This nasal congestion appears to be causing me a headache. Since I couldn't really sleep, trying some Ibuprofen to see if it will help at all.

Dirty Jobs Recap: Hot Tar Roofer

Hot Tar Roofer. Who knew that putting a roof on could be such hard work? First you have to scrape off the old roof. But not too far. You have to leave on the bottom layer as a base. Then you have to lay down the bottom layer and spread the hot - literally near-boiling tar. Normally tar is this gunky, taffy-like substance, but not hear. It's almost liquid, like water. Wow, that's hot.

Once you get this done a couple of times, you add one more layer of hot and then spread a whole bunch of rocks on top of the mess, and those get embedded into the hardening layer. And that's how you lay a roof. What a bunch of work. I'd just hire someone. But probably not Mike.