This nasal congestion appears to be causing me a headache. Since I couldn't really sleep, trying some Ibuprofen to see if it will help at all.

Close to Home Recap: Dead or Alive

A strange young man is suspected in the murder of a husband and father in his own greenhouse, but because the police didn't obtain a warrant and appear to have lied about how they entered the house, the evidence is thrown out. What's more, because the man seems obsessed with confessing to murders he didn't commit and one of the missing victims turns up alive, he may go free.

But his protective mother is convinced that she needs to testify against him when she sees that her son has purchased funeral plots for the two of them, since it seems that the motives of her son are to keep anyone from coming between them, and that may be the only way to ensure that no one gets between them ever again. Spooky.

Amazing Stories Recap: Fine Tuning

In one of the stranger episodes of the series, three high school students are building an antenna for the science fair when suddenly they pick up alien broadcasts of old television shows. Apparently these aliens like the classics, so they simple redo them. The really strange part is that the aliens aren't very alien-like. They are just short, have bulbous, fleshy heads and block-like hands.

So when the students figure out that the travelers from another planet are landing that very night, they head to Hollywood to see if they can find them. Sure enough, the aliens are standing on Hollywood Boulevard in cheap disguises looking very out of place. No telling what they were going to do. So the kids feed them, take them on a tour of town and generally entertain them. Finally they get some vaudeville entertainers to come to the spaceship and put on a show.

Dirty Jobs Recap: Hot Tar Roofer

Hot Tar Roofer. Who knew that putting a roof on could be such hard work? First you have to scrape off the old roof. But not too far. You have to leave on the bottom layer as a base. Then you have to lay down the bottom layer and spread the hot - literally near-boiling tar. Normally tar is this gunky, taffy-like substance, but not hear. It's almost liquid, like water. Wow, that's hot.

Once you get this done a couple of times, you add one more layer of hot and then spread a whole bunch of rocks on top of the mess, and those get embedded into the hardening layer. And that's how you lay a roof. What a bunch of work. I'd just hire someone. But probably not Mike.