You may see this error message pop up in a dialog box while trying to login, specifically when you try and change the domain. To get the box to go away, press CTRL-ALT-DEL. To remove the problem entirely, make sure that your DNS is configured properly, by pointing the DNS servers to the domain controller for your network.

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My DNS is configured perfectly and I still have this problem

I also have a similar problem - I demoted my DC which could not register clients and then promoted it again. Upon restart, it hangs at "applying computer settings" before logon.

This helped me a lot. Thanks very much.

Thank you for this information.

I managed to resolve the issue by going to Network Connections and in "Advanced TCP/IP Settings" under "DNS" Tab I checked "Use this connection's DNS Suffix in DNS registration" and then when pinging the full domain name it replied back.

This can also occur if the netlogin service isn't running...

CTRL-ALT-DEL fixed my problem, thx!!!

10 minutes of sitting then CTRL+ALT+DEL and 2 seconds later logged in. I love the Internet.

Log Into The Computer Locally, And Disable Windows Firewall!!

Logged in locally & changed the NIC settings from auto/auto to 100/full to match the switch settings which are forced to 100/full. Problem solved!

Woah, such a simple fix but so effective, cheers!

Thanks! I was sitting on my chair, waiting and waiting for the message to go away. Then I figured something was not right. :)

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