Slumbering in Season 5) is a pitchman, and when he learns that he is about to die, he isn't quite ready. He wanted to give one big pitch, a pitch for the angels, and he makes a deal with Death that he won't go until he has done so. He thinks he made a great deal.

Unfortunately Death has a trick up his sleeve. Insted of Mr. Bookman, he is going to take little Maggie, and that won't do at all. So Mr. Bookman has decided to delay Death past his appointed time, and as it turns out he does so with the pitch of a lifetime - one for the angels it seems. When he is done, Maggie will recover, and it's Mr. Bookman's time to go. Nice tale.

The Twilight Zone Recap: The Bewitchin' Pool

In the last episode of the series, we see a bit of continuity strangeness. It starts with two kids who are getting out of the swimming pool to find that their parents are getting a divorce. Then they run back into the pool. Next we see them and their parents in different outfits in a different conversations - turns out this is a prior conversation, but it explains that the pool is a gateway to another world of sorts, where they can escape their parents who no longer seem to want to be a family. But they return to the real world to give them another chance.

The son then runs back to the pool again to get away, and the daugther gets him one more time because the mother has promised something new. Finally they return once more to the real world and the parents talk to them, and tell them that what is new is the divorce. And that is when they finally run to the pool and disappear for good, never to return. And with that, the series ends.

Mythbusters Recap: Franklin's Kite

Franklin's Kite. There are two parts to this myth. The first is to test the actual circumstances surrounding Benjamin Franklin's discovery of electricity (that is, can you fly a kite in a storm, and if you can, will it conduct a current down a string to a key and can the person flying the kite get shocked). The second is to see if that person (Benjamin Franklin) survive the event.

Dirty Jobs Recap: Chick Sexer

Chick Sexer. Visiting the McMurray Hatchery, Mike learns that there are two ways to tell chickens apart. By their feathers and (appropriately) by their poo. Well, not so much by their poo, but you have to get their poo out of them. Once you do, the male chicks (usually) have a little bump. And the female chicks (usually) do not. The really good chick sexers can handle 20 thousand chicks in a shift. Pretty good because they go through 80 thousand chicks in a week. Wow. That's a lot of poo.

The Twilight Zone Recap: The Fear

In this penultimate episode of the series, Trooper Franklin goes to check on reclusive Charlotte Scott, and he suspects she's just a snob. Then he finds out she is just scared, and so naturally he becomes protective - until he gets a bit of the same fear himself.

First they just see the lights, and then they hear things on the roof. Then he sees the giant fingerprints on his patrol car, and the next morning they see the huge alien itself! As he shoots it, they are suddenly in the midst of a bunch of wind - it was just a balloon.

Then they see the true aliens - a small spacecraft (that looks suspiciously like the one used in The Invaders way back in Season 2), and they are just a tiny race that was trying to frighten the people of Earth with trickery, and when they can't, they take off again. That was a close one!

Wallace V. Whipple has found the answer for his company's flagging fortunes, and it is to replace some 60 thousand people with machines. Once he's done that he starts to replace everyone with machines. Pretty soon, he's all alone in the factory, and then the board decides to replace him (with a robot that looks suspiciously like the one from Uncle Simon earlier in Season 5). Whoops.