Did anyone else receive one of these? According to their web site, US Code Title 13, sections Section 141 and Section 193 your response is required by law.

In reality, those sections outline that The Secretary (who is presumably defined elsewhere) can take surveys as a part of their census process. It is Section 221 that requires you to respond:

Whoever, being over eighteen years of age, refuses or willfully neglects, when requested by the Secretary, or by any other authorized officer or employee of the Department of Commerce or bureau or agency thereof acting under the instructions of the Secretary or authorized officer, to answer, to the best of his knowledge, any of the questions on any schedule submitted to him in connection with any census or survey provided...

That's just a crock.

Oh, sure, census information is useful and all that. It's just the principal of it. I guess I'll have to ask the nice lady who came to my door for some evidence that she is an authorized officer or employee of the Deparment of Commerce, or a bureau or agency thereof acting under the instructions of The Secretary.

Heck, I'd pay the $100 if it weren't for Title 18, Section 3571 (allegedly Section 3559 as well, but that seems to deal with imprisonment and not monetary fines). With it on the books, the "not greater than $100" fine becomes "not greater than $5000" fine. That really blows.

Comments (717)

I was looking for something else but somehow stumbled on a link to this clip. I had to respond.

Do you have a CVS card or a card from your grocery store? As much as you are worried about a survey that is was put into law by the founding fathers to guarantee the equitable distribution of house seats, at least the privacy and confidentiality of the information is confidential -- unlike information from your credit card, your purchasing history, or what telephone calls you made this afternoon.

Pick your battles rather than edify your ideologies.

Ah, but you miss the point.

I'm really not concerned about the privacy aspect.

What bothers me is the fact that in what is purported to be a free country, it seems more and more that the government requires certain actions be undertaken. I think that's wrong.

Taxes bother me, but more because of the waste of government than the fact that I must contribute something.

Social Security bothers me because I am paying into a system that allegedly was set up for the benefit of people, but in reality the government uses to shore up its budget.

Animal licensing bothers me because I already spend a ton of money on our animals, and an extra $10 a year, while it's not going to break me, isn't going to make me take care of them any better, while I can lose those animals if I don't spend the money.

Spending hundreds of millions of dollars on a sports complex for a privately owned enterprise bothers me. Why can't I get a subsidy like that for my company?

And yes, having to provide information to the government bothers me, no matter the level of confidentiality. This is partially because I have been required to do so and partially because those equitable house seats are so useless.

The government envisioned by our forefathers was one where the government represented the people - not the other way around, where people are constantly infringed upon by a government purporting to act in their best interest.

Hmmm, so how do you feel about conscription, aka "the Draft"?

We got this census in the mail a few weeks ago and are trying to ignore it-can't beleive that they are threatening legal actions if we don't respond-we got another with friendly threats yesterday and I am truly unnerved-I can't deal with all the questions that we are supposed to answer-so personal! And the stupid comments about how they are going to use all of this information for school and community funding-I believe it about as much as I believe Bush really won the 2000 election-Lord have mercy on this country.

Tatum, just be careful. According to the citations I found above, you can indeed be found liable (for not more than $5000) for refusing to answer, or for answering falsely. If you can afford it, bravo. But many people can't!

I have a hard time believing that a person could be fined or otherwise prosecuted for ignoring a piece of mail addressed to "Resident." However, I have been surprised, shocked, saddened, etc. by a lot of things that our gov. does to us.

I received the American Community Survey last April 2005. We did not answer ANY questions, except for head count in our home. Weeks later, a census taker appeared at our door. I informed her that this census was unconstitutional, except for answering the number of people in the home, and politely declined. The following evening a message was on our recorder from the Twin Cities (I'm 100 miles away) requesting a call-back that evening and emphasizing we MUST answer these questions by law. We did not call back. The next day, a Federal Express package arrived from the Census Hqt with all sorts of slick pamphlets and another letter stating we MUST answer these questions by law. We never responded to any of this coersion.

However, I spoke with a laywer by phone and called my state representative and one of the state senators. The senator's office said we did not have to answer it by law. The representative's aide, when I quoted Title 13, Section 221, stated that United States Code cannot be changed and if it says a $100 fine for not answering, that is what the fine is, if it is enforced. This dispelled other rumors of $5,000 fines for me. The laywer also said to just ignore the pressure and don't answer if we didn't want to.

I then wrote a long editorial for our local paper and any other area paper that would take it. People need to contact their senators and representatives and PROTEST the use of OUR TAX MONEY to conduct this intrusive information gathering program. If you don't stand up to this, soon they will demand to know your underwear size. Put an editorial in your paper and advise others to NOT ANSWER, except for the head count answer. We have never heard from the American Community Survey again, and it has been almost a year.

Again, I cannot emphasize enough the need to call your senators/representatives and MAKE NOISE. This is a stealth census...your neighbor and friends will not get it the same time you do, causing you to stand alone and probably cave in to answering it. Don't do it....inform others this is coming. One has to wonder why it is being distributed this way.

Private Citizen

Private Citizen agreed to share their letter to the editor, which I reprint here with their permission. This was orginally submitted under the title Big Brother Wants to Know All. I have edited the contents slightly for appearance.

Even though it is not a census year, the U.S. Census Bureau is conducting a "rolling census" called the American Community Survey (ACS).

They are sending the survey to one segment of the population at a time, rather than doing it all at once, with the idea of getting to everyone by the year 2010. We received the ACS in January (editors note: I believe this was 2005). Along with the survey, several glossy pamphlets were included, explaining the supposed need for this information with much assurance that all information is strictly confidential and protected by the Census Bureau. The questions are very intrusive, inquiring into the daily and personal habits of each member of your household. For example, under "Housing" you are asked how many vehicles you have; monthly fuel, water, and electricity costs; monthly rent or mortgage; estimated value of your property and annual property insurance. Forty-two questions are listed to be answered by each person in your household.

Disturbing questions in this section include a question asking if you have any physical, mental, or emotional conditions that would make it difficult for you to go shopping or go outside the home, involvement of the grandparents in raising the children, and the exact time you leave for work and name of your employer. It's difficult to imagine a legitimate reason for a government entity to demand this kind of information from its citizens. If you have concerns about Big Brother becoming too interested in your private affairs you will not like this survey.

The U.S. Constitution provides for a census every 10 years, which is simply a headcount for congressional redistricting - nothing more. After deliberating many weeks, we decided to give the only answer required by the Constitution - the number of people in our household. However, several weeks later, we were contacted by a census taker. I explained why we would not answer the other questions. Two days later a Federal Express overnight mailer arrived with a letter from the Regional Director of the Census Bureau, emphasizing that our participation is REQUIRED by law. That evening, a census supervisor from the Twin Cities left a message on our recorder, stating that our answers are required by law and requesting a return call that evening. This orchestrated pressure is both intimidating and upsetting.

Sadly, Congress, being well-aware of the questions on this survey, appropriated the money (OUR tax dollars) to the Census Bureau to conduct this detailed information gathering on every American citizen. United States Code Title 13, Section 221 states that no one can be fined more than $100 for not particpating in a census. If it comes to this, we'll pay the fine to protect our Constitutional right and to protect ourselves from government intrusion. When you receive the American Community Survey in the mail, please contact your Senators and Representatives and let them know how you feel. Don't be intimidated into providing personal and private information that you normally would not give to just anyone, much less the federal government.

Me again. As I mentioned above, I am not a lawyer. If you are thinking of ignoring the requests, you may want to consult one. My own findings seem to indicate that the US Code says that they can ask whatever they want - so long as it is connected with the census or survey provided, and done under the proper 'authority'.

This may or may not make the act unconstitutional. But just because something is unconstitutional doesn't mean you'll have an easy time fighting it. It also doesn't mean you shouldn't. Just be ready. It also doesn't mean that the included questions are allowed, and I haven't researched that. Anyone who has, and can add to it, I'd love to hear your findings.

For one, US Code Title 13, Section 141 letter d (I'm not sure what that letter is called, perhaps 'subsection') says that the secretary may order a mid-decade census in 1985 and every 10 years thereafter.

For another, it is perhaps correct that the US Code may not be changed. Not being a lawyer, I don't know. But the passage I just cited has a date of 1985. So it can certainly be amended. And Title 18, Section 3571 appears to do just that - amending the fines, making it possible for them to increase to not more than $5000 instead of not more than $100. Consult a lawyer if you are unsure.

Don't be so quick to believe those who tell you that they are allowed to ask you anything they want to ask you and that you are required by law to respond and respond truthfully.

Title 13 sections 141 and 193 are reported to allow the Census Bureau to ask whatever they want. The truth is that those subsections allow for any census, sampling, survey, etc. 'as necessary' for the 'initiation, taking, or completion thereof.'

Think about that 'as necssary' qualifier. Statistics on personal lifestyle are not necessary to the census.

Further, everyplace where census is defined in Title 13, it is defined as 'decennial enumeration of the population' (that is its statutory definition). All sampling, surveying, etc are related back to the census which according to Title 13 is the 'decennial enumeration of the population.'

Of course, the census bureau can take the position that they are allowed to ask you anything they want to ask you. They can even take the postion that you must respond. When someone who is trying to manipulate you tells you something is true, don't believe them - even if they write it down and cite statutes.

It is incredibly easy to cite sections and subsections of law in such a way that you can reinforce your position or make a point. The unfortunate thing is that the law is so complex, it is almost impossible for the average adult to research the law.

The question of the lawfulness of the ACS has never been heard by a court. Until it is, the census bureau will just keep pushing people around taking their privacy away.

Isn't it suspicious that the Census Bureau has never prosecuted anyone for not responding. Why not? Wouldn't it encourge better response rates? Or would it expose the unlawfulness of the ACS?

Amen to privacy, I will not answer anyone one who comes to my door about how much my monthly electric bill is, and I won't start now, I agree with Chad, I will not give anyone Info that I deem private, THAT IS MY RIGHT.

I will not succumb to threats from anyone, also my right is to stand and bear arms, enough of it, like Iraq, how would all of you who want to be so quick to answer these questions like the idea of another country coming in here to your home, grabbing you out of your homes, herding you into detention centers and then cramming down a new form of government down your throats as well as how your going to live, what your going to eat, you wouldn't like it would you, so go on and answer them and see what happens.

Keep watch because if you don't the N.W.O will have you for breakfast!

To my knowledge, the purpose of the census is to find out how many residents of voting age are in each district. We recieved a "long form" census in 2000. All the information we gave is the head count of anyone 18 years or older. That is all that is required by law. Someone working for the census bureau (a bossy woman) came to our house and we simply told her that we knew the law and were not divulging any more information. She said if we didn't comply, she would send "U.S.Marshalls". We told her to go ahead, and never heard from them again. If we get the new long form, we will do the same thing. If we don't stand up now, things will only get worse. Please, assert your rights. We all have the right to be suspicious of ANYONE who asks for such personal information.

I recieved a call this Sunday regarding why I had not sent in the American community survey. As I was in the process of doing my taxes for 2005, I informed the nice lady that she/the federal goverment has the appropriate information already in the form of my tax return from 2004.

I let her know how many folks live at my home and that I was not interested in filling out such an outrageous survey. Apparently there is a law which prohibits the census bureau from trading info with the IRS. I found it baffling and frustrating that I as a taxpayer am being asked to duplicate much of the same info twice. This is an outrageous waste of taxpayer money (nevermind my time).

It baffles me that Olympia Snow made head lines in the Bangor, Maine papers this past Saturday by demanding accountability on those corporations which have been fined for various federal offenses ranging from enviromental to mine safety etc. There are billions of uncollected fines. Where is the acountability?

Instead, some of our elected officials have decided to go after the single taxpayer with threats of legal action. I can imagine an elderly person recieving this notification from the census bureau. In my opinion this action is both unconstituitional and down right predatory.

I plan to contact my elected officials on this matter and my attorney if need be and demand some accountability both ethical and monetary along with some common sense.

I recently received the Census Bureau's ACS and when I looked inside I could scarcely believe what I saw. I was deeply offended and outraged. I am not accustomed to using foul language at all but as I threw the ACS in the trash I used some language directed at it I haven't uttered in nearly 20 years. There is no way they could get away with forcing anyone into answering this thing against their wishes. If brought into the public eye there would be a tumultous outrage.

Don't be intimidated by the lying idea that everyone else is answering the ACS and you should too.

Don't be intimidated by the lying idea that if you don't comply that they'll ruin your life as the IRS has done to so many.

Don't be intimidated by the lying idea that it is your duty to support your country and not being rebellious.

This ACS asks for information that is none of their business.

Privacy laws prevent even the federal government from gathering this information. If it were legal it would be much simpler and faster for the Feds to simply demand information from the customer databases of other government agencies, utility, educational, and banking institutions and others. Harvesting the data in this fashion could be very quick and quiet. After this was compiled they could simply "fill in the blanks" of missing information on a shorter "more palatable" ACS and have their precious profiles.

One reason they don't do it that way is because it is illegal, as stated by a previous writer quoting a census taker.

If you'd like to read a well educated and documented perspective you'll enjoy a piece written by Dr. Edward L. Hudgins Director of Regulatory Studies at the Cato Institute.

I have been badgered by some lady on the phone to participate in the American Community Survey (Sounds so warm and fuzzzy, don't it?). She went on that it is a legal mandate to participate and that I could get in trouble for not responding. I went on-line and read Title 13 as well. Specifically, Article I of our Constitution says that an enumeration of the population should be conducted every ten years.

The Census Bureau is charged with carrying out the enumeration in the "manner" as told to by Congress. So far, this says to me that Census is told what to do and the manner in which to do. Although, with the American Community Census, it appears that Census Bureau has unilaterally decided to add on all this social engineering cr*p to support more endlesss transfer programs.

I found a copy of the Survey questions on-line, and the damn thing even wants to know if I can bathe myself and how fertile are the all women between 15 and 50 who live in the household! What's next?

The Census Bureau wants to know all about your finances: Your income with full details including if your income is from umemployment, social security, Disability, ets. They want to konw what type of work you do, if you're self-employed & how much you earn, job title & category, the number of hours you work, your loans, debt, your utility bills, your insurance coverages (shouldn't that remain between you and your broker?), hours you work and where, specific address of your employer and contact info, how long it takes you to get to work and when you leave in the morning, your medical and emotional health issues, your ability to remember or problems with your vision (this was the type of questions the Nazis asked the Jews before they gassed them) how much income each person who lives in your household makes, ethnicity, country of origin, age, date of birth, social security, veteran status, student loans, how you get to work, how old your kids are, their names and where they go to school, what disabilities you have.

They want to know how many cars you have, how big your place is and when it was built. They want to know how many people live at your place, their ages and relationship to you, if they are students and where do they attend? They ask how many phones, bathrooms, johns, showeres, and tubs you have and if you're a citizen or not. They ask how much you spend on utilites and how you heat your place. They ask how much your rent/mortgage and real estate property taxes are. They want to know if you pay condominum or homeowner association fees and what kind of kitchen facilities you have. They ask how big your lot/acreage is, do you run a business from home, do you collect food stamps or welfare, what level of education have you completed, what your disabilites are, your ancestry, your age, your ability to speak English, and how long it takes you to commute to work.



What about you?

I received 2 phone calls from pleasant census bureau drones. I heatedly expressed my total noncompliance and one said she got that alot, but she was just a worker - sounds like a Nuremberg trial excuse to me. I'm expecting the personal visits to begin shortly. I shall send off my checks to The Treasury next week gleefully knowing I'm funding my own harassment.

I recieved a third call this Monday eve and informed the person I would be happy to comply with the basic questions of how many people live in my house.

I then informed the person that "the day I fill out the ACS in its entirety is the day the federal goverment puts a serial number on my arm".

I have contacted my congressman and the media. I especially feel for the older people in this country who must be terrified when recieving this survey. They are being preyed upon.

I agree with the previous blogger. This same type of survey was carried out by the Nazis years back. I'm ashamed of our elected officials for lettting this Census get so out of control.

We the people!

Here is a Denver TV interview from March 06.

I got a survey too and found the tone overbearing (says right on the enevelope -- response required by law) and way too personal.

If they do want to know how much I make and when I leave for work, why not just ask a range of numbers instead to keep things anonymous (like they claim to keep this survey!)

And why aren't more people against these kinds of surveys? It didn't even make headlines anywhere?

We also have had the misfortune of being selected "at random" for the ACS. However, last October a car was parked across the street from our house and some guy was sitting in the driver's seat with a clipboard taking notes. I thought it might have been the property assessor but now I think it was the ACS tracking which houses they wanted to "randomly" select!!

We feel as others do that the more power we give the government, the more they'll take. What happened to We the people, or Liberty and justice..? We are standing firm on IT'S NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS. We have received 35 phone calls this month, (have not answered phone) and fully expect the doorbell to start ringing soon.

Let's fight this together!

Looks like they are more intrusive since the evil Bush took the office. Half a year later they are still bothering me. I won't give them a thing unless they send me a court order.

They first called me with a different case number and now with a new number, how ridiculous they are. If they can't even get the case number right, how on earth will they think they won't mess up with my private information.

Even the phone number, 888-817-2153, is not listed on their web site. Are they another CIA or what? If they are elusive and not honest with their own phone number, how could they think I would be comfortable giving my private info? Since they are ABSURDLY INTRUSIVE, I will be DILIGENTLY EVASIVE!!!!

Check out another related blog here.

I have always felt that asking someone their race condones racism as opposed to eradicating it. I, too, received the ACS, and I was thinking about filling it out - minus the identifying info and scanner label on the front (a marker should take care of that). What exactly is the minimum participation required by law? I am open to suggestions...

Do you like to meet people? Would you like to knock on doors? Do you enjoy asking probing questions for the good of society, regardless of how personal? Do you want to make a DIFFERENCE? You can earn up to $15 per hour part-time being a statistic-wonk for Uncle Sam. Why work at the post office when you can irritate more people in their homes? Act now.

Simply put, the Constitution requires the completion of the questions regardless of whether you like them or not. The key component of the Constitution is Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3 which reads:

"The actual enumeration shall be made within three years after the first meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent term of ten years, in such manner as they shall by law direct."

The key is the phrase "as they shall by law direct" which refers to the requirements set forth by Congress itself. Any time Congress spends money it wants to know if the money is well spent and includes provisions to determine if the money is doing what it was intended. For example, if you take 45 minutes to commute to work and new roads are built or highway lanes added does your commuting time decrease? The questions are designed to provide statistics on a range of issues.

Failing to respond simply means that you do not wish to uphold the Constitution. I live in Oklahoma and one of the Representatives opposed the long form a few years ago but when it was pointed out that he was responsible for each and every question because of the legislation that was passed he quickly shut up. If a representative is smart enough to complete the survey and understand its value in the face of his own ignorance of the issue surely anyone else can as well.

I think I'll take the risk of a fine rather than give up my right to privacy. Besides, are they anymore likely to 'uphold and enforce' this fine than they are doing with the immigration laws? Not if enough people stand up and tell them to get lost.

The disturbing part of this "American Community Survey" is that it opens the doors to future, even more intrusive questions. Is that really "American"? I don't think so. Let us all stop this nonsense now! If we don't petition to end this survey, this government will head down the path toward fascism.

You people are overly alarmist! This ACS is justified because our beloved Federal Government wants to assist us in every facet of our miserable existences.

Oh, by the way... how many firearms do you own? What are the serial numbers? Do you own stocks? What companies and how many shares? How many abortions have you supported? What race baby do you hope to adopt? When you drink, do you support American brewers/distillers or are you a traitor with imported booze? When you were on active duty, were you ever the "big pot man" on KP? What? You refuse to respond to these innocuous queries? What are you, UN-American? The downhill slope begins with the ACS, and the complete assurance of anonymity by our caring government. Book it!

I refuse to be intimated by government tyranny. This is not just a survey. This is a systematic "survey" performed on 10% of the population every year. "Aggressive" is how they define the tactics employed. Intimidation and harassment is the real method used. Most people relent to make them go away.

Calling on weekends, during dinner and staking out my house at lunch time to "catch me" to name a few of the harassing tactics. Multiple threatening mailings, some left on my doorstep. Messages left on my message machine and on and on it went. All along the way I told them there were 4 red blooded AMERICANS living here and that's all I'm going to tell you. The rest is none of your business and you won't get any more Info from us. They only stepped up their efforts, getting increased threats and mail for 2+ MONTHS!

So I started reading everything I could find and sent a stinging letter off to my U.S. House Representative, and let them know one of their goons pounded on my door for half an hour then called me on his cell phone when I wouldn't answer the door. The other goon showed up at 9:15 PM and tried to get the info out of my wife.



It only takes ten minutes for a president to sign an executive order and your case number will tell all. Maybe some data manager will take the info home on a disk and have it stolen like 26.5 million veterans did recently. No database on this planet is completely secure. The effort put into this is not for statistics. It is to know everything about everyone, gathering 10% of the population per year.

Your dossier in your government's hands. I see more rights eroding faster every day. What happened to privacy?

YOU ARE STUPID IF YOU SUBMIT TO A DATABASE ON EVERYONE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD. Ask the Jews who had to register in Germany and the other ethnic resistors in Stalinist Russia. Think about the incumbents who passed this comprehensive information threat next time you vote.
I will never give this information nor cooperate in any way ever again.

If they put these people to work on catching illegal invaders (they survey them too) we would not have 20 million consumers of 36 gallons of water per day.

Title 13, chapter 7, Sec. 221.: (a) Whoever, being over eighteen years of age, refuses or willfully neglects, when requested by the Secretary, or by any other authorized officer or employee of the Department of Commerce or bureau or agency thereof acting under the instructions of the Secretary or authorized officer, to answer, to the best of his knowledge, any of the questions on any schedule submitted to him in connection with any census or survey provided for by subchapters I, II, IV, and V of chapter 5 of this title, applying to himself or to the family to which he belongs or is related, or to the farm or farms of which he or his family is the occupant, shall be fined not more than $100.


(a) Fines for Individuals.--Except as provided in subsection (e) of this section,

(e) Special Rule for Lower Fine Specified in Substantive Provision.--If a law setting forth an offense specifies no fine or a fine that is lower than the fine otherwise applicable under this section and such law, by specific reference, exempts the offense from the applicability of the fine otherwise applicable under this section, the defendant may not be fined more than the amount specified in the law setting forth the offense.

You can only be fined 100 per section e.

True enough. But that's why you need to read Section 3571. It increases the fine to $5000.

My mom got this survey and I sure am glad that this site came up at the top of the list when I tried to look up section 193! I haven't even finished reading all three pages, but we both were headed in the same direction with letters to the editors to all the Los Angeles and Orange County California papers. Now we feel we aren't alone and that it can be fought. Why are people so quick to give up their personal info these days? Just because someone wraps it up in red, white and blue doesn't make it true! People of all ages need to really start thinking for themselves. Avail themselves to what this country offers - free thinking and ideas. Ok, I'll jump off my soapbox for now! :o)

I'm confused. This is my first time receiving the survey, and I do not want to fill it out, nor do I have the time. There is a 1-800 # throughout the packet that I have been trying to contact for questions, and I can't get through to anyone. Why do I have to fill out something that they say is required, and I can't get any response to questions I have?

I looked up the two sections that say it is required for me to fill this out, and don't really understand them either. Should I fill it out at all, or just put the head count? I feel that the government has access to all the info it needs on me through my SSN, so why should I be required to give any more than that? Any ideas on what type of lawyer I can contact? I'm in Michigan.

I received the mailing requesting personal information for the American Community Survey. I will try to make this short, as I am still mad that I have just come home and found a letter and business card stuck in my door with a hand written note telling me I am in violation of "Federal Law" if I don't cooperate in the survey.

This is the second time they have been to my house. (I haven't been home each time). I called the number on the business card and told the people not to come on my property. If the Census Bureau wants to conduct a survey before the Required "Constitutional" Ten year period, then they need to amend the Constitution and make it required for everyone in the United States.

To make it random, in my opinion, is discriminatory. This information will be put on a database, where the information can possibly be stolen. I have read the responses of some of the others on this site. The bleeding hearts who think we should cooperate with this survey, are probably the same ones who think the government needs to take care of them.

I've worked for every thing I have and have never asked the government for anything. I will not participate in this survey. Don't think I'm ungrateful for living in this wonderful country, I'm not. I have served my time in the military (how many of the bleeding hearts have served?), and I will still defend this country.

The country needs to be more concerned with securing our borders, and seeing how many illegal aliens are living in our neighborhoods.

Question: This is a random survey. Do you actually think the illegals, if their address is chosen for this survey, will participate? The government can prosecute me for not participating, but I guarantee it will be on national news.

High quality, up-to-date information is critical to improving market efficiency, developing effective public policies, and efficiently allocating scarce public resources.

Since 2000, our population has grown by more than 10 million, and by 2010, there will be more than 300 million people living in the United States. This population growth means we'll need new homes, stores, roads, schools, and jobs. The American Community Survey (ACS), administered by the U.S. Census Bureau, will provide the data needed to make strategic decisions for addressing this growth by supplying timely, updated profiles for every community in America. Today, the Census Bureau released the first annual estimates from the ACS for approximately 8,000 communities, as well as every Congressional district.

So that Congressional staff and nongovernmental organizations may better appreciate the extraordinary importance of Census numbers, The Brookings Institution has organized a series of three briefings on Capitol Hill in 2006. The last briefing on June 23 examined the public and private sector uses of the new ACS.

I am a field rep with the Census Bureau in NYC & have been administering the American Community Survey for a couple of years now.

I cannot believe the "strong-arm" tactics reported by previous posters to have been inflicted upon them in the course of this survey. I've encountered lots of suspicious and recalcitrant respondents, and I tell them all the same thing: Yes, your response to the survey is required by law, but if any question makes you uncomfortable, I can tell you precisely why it's asked and always give you the right to vent your objections to it and refuse to answer it.

Your PERSONAL identifying info is never available to anyone and indeed, you may identify yourself as Person A or Mickey Mouse if you wish. We urge our respondents to be as comprehensive and forthcoming in their answers as they can, but I have no way of checking the veracity of their responses.

And there's no one "sitting in a car writing things on a clipboard" who picks the addresses to survey; that's done totally randomly by a computer in Suitland, MD, based on databases of addresses (NOT specific people, just the people who happen to reside at the chosen addresses).

Please don't be so skeevy about the purposes to which this info will be put--you and your legislatures actually use this info all the time without even realizing where it comes from.

Understand that I'm a person so skeptical that I check the facts of EVERY email that gets sent to me (you know the ones) and ream out the people who send them on without checking them out (yeah, I'm that one) and the ACS is a lot less dangerous to the American way of life than all the hysterical, unchecked nonsense flying around the web that everyone believes just because they see it on a screen.

Oh, and you have to pass an incredibly difficult test plus an exhaustive background and security check to do this work...so don't worry that your census taker is an identity thief coming off welfare! Ain't gonna happen. End of rant.

Constitutionalist wrote "The Constitution requires the completion of the questions regardless of whether you like them or not. The key component of the Constitution is Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3 which reads:

'The actual enumeration shall be made within three years after the first meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent term of ten years, in such manner as they shall by law direct.'"

The key is the phrase "as they shall by law direct" which refers to the requirements set forth by Congress itself.

Actually, the key phrase is "The actual enumeration shall be made ... in such manner as they shall by law direct."

Any questions posited to a union state Citizen pertaining to the enumeration must be answered. Any other questions that do not directly relate to the enumeration must only be answered by "residents" and "citizens of the United States", who do not have inalienable rights, but only the privileges granted to them by Congress.

The 4th Amendment guarantees the right of the state Citizen to be free of unreasonable searches, which is exactly what this survey is. However, a "resident" of a state, or a "citizen of the United States" has no such protection unless Congress grants it, and Congress can retract that privilege at any time.

The last few weeks I've had messages on my phone consistently from the Census Bureau. Tonight I had a chance to call them back and was basically told my household has been picked for a survey I am required to do by the Federal Government. I indicated I was not interested, take my name/number off the list and move on. Apparently, that is NOT an option, this survey is required and only 2% of the 40,000 households do not participate. I was told they would continue calling for the next four months, and eventually will find someone willing to do the survey. Even if we move and someone else gets our number, that person will be required to do the survey. I was so upset I hung up. I can't believe I'm harrassed in my own home. I was told a "Superior Chief" would be contacting me about my unwillingness to do this survey.

Official: Commerce Dept. Loses 1,100 Laptop Computers Since 2001

Thursday, September 21, 2006

WASHINGTON — The Commerce Department has lost 1,137 laptop computers since 2001, most of them assigned to the Census Bureau, officials said Thursday night.

The Census Bureau, the main collector of information about Americans, lost 672 computers. Of those, 246 contained some personal data, the department said in a statement. However, no personal information from any of the missing computers has been known to have been improperly used, the department said. The number of people affected by the equipment losses could not be determined, the department said.

"All of the equipment that was lost or stolen contained protections to prevent a breach of personal information," said Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez. "The amount of missing computers is high, but fortunately, the vulnerability for data misuse is low."

More than 30,000 laptops were used within the department's 15 operating unit since 2001, the department said, and a total of 1,137 were stolen or missing.

Fifteen handheld devices used to record survey data for testing processes in preparation for the 2010 Census also were lost, the department said. The department was in the process of contacting the 558 households with data recorded on the missing devices, although because of encryption technology, the risk of data misuse was considered low, it said.

A half-dozen other federal agencies or departments have reported data thefts and security breaches involving personal information in the last six months.

The Veterans Affairs Department suffered the biggest loss with the theft in May of a laptop and external drive containing information for 26.5 million veterans and active-duty troops. Burglars stole the equipment from the home of a Veterans Affairs employee, but the computer was later recovered and showed no signs of having been accessed for the personal data.

Other government departments reporting the loss of computers with personal information include the departments of Agriculture, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services and Transportation. The Federal Trade Commission also has lost laptops with sensitive data.

If you're interested in some (sometime vitriolic) conversation about the ACS, check out my own posting on this government intrustion, replete with more comments than I've seen anywhere else.

I don't think that I would listen to IHatePantyhose.

If you lie as she suggests "...as you may identify yourself as Person A or Mickey Mouse if you wish...", you will then subject yourself to 13 U.S.C. Chapter 7 § 221(b) - whoever, when answering questions described in subsection (a) of this section, and under the conditions or circumstances described in such subsection, willfully gives any answer that is false, shall be fined not more than $500.

She is either one dumb b**** or a another government liar trying to lead us into more trouble.

While I can't speak directly to the motivation of IHatePantyhose - I can say that identifying yourself as Person A seems perfectly defensible.

In fact, "identifying" yourself in any generic way (Mother, Male 1, etc.) should be just fine - we did just that and thus far have not been fined or bothered in any way.

I would agree that using Mickey Mouse, or some other outright incorrect identification, may be a bit over the line, however, and probably not a good idea.

The American Community Survey is NOT for statistics only. It is to SURVEY (collect a personal dossiers and file on every person in the country)! Its NOT Random. They are collecting forty questions on every person. This is happening to 10% of the population every year! If you give in you will have a government "FILE". I REFUSED.

See my comments dated June 8, 2006. I had to follow up due to what happened to our friends.

They filled out the very personal questions and mailed it minus their income. The mailings and phone messages and threatening papers left on the door continued. Then they came to the house waiting for them after work. Being "nice" people they were allowed in for "less than a 20 min. talk to complete the survey". An hour later and most questions reviewed they were happy to get this extreme annoyance out of their life.

An ACS agent showed up a week later - at night, for review purposes. Same questions asked and lots of new medical and kids questions even more personal than before.

They were glad thats over only to find two more visits at home at night just before dinner. And each time the questions got worse. Sex life and deep medical questions including the kids - so bad the wife sent the kids out of the room.

The Agent showed up the fourth time around 9:00 PM out of the blue.

These extremely easy going people were really getting mad and finally refused to answer any more.

The wife told me some of the questions and I really could not fathom why the government would ask such lurid, disgusting and way, way over the line questions.

Because they were such nice compliant people they were subjected to multiple additional questionnaires.

Uncle Sam is sending an ACS agent to you soon. If you want the government to have a complete file on you and everyone else in your family then give in.

I threw the last arrogant threatening agent off my property one night at 9:15. They like to catch your wife unloading groceries after a hard days work.


I hope this helps others. I contacted my congressman and got a letter from the district ACS manager. YOU MUST COMPLY LETTER BUT A PHONE NUMBER and a name. I have had enough and never called. THEY HAVEN'T BEEN IN TOUCH SINCE THEN.



Why is the Government collecting as much as they can possibly get FOR YOUR PERSONAL DOSSIER AS WELL AS YOUR KIDS? 10% a year. That way there is no massive resistance.

History tells us this has always led to Tyrants, extreme control and even exterminations. This government file is just another tool and gives them all the info they need to know all your weeknesses. God help us stand up for our freedom and privacy. Tell your friends what to expect. Just say no and Vote for anyone but the incumbent.

Follow up to my August 12, 2006 posting:

I was asked to participate in the American Community Survey. After reviewing the questions on the survey, I determined they were too intrusive and personal. Since the government isn't known for data security, I was afraid of identity theft. According to information contained in the survey packet, the penalty for not participating was a fine. I was under the impression that would be what would happen. However, the following has occurred.

On or about August 05, 2006, I came home and found a business card from Doris London from the U.S. Census Bureau. I called her and told her I wasn't going to participate in the American Community Survey. I also said she, and anyone else from the Census Bureau was not allowed to come back on my property.

August 12, 2006: Visit by Raymond J. Labelle: I wasn't home at the time. Mr. Labelle left his business card, a hand written message, and a booklet. I called him that night and left a message three times on his voice mail telling him I had already told Doris London from the Census Bureau I was not going to participate in the Survey and for her or anyone else from the Census Bureau not to come back on my property. That if he did, he was in violation of criminal trespass. Georgia Criminal Code: 16-7-21. His telephone number is: 678-462-5339 / 404-730-3832.

August 16, 2006: Between the hours of 6:30 pm and 7:14 pm, while outside working in my yard, I notice a man on my property walking fast toward me. I said to the man, "If you're from the Census Bureau, you need to leave". The man (later identified as Raymond Labelle), said, in an angry tone of voice, "Yes, I'm the mother from the Census Bureau". I then said, you have already been told not to come back on my property, so you need to leave. Mr. Labelle stopped about a foot in front of me, bristled, and said, "I don't have to leave and I'm not going to leave, I have every right to be here". I told him he was trespassing, and that if he was told to leave that he had to. I repeated this to him several times and each time Mr. Labelle said he didn't have to leave and that he wasn't going to leave. I then told him he had about five seconds to leave, or I was going to call the police about him trespassing. I once again and for the last time told him to leave my property, that he was trespassing. Again Labelle said he wasn't leaving. Labelle seemed to be trying to intimidate me. I told him I was calling the police. He took his cell phone, held it up, and said, you don't have to call the police, I'm going to. I then escorted Mr. Labelle off my property. As soon as Labelle was off my property, he immediately called the police and said I had assaulted him.

August 23, 2006: I received a notice to appear for a hearing at the Gwinnett County Magistrate Court, Gwinnett County Georgia, on September 13, 2006, to answer the charge of "battery". Mr. Labelle has filled out an application for an arrest warrant against me. In a statement to the Gwinnett County Police, Mr. Labelle lied. Also, in order to obtain an arrest warrant, the statement Mr. Labelle made to a Gwinnett County Magistrate Judge, and swore to under oath, was a lie.

August 25, 2006: I spoke with Raymond Labelle's supervisor, Mr. Allen Cranford (404-730-3832). He said the incident was between Labelle and me. He also said Labelle wanted to make the incident personal. He did agree with me on the criminal trespass law...about not coming onto someone's property when told in advance not to, and for a person being required to leave when told to do so.

September 13, 2006: Went to the Magistrate Court where a criminal warrant was issued for my arrest for probable cause for Simple Battery. It seems Mr. Labelle conveniently produced a photo of his chest, which was red. Note: The police report said Mr. Labelle had no signs of injury.

Also, during the course of the hearing, Mr. Labelle's supervisor, Mr. Cranford, said Mr. Labelle had the right to come back on my property because Census Bureau policy said the representative had to be told not to come back "face to face". I asked Mr. Cranford if could I see the policy in writing. Mr. Cranford said the policy wasn't in writing. It seems telling someone on the phone isn't good enough. However, when Mr. Labelle did return, I told him "face to face" to leave, which he refused.

The bottom line is: I was arrested for the charge of Simple Battery, had to make bond, and will have to go to State Court to face this charge.
In addition to all of this, Mr. Cranford said the Census Bureau is going to fine me for not participating in the survey.

Please note:

1. On the police report, the officer stated Mr. Labelle had no marks on his person.

2. Mr. Labelle told the police that after I told him he had five seconds to leave, before he could leave or respond, I assaulted him.

3. On the application for the arrest warrant, Mr. Labelle said I assaulted him without provocation.

September 16, 2006: I went to the Gwinnett County Magistrate and filled out a form for a Criminal Arrest Warrant Hearing. The charge: Criminal Trespass.

The hearing was on October 11, 2006.

The results from the hearing for Criminal Trespass:

1. Mr. Labelle had a federal attorney with him who recited Constitutional and Federal Law to the Magistrate Judge saying the Census Bureau had every right to come onto my property to conduct the survey, and that I was required to participate. Not once did Labelle's attorney deny the Census Bureau employees violated Georgia State Criminal Trespassing Law.

The bottom line is the Magistrate Judge said she wouldn't issue a warrant for Criminal Trespass, saying, "The man was only trying to do his job".

It seems to me that the Census Bureau can break State Laws whenever they please, since employees of the Census Bureau were in violation of Georgia Criminal Trespass Law three times.

Note: I see several suggestions about contacting your Congressman.

I wrote a letter to Congressman John Linder, who had me sign a Privacy Release Form along with a letter telling me, "Federal Law prohibited him from putting undo pressure on another government agency."

I wrote a letter to Governor Perdue. I received a letter from him telling me, the situation was a federal matter and for me to contact my congressman and senators, that he couldn't do anything.

I wrote letters to Senator Johnny Isackson, Senator Saxby Chambliss, Charles Kincannon (Director of the Census Bureau), Carlos Gutierrez (Secretary of the Commerce Department). Other than the Commerce Department saying they would investigate the incident, I haven't heard anything from anyone.

I still have to go to court to face the Simple Battery Charge.

Clark Howard says not to comply.

Anyone can send him a one page fax telling their story at: 404-897-7534. Please remember, one page only. For people outside of Georgia you can get an email address to Clark's show. To get this address you will have to call the Consumer Action Center at: 404-892-8227. Call 10am to 7pm EST.

You can also call his show at: 877-87-CLARK or 404-872-0750. Call 1pm to 4pm EST: The television "Whistle Blower" number is 404-897-7000. These people may also be interested.

First of all I am not comfortable with the track record of the Census Bureau and the losing of computer equipment and data.

Secondly, some of these questions are unanswerable from me. Either I don't have the exact knowledge or they are things that I just can't calculate accurately.

Third, I find it very un-American to HAVE to answer a survey.

I'm just going to answer the one question about the number of people populating my home, and then send them a letter explaining why I'm not answering the rest. If that isn't good enough then I will take my chances with the fine.

I got the American Community Survey in the mail today, a week after I moved to a new apartment. It makes me furious that it comes with "your response is required by law" printed in block letters on the front of the envelope. We have no reason to doubt our government's motives, right? I'm NOT sending this in. It's about time for a huge boycott of this measure.

I received the ACS about a week ago, and immediately took issue with being told I had to fill it out as required by law. When I looked through the survey, my uneasiness became greater and greater.

A point that I did not see raised, and that just astounds me is this: I am not a US citizen. I live here, I have a green card, I pay taxes, but I am NOT an American, yet I'm supposed to be required to fill out an AMERICAN Community Survey?

I called the 800-number, and was quoted almost word-for-word what is already written in the pamphlets, how my info will be kept private and how I am required to fill this out. Ironically, I was told that I was randomly selected since my name was not on the address label, yet they ask me to fill out my name IN the form.

As to my not being a US citizen, I was told very shortly, that it doesn't matter if I am here illegally or do not pay taxes, I was still required to fill out these forms. That made me mad beyond belief because I go to work in one of the worst cities in the US every day to work in an urban school system and give my all to these kids and hope and pray that it makes a difference in their lives, and I get accused of not paying taxes or other illegal things.

I would really suggest raising all hell to anyone who gets this survey. This information is not anybody's business.

I put the 2 packets I received in the fireplace. Then, I got a phone call. Now, I got a packet on my front porch asking me to call a local field rep for an appointment.

I drafted a letter today to the Director of the Census Bureau telling him that I have no intention to answer the questions.

They can only force you to give the number of people in your house in a census year, not this crap.

Legal Authority for American Community Survey, B-289852, April 4, 2002

If it is not addressed to me by name I have no legal obligation to reply.

This has been an extremely nerve wrecking experience! After receiving 2 surveys in the mail, I received pounding demands on my door for the past 3 weeks straight around 7:00pm at night. My case was handed over to a male representative, who has continued to come to my house, banging on the door including Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Yesterday, my landlord called me telling me that the representative was waiting for them on their driveway. The field representative threatened them saying that if they did not provide my personal information, he would fine them $500. Unfortunately, my landlord gave them my full name, my occupation, and my CELL PHONE number! Today, they called me over 10 times on my cell phone. The representative left a message stating that since he knows that I am the only one living in my house and that I leave my house early in the morning. He also commented that since I am a single household, the survey should only take 17 minutes. Isn't that the only information that they legally need? He already knows how many people live in my house...why does he keep harassing me? Prior to the involvement with my landlord and the transferring of my case to another man, I told another representatvie that if she kept bothering me, I would call the police. Like many other stories that I have read about, she replied, "Ok...call the police." Does anyone have any advice for what I should do? I am afraid to BBQ in my front yard and be at home during certain times of day due to my fear of being approached and harassed by these people. Do they ever go away?

I am on my third notice which states I will be contacted if I do not send the survery in. I found this paper on the "Hard to Interview"

It is a little dated but outlines the timetable and methods of interviewing. This document also reveals that the popular government statement that they have 97% compliance is absolutely false. This document cites a 50% mail in compliance rate, and a 10% compliance rate from phone interviews among the original non compliant they have a phone number for. Sorry folks, that don't add up to 97%.

We just got one in our home. I looked up the relevant statues in Title 13 United States Code.

For what it's worth, the FAQ that accompany the survey say there is a penalty for "not responding."

But when you look up the actual penalty provisions in Title 13, the penalty is only imposed on "not answering the questions." I do not read any penalty for "not responding."

So if you want to be a stickler.... answer the questions on the survey...

but don't mail it in.

There is no penalty for not mailing it back to them.

There is no penalty for "not responding"

Only for refusing to answer the questions.

So... answer the questions ;)


Maybe they should use this American Community Survey on the detainees in Guantanamo. Given the reply's to this blog it should be rename: American Community Interrogation!

A recent victim of the American Community Survey (ACS), the entire thing makes me uncomfortable. I've found some comfort after reading that I'm not the only one who thinks the whole thing is a violation of privacy and a disgrace.

Just in the event you guys weren't aware of this, but there is another blog going on just the same about the ACS.

I read through pretty much the whole thing.
There are some interesting points, but then again a lot of rambling going on.

The part that I picked up on and posted there was about the loss of computers all the agencies have that contained personal data.

I just received a call from them tonight (8:55pm), and told them I refused to answer any questions due to the negligence of how data is handled.

Held for a supervisor to get the phone.. at this time is was past 9:05pm and I just hung up.

Tired of waiting for him to answer the phone.
Knowing the time, their not allowed to call you after 9pm in your local time zone.

So I guess tomorrow I'll get harassed all day long by them.

I am so glad I found this site. I just recieved the second form today after tossing the first one aside. I attempted to fill the first one out, but when I got to the race questions, 1930's Germany came to mind. Reviewing the rest of the survey questions, I found it difficult to understand why the govenment needs to know what time I leave for work and how long it takes me to get there, not to mention wanting to know how much and what types of income are earned what my mortgage is and if I have a 2nd. Geez...get outta my pants... Can't they talk to the IRS? This is REALLY amazing to me to see this kind of thing going on in the Good ol' Politically Correct USA. Like the state Motto of New Hampshire..."Live Free or Die"

Many of the 1,300 some-odd laptops stolen from the government agencies were likely stolen by employees for personal use or to sell the info for personal profit, at our expense. U.S.C. Title 13, Section 9 has not prosecuted one of the "Thieves".

The "ACS" claims that "Your answers are confidential by law, USC Title 13, Section 9" so please keep the name of the Census Bureau representative, as we are going to sue their pants off, give them a jail term and hefty fine under law of USC Title 13 should your info be lost or stolen.

It has been suggested to me by legal counsel to not respond, and put up with the harassment, or to respond with the # of household members and very vague or "unknown" answers to the rest.

The government wants to create a database on each, and every one of us. They are systematically doing this via the ACS project funded with $146 million budget, (paid by you) per year.

The ACS is being released in a calculated "slow" fashion as to not create a total public revolt, (yet with some fuss); as we have been seeing on Inet blogs. The survey is totally intrusive, and "somehow slid through Congress" without refute for obvious financial gain benefits .
USC Title 13, Section 141,193, and 221 are in reference to the decennial Census, yet this Congress believes us to be totally enamored with our lives. This is the same Congress that slid through the "Patriot Act provisions" which allow eavesdropping on us. Wake up public!

The government has gone too far, and we need to immediately halt this intrusive, foolish behavior!
Once you respond to the ACS, it is just a matter of the Government connecting the dots to hold a complete dossier on you and your family with information you would likewise never give out. All of this under the threat of USC Title 13, Sec. 221.

People are petrified of being fined, and the Census Bureau is playing off the fear. They will be wrong if we all unite against such abuse.

There have been very misinforming statements made regarding the Census Bureau laws. Title 13 of United States Code, (Federal Law) states that a decennial, (10 year) Census will be taken, and failure to respond can result in $100 fine, $500 for false answers. That is NOT $100 and $500 PER QUESTION but PER SURVEY for the max fine.

Most concerning is that the ACS states, "We may combine your survey with data that you may have provided to other federal agencies" i.e the IRS (which will help connect the dots) to help create a complete dossier including your SSN. Once all the dots are connected via the most powerful computers in the world, we are fucked for any future privacy; and it will never go away or be erased because of it's valuable for personal, business and political gain! We CANNOT agree solely based upon the laptop theft which has already occurred. What about V.A. data loss?

Somehow we must band together to immediately stop this unlawful ingress into our privacy.

Ive been being harrassed as well with this so called "American Community Survey" just another pain in the @ss our government seems to be imposing on us more an more year after year. Until people come together and stand up and take our government back it will only get worse. Here is another lie our government is telling us that they have brain washed us with, just do a search on "We the people" and you will realize it all to quickly, some agree some dont...I personally agree with this organization who is taking the fight to capital hill. The government purposely picks on the economically disadvantaged because they are financially unable to put up a fight.....hence the so called 5000 dollar fine with the census. Remember the upteen taxes imposed on us is suppose to deem the government to represent the PEOPLE not the other way around.

RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! NOT....there is no way I will answer the ACS. IGNORE seems to be the best way to handle it. I had a census NAZI come in my back yard on 10/7/07. I was not nice. I sent her packing.

Given the one account I read where the worker charged battery, I'll just retreat to my home, lock the doors, retrieve my shotgun and wait on the couch.


I went this the whole situation with ACS in summer of 2003. I had just moved to my new residence so I know nothing about any survey. The woman that came to my door told me it did not matter - I had to fill out survey as I now lived at address. She was so nasty about it that I promptly refused to do so, she then left some threatening literature at my door, which I threw in the trash. She showed up once again a few days later and told me they HAD to know where I was spending my nights - I couldn't believe it - I told her it was none of her business and then slammed the door in her face. She, of course, showed up again and as soon as I saw her I slammed door in her face. She stood outside my door for close to twenty minutes screaming at me through my front door saying it was illegal for me to not answer her questions.
I called the police but she was gone by the time they arrived. They told me to call them again if she ever showed up again. They told me she had NO right to harass me or cause any type of disturbance at my residence.
After that extremely unpleasent experience, I did contact the main U.S. Bureau of Statistus number that was listed on her card to complain. Her supervisor was even worse than the agent, she told me I was required to answer questions for survery and then told me she got my phone number from caller i.d. and was going to give my number to agent that had been harassing me at my home. Up until that point, I had not gotten any calls at my residence as my phone number was unlisted.
After that, I had to pay to get my phone number changed to stop calls from ACS. Amazingly though, I never heard from ACS again. I thought it was over.
Four years later, I get home form work, and there is thunderous knocking on my door, I thought is was my neighbors children as they like to knock on door and then hide sometimes. I didn't answer. I went out later and noticed there was a letter and card from, you guessed it, ACS about a health care survey. I don't recall having gotten anything in the mail from them, but I genearally throw out anything that looks like junk mail. I was more than a little stunned, this is twice in four years I have been RANDOMELY selected for this by ACS.
Thins have changed for me with within the last four years, I am now quite ill with Multiple Sclerosis and on average, I need 10-12 hours of sleep per night to be able to get through the next day. I suppose when I get home tonight from work, there will be this lady from ACS waiting for me. I'm just gonna tell her to 'bite me' and if she knocks on the door, I will put on my IPOD headphones and ignore her. I know from the last time that they will NOT fine you for not answering their questions. Their threats are truly hollow. I will set my house alarm and if she keeps knocking, she will set off the alarm for motion and the police will show up in a few minutes. Hopefully this will quickly dissuade this vile loathsome woman. This is the reality of BUSH America, harassing innocent citizens without a shred of compassion to obtain information for profiling. I believe I was chosen out for this survey as I am disabled and they perhaps see me, most incorrectly, as an easy target.
To those of you that are worried that you will be fined, from my experience, it is just a threat and nothing more. They will be ignored like the last time until they go away. That would be my advice for anyone having to deal with this NAZI brigade.

"BUSH America" - Just remember this whole ACS thing started in 1996 under the CLINTONS. ACS type questions were tested on small groups and in the 2000 census. Don't try to put the blame on one party. ALL PARTIES are evil and power hungry. Those in power will do whatever it takes to stay in power. Quit thinking so narrowly and see the big picture.

Is there any reason I cant just say, fine me the $100 and leave me alone?

Hi Lorrie -

None whatsoever. But I would suggest, based on the anecdotal evidence here, that you may be better off just trying to avoid it. You may end up simply not having to pay. Of course, that assumes that you have the stomach for it, which may not be the case. :)

the ACS has changed the info on their FAQ sheet to say that the US code title 13 as changed by title 18- imposes a penalty for not responding to the survey. But, on their website, it still says title 13 ss 221 imposes the penalty.
Does anyone know what that means, I cant find anything in title 18 about this. GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forget the title 13 stuff, the census has not fined anyone and will not fine them. You can ignore the survey. If you have received the survey, you have entered the 90 day harassment cycle provided by the census. The first 30 days involves mailing the survey and reminder cards. The 2nd 30 days, various telemarketers claiming to be the CB will call to verify who you are and try to get you to respond to the survey questions. The last 30 days are the field rep visits ( only 1/3 of the non-responders will get a visit). When I started getting calls, I disconnected my phone. I have answered nothing. World Net Daily has a recent article about the ACS along with some prior articles. There are lots of outraged people out there on various blogs. Check out the operations plan on the CB website. It covers the whole harassment plan.

I have had a women stalking me, trying to get her foot into my private home and find out every personal detail of my life, too.- she has been here twice. The first time I told her I would not take a valuable 1-2 hours of my free time to answer ANY personal questions about me or my family and NOT to come back. I called the number on the card she gave me and told them my name and address and how I felt about this outrageous tactic and the misuse of MY tax dollars! Quess what? The woman was sitting in her car at the end of my cultisac waiting for me to drive home, and was right on top of me as soon as I shut the front door.

I told her if they want to mail me an anonymous questionnaire I'd fill out whatever I felt was not an invasion of my privacy - namely how many people live here and ages etc. ONLY.

I don't know if she'll be back, but now I am actually paranoid and don't want leave or answer my door. Isn't stalking illegal????

I have been unable to obtain medical/health insurance. Do you really think I am going to reveal ANY of my personal health issues with a stranger or anyone unnecessarily??

I am definitely going to write to many people about this. I feel like I am suddenly living in Nazi communist country and not the US where our freedom of speach and privacy is our right!

I have had a women stalking me, trying to get her foot into my private home and find out every personal detail of my life, too.- she has been here twice. The first time I told her I would not take a valuable 1-2 hours of my free time to answer ANY personal questions about me or my family and NOT to come back. I called the number on the card she gave me and told them my name and address and how I felt about this outrageous tactic and the misuse of MY tax dollars! Quess what? The woman was sitting in her car at the end of my cultisac waiting for me to drive home, and was right on top of me as soon as I shut the front door.

I told her if they want to mail me an anonymous questionnaire I'd fill out whatever I felt was not an invasion of my privacy - namely how many people live here and ages etc. ONLY.

I don't know if she'll be back, but now I am actually paranoid and don't want leave or answer my door. Isn't stalking illegal????

I have been unable to obtain medical/health insurance. Do you really think I am going to reveal ANY of my personal health issues with a stranger or anyone unnecessarily??

I am definitely going to write to many people about this. I feel like I am suddenly living in Nazi communist country and not the US where our freedom of speach and privacy is our right!

Hang in Andrea. you are in the last part of the 90 day cycle. It will be over by the 27th of dec. The CB is sensitive to being accused of harassment, so your field rep should not be visiting more than 3 times.

We are also being harassed by a census worker, who has now resorted to stopping by every day, weekends included, and well into the evening. Complaining to the CB does not appear to be effective - should we instead be contacting the police?

Just wait out your field rep. The visits should stop by the the 27th of the month so the reps can move on to the next group of victims in jan. The CB will record the types of complains in a effort to counteract them in the future. passive resistance gives them no info the counteract. Just remember this harassment when the 2010 census roles around!

We'd like to know where we can file a FORMAL COMPLAINT about the godawful harassment by these self-elected Vigilantes & Bounty-hunters who have been harassing us for at least two

Our situation is more dire than many of those described here and we feel that somebody with some CLOUT should investigate the invasive, abusive tactics of these people who work for CB.

My spouse was hospitalized in Intensive Care, near death, and for past few weeks his SURVIVAL has been the ONLY thing on our mind... And these EVIL CBers have relentlessly harassed us all throughout the past month, even though it was December, Christmas season! Spouse now has finally been released from hosp., but has been diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer, and we are still afraid to answer phone, even though we need to answer many doctor calls and are wracked with fear & worry over this terrible disease and his chemo treatment which could begin any time.

Instead of being able to have ANY freedom from worries and ANY peace or spiritual focus on the sacred holidays, we have had to be harassed by those EVIL CBers who call MANY times a day, and recently when we came home from doctor appointment, in dark, we saw someone sitting on neighbor's stoop with a clipboard. We RAN into our home and were afraid to turn on the lights.

Is this America or NAZI GERMANY???

These people should be SUED for harassment and criminal injuries to the peace of mind of innocent citizens.

WE HATE them and we will NEVER submit to their demands for our private info!!!

SHAME and ETERNAL DAMNATION to the gestapos behind all this Amerian Community Survey crap!!!

PS One of their calls came in just as I got out of shower, and I thought it was the surgeon who was about to do emergency heart surgery on spouse, and when I answered and they identified themselves as CB, I simply HUNG UP! To hell with them!

Can you imagine having these kind of personal horrors beset you, and having to deal with BULLSH*T from the Census Bureau like this?

This kind of BRUTAL HARASSMENT needs to be exposed and stopped!!!!

P.P.S. These invasive ****ers have called half a dozen times this evening alone; we've lost count of how many times they've called since they started their harassment--probably more than 100 calls. Who the hell do they think they ARE???

I've gotten one too. This will be my second go-round with the Census Bureau. The last time was for the 2000 Census when they sent me to "long form". I won that one through polite stubbornness and I intend to win this one the same way.

It will be too expensive for them to get the answers from me.

I am a social scientist (and in fact, have used survey research a lot in my career). The ACS would NEVER survive any insitutional review board at ANY university or research institution I have worked with...and any competent demographer knows that the only way to get data that are even close to accurate is to administer an anonymous survey with no personal identifying information. So it's very good that people are questioning this intrusion. My household has been selected for the ACS, and we will NOT be participating. And by the way, I'm a liberal Democrat!

I'm in Oregon....Got mine stuck in the door last week and read this entire page so knew what to expect.....Sure enough ambushed a visitor a couple of days ago, but I had already told visitor to expect ambush so agent got no info. Have you noticed that their "Request for Appoinment" look more like a parking ticket (that hard, stiff, thick yellowish paper). Agent gave visitor a "Security/Property Manager Information Sheet" with the usual legal threat (this maxed out at $500 fine). Agent must have thought visitor might be landlord or something. Plan is to dodge her for 90 days. At least I know what her car looks like. I actually considered following her but not sure how useful that would be. Thanks for everyones "expieriences". Came in handy........

Hi, thanks for your website here. I got what I thought was a census form, but instead it was this weird form with strange priorities. When I read the question, "What time do you leave your home to go to work?' and also the question of the cross streets and building location of where I work - it sent the hairs up on the back of my neck. It sounded like someone wanted to know when/where they might bump me off.

The questions suggest sattelite surveillance or surveillance training. People are up there on the International Space Station, they have the info on when you leave your home address, and they can watch and study you, train novices on how to focus the equipment and implement the face recognition software, possibly for some future purpose. It might be kind of interesting to assemble a casual list of everyone of us who has received this invasive form, and kind of keep track of what happens to us in the future.

For example, we might really wish to see what similarities we might all currently share here. And what similar events we might share in the future. Who knows, the so-called "American Community Survey" might actually be a hit list.

I don't know how I managed to get so lucky - maybe they'll try to hit me up in 2010. I recieved my 'pre survey' notices, 2 surveys, and reminder cards before I got one phone call. That's right, just one.

I kept the survey long enough to share it with my parents and co-workers and get them p*ssed about it, too. I work at a state correctional facility, and everybody's general response was something along the line of the CB ACS could smooch their lily white keisters...who says state employees aren't smart?

Funny thing, the CB technically had a portion of my address incorrect. So when they called me (explain again to me please how an anon. survey is supposed to receive telephone calls?) I told the truth - that's not my address... after I was done playing dumb and telling them I wasn't buying or donating anything. =^)

But seriously...it may be possible to nip the harassment stage by informing them their info. is incorrect..and of course you won't give them your info over the phone. After all you have no idea who you're talking to, right? Simple self-preservation.

One more thing. Before I went to work for the state, I worked as a police officer. Reading about all the harassment and stalking (yes, that's what it IS folks,) just boggles the mind. I'd like to say I couldn't believe that would happen in the States. It's like some social experiment gone wrong. I don't know what the laws are in every part of the country, but I'm pretty sure the following is your best bet against these whackjobs:

1) After you've decided not to participate, Mr./Ms. CB is waiting for you at home.
2) Be Civil. Take their business card and information after you've identified them. Smile. (Yes, I know. Just pretend you give a sh*t about what they have to say. Just one more minute, promise. =-) This will help them to think you actually intend to cooperate with thier crazy inquisition. Basic psychology, folks.
3) Once you're satisfied you have enough information about THEM, politely and calmly inform them that neither they nor any other representative from the CB is welcome to contact you in any way. Inform them that if there IS any further contact, you will immediately inform the police and file a complaint using the information you just gathered from them. If you're feeling super vicious, inform them you're also going to write to all the papers' editorial sections and publish any harassment with their names attached. Tee hee.
4) Follow through. CB will try to call your bluff. Don't get flustered. Don't give them anything verbal or physical to use against you.
5) Relax. They probably screen these employees for bullying tendencies. Don't give them any satisfaction.

Good Luck to All!

Anyone ever hear of a data set? It's basically a collection of specific information that can be viewed/ analyzed multiple ways.

Check this out and then tell me ACS and private enterprise are going to keep that info confidential....

One of the driving forces behind the creation of the ACS is a group called COSSA. This is a group of social, behavioral and economic scientists. Cossa is a member of the 2010 census advisory committee and has lobbied congress to keep funding the CB's invasive projects. And no, none of this data is intended to be private. The Cossa site has a list of its members and many articles involving the census surveys. If the ACS is a success, there will be more surveys to follow.

Hi, just to let you know that after reading all the horrendous harrassment people here have described, I decided to go ahead and do my survey. I'm an old cat, too old and nervous... But the ACLU has a section about the survey on their website: they are encouraging people to write to their political leaders to protest those weird intrusive questions on the survey. So, I encourage everyone who reads this to do that. God bless.

What I see here is a bunch of paranoid individuals! What do you really think is "private" about your live anymore? If you use ATM or credit cards, financial institutions have more information than you care to have people know. If you use "preferred Customer" cards in the grocery store, they even know how much junk food you buy every trip to the store. Red Light Cameras at intersections, will catch you trying to sneak thru an intersection and give you a ticket by way of United States mail, and how can you be sure what that bar code the Postal Service puts in your mail really means.

I've seen the survey, and nothing there seems all that personal to me, unless you have 15 people in your household, or your mortgage payment is $3,000 a month, and you only make $20,000 a year. But then again, some of us have nothing to hide, so we aren't upset by questions that have a reason.

Lo Wa,
The point here is that some people actually value their privacy. If you don't, that's fine. Yes, thers's alot of info out there already, but it's not all packaged up in a tidy questionaire. What little I have that is still private will remain private. I don't appreciate the government using its power to bully citizens into supplying private info so the behavioral and social scientists have material to analyze and study.

Well about 3 weeks ago I got "The American Community Survey" and I did not think much of it. I actually began filling it out, thought it was a bit intrusive but the further I went, the more outraged I became. The questions being ask can have no value to if we need more schools in my community, why is that the business of the federal government anyhow, some of it is simply an outright intrusion into our private lives. If it is truly a random survey why do we have to respond giving names and birthplaces? I can easly come up with a survey system that would truly pull addresses at random, forward the survey to a household in a neighborhood, retreive the answers and have them returned idendified only by a voter district or typical house. What is with all the detail about the individual?
To those who feel they have nothing to hide, well if they would please forward me their SSN, Name, home address and home phone number, I will be sure to pass it along to folks who might have use of that information. Remember, "freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose"
I am a Vietnam Vet and have worked for 35 years diligently to make a home for myself and family. I am a patriot and I pay my taxes on all my income without cheeting, will not short change a commerical enterprize and believe most everyone has at least one good thing about them which gives them some intrinsic value. But this survey just is not getting it! I find it interesting that it is aganist the law for the IRS(a federal agency) to share their information with the US Census Bureau(a federal agency) but it is unlawful for me, a private citizen, not to share this information with them? I guess the folks at the IRS or whoever structured the rules about the IRS' code were smarter than those who allowed the CB to stick their nose into our private business. Has the ACLU taken a position on this survey?

I received my ACS last Friday and the CB was thoughtful enough to send me a reminder card two days ago. Completing this pernicious survey is SO not going to happen. There's quite a lenthy thread about the ACS on the Survival Arts web site.

If you receive this survey and decide in your heart of hearts that the info requested is too personal, too over the top (my view) you can certainly refuse to comply. The last time the CB had anyone fined was 1960, their threats to fine people who refuse to fill out the survey are smoke. The 90 day harassment cycle is their best shot: 30 days of mail contact, 30 days of phone calls and 30 days of field rep visits.

To me, that's a small price to pay for refusing to cough up very personal data to a nanny government run amock. It troubles me to have to refuse to comply because I believe citizens do have obligations to their government and their community: voting, serving on juries, paying one's tax obligation, being law-abiding. Unfortunately, this intrusive survey that my government proudly markets as a "data product" breaks the compact. I cannot and will not comply.

I got the survey in December and immediately decided I was not going to answer it. Most of the info is available in one computer or another,so if they need it let them find it. I put my name and reported that there were two people in my household and mailed it back to them. About two weeks later I got a call asking about the survey. I said that I had mailed it back and the lady calling claimed they didn't get it. She said that she would send me another. I got it a bout a week later and threw it away. I started getting daily messages on my answering machine to call them. I answered the phone on a Saturday night at 9:30 pm thinking it was someone I knew and it was the damn people about the survey. I hung up. They continued to leave messages daily and sometimes again in the evening. I never answered. They have finally stopped. No one ever came to the door or let anything. I have expressed my concerns about this extremely intrusive and unnecessary attempt to invade my life to my congressman and both senators.

Hi All,

We got the survey and subsequent mails in January and the string of phone calls in February, until I finally confronted one of the phone callers with my concerns. Here's what I got out of it:

You don't have to answer any questions you don't like - but don't leave it blank, or they'll call back to see if you missed it. Instead put in an "R" for
"refuse to answer"

You don't have to use your real name - but again don't leave it blank. Instead put in "Lady of the house" or "Gentleman of the house" or even "Person1" or "Person 2" etc. Per the caller, some people even use pseudonyms such as "mickey mouse" and "daffy duck"!

My gut feel: they can't force you to answer any questions, but they don't tell you that in advance in order to get the most information out of you. It's a strategy that works with many naive citizens!

I live in Northern Oregon and have just begun the 90 day cycle. Intitial notification, then survey. I started to fill it out but then said NO WAY and burned it. The return envelope did not seem to have trackable info on it so I put this letter in it and sent it back:

US Census Bureau
PO Box 5240
Jeffersonville, IN 47199-5240

I have received your American Community Survey and I must say that it appears at first to be a classic example of Phishing for information to be used in Identity Theft. The only thing missing is a Nigerian postmark. But I understand that this is an actual request from our government!

I am a responsible citizen and willing to help the Census Bureau with the information it needs to make informed decisions. However, your survey is quite intrusive into specific information that should not be needed. And I cannot risk providing. My obligations are to protect my family first, and to be a good citizen second.

You need to know how many persons are living in a household. I understand that. But you require the first name, last name, and middle initial of each person living there. This cannot be needed for census information.

You need to know the age of each person, I understand that. But you require the actual birth dates of each person. This cannot be needed for census information.

You need to know if each person is employed, I understand that. But you require that we provide the name and address of our employers. This cannot be needed for census information.

You need to know certain information about commuting habits, I understand. But you ask what time each person leaves the house. This cannot be needed for census information. This would be great information for thieves to have.

You also ask for a great deal of financial information. We provide this info each year to the IRS.

By cross-referencing this data you can create an almost complete identity profile. The only thing missing is the Social Security Number. But you probably ask for that in the follow up phone calls because you also require a phone number to contact.

Other unscrupulous persons, not associated with the Survey could just call asking for this information to complete the survey. It is a given that they will. Because people, especially the old, trust the good will of the government. This survey is putting many people at risk.

Please don’t try to assure me how safe this information is in your hands. I am not impressed with the security skills of the public sector. Every act that creates something like the American Community Survey also contains provisions by which you are absolved of all responsibility for failure to protect this information. I have to provide the info, you don’t have to protect it.

Only a very naive person would fill out this survey with all the risk associated with the need to protect personal security.

Please don’t tell me that I will be fined for failure to participate. I doubt that you can really prosecute a person for an attempt to protect themselves. My reasons for withholding the information are valid. I am not convinced that your need for specific data is.

After I print this I will be forwarding it to both my congress man/woman and my state representative.

Yours skeptically,

Well, you already know. (end of letter sent)

And then I sent it to my representatives. No response yet. My family has been instructed not to provide any info in person or by phone to anyone from the Survey. Assuming they have the phone numer for this address, it is simply an answering machine as we all have cells. If a CB rep shows up in person, they will be asked for identification and then told to leave. And I've got the local cops on speed dial if they don't. The cops can come to your home without permision but everyone else has to leave when you tell them. The census people are not allowed to stay after being told to leave. Wish me luck for the next 2 months.

We received our first personal visit yesterday (click on my blog link if you want to read it). We refused to answer ANY questions, not even the head count, since this is not a census year.

To all of you who are fighting this--stay strong! We are doing the right thing!

Lazarus--I've seen the text of your letter on several websites now and I just love it! Would you be willing to put it in a comment on my blog, or allow me to post it on my blog? I want to give you credit for it, so I will not do it unless you let me know in some way. Hopefully, you are watching these comments.

To Rational Jenn, of course you may post my letter on your blog. ghardester@centurytel.net is my e-mail address if need that.

Got my second copy of the survey in the mail on Saturday 3-22. Still amazed that they are bold enough to ask for this information! I'm kind of out in the boondocks so I doubt if they will try for a personal visit. If they show up I will use my camera on the cell phone to take a picture of their ID, license plate and them before telling them, nicely, that they must leave. They have no law enforcement capabilty. It's a bully bluff.

I like your letter too Lazarus. I've been busy myself after the ACS attack and did some research and tied the ACS to Data Protection and Identity Theft issues.

Here's my letter that can be used and adapted by anyone prior to the end of this 110th Congressional Session. Find your representatives addresses at Senate.gov and House.gov;

As a sidenote, I do disagree with the GAO on the issue of the ACS being legally mandatory...but they point out so many other flaws in the system that they are still a good source for a starting point.


XXXXXXXX 7, 2008

The Honorable XXXXXX X. XXXXXX
United States Senator—(State) or (State) ## District ## XXXX House Office Bldg.
XXX Hart Senate Bldg. or XXX
Washington, DC 20510-1501 or Washington, DC 20515

Dear Senator or Representative xxxxxxxx:

[quote…news article…comment…or something about their support to help with Data Protection.]

The Feb. 2008 Economic Report of the President states that both: 2002 CIPSEA and FISMA Acts are effectively being implemented in regard to Data Protection. This contradicts the January GAO report: see GAO-08-343. I am concerned about how the rush to push Data Sharing to Improve Statistics in Chapter 8 would further degenerate the already improper handling of our Personal Identification Information.

Please do all you can to see the following legislation gets signed into law during this 110th Congressional Session. It is embarrassing that we need to have legislation to ensure our Government Protects our Data—but it must be done.

1) H.R. 4791. This Federal Agency Data Protection Act further amends 44 U.S.C. and satisfies most of the identified flaws by expert critics that remain in the 2002 CIPSEA and FISMA Acts. Though, I think the definition of Personally Identified Information needs to be the same as:
18 U.S.C. § 1028(a)(7). See GAO historical specifics on the breaches in GAO-08-496T.

2) S 495. This Personal Data Privacy and Security Act covers Government Agencies as well as Commercial entities, most importantly the Dataminers with reasonable responsibility and accountability measures.

Why do I bring these issues up? It dovetails as the crux of the real concerns about the coveted American Community Survey (ACS). There is a growing non-partisan groundswell of discontent that a simple Web-search will uncover. I know this is a vital organ for Federal Funding, but the Bureau’s approach with this tool is wrong on so many levels, it will no doubt affect the upcoming 2010 Decennial Census response rates. See: GAO 08-259T.

city state zip

Very well worded. The very basic defenses that we are advised to use to protect ourselves from identity theft are in direct conflict with the ACS questions.

Let me be clear, I am not an anti-government person. But the Survey really does put a person more at risk if you answer the questions, than if you do not.

Thanks Lazarus. I too am not an anti-gov person either--but this ACS crosses so many lines. One of which is the HIPPA Privacy Laws for ADA statistics and that is so blatantly wrong for technology today and in the future.

Due to fact that another ACS - FOIA site: Survivalarts.com--that had a nice collection of complaints collected--is mysteriously off-line now for who knows how long. I suggest folks might want to at least copy the info that they would like to reference again from this site on to a separate document. Just in case its not a coincidence--I reserve the right to blame all temporary-paranoia on the ACS!

I also recommend writing to any of your Congressional Reps serving on the

Oversite and Government Reform Committee.

Remember the VA Hospital scandel that would be fixed? Well the 2009 submitted Pres-Budget cut their funding by $20 Billion...I used that slight of hand to set the stage for this one and is harder hitting.

XXXX 25, 2008

The Honorable XXXXX XXXXXX
Re: Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
Washington, DC xxxxx-xxxx

Dear Representative XXXXXX:

I would rather see us supporting our Veterans with $20 billion from 2009 – 2013, than what will soon be $20 billion on the Census Bureau’s re-engineering project. When a project has everything but the kitchen-sink, typically costs continue to escalate with no justifiable documentation or decision path explanations. Though, it is vital that the 2010 Decennial not have the errors of 1990 and 2000, as we are in need of a General Election without a hint of suspicion.

Your role on the Committee on Oversight and Reform is critical. Please keep your watchful eye on this Project. Why?

1) In preliminary re-engineering statements, the Census Bureau argued operational efficiencies will make a short form with the continuous measure ACS a less expensive option than a mixed long-and-short-form traditional. At this point, there are enough ACS results to do an actual apples-to-apples cost comparison with inflationary adjustments—have they produced that yet? My guess is that we’re spending more with minimal benefits.

The human factor of the American Public has been lost to yet another statistical measure labeled as “hard to interview” totally disregarding the Bureau’s failed approach. Many of the ACS questions are considered unanswerable and intrusive. For instance, the 2007 questions of physical, mental or emotional health collide with HIPAA privacy laws while trying to achieve ADA measurements. I have to ask—has the Secretary and Census Director been given too much leeway?

2) The follow-up calls with the Census Bureau’s new Cisco ARS-PG virtual phone queuing system can easily be misconstrued as surveillance wiretapping. I personally don’t think a system that parks on a direct line should be used outside of a contained business-partner environment. Add to that the many online personal experiences of Census Enrollers seemingly stalking their victims--how did we get to this point? Can tacticians get honest “qualified” data with this obtrusive pressurized sales approach? And how will those people respond to a hand-held wireless computer carrying Census Enroller for 2010? It does not look promising for the next administration.

The Statistical Policy Report on Disclosure was updated in 2005 with Confidentiality and Data Access. In Chapter V it discusses confidentiality issues of our synthesized personally identifiable information into microdata. It glibly concludes that there is "no way" to eliminate disclosure risk of confidential information, even with appropriate masking. On page 98 it states: “Any disclosure of confidential data on microdata files may constitute a violation of the law or of an agency's policy…” Then consider the near future: There are doctoral thesis papers available online discussing the risk of re-identification with both Medical DNA and Biomedical Genomic-familial database technology stating that the potential exists for serious privacy violations.

3) It does not take a doctoral degree in Marketing to know that all those Dataminers are supported by the Census Bureau’s MAF-TIGER data and the USPS delivery sequence address data to sell our Personal Privacy to unknown potential Identity Thieves—let alone the mountains of unwanted junk mailers.

In fact, the Dataminers harbor their rights to our Personal Identifiable Information on a forever Identity Theft risk basis. Have you ever tried to get off of one of their lists? Several of my dead relatives remain on their list even after providing death information, so it is never updated. Death will not get a name removed; meanwhile Eternity now has . . . a whole new meaning.

[ share your personal experience with the ACS here.]

So while at the FTC they tell the American Public how to keep from becoming a statistic on the Identity Theft list, at the Department of Commerce they fail to protect the Data with our Personal Identifiable Information. Though it’s the Databrokers that use the Census Bureau information, the Bureau is knowingly aware of re-identification technology and I believe is already in violation of the law and Agency policy by blatantly exposing our confidential information on microdata files. Representative XXXXXX, I wonder if there is anyone guarding the gate beyond the one that says Executive Privilege?

That is why I’d like to see the soon to be $20 Billion at the Census Bureau be reallocated and put into taking care of something we can put our arms around – our Veterans – rather than an out of control re-engineering project that puts all of our Personal Privacy and Identities at risk.

[ a personalized thank you for their support would be good here.]


Street Address
Town and Zip



It's not likely you'll ever get arrested or fined--unless of course if you hit the Census Enroller--because of the above mentioned 2005 Statistical Policy Report on Disclosure.

They must know it'll never stick in a court of law--not until they change their procedures, start minimizing the usage and monitoring the release of data as well as strictly regulating the Dataminers use of such products.

A loop-hole:

The ACS does not have a specified due date. The envelope and cover page state to "return it as soon as possible". Does that mean minutes? hours? days? weeks? years? It should have stated something like: "within 30 days of receiving", but it doesn't.

I know my taxes are due April 15th. How about the ACS? Has anyone stumbled upon a deadline?

The CB has its own deadlines outlined in its operations manual. Each survey is barcoded to provide the info as to when a survey is sent. You are given 2 weeks to respond to the first survey. After the 90 day harrassment cycle a resident is off the hook for responding Rarely, but occasionally, the harassment has lasted an additional month.

We received a copy of the US Census Bureau's American Community Survey this week addressed to "RESIDENT", and informing us that compliance is mandatory, under penalty of law.

The first questions on the form are your name, Social Security #, and phone #. By the way, the form says, right there in black & white, that the US Census Bureau will protect our identities, and that employees who infringe on our privacy can be fined up to $250,000. Do you trust the US Census Bureau, its computer system, and all its employees (down to the poll-taker who comes to your home to harass you after non-compliance with the mail-in and telephone queries) to not only keep your personal data safe, but to not share it with other government agencies or individuals who could then use the data against you (i.e., cross indexing your ethnicity against your income and income sources and/or your travel patterns).

I called our so-called Independent Senator, Bernie Sanders, to get his take on it. I got the Census 101 speech by the office lackey. Then she asked my name and address... Of course, this is exactly the problem. All these damned federal employees want to know who I am. I haven't bothered calling Senator Leahy or Congressman Welch just yet... after all, isn't Bernie always spouting off about civil liberties? He's a politician who talks a good game.

I wanted to make this an issue. But politicians will not encourage or support a lawbreaker, as the lackey clearly told me. And the mainstream media has ignored the implications for privacy and protection thereof, even though the track record of the US Census Bureau is proven -- our personal data is NOT SAFE.

Do some Google searches on the American Community Survey, and see if you can find one news story about it or complaints regarding the law or noncompliance. Why do the news media ignore the thousands of complaints they receive about this issue? Of course, you get published in a letter to the editor, but you can only respond to news that's been in the paper -- and there's the conundrum. All this talk of privacy and the Internet is sexy. It's not sexy to get into a political story about why our Congressional representatives are allowing the Department of Commerce to aggregate this data for their campaign contributors, to ask uncomfortable questions, to help protect individual freedoms.

Seen any Government laptops around lately? If so, you may have had access to data that correlates income, travel patterns, professional details, workplace, and other personal data to help you not only identify any respondent and their residence, but to also assume their identity!

Forget about the fact that information about American Japanese in WWII and Arab-Americans after 9-11 was given over to government interrogators by Census employees!

I am happy to answer population questions. I want the government to know how many people live here, and even how our complexion is changing, and how Americans become low-wage earning slaves of the corporations to which the government will provide access to this data for the purposes of selling us stuff.

But I will never provide my name or personal data -- or that of the people for whom I am responsible -- to a government agency other than the IRS, and I do that against my will as it is, only under threat of imprisonment or of leins on my property, which would be extremely inconveneient for my marriage, fatherhood, and happiness.

Both of these agencies are illegitimate and unconstitutional. The USCB because it cannot mandate participation or truthfulness, and the IRS because we are taxed for services by a federal government who would use our own resources to mandate unconstitutional behavior (such as submitting to questions against our will).

Vt Cynic,
The reason why you can't find unfavorable stories about the ACS is because of the CB's "rapid response team" which will swoop in and convince the media, congressman, etc that our cooperation is essential to the success of the data mining. Worldnet Daily has a few articles on the ACS. (Just search the site for the ACS. ) There are other published articles which can no longer be accessed most likely due to CB intervention. Since noone will be fined, The CB counts on harassment and intimidation to gain information. Since the ACS runs under the radar, the CB has supplied state governments, libraries, and churches with the benefits of the public particpating in this survey. The only thing which will stop this survey, is a congressional budget cut. All of this personal info is being fed to a huge group of behavorial and social scientists. Further, this survey is a screening tool to select residences for other voluntary surveys.

I have never gotten a survey but one time before 9/11 I received a call from someone who said they were taking a survey and were under the U.S. Census Bureau. They started asking me if I was a jew, if I had children, their names and addresses, if anyone in my family was a jew.
I told them I did not feel comfortable telling anyone that and they asked "why?". I said it sound scary- like the holocaust and what Hitler did. They tried to convince me that was not what they were doing. I told them how I didn't know but what they would come to my house to try to arrest me or take me out in the middle of the night.
Later I tried contacting the census bureau and they said they didn't have anyone like that. I also tried to see if my phone had a number but I don't think it worked when I tried to call back and of course i forgot to write the name of the person down. (I was in the laundry room downstairs)
So when my daughter said she got the survey, I said that sounds like an invasion of privacy. Plus I remember the previous call.
It sounds like it goes against the constitution. (especially the sex questions and what time I go to work. anyone could pose as a survey taker.
Years ago I remember a "gov. agent" came to my aunt's house and asked a lot of questions and said she had to answer them. They asked if she had diamonds or furs . She got mad and cussed and told them it was none of their business. They told her they were to charge a "tax" on those items. She said well I wouldn't tell you if I did or didn't have them. And she refused to tell them anything personnal.
Scary though what they try to make" you think" you have to tell.

I just got my first evening phone call! My caller ID showed that it was the Census Bureau but I answered anyway because I want them to know how I feel. I'm so excited that the future direction of our country depends on my answering the questions. They just can't make decisions without it. The guy was very nice but I told him that the questions were too intrusive, and he told me that all personally identifiable info was stripped off when the data was entered. I said, then why ask it? and he didn't have an answer. He did say that he thought the same thing when he first saw the questions. I told him it would be fine to ask for our ages but not the birthdays. Said that schools would need to know which class to put a person in, etc? Told him that I understood the desire to know if we have jobs but we weren't about to give out the names and address' of our employers, etc. He was trained to believe that collecting the data was just fine and good and wasn't prepared to address the "why" of the questions. Then he told me we could just answer 'Person A' Person B, etc and just aproximate the other answers. I said "I'm treatened with a fine for giving false answers too" I was not rude but I ended our little talk by telling him that I understood how hard his job must be but that we were not going to participate. I think he was personally understanding of my position, but I do not think this will be the last phone call.

American citizen,

It is not uncommon for conartists to use gov agency as a cover for their scams. The was a recent email scam which used a good copy of the IRS logos to collect bank and SS# info. Watch for more scams as the 2010 census approaches. Just because a person has an ID doesn't mean it isn't fake. Most of the public could not tell the difference between the real thing and a fake. During the house visits for the 2000 census, there were lots of complains about phony CB workers as well as CB workers who were not screened sufficiently to prevent their employment. In addition, the use of handheld computers for the 2010 census has been scraped. All that money wasted. Our government's hard work down the drain. So it's back to pencil and paper for the next census.

My apologies to those of you here who are also posting to my own blog about the ACS: I've moved to a new city, am back in college, and just went heads-down for a few months. The thread "'None of Your Business!': the American Community Survey" is back in business.

Keep up the good fight, folks!

We are in the last part (probably) of the 90 day cycle. We got the form sometime in January. After browsing through it, I pitched it. I got another form a few weeks later. Pitched it too.

We stopped using our land line, we screen calls, do not pick up any call if we don't recognize the number. CB has not been able to talk to us at all in the past month or two since they started.

Now a CB agent is seeking an appointment. Left an envelope and a note behind. I pitched it. (actually, I am shredding everything)

I am wondering about taking a "SAY NOTHING" approach. If I happen to open the door and its the CB agent, can I simply say nothing and close the door? Same thing if the person accosts me in my yard. I intend to say nothing, walk away, get into my house and close the door. I have no intention of letting the person into my house at all. I don't think they can force their way into my house. Can the agent BLOCK my driveway so I could not leave the house? I don't know what their rights are. Would I be within my rights to call the police if something of that sort happens?

I have read most of this blog. Its unfortunate that our reps won't do a thing about it. Knowledge is power, and once reps (from any party) are in power, they will do everything to stay in power.

Fundamentally, I am very very liberal. I do not try to get out of jury duty, I pay my taxes (and not really feel bad about it :-). I vote, even in local elections. But I WILL NOT answer this survey.

As CB is now collecting information on a continuous basis, they could simply start the cycle all over again, year after year. I guess we just have to learn to ignore this, and go about our lives.

Yes, the Community Survey is to take the place of the 10 year census, since that info is out of date very soon after collected. It is to become a rolling count in addition to the census. But the 10 year census will also be done. I think the Census Bureau is going to have a hard time with the 2010 census count simply because not enough has been done in the last ten years to protect the information that is collected. Not just by the census, but by all government and private agents. The prevalance of identity scams and a host of other phone, internet, etc scams have trained people that they should only give out information on a "need to know" basis. If I am taking out a loan, then the bank needs my income, credit history, assets, etc. Just because someone wants it to create a demographic picture of my area in order for the government to 'better provide' for me and my community, is not a valid reason. This is not about Liberal or Conservative politics.

Just don't answer the door if a field rep comes to you house. There is no law which requires you to read your mail, answer the phone or open your door. If you are caught outside, then you can just ignore the rep and walk away. Each rep has his/her own style. They probably won't block your driveway. The ignore and avoid strategy worked for me. On Rational Jenn's site, she has posted a very entertaining interaction with her field rep.
As for the cycle of the ACS, the plan is to have each residence receive the ACS once every 5 years. During the 2010 census year, the ACS will still be sent to the lucky 320,000 residences each month. I have read posts on other sites where some are receiving the ACS for a second time.

Thank you Cathy.
I intend to follow the "ignore" strategy. Lets see what happens.

Point I was trying to make in my earlier note was that our reps are not going to help us with this because they can USE some of the information that is being collected to help them stay in power. Why would they change anything.

Same issue with the patriot act and all that. When the next administration step in, what are the chances that they will make changes to the current policies (wire-tapping, interrogation techniques and so so?) None in my opinion. Because now THEY will benefit from such practices. No one gives up power voluntarily.

As such, the only thing citizens can do is what we are trying to do.

Its strange that the ACLU does not lift a finger on this issue at all.

Oh well. Life goes on.


Our reps have been seduced by knowing the demographic they serve so they can pander rather than represent their voters. The ACLU only cares that the CB not ask about religion, everything else is fair game. There are various special interest groups driving the ACS intrusion. The CB is targeting Katrina victims (to follow relocation preferences) and hispanics( pushed by hispanic lobby groups to provide additional services.) A marriage and family study group has pushed for the marital history questions and another group wants to study college graduates who are not working in their field of study. The CB has its "rapid response team" for squelching any unfavorable stories in the media and to convince public officials how necessary it is to have our cooperation. Behavioral and social scientists have lobbied hard to have the CB add questions and expand the intrusion by saying that society benefits from knowing about its people, when all these data junkies want to do is publish papers in their journals.

Let me cut straight to the chase & assuage all your concerns. I just went thru the gamut of emotions expressed herein, and it sucks.
When this D.C. lackey finally does show up at your door, ask for their card (if you do not answer the door, they will leave it anyway, along with a BS paper reminding you of the `law'.
Nonetheless, call them from a pay fone the next day, and they will do the survey from their laptop. I completed the survey, and gave "NO INFORMATION" responses to 99.9% of the questions. They take it ALL, & you are done in 5 mins.

Once completed, they are satisfied & you have gotten rid of them from your life, and made a deserving mockery of the entire farce.
Power to the People,

I just found this page, and it's very interesting to me. I work at a non-profit dedicated to helping women and children in the south gain access to food stamps, health care, etc, and we use frequently use this type of data, and specifically data from the American Community Survey and CPS supplements to write grant proposals or various health reports. For instance, we might apply for a grant to do work on food stamp outreach and refer to this survey and say, in this particular county, 11% of people are on food stamps with an additional 20% eligible, and we can determine that based on the survey responses people provide.

I can understand the value of the survey. These are my objections about the survey:
each survey form is identifiable via a bar code
survey forms ask for names and birthdates
forms ask about details of income (not just a general range)
other things like commute times to work etc.
mental problems if any
marital history

The list goes on and on
- and this growing list of questions leads me to believe that more questions will be added in the future pertaining to medical history, sexual preference, religion and so on.

ALL this data is trackable back to particular people thru the survey form bar code

The survey is sent to "randomly" selected addresses (quite strange in that I got the log form in 89 or 90, and again in 2000 (after i had moved to the current address). getting selected 3 times in a row through a random selection process is not quite plausible to me.

Not all citizens get this survey, AND they CLAIM it is MANDATORY - its applying rules to a subset of the population - which in my opinion is wrong.

This is why I won't answer the survey.


Ever think that a person can be eligible for a progam and not want to participate in that program? Along come the ACS trolling for people to scoop up into programs. The less the gov does the better things would be. I would rather be uninsured than have a government mandated program. While you may need and use the data, so do lots of other agencies. The social program excuse is part of the ruse used to gather private info. How about doing an outreach to give people skills rather than a handout. The ACS is the quickest way toward the establishment of a nanny state. I don't want to be surveyed, studied, screened or anything else. The CB has no business collecting this info with a manditory survey. If people want to volunteer the info, fine.

joe, I am curious as to whether or not you have ever been fined for not filling out the survey since you have received it 3 times. I am on my first and am now receiving the home visits, which I am avoiding. Just trying to stay a step ahead and figure out what to expect next...

It has been more than 40 years since the Census Bureau has recomended that ANYONE be fined. The threat is a farce. The Census Bureau has no law enforcement capabilities, they have no authority to stay on your property after you ask them to leave. They would need to refer a case to the Dept of Justice for a fine. After the recent fiasco with the lap top computers that were to be used for the up coming 2010 census, they have egg on their faces, heads may roll. And they are not about to start issuing fines after 40 years and right before the BIG ONE in 2010. They are already screwing up and are going to stay very quiet. Just politely refuse and they won't/can't do anything about it.

I'm in the second month and getting phone messages about every 3rd day on the home recorder. Everyone uses cells and the home phone is rarely answered.

Last 2 times, my wife let the person in (8 and 18 years ago :-) and that time (I think) the questions were less intrusive. Both times they were long forms.

The fact that this is the 3rd time I am getting the long form, even after I moved from my previous residence, leads me to believe that this is indeed NOT random, they TRACK who answered, and go after them - most probably assuming that the likelihood of getting another response might be pretty high. (My phone number has remained the same throughout the past 20 years - maybe that is how they track people who respond)

In this cycle I got the ACS form for the first time in Dec 07 OR Jan 08 - don't remember cos I shredded it. I got another one in February I think which I shredded also. Then the phone messages started, and we simply stopped taking them. We have not responded to any VM messages.

Now one person has started visiting (1 visit so far), and leaves messages. I do not intend to answer or let her into my house. I intend to wait this one out and see what happens.

So IF a fine happens, it will be this time, last 2 time I complied.


Joe, you're right, it's not random. The CB does have targeted households. The data users want to track the progress of the people they wish to study. The ACS info is used to identify the new targeted households. And just think, you'll get the ACS again in 5 years. You won't be fined. If you live in a town with less than 65,000 people, the CB reps will try harder to get you to comply, since smaller populations get fewer surveys making each completed survey more important. I had 2 different reps come to my residence. At the end of the month, they were gone. I did get a postal survey 2 months later. The fun thing was that my address was wrong on both surveys. I wonder if the address will be wrong on the 2010 census too.

An interesting note, the survey must not be as random as they say. Got another call from a woman at the Census today. When she tried to verifiy my address she had my current street address and an old RR box address from many years ago. You see, several years ago the rural route box numbers were replaced with numbered street address' to help with the 911 system. No one has refered to this address that way for a long time. But they have it on file. The box numbers were not on any mailings they have sent here. But it's in the file, along with who knows what.
Interesting to know that they have a file on this address, an old file, it wasn't just pulled at random from a current address database. I refused to answer any questions and she told me it was mandatory. I started to tell her that the treat of a fine was bogus and she was very careful to point out that she had not threated or mentioned a fine. She said she would just mark the case as 'refused' and hung up. My case will probably get booted along to the next caseworker.

Inorder for the selection to be truely random, each residence needs to have an equal chance to be selected, which is not happening. The CB started by selecting places with a population larger than 65,000. In an effort to remain below the radar with the ACS in small towns, the CB will take 5 years to gather the data points it can gather in 1 year from a larger population. By not having a followup on all non-responding residences causes less randomness. All residences need to be treated the same way. Does anyone think that celebs get the ACS? I've only heard of one congressman getting the ACS and it was for a vacation property.
Lazarus, if you do get a field rep, I wonder if he/she will correct your address for the 2010 census. I not counting on mine being corrected. Mine had the wrong town.

I live in a very small community of a couple thousand people. An un-incorporated area without local government, except at the county and state level. No city counsel or anything like that, yet. I'm sure that the ACS will send a field rep to contact me eventually. My wife just bought me an upgraded cell phone with 4 gb memory that does everything. When the rep shows up I intend to be polite, take a picture of his ID, and then use the video while I tell him/her that they are trespassed from my property and ask them if they intend to comply. They will have to send yet another field rep if they want to continue harrassing me. I have discussed this with the sheriff, and they cannot stay after you tell them to leave. And if you insist that they not come back, they can be arrested. You must remain polite, but FIRM. The whole thing is an outrage and no one I have talked to locally has ever heard of it.

Cathy, Lazarus,
Seems like all 3 of us have strong reason to believe that contrary to what the CB SAYS about their surveys being RANDOM, they actually in all probability are TARGETING specific households.

They CLAIM in the forms that the addressee got the survey as the address was RANDOMLY picked.

So they have absolutely NO PROBLEM LYING to all survey recipients? None whatsoever? Not really hard to imagine considering its all cooked up in DC!

It might be a good idea to collect information about how often readers of this blog have been sent surveys by CB in the past 3 cycles. If it is a substantial number, though statistically speaking the choice might be random, the probability of the same addresses getting picked for 3 cycles in a row for a large number of people would be very low. It could be chalked off to bad luck.

And as misery loves company, exchanging such notes is very comforting :-)

Who said "once is happenstance, second time it coincidence, third time its enemy action" ? Surely all this sounds like it!


The interesting thing in all of this is that the CB has been testing the public's response to privacy invasions for decades with each question which was added to the census long form. The data users have already published this material. They have published that the selection is not random and that the the data is skewed because of that. Data users want to study large families, hispanic families, Katrina evacuees, elderly migration, individuals with cronic ailments, and marital histories. The overall plan is to have every residence receive the ACS once every 5 years. So, yes, we're all going to get this again unless the funding gets cut. The ACS was created for 2 reasons; public outrage with the long for after the 2000 census and the inability of the CB with limited staff to process the longforms it did receive fast enough for the data users. The CB makes our info available to companies which package and sell the info.

Lazarus, if you get a second field rep, that individual can be the CB's refusal specialist. I chose to stay out of sight because I didn't want them gathering any data points from me. The CB will consider the ACS to be completed it they know 5 data points like your sex, age, race, and marital status. Just looking at my residence would give them additional info. The field reps also record why a person does not comply so that new strategies can be developed to get compliance. Right now, the CB thinks that most nonresponders live out in the middle of nowhere, have guns, distrust the gov and value privacy. I believe that we nonresponders are a more diverse group than that.

Thanks, Cathy. I believe that the reason they can claim over 90% compliance is not because they get all the answers, but if they have identified the 5 main data points, it's counted as complete. They could just look at my house and see it's a 3-4 bedroom, count the cars in the driveway, the quality and age of both, and come up with a good estimate of the number of adults in the household. And with that info, make a pretty good guess of income. So even if I refuse, it will never be counted as a refusal.

I mentioned the ACS today in a group setting (ok a bar) and one of my friends had taken a temp job with the '90 census. As a caseworker trying to get info from those that recieved the long form. He said it was very difficult, and that was before the concerns about identity theft. We agreed that people used to trust thier government more than they do now.

I think the 2010 census is going to be a hard one. The identity theft issue is the biggest factor. Followed by distrust of federal government in general.

I was wondering about writing to some new orgs to ask if they are aware of this survey and the draconian attitude of the CB. While trying that, I saw that companies like CNN will accept emails under their Privacy laws, and those pretty much say that any information you provide (email address, name, phone...) is basically up for sharing as they see fit. So contacting these organizations could be potentially more damaging than it might be worth.

I am just hoping that the CB does not demand email addresses from the moderators of this blog!


When I received the ACS, I wrote to all sorts of media people. The only response I got was from World Net Daily, which has about 5-6 articles on the subject. I thought this would be a great story. There were some stories which had been removed from some newspaper sites. Later I discoverd (in the CB material) that there is a "rapid response team" which is sent out to squash any unfavorable stories in the media. The CB conducts workshops for media types to feed them data for the stories that are printed. You know, those stories which talk about states with the highest income, most number of college graduates, number of unwed mothers, etc... Remember, we are on our own in the search for the truth. The CB has spent lots of time and money to study our attitudes towards surveys and to develop methods to get around our resistance to providing private info.

The CB agent came by for the 2nd time now. Nobody answered. She left behind an envelope, some information about the kind of wonderful work CB does the "other 9 years" - lying again - they are going to send these babies out on a rolling basis right?

Scrawled URGENT in big bold letters on the envelope. I shredded it.

I hope this ends by end of this month...


As the time progresses towards the end of the month, expect more frequent phone calls or rep visits. Everything ramps up before either the next phase begins or the whole cycle ends. I found it amusing to dodge all the contacts. I had most of my rep visits at the end, including some twice per day.

Good read.


Yes, 2 visits yesterday, one at 5:40pm, the other (supervisor) at 8:50pm.
Have never received so much love from the government.

Sigh! They have moved to the stalking phase. They come and wait for someone to show up. We have avoided making contact yet. 2 visits yesterday, the first one at around 12:30 PM, waiting in the car and driving around the house for about 30 minutes. 2nd visit at 8:45pm.

Have managed to avoid speaking with the agent so far. This is not over. I think it will intensify. They will wait to catch someone from the household coming in or leaving the house.


Theres been a lull. No phone calls, no visits for the past 5 days.
I hope that was that. Not sure if its just a tactic to get us to let our guard down and surprise us with another barrage of visits.

These last 3 months have trained us enough now that we don't take any unknown calls. Which also means the telemarketers are not having much luck connecting with us to offer their very desirable services either. So be it.

Keeping my fingers crossed.


You may have out-stubborned them or they may have got tired of expending resources on you. They can't just keep a person posted on you. Budget over-runs and the huge cost of the perpetual Survey are it's most potent enemies, not us poor citizens. The politics of the federal budget may put an end to the ACS after several years and more outraged citizens, if the ACS isn't efficient and quiet.

I was reading a faily thick report of their own on line and buried in it was a discussion of voluntary vs mandatory survey. Voluntary is much cheaper but the response goes down by 20%. So that is why it will stay 'mandatory' until someone spanks them about the money spent.

But what is most likely is that they have gathered enough info by observation that they can count your case as a success. Stay alert until your 90 days are up.

I have not yet received this dreaded form. And there's no way in a very hot place I'll ever answer the majority of the questions. I have NO problem answering the questions from the 1910 or 1920 Census, so that's all the information they'll get from me. To wit:

Street Address
Surname & First Names of all residents of the household.
Gender & Age and place of birth/nationality.
Language spoken in the home.
Occupation (general category) & educational level as well as
Whether or not our home is owned or rented.

Anything more than that is unnecessary. My great grandparents answered those questions as immigrants and so I've got no problem following in their footsteps.

HOWEVER, if someone dares trespass on my property, I'll be calling the police to have them forcibly removed. Either that or I'll shoot them myself.

Thank you for keeping this blog going. I just got my first phone call and it was weakening my resolve. I was thinking of sending the survey back with accurate answers written in an illegible manner. Had it all filled out. Planned to tell them that all the answers were accurate and it wasn't my fault that they can't read my writiing. My writing is pretty bad anyway. Now I intend to fight it out. Thanks again.

Hang in there Ralph! Remember that these people work for you, you don't work for them. Without any fault of your own, you are being expected to comply with a very intensive interview. An interigation without a crime.

But if you don't answer, well, where to the schools go?, where do the fire stations go? Mental health services? You must be some kind of nut if you resist.

The American Community Survey is simply a tool for the already bloated government to use to create more government.

I was a fairly Liberal person politically, at least before I was subjected to the ACS. Now I am still fuming about the whole thing. The funding for this sort of thing must GO.

First weekend of my 3rd month of harrassment by the ACS. Nobody showed up.

Hi Lazarus!
When I entered the field rep phase, I didn't get visited until the 2nd week of the month. At first I thought the CB would skip me, but no. I got a letter from the local CB office introducing my field rep. It arrived the day after I got my first visit.

The plot thickens. After getting my first survey form Jan 30th, I got a second one and heard nothing. Today my wife just called and said a middle-aged man parked, got out and walked up and started pounding on our door. When she mentioned he was wearing a sweater vest, I felt comfortable in concluding he was a civil servant.

Game on!

Its June 10th today, and there has been no action on the part of CB for over 7 weeks. So I guess for now I am off the hook.

As a blessing in disguise, we started screening ALL calls, and now pick them up only if we feel like some entertainment (mostly from Direct TV, and many representatives of telecom companies from India posing as local people...)

I think it is absolutely worth resisting this intrusion. Builds character for sure :-)

Wish you all the best. This blog gave me a lot of moral support. Invaluable.


Hello all,
I was happy to find this site. I received two long surveys a couple of weeks apart a couple of months back and ignored both. I was not even sure if they were legitimate, as I thought it could be someone phishing for ID theft, so I did not bother even looking into it and they soon got lost in the pile of the other mail on my table that I rarely open. Then a few days ago, a rep left a business card on my front door saying it was urgent that I call him. I ignored it. Then my girlfriend must have found one a few days later and brought it inside. Then I think I got a third one, before this weekend, when according to the card, the person showed up three times in one afternoon. Fortunately, I work on that day. I took that card and dropped it at the foot of the door, as if it had fallen and I had not seen it. How long will this person keep on trying? I nearly cracked last week, as I filled out the form but decided to check what if anything people on the net thought about it. Then I found you nice folks and did not feel as alone. Thus, I deposited my completed form in a box and am standing my ground as someone who does not want to share every aspect of my life with complete strangers.

What a colossal waste of our tax money; doesn't that person have anything better to do. I was a bit annoyed to read above where they even showed up at night. Not too bad, though, as I usually don't get home until 8:30 or 9pm and enter thru the garage in back. About the only time I go out the front door is to walk the dog around 9 or 10. I guess they haven't got my phone number, so no calls (yet).

I hope they don’t catch me in the morning when I walk the dog. What have you done when you have encountered them? Do I just refuse on principle or answer only the most basic of questions and refuse the rest. Do you go as far as to ignore answering the door, even when they know you are in there from the noise inside? Has anyone sent it back with only the basics filled out, such as name, address, age…? If so, what happened? Just wondering what I can expect and for how long. Thanks a bunch for all the detailed posts. I hope that some of you are still out there.

The thing that bothers me the most -- after all the outrages described above -- about these metastasizing surveys is that I, as a taxpayer, am paying the government to collect and provide free market research worth a fortune to any corporation or private business with an internet connection.

My time is valuable. If someone wants information for marketing purposes, they can pay me for it. The Census Bureau wants you to believe that you are compelled by law to provide information so Acme Plumbing and Wiring can better target your neighborhood with junk mail.

Don't believe all that crap about how the ACS questions are formulated to help the government plan and allocate resources. Most of these questions about property taxes, commute times, and the rest can be answered by localities.

Local governments have a pretty good handle on what's happening in their communities, who's living there, who doesn't have plumbing or electricity. But Acme Plumbing and Wiring doesn't -- until they access that information for free at www.census.gov/ .

It's no accident that the Census Bureau is part of the Department of Commerce. The Census has morphed from a simple decennial head-count for the purpose of apportioning representatives into a hydra-headed monster dedicated to insinuating itself into your underwear on behalf of corporate interests.

The Wod, your rep visits ususlly last about 30 days. So if they started at the beginning of this month, they will stop soon. Expect the frequency of the visits to increase before they stop. I had 2 reps working on me and they got nothing.

TheShadow, the CB is being used as a front for various social, behavioral and economic scientists to study us. The ACS is a screening tool to find people who are eligible for other gov programs or for other non-manditory surveys. I have found groups who generate questions for the ACS. The marrage history question didn't appear because the feds wanted the info, but because a group studying family structure did. That question was not on my 07 survey. The monthly homeowner cost questions appeared on the long form in 1980; residence 1 yr ago 1999; farm residence 1970; health insurance 2008. The CB considers the ACS to be completed if 5 data points are listed; age, gender, race, hispanic and tenure. Most people will answer at least 5 questions.
Do not be fooled by the CB's assertion that the response rate is 95%. It is more like 50-70% depending upon the part of the country surveyed. So if 250,000/month are sent the survey and 30% are not returned, that's about 75,000/month or 900,000/yr who don't return the survey. That's why only 1/3 nonresponders will get a visit. The broader plan is to send this survey to all residences once every 5 years so those social scientists can stay employed!

The Wod,
My whole ordeal lasted 90 days. I live in a target area, population below 65,000, so I knew I was in for the whole thing. My phone is listed in the phone book under a phony name, which I use for screening telemarketers. The pattern is mailings for 30 days, phone calls for 30 days and visits for 30 days. Those without landline may have a rep visit beginning the 2nd month. Some without direct mail (PO Boxes) have had reps appear with no prior warning. When the phone calls began, I diconnected my answering machine and left the caller ID connected, so no messages could be left. I had a camera installed to watch my front door. I left all notes left by the reps untouched. 5 visits occured while I was at home. I never answered the door. By the time everything ended, I knew the reps phone numbers, addresses and vehicle registration nimbers. I could have filled out the ACS on them!

I had not seen any postings on this blog for a while. I thought that maybe CB is changing tactics. Guess not.

I did not respond to calls, or visits, did not open the door, they kept calling and ringing the bell many times in each visit - there were many visits. My dogs went crazy with the bell ringing :-) So they KNEW we were inside, we simply did nothing. Nothing at all. And they stopped at the end of April.

I keep checking the blog. It helped me. I would encourage everyone to not respond, not even the basic 5 questions, screen calls (its a good habit any way :-)


The creation of the ACS was a direct result of the outrage over the longform during the 2000 census. The CB learned that Congress was not happy to hear from citizens complaining about the invasion of privacy. So, the CB decided that if the longform became the ACS, then the CB benefited by having the longform info arrive at intervals instead of all at once with the census and that it could employ more full time employees instead of the large number if temps. The data users were happy to get fresh info earlier and the CB could protect the census count from future outrage. The data users are represented by some huge lobby groups, who press congress for funding and the CB for more access to our info. While everyone will get the short form for the 2010 census, the ACS will continue every month as well. Only 1 question should be answered on the short form. The site http://www.gov/2010census/pdf/2010ACSnotebook.pdf contains the list of questions, when they were asked and why they are asked. The reasons are flimsy at best and reflect the CB belief that we are either naive, gullible or stupid enough to answer the questions.

When I got the ACS survey, found this and other resistance groups immediately. Still, I pondered what to do for a while, receiving a 2nd survey (and a few reminder postcards also) late Feb. Finally, I answered with the ages of the people here but not birth dates. I wrote in huge letters "REFUSE" on everything else, or "N/A" for questions pertaining to persons beyond who live here. It's been over 3 months, and I've gotten nothing at all from these bozos. No reminders, no forms, no phone calls, and no visits. I guess I'll count myself lucky. It's unfortunate, though. I had set up to record any phone calls or visits with the intent of putting together a presentation for youtube or something. I guess they were wise to avoid me!

I may be out of the woods, as it has been two weeks since the 3-in-a-day visit. His marked business card is still sitting on the floor in front of my door. No mail either. That wasn't too hard - 6-7 visits and no calls - I didn't even have to hide. :-)

Thanks for your support. I'll let you know if anything else happens.

There has been one change in tactics from ACS. After the usual phone calls to the unlisted home phone line, and several on site visits, we thought we were done. Now, they are calling both our private cell phones and our work cell phones ... not sure how they got access to the latter. So it seems the personal visits are not the end, and the intrusiveness gets worse. When my wife asked how they got her cell phone number, the reply was "we have ways of gettting this information". The irony, though, is the ACS contact came from a personal home number itself. A quick web search reveals the caller's personal home address. If I was spiteful, I would post both ... but I don't want to fight fire with fire.

"We have ways of making you talk!" Arte Gibson playing a Nazi on Laugh In, circa 1968.

I also looked up my field reps address and that's how I got the license plate # for both their cars. I could have gone on to collect enough info on them to fill out the ACS on them.
Instead of having an unlisted number, I have my landline listed under a phony name. After refusing the ACS, I received a postal survey addressed to that phony name. So beware of other surveys.
The CB has "target areas and target profiles", which will receive added attention. Anyone living in areas with populations below 65,000 will get more attention since the focus has been on more populated areas. The CB is looking for hispanics, non-english speakers, disabeled, low income families and the elderly. Certain profiles will trigger additional surveys.
While the CB says that the info collected is in aggregate form it is also in profile form. Ex. - families with young children; family of 4 with 1 boy and 1 girl; high incomes with long commutes. The marrage history question was added for a group of data junkies to study that area of our lives. Another question is proposed for 09 asks those with college degrees to list majors, with a focus on science majors.
The more info the CB can extort, the longer the ACS and other surveys will get. By knowing a profile and combining it with other public info, increases the possibility of recreating the ACS answers.
No community needs the gov as a middle man for local data. Just because an idea is a good one, doesn't mean that it should become a gov program. In fact, the way to ruin a good idea is to have the gov create a program. I don't need the gov deciding what I need in my life.


Glad I found this site. I'm about at my wits end. Got the questionnaires the 1st month; the phone calls the 2nd month; and now phone calls and personal visits. I live in a bldg. where you have to be buzzed in. Last night the CB guy rang my bell and when I didn't answer, he "coattailed" in with someone else. Started ringing the bell and knocking on the door (which I refused to answer). Then I hear him asking my neighbors to ask me to call him!! He gave them business cards. These people are obnoxious. I so hope this is over by the end of the month. I really, really want to hit this guy.

Thanks for letting me rant. I'll keep checking this site for support.


I have a few questions I would like for you to answer. Surely, you would not mind answering questions that will better enable me to serve my community.
What time do you leave for work in the morning?
What is your birthday?
Where were you born?
What is your phone number?
How many people are in your house?
What is each of their birthdays?
Have any of them had a baby in the last 12 months?
How much money do you make?
How much is your house worth?
How many weeks did you work last year?
Do you find these questions invasive and rude?
Does it make you uncomfortable to know that our government wants to collect all this information about you?
These are questions that are included on a twenty-four page interrogation disguised as a census. It is called the American Community Survey. I am not a criminal nor do I receive government assistance. I have been informed that I must answer these questions and then mail the answers to some unknown person who will then place all of this information about me in a computer database. Failure to do this is a violation of law. This means if I choose to protect my privacy and go on living anonymously then I become a criminal. I called the telephone number on the form. I have been assured that misuse of this information may result in stiff criminal penalties. I am asking each of my representatives in government to respond with their opinion of the American Community Survey. I am also asking each of my representatives to tell the United States Census Bureau that American citizens are not willing to hand over our privacy on a platter.

We have to act now!!!

Almost done. It lasts only 90 days, getting worse as the deadline approaches. I had 2 field reps working on me, they got nothing and I had the last laugh. It has been 1 year since I received the 90 day cycle and I have heard nothing from the CB since! It does end; it does get better! Although the anger doesn't go away.


From your lips to God's ears. Did you ever have to talk to them? Caller ID is a wonderful invention. I'm sure glad somebody thought it up.


I never talked to them. I had 1 message on my answering machine. After that, I disconnected the answering machine. Never called them back. I almost got caught coming home, but I was in the door before I was seen. The rep probably knew I was home. I had set up a camera to watch the the reps outside. It was great fun. I wanted to have the least amount of info gathered on me and the most amount of CB money wasted trying. The CB reps are suppose to gather info in why individuals refuse to answer, so new strategies can be developed to counter act the refusals.
2 months later I received a mail survey from the US Postal Service. Didn't answer that either.

So much for the every new 5 year plan, instead of the constitutional 10 year census. Here it is 2008. Why in the hell do they need to do it now? Funny to think back a month when I was nice enough to answer the postal survey. I suppose it was the precursor to the ACS survey. Big mistake on my part.

It sure looks to me that the survey is geared to really reach out to the Hispanic community - i.e. Mexican, Mexican American, Chicano, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Argentinean, Columbian, Costa Rican, Dominican, Ecuadorean, Guatemalan, Honduran, Nicaraguan, Peruvian, Salvadoran, from OTHER Spanish-Speaking countries of the Caribbean or Central or South America, or from Spain.

I can see why they need to know what services they will need to increase due to the soon to explode population of legal and illegal aliens that are already overloading our hospitals, police dept., roads, water supply, schools, etc. Don't want to make them wait too long to have their anchor baby and get on the welfare gravy-train. Bad enough I live in a sanctuary state in Maryland, with a governor who wants to give them free college educations. They will have to take reading classes first. Most of them cannot even read Spanish. When one of them is working on your house and looks like he doesn't have a clue when his boss is gone, hand him the instructions out of the Home Depot box and tell him to read to Spanish section. See what a blank stare you will get. Sure you saved money, but at what cost? Don't believe the crap that they are doing jobs that Americans do not want to do. N0 - they are willing to work for less and live with 10 to 20 people in a 2 bedroom house. They need to add a few more pages to the survey for that many, but again many can't read in the first place. Do the reps provide translators?

I too am now being HOUNDED by the ACS people. It started a few months ago when I threw away the ridiculous survey. I was sent a second one, threw it away then the phone calls started. They told me it was required by Congress, I explained that I found this to be a personal dossier on myself and those that live at my address. The woman was not happy and said they would continue to call, well now they are knocking at my door. I refuse to answer the door the other day they knocked and rang my bell for 15 minutes then left me a note with a field representatives name. This is crazy can they really fine me? I wont tell friends the amount I pay for bills why would I tell the gov, and how I get to work in the morning. This is nuts!


It's kind of ridiculous that you can throw away something that is clearly BS and then find that it is actually your own government threatening you, isn't it? The fact that you think this is all nuts is the normal response.

Don't worry, they have no power that you don't allow them to have. They are not going to do anything and the threat of a fine is carefully worded to say that it's "mandatory" All that means is that there IS a law on the books that says it's possible you could be fined. It is also possible that I might become the next King of France. But it is highly unlikely.

It is absolutly IMPOSSIBLE that any field agent will be able to convince their boss to do such a thing as fine you. It has never been approved to fine anyone, except 50 years ago and that case involved the ten year census and other political issues regarding the person who refused.

Stay polite and stay mad. And when your ordeal is over, remember that this is happening to isolated homes every month, all year long.

None of us are going to be fined. When the congressional subcommittee allowed the CB to conduct the survey as "manditory", it was done with the stipulation that noone would be fined. The "manditory" had to be added to increase returns to save money on follow-ups. Already the CB is concerned because many people in the 2010 census practice areas blew off the the CB. Inspite of the CB's efforts to keep the ACS below the radar, the word is getting out. Keep up the good work of resisting, it does get better after the 90 day cycle.
The CB is trying to count illegals and wants the raids to stop until after the 2010 census is taken. I know that my state was in danger of losing a house seat untill the illegals were added to the tally. Open-border groups have a vested interest in supporting the work that the CB does and has contributed proposals for ACS questions.
The laws which mandate that this info be collected are for those APPLYING for gov programs. The CB has highjacked those laws to go trolling for individuals who qualify for programs and who haven't applied.
The ACS also is used for screening individuals for other types of surveys. For example, those with college degrees are needed for a new study by the National Science Foundation. They want to identify those who have degrees in on area but working in another and individuals with degrees in math and sciences.

Hey folks, love the site. I was just telling my friends this week about the ACS form I recieved; most of them thought I was a little too tense about it, so I had to give them a much needed speech on where this world is going. I too will tell the ACS to get f-%^, but I'm going to have a little bit more fun with it:
1. A sign is going on the door in the morning - "man, 300#+ answers the door naked, knock at your own risk". 2. I will greet them with my portable Tape Recorder and immediately inform them that "this conversation is being recorded". 3. Before we begin, I will also ask them to turn thier head left, and say "hi" to my (two) security cameras less than 7 feet from the door (all of this while I'm standing there butt-naked). After all, this is my home, and I can run around in and on it as I see fit. If they feel uncomfortable, "take a valium". This Government crap is getting worse every single day, and untill we all join - in telling them "NO" on (all) of thier silly little clandestine & nefarious ventures, we'll never get it changed. I'm going to this new site (that went up recently)www.quacksrus.com in the morning, and I'm gonna "whack thier A$%^ in advance. I think the best defense is often a well placed shot across thier bow. God Bless us all for being proud enough, and wise enough to see this s___ clearly. Footnote: can't you just see thier eyes when my naked derrier' appears? Take Care my Brothers & Sisters.

I received the census form as well, 2 years ago. "Your response is required by law" was stated on the outer envelope, so my response was to throw it in the trash can. I received another. I kept it for amusement purposes as well as 'evidence'. With that 'evidence' I informed the local Sheriffs dept. and pointed to the fact I had been threatened. I pointed to the fact the threat of extortion clearly indicated in the body of this parcel, and the fact that the US Postal Service had been used in the process of this Felony. They were stunned. I was assured the Census Bureau would have to get past them first! I understand some phone calls were made, that was the end of THAT!
The American Communist Survey can't afford for this to become front page news. Remember this. Their only hope is that they can keep this quiet and divide the people in small numbers until it gradually becomes embedded into the mainstream.
If I recall correctly, 1 out of 4000 Americans receive this form each year.
Ron Paul has written an excellent article concerning this, available on the web. A simple search should take you to that article.

I thought everything would be over now that the 3 months are up. This morning, at 5:30 am., they are ringing my apt. bell in the lobby, have gained entrance piggybacking in and started knocking and ringing my apt. door bell. I almost had a heart attack.. Anyone know where I can start looking for inexpensive hidden cameras. This isn't funny anymore. If the only way I can shoot them is with a camera, then that's what I'll do.

Sorry bchbum,
You have a persistant one. 5 am is too early for any of these CB types and would violate most noise code laws. It is unusual that a rep would continue beyond the end of the month, althought I have read other posts where reps continued during 3 day weekends. The refusal specialist takes over when the first rep is unsucessful. For I week I had both reps working on me. You should be done today, since they have to move on to a new group of refusers. However, you might get another visit today. I think they try to get any response, even an angry one because they have made contact and can gleen info about you by talking to you.
Cameras are a handy tool. The 2010 census is comming and field rep are required to visit all nonresponding homes. I intend to only answer the enumeration question, so I expect another visit. I have 2 types of cameras; one which is connected to the computer and one connected to the TV. Both are available at electronics stores, computer stores and the internet.

Thanks Cathy and to the rest of this board for your support. Couldn't get through this without you.

In case anyone is curious, there is now a page on www.quacksrus.com with the "downloadable" nudist sign on it.

Wouldn't it be great, if (across the continent) Survey Workers were reporting an unusually large number of "nudists":. LOL. The file/picture is not foul or pornographic; it is mildly adult in content.

The link is on thier front page, but here is the exact URL; it'll take you right there:

Be sure to turn up your sound; Charlie D is in the background.
Have a good one.

Chad, I was doing some research on the American Community Survey which I received some weeks ago and ignored. A couple of weeks ago, I received another one along with a letter telling me how important it is that I fill it out and that someone may try to contact me personally if I fail to do so.

I hate to admit that I had not even heard of this survey before I got it in the mail. I believe that is by design. Why else would a survey not be mailed out to everyone at the same time?

I am planning to write a letter to the editor. The letter by Private Citizen that you posted on March 3, 2006 says it very well. I would like to quote him in my own letter. Do you have any idea how to contact him for permission?

It's called Collective Outrage. The ACS can't stand up to any of that.

Hi Birdie -

Unfortunately, all contact information is posted here. I'd simply hope that it's being watched, and see if you get a response (or point them here if you like). Hope this helps somewhat!

Don't know about Private Citizen. You can use my March 6, 2008 letter if you want.

Thank you Chad for keeping the site going.

Hi Lazarus,

Would you mind if I use your March 6th letter too? I wasn't too happy with the one response I received from mine which was:

If you want to combat identity theft, you might want to check out the American Community Survey which asks the most intrusive questions in the name of the census bureau (although I'm not really sure it's legitimate). Questions regarding exact dob, work (what time you leave/return; employer); health (mental competency, can you dress yourself); home (# of bathrooms/rooms; stove; do you have a car); and then there's financial (exact figures for one year prior to receving surey are required for: wages/socialsecurity/pension/interest/dividends/mortgage or rent payment/utility bill).

The process starts out with literature the first month (survey/postcards addressed to "Resident").

If you didn't answer the survey, the second month is dedicated to phone calls, many phone calls at any time day or night. Seems they have "resident's" phone number so odds are they have his/her name already.

Then comes the third month: home visits. They gain illegal entrance to apt. blgds. by "piggybacking" with someone else entering the bldg. (I know this because I watched it on a closed circuit camera in the lobby.) This also occurs any time day or night. If unsuccessful getting you at home, they start knocking on neighbors' doors asking "do you know where they are or when they will be home; are they away?" I don't know about anyone else, but I don't open my door or answer my phone if I don't know who the person is. It is my opinion that is an invitation to disaster.

Is this really our government at work? Perhaps when filling out this survey (again I'm not sure it's legit), we should include our S.S.# and send a copy of our house/apt./car keys so they can do a complete job of stripping us "residents" of all our rights.

Believe me when I say I'm not trying to make light of the matter. I think it's very serious and someone should address this situation as soon as possible.

Thank you.

The problem with getting results through writing letters is that Senators don't care and the Representatives need the demographic info from the survey to pander for votes. While well stated, the letters fail to convey the outrage resulting from the intrusiveness of the survey. As long as noone will be fined, there is little concern of what does happen. The survey is designed to gain cooperation through a threat. This intimidation is EXTORTION! The CB employees are EXTORTIONISTS. EXTORTION is against the law. This is a taxpayer funded EXTORTION RING which provides information to agencies which have no ability to collect it and are using the CB as a front for their private sociology and marketing research. The number of agencies involved who benefit from having YOUR info are extensive and would make your head spin. YOUR info is give out in agregate form and profile form. It's the profile form which should be of more concern since specific profiles are targeted by marketing companies.
Keep in mind that the 2010 census is coming fast and that the CB will take a major hit if it messes up. I will be answering only the enumeration question, as that is the ONLY question required by the Constitution; no race, gender, age, country of origin, marital status, or home ownership. It is time to tell the CB directly that the other questions have no place on the census. Your name is not a required question on the census; it is an administration question.

I got one ACS too, the first time I opened it, I called my lawyer. Send him the papers. I am not worried. If it is sent to the "Resident", they do not know my name. But, they could easily get any information as needed, so why bother us?

We got one today and were shocked to see the questions. We were concerned when we saw "MANDATORY BY LAW". Quick search on Google and we were able to find this website. Let's see when we are gonna get the calls. We don't have residential phone, only cell phones. Will keep posted.

I got this invasion of privacy in Oct , started to do it like the decent hardworking all american vet I am then I got to the questions, read them to and freaked, showed them to my wife she also went crazy at their nerve, So I just trashed it
Today It showed up again this time with its vaguely disguised threats, So I also started to look up the law /Titles s they specified, Then I found this thread, I was going to write my senator Bernie " the Socialist" Sanders
But I see from a previous Vt poster its no use to object in the "Peoples Republic Of Vermont"
So I followed some of the idea's listed here,
Gave my name as "household male" on front and on page 2 (no tel #) wife as "Household Female" filled in ages without birthdates and wrote R on all other questions after I wrote at top of page 3 I refuse to answer any other questions
Ill see what happens and repost results

Good luck Rich. But because you answered at all, they have you now. They will not settle for partial answers without trying to get them all. If they did I think most people would answer just a few questions.

Be firm. Remember they work for you.

Send a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the Commerce Secretary, asking in accordance with which constitutional and statutory provision authorizes this survey. Then read Title 13 U.S.C. §225 (b), (c), and (d). These deal with imprisonment provisions that do not apply, and religious denomination or church which prohibits the disclosure of information relative to membership . . . to furnish such information shall not be an offense under this chapter.

These creeps are stalking me. First two surveys and then five phone calls, all from different area codes. Now, knocks at the door. I almost screwed up by answering the door in error, thinking it was my older brother. He placed the literature in my door. It lied and said my address was chosen randomly, but if it was so random, how did they get my phone number? I have made up my mind not to talk to them, come what may. I am acting like a criminal, watching out for these creeps, hoping I won't be accosted when I walk out of my house, to go to my car. I hope I don't have to pay the fine, but how will they levy it against me if they don't talk to me? If I don't directly tell them I'm not going to answer it, technically they can't claim I have refused. Does anyone know which legislator(s) drew up this "law" and when was it put into effect?

I've read some literature recently which quoted results from the survey about illegal aliens. There are many around where I live, so maybe that has some bearing on where they pick their targets? I contacted my rep. office and complained and the receptionist said a personal reply would be forthcoming but after four weeks, I'm losing faith....

It is heartening to read others' comments of refusal. Maybe our democracy isn't dead yet? They have no right to any of this information and who can guarantee some company won't use it illegitimately? I don't trust the government and dossiers is right to the point, as a previous poster noted. This is actually frightening to think our government is trying to do this.

Outraged in Ohio,
Hang in there, you're almost done. You will not be fined; no one has been fined. The ACS came about through some congressional subcommittee meetings which oversees the CB. Because of the outrage generated by the longform for the 2000 census, the CB decided to have a more sneeky way to collect the same info without effecting the population count. Don't expect much from your rep. either, since most see the benefits of being able to pander to their constituents by having the info from the ACS. Don't be surprized if you get a second CB visiter. I had 2 working on me and figured that the second one was the refusal specialist.

Well I just got my first phone call , They left a message and told me to call a # and reference a case # I guess the games have begun

I had a surprise visit from field rep a few days ago. I did not know who she was so I answered the door. When she explained who she was I told her I did not have time to answer questions. She has since called me. I don't feel comfortable answering private questions. How long will they continue to harassas you?

Each phase takes about 30 days for a total of 90. You will be done with the last phase at the end of the month. By Feb 1st, all contact should stop.

I keep reading about everyone receiving these surveys in the mail first. I never received anything, I just had the census woman show up at my door. Don't they have to mail the survey first?

We received the ACS survey about a month ago. We are trusting (dumb?) Canadians & have never been a part of anything like this before. I initially had the gut instinct to not fill the darn thing out but my husband said that it's illegal to not do so. So we did. Now we are getting bombarded with daily phone calls even though we filled it out. I just don't understand why?? I am very concerned about the information we just gave up willingly.... What rights do we have now?

Your gut instinct was the correct. So now what? You have the right to not participate any further. Even when people return the form, the CB will call to verify the info and to see if additional info can be obtained. The ACS is a screening survey for other surveys. You can tell the CB that you will be giving no additional info or you can not answer the phone. Either way, the CB will stop bothering you eventually. This survey is not as legal as the CB would like the public to think.

I, personally, have not received a survey, or a representative from the Census Bureau at the door.
I have mixed feelings about the whole census thing, but wanted to state one of the positives of the census.
If any of you have worked on your geneology, and have a family member that you wished to find info on, you are able to pull up copies of census info. I have personally discovered family members, their age, children, occupation and address by looking through the handwritten census' from the early 1900's.
As far as the census is concerned, you end up giving up less information than when you use a phone (home or mobile), credit card, discount card (at grocery, hardware, and other stores), points cards (for gas stations and other stores), and when you register many of the products that you purchase (especiallly when a rebate is involved, as they have to have the info of where that money went for IRS purposes). Even your employment info is reported atleast quarterly, as is required of businesses. In my state (Ohio) the income each person receives is reported to a database called SETS which helps with Child Support Enforcement.
Although the microchip implant has not been put into effect to identify and store all of your info (personal, financial, credit, purchase, etc.), they have begun utilizing a ring (with microtechnology) that is worn on a finger, and operates on the same premise as the microchip implant.
In many cases people unknowingly give up info way more detailed than the census requests through what seem like benign venues!
I respect everyones opinion re: the census and what info they are comfortable revealing, but you may want to consider some of the census info, and how it may help a relative 100 years down the road to figure out their heritage/family tree, and what type of career/work their ancestors had. Also consider how much of the information that is already recorded via filing taxes, utilizing the discount/point cards, a credit report (which updates your address, job, and credit request every time it is pulled), rebate forms, and registration of products that are purchased (in person and online). Maybe after considering such things, the census may not seem as personal as it does without such considerations!

Don't care what the positives might be. Not answering. Further, I'm tired of the argument that since there is already so much info out there that...gee, what's a few more questions from the census? Well, because there is already enought info out there, I'm not supplying anymore. I'm not putting things into a tidy package linking my health to my education or to anything else going on in my life. What I pay for bills, when I leave for work and all the other questions are none of anybodies' business. I'm tired of stakeholders who feel the need to down play the impact of the CB's invasion of privacy. When do you guys get the fact that WE are not here for you to study? The census questions are personal, offensive and a violation of the Constitution.


I agree with you 100%.

Personal privacy rights should be above business's needs for information on people. I have an unlisted phone number, but it & other info. is on the internet white pages (This is really annoying!) Sometimes, it is alot of
trouble to remove stuff from the internet white pages when it shouldn't
be there in the first place.

Now people have to sign something from a company saying that they want their info. kept private, otherwise a company can give your info. to everyone in the world. It should be that a person's information is private, and in order for the company to give it out, they need your permission.

Big businesses (BB) rights seem to overshadow ours. Sadly, government
has forgotten their people by catering to the BB.

Call #2 this morning , Didnt answer, love caller ID still want me to call and refer to a "case number" 10 days between call , one weekday evening today sat morning
Gee its good to see that in this financial crisis the Govt is working overtime
to harass its citizens
I say lay off the Census Bureau and go back to part time one every 10 years as required by the constitution. It would save tons of taxpayer money

If each phase lasts 30 days for a total of 90 days then I don't know what phase I am in. I am reading that the first phase is the mailed survey, the second phase is the telephone calls and the third phase is the home visits.

I seemed to have started at the last phase when a ACS worker showed up at my door last week. She has since left 3 messages and we received another home visit today (which we did not answer the door).

So the question is, did the 90 day phase start last week when she just showed up at the door (I sure hope not), or do I just have until Feb 1st like Cathy mentioned.

You may be in the final phase. Sometimes the CB has to skip a phase. The mail phase is skipped when there is a problem with the residence's address; when the address is a rural route delivery or there is no mail delivery to the residence. The CB uses landlines for the second phase. If no phone number can be located, then no phone calls. So then the CB rep arrives, totally by surprize. For the first time, small towns and rural areas are being hit for info. The CB appears to be checking these areas to be sure that the residence exists and is occupied.

Thanks Cathy, I hope you are right. We do live in a rural location but we have a mailing address. Hopefully I don't have too much longer to avoid this annoying woman!


January 29, 2009

I received the American Community Survey about a month ago. This compulsory 28 page document published and administered by the U.S. Census Bureau clearly demonstrates the need to ask the question " Who is out-of-control in our government?". Perhaps, more importantly, "Who is in control, outside of our government?" I decided, almost immediately, not to comply. A little investigation confirmed my suspicion. Namely, there are countless others of you out there who share a common concern about this interrogative survey as well as the motives of our government. I say " our government" because I still keep close to my heart the memory of a government and an America I supported while serving in the Vietnam war. A time when the enemy was perceived as a threat against our great nation and not from within. I received a second ACS just last week with a letter that hinted vague threats. This appears to follow the pattern described by most of you who have already experienced the ordeal. My course of action is best described by the following conviction.

It is the duty of every U.S. Citizen to practice civil disobedience when the government exceeds its authority.

The U.S. Constitution in Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3 states; "The actual enumeration shall be made within three years after the first meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent term of ten years." This gives the government authority to conduct a census every ten years by enumeration. Any demand placed upon a U.S. Citizen beyond that provision is unconstitutional. A paper history of the U.S. Census records throughout the life of our nation plainly exhibits the simple process of enumeration as the only method permitted to obtain a "head count" and only at an interval of ten years. The ACS far exceeds the intent of the U.S. Constitution for the purpose of congressional redistricting and allocation. The questions are extremely intrusive into our private lives and a blatant attempt to extract vital personal information that cannot be obtained by any other means. Also, it is my view that this campaign endorsed by our legislative body, in part or whole, is being used as a test ground to determine how far the American people will bend and stay pliable under the control of a central government. Summarizing my intent;

1) I will not comply with the demands of a government that has exceeded its authority.
2) I will not pay any fine.
3) I am, bold words but spoken true to my nature, willing to be imprisoned but not subjugated.

In doing so, I will practice civil disobedience for the first time in my life. Given the safeguards written into the U.S. Constitution by our founding fathers and the love of country they entrusted with us, I can do no other.

Mark Gordon

PostScript - I would be more than pleased to provide a PDF copy of the American Community Survey to anyone who is unfamiliar with its contents and intent.

I would be very interested in seeing a copy of this survey as I never actually received one in the mail. I just went by my instincts when someone showed up at my door.

You may be interested to know that included in the $1 Trillion dollar stimulus package now working it’s way toward approval is $1 Billion dollars, (not million), for “follow up” to the 2010 census. (CNN earlier today, 2-3-9)

I take this to mean an expansion of the American Community Survey or similar gathering of information. The 10 year census is already in the budget, and is already projected to exceed that budget by a $3 BILLION dollar over-run.

People have been raising a fit about intrusions on personal security and spying on American citizens under the label of Homeland Security, but everyone seems to just roll over when it’s the Census Bureau. Because that is all harmless, right?

The Census Bureau is gathering an unprecedented data base on every household and person in the United States. And then selling or just giving the information to the corporations and government programs who ask for it.

And the stimulus package that is supposed to jump start our economy and create jobs is being used to further bolster the power of the Census.

I was done with the American Community Survey a year or two ago, but I stayed MAD. Because they will be back. They are a paper tiger that only has the power over you that YOU allow them to have. It just burns me up that one area of government that could clearly be trimmed back is instead going to receive 1% of the total economic package, and keep growing like a cancer.

I can easily foresee the day coming soon when the American Community Survey will be come an annual MANDATORY event in our lives and there WILL be serious penalties for failing to comply that will be enforceable. If Obama succeeds in putting the census bureau under the left wing/radical Israeli citizen Rahm Emmanel then watch out folks. We have all made brave comments in these posts about how we have resisted the census people and refused to comply with the ACS questions, but how many of us are prepared to REALLY pay $5,000 to back up our position? I can also foresee many more intrusive questions being added to the ACS like "How many guns do you own? So much for the Second Amendment.

There are too many of us to prosecute and the congress doesn't want the backlash which would result from prosecutions.

Well, I received another call today from Uncle Sam's contractor - this time a very nice young man who was very deferential and polite. Because he ASKED me politely to finish the survey rather than being belligerent and threatening like the first one who TOLD me I WOULD comply, I did, in fact, complete all questions telephonically. In fact, today's interviewer apologized for the attitude of the first caller, so I made an effort to give extremely accurate answers. I have done my "duty" and the ACS is now a moot issue for me. I fully understand those of you who refuse to do it and I repeat that my fears are that Rahm Emmanuel will turn the census bureau into a frankenstein nightmare political tool if Obama gives it to him. I think we all need to realize that, with the election of a left-wing socialist as POTUS, our country has turned a corner from which we will never return. Our right to privacy and individuality will simply not be what it once was. We will all have to deal with and accept this fact in our own way. Sorry if this sounds negative to you or defeatist.

Steven, remember that when you step into the oven, they DID ask you politely.

Ah, dear Steven,
"Having done your duty".... Spoken like a stakeholder or ACS supporter. I have no duty to fill out the ACS for any reason. While our privacy is not what it used to be, I will not throw in the towel and comply. My info is mine and I will decide where, when and with whom I will share it. It will not be on file in some gov computer because I willingly or unwillingly gave it to them. Imposing fines for not responding will risk a court challenge which will cause the CB to be on the losing end of this, not me. The CB is playing on the tendency for the public to want to be perceived a being nice. I am so over that. The gov has stepped over the line, violated the Constitution and now wants my cooperation to invade my privacy? There is no law which requires me to read my mail, answer my phone or open my door. So the gov can take its Title 13 and Title 18 and shove it!!!

This is not a free country at all. It is none of their business what time of day I do things. Etc. etc.

Let's see. The government has screwed me my whole life. I have been mostly unemployed, shot down for work, ridiculed because of Affirmative Action, foreigners interviewing me and then not hiring me, spouse of SSI recipient so I have NO FINANCIAL RIGHTS, student loans laws that torture me when I can't pay, etc, etc. I am constantly called for jury duty and now this insipid survey.

I got the first one when I had surgery and didn't answer - so they send another telling me I better OR ELSE? Or else what? Looks like it's time for us Americans to rise up and fight.

I just wrote to Pelosi and said when she tells US how many times and when she bathes, then, maybe I'll tell her.

By the way - if you open the door and yell at them, what happens?

Can you call the cops on them?

Just got a call from the CENSUS. I said F you and asked if I should salute Hitler. Then I recited this:

"We hold these Truths to be self-evident,that all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

"That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among men,
deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed,
that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends,
it is
the Right of the People
to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government,
laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form,
as to them shall seem most likely to effect their
Safety and Happiness."

and hung up. I now think that they are targeting only the people or most of the people who complain to Congress about other issues, because it wasn't five minutes after I called the Congress to complain about something else that this woman called me. OUR LIBERTY IS AT STAKE.

Also, it's only three days since I received my second survey after not filling out the one three weeks ago.

I just read a copy of the ACS. I immediately looked up the law the survey quotes, "Title 13, Sections 141, 193, and 221 of the U.S. Code." Section 141 describes the purpose of collecting population information. Section 193 provides authority to survey other items. Section 221 states some penalties for those who don't provide information or accurate information. What I could not find in the law was any words requiring anyone to answer the surveys. As a retired Army Officer, I am outraged at the blatant disrespect for freedom and privacy and I declare I will rot in jail before I provide such information (which will eventually happen if too many Americans fail to stand up to the government). This is clearly a time for Patirots to stand up and "Just say 'no.'"

Dan the Man in Maryland,

YOU SAID IT and I agree. Screw the illegals. What about us?

Maybe we should tell them we're illegal and we can get more services and hold our crotiches and give the finger to Americans as they take our waitress, waiter, delivery, landscape, plumber, roofer, contruction jobs. You are so right - I would do those jobs because there are no "good" jobs left.

One of these US Census field workers came to my home this morning. What an absolute treat!! I set the tone immediately by producing a digital voice recorder and placing it between us... you come to my door after badgering me through the mail several times, I want the conversation archived. He seemed a bit perturbed by my preparation.

I must admit though, most of my "prepared" statements never made it out of my mouth... they always catch you at the most inopportune time. But I also didn't let him get much speaking in either. I talked over just about every attempt of his to make his fruitless points. And I wasn't polite, believe me... no cussing, but certainly no pleasantries. No information disclosed on my part. No "open-door" policy from me to allow him or any other lackey to return in the future. Nothing. Got it, people? They got nothing. And they'll continue to get nothing, should they persist. And that's all there is to it. My final words to him were (very plainly), "Get outta here". And like the trained little parrot he is, he turned away from me and started down my front walk. Again, my doorstep, MY RULES!

"NO" MEANS "NO"... at least it does in my house.

Congradulations Andrew! Great job!

To my fellow Americans, Keep up the good work people. Continue to resist and just say a big fat No to the American Community Survey and No to the Census Bureau goons, that harass us all. Remember all, United We Stand, or Divided We Shall Fall! Let us all put the united back in our United States of America, and continue to resist and fight this injustice and harassment, that is being placed upon us by the Census Bureau, in any way we can. Don't fill out the survey when it comes in the mail, slam the phone down when they call you on the phone, and don't answer the door when they knock on it. Stand tall, do not fear, resist now, or they will own all of us later, and in the future they will only make it worse for all of us, if we give in and comply now. If we fill out the very intrusive survey and comply, we are only sending our vote to the Census Bureau, that it is perfectly ok to harass, bully, and torment Americans anytime they wish to do so, and for them to collect any personal information on us whenever they deem necessary. Well it is not ok for them to do that. Vote No! resist this nonsense now, or it will only get much worse for Americans in the future. Hey Peace all!

So ok...2 mailings (to current resident), 15 phone messages (first 1 in which I accidentally answered and said I was not interested in answering these questions), 2 visits by a field rep (did not answer door) and now one last letter (to my name now)...when will this end? I think I'm closing in on 90 days - will a penalty letter be the last clue that I've lost all rights as a private American citizen?

I feel harassed and just a little scared of Big Brother now.

There may be a letter threatening a penalty. The penalty has Never been enforced. Ever. And any threatening letter will be carefully worded to say that you 'could be fined'. And that is true, there is a law on the books mandating that you answer. But there is no mechanisim to enforce that law. The Census Bureau has no law enforcement powers. The word 'mandatory' simply means that there is a law (mandate) somewhere.

Beyond the intimidation they have no power. And they aren't about to cause any trouble before the upcoming 2010 census. Laugh it off but stay mad about it. They left me alone once I made it clear that I knew the game. Didn't even visit.

I will not participate at all in the 2010 census and I'm going to cite the American Community Survey as the reason that they created me as an enemy.

Neither my husband nor myself had even heard about this survey until a few days ago when we received a letter telling us that we had been randomly selected to participate. Today we received the survey and when we noticed the words on the front saying:" YOUR RESPONSE IS REQUIRED BY LAW" we decided we wouldn't be participating. This thing is 28 pages long and the questions they ask are noone's business. Some of these questions my own MOTHER who gave birth to me, raised me , and still calls twice a week wouldn't even ask. We value our privacy and we won't be answering or responding to them in any way. I was happy to find this site. At least now we know we're not alone and what to expect for the next 90 days. I will post what happens next. It will be interesting to see whether or not we will receive any phone calls. We only use skype and have no landline.

Thanks Lazarus,

I appreciate the words of advice. It's been a week since receipt of the letter from the field rep's supervisor telling me to do "my civic duty" (I paraphrase, of course).

Do you happen to know if the 2010 census will be the long or short form or are we all "randomly" selected for either? I have a feeling I'll be at the top of their hit list once they determine I didn't answer the ACS. This could be a long fight for our rights - I hope I have the "constitution" for it (pun intended).

Like you, I have always been an upstanding, good citizen and did indeed answer the 2000 census. But it was nothing like this ACS intrusion on our privacy and much has changed since then which would make us all skeptical of divulging such private info.

Again, thanks and keep up the good fight!


The 2010 census will only be the short form for everyone. See, that is the beauty of the American Community Servey. Only a small number of people get it on a perpetual basis. It reduces the possibility of collective outrage.

Soo many people raised a fit about the long form on the 2000 census that they did way with it. And the ACS was born. The goal is to get more timely data and keep the majority of citizens ignorant of what is going on.

If you ask your neighbors about the ACS they will not know what you are talking about. And so your congressperson gets a few scattered complaints every now and then that they can ignore, instead of hundreds of calls every 10 year census that they must respond to.

Pretty clever, huh?


That IS pretty sneaky...thanks for filling me in on the inner workings of our esteemed Commerce Dept. My former congressman (as I have moved) Judd Gregg turned down the job offer from Obama - I wonder if it had anything to do with this ACS. He's generally an involved, caring public servant with a pretty good track record. Can it be we have at least one senator in that loony bin that gets it??

Eight days and counting since last (hopefully) letter was received from Field Rep Supervisor....maybe I'm out of the woods.

Thanks to all posters for giving me the fortitude to hang in. It's been tough.

Just when I thought all was quiet - back to back visits on March 30th and March 31st with a business card left in door that said "If I didn't respond by end of month, she (rep) would be hung...please call!"

Now what next?

What next? You should be done. Your rep failed. The reps make a last ditch effort at the end of the month. Your rep will have some new people to bother this month and should be done with you.

I thought my 90 days were up until the phone rang tonight at 6 PM and again at 8 PM from the field rep supervisor!! Then she drives into my driveway at 8:45 PM and pounds on the door (I didn't respond). She left a note card saying that she wanted just "75 seconds of our time for quality control purposes". This is just ridiculous...now I'm not sure if this will end at all!!

The CB has surely made themselves into one scary beaurocracy and I feel our rights as private citizens slipping away with this survey and it makes me very upset.

Wow, Ann!
"just 75 seconds for quality control purposes"? What garbage! The CB does likes to find out why people are non-responder so that methods can be developed to combat the resistance. In a effort to get cooperation, the CB trys to do everything it can without making the public angry. This ploy will not help them. Stand strong, we're pulling for you. It will end.


Thanks for your words of encouragement...I only wish and hope that you are correct. I found myself losing sleep over this last night - it makes me feel like a prisoner in my own home. I find that I open my front door and look around before exiting - how awful to feel this way! I think your theory about the "quality control" is probably correct - information is ammo for them. I also think the field rep supervisor may be checking up on the field rep to see if she ever came out in the first place. I find it incredible that I fell into that 23% group that gets a personal visit - such is my luck! I'm too far in to cave now....

They are just bullies! I can't believe that people put up with this. If a police officer was harrassing you in this way you could have them fired.

Each time that you allow them '75 seconds' they try to pry out a few more bits of information. I won't defend the field agents, but they are under pressure to keep at you until you cave in.

It's an outrage. You hang in there. They are making enemies every day. The strategy of doing a slow, quiet, long form census or American Community Survey as they call it, isn't going to work any better than the 10 year long form did.

Every household is supposed to get the ACS sometime during the 10 years between the 'real' census. And every household will get the opportunity to get PO'd.

I decided to mess with the CB personnel some. Since they wanted to know a lot about me that is no one elses business.....I decided to "volunteer" information on myself. Even thought I am not one....I told them I was a nudist and I showed up at my front door totally nude. Then I told them that my penis was 6 and 3/4 inches long and I could hold an erection for at least an hour if the situation was right.

They did not appreciate my humor!!!!


This is wearing me out...latest update....a phone call today from the field supervisor saying she has tried "many, many, many times to reach us and to please call her back as she has just a few questions and this won't take long". I mean, after almost 4 months of this bs, isn't it plain to see that perhaps I'm not interested in participating??? Right now, I'd rather have a penalty than another 3 months of this crap and it seems amazing to me that one hasn't been mentioned at this point. I'm beginning to think I must be one hell of a special individual for them to spend so much time chasing me down!

This is why the 'avoidance' tactic doesn't work well. They will eventurally go away at the end of 90 days. Avoiding them leaves the possibility that you will cooperate. A loose end that still could be wrapped up. The bureau doesn't want the field reps to give up easily.

I think it's best to clearly and firmly REFUSE from the begining. I was clear about my position with the phone callers and the calls stopped. Polite but firm with the first caller. Rude and adamant with the second caller that I WILL NOT!. And screw the consequences!!

Never heard from anyone again. No one ever tried to visit me.

I don't know if my refusals made them skip the visits or perhaps I just didn't get chosen for a visit.


Just read a piece in our local paper about 140,000 "special agents" of the CB hired specifically to canvass every street in America to take note of addresses ahead of the 2010 census - some of which could be the long form, most expected to be short. They'll be outfitted with clipboards and laptops and all properties will go into a GPS database (I imagine for Google Earth). Can't imagine what this will cost already beleaguered taxpayers! My ordeal continues - another voice mail from Field Rep Supv saying "our voicemail greeting says you'll call me back....I wish you would." I'm entering 110 days of this - I wish I had taken your route, Laz.

I'm into 100 days with the CB. I have had all the personal calls from reps, 30 phone calls & messages, now they called to tell me I had an appointment scheduled at their office. I WILL NOT go. What is worst about this situation is that it really upsets my wife...she expects them to break down our door any day. I will go to jail if they fine me cause I wont pay it. This is NAZI Germany, WAKE UP people. I have been writing to all congress people and will continue to do so. No one gives me any satisfaction but they know Im out here. This is a real battle for the AMERICA we use to live in. I pay my taxes and am a law abiding citizen I have rights to privacy.

Yuma, AZ

Sorry, Steve. It looks looks the CB has stepped the pressure on non-responders and you just got lucky. Hang in there, it will end and you won't be fined or jailed. The CB reps can be quite annoying and their tactics are nothing short of extortion. It has been more than 18 mos since my CB contact ended and have heard nothing more from them. The CB wasn't able to leave a message for me because I disconnected my answering machine and left only the caller ID on.

There is no law which requires you to read your mail, answer your phone or open your door.

How much of our TAX money is going to this soviet government bull?

Thanks, Cathy.

I will Stand up for my rights. We must stand up for our rights. I cant wait for the actual 2010 Census so I can start all over again with the Census Bureau. It certainly is not easy telling the CB NO. It is very upsetting that these people would actually ask these intrusive questions. What a hassle it must be to keep files on all 300,000 US citizens. They must have really Big plans for our country. BUSH or OBAMA it doesn't seem to matter, BIG BROTHER is here and here to stay. Just cause your'e paranoid doesn't mean the're not after you.


Well, the guy showed up on my street this morning with GPS in hand. I spied him talking to my neighbor who was mowing his lawn at the time. Neighbor goes: who are you and what are you doing here? CB goes: oh just from the CB. We do it every 10 years. Not taking head count this time, just getting longitude and latitudes on all the residences. Checking for converted garages and the like. (Prior to that CB had been "helping himself" to property access with most neighbors at work all day.) Neighbor was suspicious but actually too dumb to see through the guy or the entire matter either. Elderly, and trusts too many. Couldn't hear whole conversation. CB left for "lunch", so I went over to talk to neighbor. Neighbor clueless about whole CB issue. Filled him in myself. CB says they're coming back. Just doing preliminary work since last census in 2000 left out lots of houses from the "grid". Here we go again with that word, "the grid", as in "smart grid"?? Curiously, CB did not go to all the houses in the neighborhood. Only some. Talk about profiling. I heard they are also putting stickers on mailboxes designating who's on the "list" as the govt puts it. Red dot stickers=you will be eliminated by the govt for non-compliance. Blue dot stickers=you will be placed in concentration camps for brainwashing. Yellow or pink dot stickers=you are compliant with the socialist/communist agenda and need minimal brainwashing. Anyone hear about this? I went around and checked out the mailboxes. Some indeed do have all these stickers. Very randomly placed. Mostly placed on rural post mailboxes. I haven't seen one yet on a house mailbox.

The CB GPS vehicle was in our neighborhood a few days ago as well, but it was at dusk. Presumably so that they wouldn't be spotted. Definitely a bit fishy, as they would sit in front of a house for a few moments, do something and then move on.

My wife went up and talked to them, as it was a bit creepy. But it's afoot.

Well Jack how much money for the 2010 census count is now up to $14.5
BILLION dollars. And that does not include the American Community Survey perpetual count.

Jack asked about the cost of this 'soviet government bull'.

Well so far the 2010 cost is up to $14.5 Billion dollars. Just for the 10 year count.

This does not include the cost for the ongoing perpetual American Communitty Survey.

I attempted to post a link to the article posted on line today, pu that didn't go through. Search for my two census.

A friend of mine is going though the beginning stages of ignoring these letters and little posted notes they leave on her doorknob. Thank god they don't have her cellphone number.
They state that the "survey" is authorized by "Title 13 Sections 141, 193 & 221 of the U.S. Code"
After reading the letters and notes they leave I decided to look it up as it seems very odd that they want this info so bad.

My friend's already very annoyed by this. The letters state that her apartment was selected randomly out of the entire building complex which has at least 80 apartments in total.

What set the alarm off in my head was the fact that her and I happen to be very aware and vocally open of the nwo and how government is rapidly expanding in an unconstitutional way in this country.
Reading a few of these comments above well really made me happy for lack of a better word.
I'm glad people are looking things up and doing the research rather then just doing what they're told. But sadly most people are still ignorant of the world around them, happy to live in make-believe till their govt comes knocking their door down and throwing you in jail or more likely a F.E.M.A camp for having a legally owned firearm in their home!

To all who have stumbled across this page while wondering what this garbage is that keeps being sent to you I just want to say first and for most that you are not alone in not wanting to give your personal information to some bozo claiming it's the LAW!

There is power in numbers and as long as we refuse to submit they are powerless, because remember they are only as strong as WE ALLOW them to be. THEY CAN'T THROW US ALL IN JAIL!
It is we the people who have power over OUR government not the other way around. It's ours lets take it back!

Don't ever complain about what your government is doing to you, instead ask yourself, why I am ALLOWING MY government to do this to me.

How is it that this is totally random and they have your phone number?
When they called, I have a visitor here, with a nice thick accent and when they called after a couple months of me ignoring the mailings....I had her say...no this is not the address you are calling.

So far they have been here 10 times. I caught her waiting in the car one day and just walked past.

They can not force me to open mail right??? THere is no law that says I have to read what is in my mailbox or attached to my door.

They came last Saturday, 3 times since, but on Saturday I answered the door and she said she was from the census bureau....I said I was taking a nap and to come later and closed the door.

When she finally gets me at the door....I am going to politely say...I have to use the toilet....and will use the same line until they send me registered mail.

I am going to call the number today from a pay phone and say that I am leaving the country for 3 months for vacation and that whatever they are selling...it looks urgent...I would like to hear their sales pitch when I return. I don't know what your selling lady...but...it looks like you are desperate...and I understand in these economic times it is tough....but it looks like insurance or something.....And sorry lady...I use the internet and if it isn't Netflix in my mail box it ends up in the garbage....so come back in September and we can talk about what you are selling.

When they finally catch me on the street, I will say that I am just visiting and taking care of the kid in the house....They can't pin me down....because they don't know who I am according to their random sampling!

They have your number because the CB contracts out to to telemarketing companies to find phone numbers which is why I don't list my number in my name. And yes, there is no law which requires you to read your mail, answer your phone or open your door.

Unlike most of you, my first encounter was someone knocking on my door. He introduced himself and said he wanted to ask some questions pertaining to the US census. He said it would take about 45 minutes and we need to do this inside. I told him no, I didn't have time for that. He said thats fine we can set up another time to do this. I told him for the sake of the census that 2 people lived here and that was all I could do for him and he left. Got a follow up letter and pamphlet 2 days later with a number to call. My phone is unlisted so I am not calling to give them my number as a previous poster advised. Will wait anxiously for their return.

Thus far, I've received two of the ACS forms from the Census Bureau. As with most of you, I saw the words "Required by law to respond" and that sent up the red flags. After reading through the contents of the survey, I was utterly appalled by how invasive it was. The guise under which this survey is presented - to assist with the placement of schools, fire stations, hospitals, etc - is absurd to the point of being downright insulting to one's intelligence.

I will not be filling out the survey. I will provide them with the information they require - the number of voting-age adults present in my home. Nothing more. Should they decide to pursue this matter - which I have no doubts they will - my wife and I are prepared to engage them on any front they decide to attack.

Thanks to all who commented here - you've armed me with some invaluable information. I'll post again when

Hi All.

Its almost 4 AM EST here. I got my ACS in the mail yesterday, opened it up tonight, and haven't been able to sleep since.

I cannot believe this...my options are to either fill this out (truthfully or with BS information), or prepare myself for 90 days worth of harassment!? What the hell?! I am furious over this. I don't want to answer it, but I also don't want my neighbors, guests, friends, etc. harassed when they come to visit. I also can't believe the hours of contact, people getting calls after 9 PM, before 6 AM...that is harassment, plain & simple. I guess I have to start mentally preparing myself for the fight.

I have to be up for work in 3 hours, and I'm debating calling out because I haven't sleep a wink since I opened this envelope earlier tonight. For the record, I'm a leftie but also a privacy advocate, and I can't believe this is legal. Just astonishing.

I fortunately have no land line, just an unlisted cell phone. But just to be on the safe side, I made a new number on Google Voice, which redirects to my cell, and gave it out only to the friends & family I call regularly. Any call directly to my cell and not to my GV number will be ignored and sent directly to voicemail. I also keep long hours at work and travel frequently, so that helps as well. Lastly, I have a gated drive to the back door of the house, so that will hopefully provide me with a safe, harassment free path to my property.

I am so livid right now. Let the 90 begin.


Mike - Hang in there, friend. Don't give up. When you have a chance, I do suggest that you vent your concerns to your elected officials regarding the ACS. In the meantime, make a "personal (or family) plan" on how you will handle and manage Phase II and Phase III of the pending harassment. It sounds like you are in Phase I (the mailings). Phase II for most people consists of phone calls, if the CB get acquire your phone number(s); more mailings may occur. Phase III, according to most "victims" is the WORST phase....this is when the census workers/field representatives begin ringing/knocking and walking around your property. Do you confront them (firmly, but politely)? Do you plan to ignore them (i.e. do not answer the door)? That's your choice. Read the numerous blog sites on the internet to help you make a decision. As for me....I think I am in the last week or so of Phase III. I decided NOT to respond and NOT answer the door. I throw anything away that does NOT have my name on it, regardless if it's left on my door, mailbox, vehicles, etc. So far, I have managed to evade the "gestapo." Their tactics and methods are HIGHLY instrusive and in one case criminal (tailgating my wife into our neighborhood at 8:35 PM, blocking her in our driveway, then trying to chase her on foot before she closed the garage door!)...so be prepared. Tell your neighbors what you are going through and ask them not to tell these people anything. I am still numb about the ACS and what's happening at the Census Bureau. It makes you wonder what the 2010 census will look like (which is not the same as the ACS).....I think it hits the streets next spring(?). Mike....you are NOT alone! You are standing tall with many other great Americans!

Mike, I guess my husband and I got off easier than a lot of people. We got our first survey in April 2009. My husband stuck it in a drawer. Two weeks later we got a reminder card in the mail. Two weeks after that we got another survey. We had no intentions of answering those invasive questions. Around Memorial Day we started getting phone calls. We got maybe 10-15 calls until they stopped in June, after three weeks. One man told my husband that he worked for the U.S. Government and my husband had to answer all the survey questions. My husband told him that he used to work for the U.S. Government in the military and he didn't have to answer anything. The last call we got was from a woman and my husband told her that three adults live here and that's all she needs to know. No more calls. We started bracing for visits, but nobody came and they didn't bother our neighbors, either. I don't know why the harrassment didn't continue unless they realized they were up against a hard-core military veteran who was set in his ways. Stay strong and don't let them intimidate you. What they are doing is wrong.

Only 1/3 of the number on non-responders actually get the visits. There's not enough time or money to contact all non-responders.

OMG. I am so glad I found this site. I thought I was alone because no one else here has gotten one and I have gotten my second phone call on Sunday evening. Now I am really ready to go at it.

We've received 2 copies of the ACS, a reminder card, 2 phone calls, 2 visits and a letter.

I've been extremely polite to the people involved. They are doing their job, and they have been polite in response.

The man who came to our house was cordial. When he told me that we could be fined, I told him that I understand. He said he'd have to mark us down as a refusal. Again, I told him that I understand. I told him the only thing we were comfortable with was reporting that there are four people who live in the house. He made a lot of small talk; I started wondering if he was fishing for answers that he could fill in "for us" so he wouldn't have to come back? (We live quite out of the way.) I told him straight out that we were not upset that he came to our house, that we understand he is doing his job, but that we won't be answering any of the questions.

He met my husband and me; he realizes that we are intelligent people who refuse to be bullied. The large American and Gadsden flags flying on the flagpole in the front yard might be an indicator that we won't go quietly into the night. :0)

I keep searching to see if I can find anyone who has actually been fined. Does anyone know?

No one has been fined for the ACS and the last one fine for failing to fill out the census was in 1960. It is a threat to improve the response rate.

Visited the blog after almost 1 year.
Wanted to check if there are any posts/thoughts regarding the impending 2010 census. Am sure its going to be just as intrusive.


I to am now going through the harassment cycle from the Census Bureau's ACS Survey.

I did some informational searches and found and found a site prepared for Our Government representatives by the Census Bureau so that they can respond to their constituents when they are contacted it's called "Congressional Tool Kit" website

Question 10 from Answers to Common Questions Submitted by Constituents is very telling specially the last paragraph:
"The census bureau is not a prosecuting agency. Failure to provide information is not likely to result in a fine. The Census Bureau staff work to achieve cooperation and high response rates by helping the public understand that responding to the ACS is a matter of Civic responsibility, and prefers to encourage participation in this manner rather then prosecution."

From what I have been reading for the last hour I'm sure we all can agree that the C.B. has only our best interest when they continually call, show up at your do, leave letters with threats of fines and punishment for failure of compliance.

Stay the course, be strong, challenge complacency at all levels, call the police, file a complaint, and contact your representatives. Maybe we should start a grass roots coalition to fight this intrusive collection of information.

john keep reading. There is more to discover. I've been researching this stuff for over 2 years. The CB actually has its best interest in mind, not ours. We are the guinea pigs for all the behavioral, social and economic scientists out there. Add to that all the data mining marketers. The CB is being used as a front to deliberately invade our privacy. Further, these very scientists laugh at us for being stupid enough to fall for the threats and fill out the survey.

The American Community Surrvey i recieved one it had all cap address all cap is not my ADDRESS so i pitched it in stove on saturday oct 10 6pm a woman showed up stated she was from Census and she wonted to search my home she coundnt show me ID i told her i was cooking dinner for my family and to leave she said no i am staying ill join you for dinner i said no way please leave i had to get very rud to her and ask her if she had a worrent she said no i then got mad called her a nazi bitch get the fuck off my property told her people like you destoy my rights i said fuck you bitch get the fuck out of her after about hour of this she finelly lifted but she kept driving by my property servil times like she was casing my 40 acers out

then i get a threatening letter from these bitches it states

Dear Mr xxx
Recently a Census rep visited your household in an attempt to collect data for the ACS with this letter we hope to explain the purpose of this MANDATORY survey to explain why your participation is SO important.
as you can see no personal info is published
The primary goal of the survey is to provide up to date statistical profiles of the people in your community on subjects like housing conditions, educational attainment, commuting patterns, andemployment status, this info is needed by your community, county, and state as well the nation, to plan and evaluate programs at all levels

A federal law( title 13, United States Code) authorizes the Census to conduct this survey and requires that you participate in the survey This law also requires that census employees keep all surey answers confidental bt not allowing any other goverment agency or count system access to your answers your support is needed your contribution is valuable and valued.

Due to the importance of this survey, we would appreciate it very much if youwould call our field rep Darlene Johnson 541 473-3493

survey supervisors Mara Hotchkiss, Nicole Banks, or Calaera Powroznik at 1-800-233-3308 press 13

if you do not do this survey you can be fined up to 5000 dollar fine

Ralp J Lee
Regional Director

bullshit i am not doing this survey they can fine me (can they get blood out of a turnup) this is UnConstituutional and a threat

I for got to add Darlene Johnson she states that she took a oath to pertect I also to a Oath when i joined the army and surved my counrty and got hurt blow my knee out and my records got destoyed by Bush i been fighting VA for 10 years and still fighting them for my benifits
i am also a disabled depribe viet cenis kiss my ass you took a oath to pretect the Con not to destoy it Mis Bitch Johnson Census Bureau bitch


In case you haven't already looked the names and numbers up; Ralph J Lee is the regional Census Bureau head of the Seattle office. The 800-233-3308 number also goes the the Seattle office.

Darlene Johnson's 541-473-3493 number is to the little town of Vale, Oregon. She must be a field rep. You can call the local sherrif and tell them you want this person trespassed from your property. She has no authority to remain at your home once she has been told to leave, nobody without a warrent does. Report her actions.

Now to the basic facts. Ralph is lying to you. The Census Bureau hasn't attempted to have anyone fined for more than 50 years. They don't even have any enforcement powers and would have to petition some other agency to issue a fine, and they aren't going to start with you. They absolutely will not risk any bad publicity prior to next year's 10 year census.

You don't have to tell them anything and they can't do anything about it.

Do you like being pushed around with hollow threats from bullies? Tell them firmly where to get off, and they will. Once they know that you are onto the game and will not cooperate they will move on to scaring little old ladies again.

Well, there it is... the first piece of honesty from the CB folks.

" The PRIMARY GOAL is to provide up to date statistical PROFILES of people in your community on subjects like housing conditions, educational attainment, commuting patterns and employment status."

The Constitution does not allow for these inquisitive minds to probe and collect personal profiles. The choices people make in constructing their lives ARE NOT FODDER FOR STUDY by a bunch of gov employees to maintain their year round employment. GET A REAL JOB!!! As far as I can see, the collection of this data has served to make life miserable for the rest of us by the over spending of the money that WE make and contributed to this depressed economy. The CB and all the elected officials can take their "nanny state" programs and shove it!!!!!

Before the nice lady at the ACS hung up, she informed me that I had been listed as refusing to answer the survey.
We may decide to not answer the survey and in doing so we are breaking the law. I honestly don't think that the Office of Management and Budget are trying to become "BIG BROTHER", they just love to collect information thinking that it will help the under privileged. In doing so they are encouraging "BIG GOVERNMENT".
A 2008 statement by Susan E. Dudley, Administrator, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs U.S. Office of Management and Budget before a subcommittee about "Does Federal Statistical Data Adequately Serve People Living with Disabilities?", provides some insight into the thinking. She give high praise to the ACS and makes it clear that the ACS has replaced the Decennial Census long form and will provide data annually, rather than only once a decade. Her goal is to focus on the non-institutionalized population ages 18 and over for the health status and including obesity, risk behaviors such as smoking and alcohol use, insurance coverage, and access to health care.
I noted that lack of insurance coverage has now been lumped into a categtory with smoking and drinking as a bad thing. The question then becomes do we have the freedom to do things that are bad for us? And how far should we let government go in enforcing this.
After reading the statement on the back of the form, and checking out approval number from the Office of Management and Budget, OMB No. 0607-0810 I discovered that it had expired on 5/31/2008.
OMB NO: 0607-0810 EXPIRATION DATE: 05/31/2008 RESPS:3,160,610 HOURS:1,917,410 COSTS(000):$0 The American Community Survey FORMS: ACS-1 ACS-1SP ACS-1PR ACS- 1PR(SP) ACS-290 ACS-1GQ ACS-4GQ

The date on form ACS-1 is 05-22-2008. Maybe 05/31/2008 was the date that they finished the review. If this is the case, it took one week to review and approve this form. Are the hours then the man hours spent on the approval process? I could not find any explanation of this information.

The little lady and I received the initial survey in the mail yesterday. I am encouraged by the comments in this thread and will document the activities and actions that occur. I hope we can help one another through these posts.

Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day. - Thomas Jefferson

H.R.3131 - To make participation in the American Community Survey voluntary, except with respect to certain basic questions.


Unfortunately, that bill probably won't even get to the floor for a vote. But don't worry, the mandatory was add to the survey to increase response rates and with the stipulation that no one would be fined. In order to have a nanny state one needs data on those who can be persuaded to take handouts. The gov that can give you all you want is big enough to take all you have. The insurance question wasn't added for grins.

I am so glad I found this site! I just recieved my 28 page book in the mail this week. I could not believe the questions it had! I will not give out the info they are asking for, they can kiss my happy ass! I am a bit nervous after reading some of the comments, but I refuse to tell them all that info. I have never heard of this until I recieved it in the mail. I do not know anyone that has recieved one other then myself. I have asked people if they recieved one, and they look at me like I am nuts. I will keep up with this website, just in case I need some encouragement :)
God Bless America!

Mindy, you have come to the right place. You'll do just fine.

My experience may help others decide how to deal with this inherently unconsitutional "survey" and it's accompanying "law."

I received the highly intrusive survey in the mail. I duly ignored it.

After a couple of weeks I received a phone call. The nice bureaucrat was polite and never mentioned any legal implications. I declined the phone interview and continued to ignore the mailed survey.

The systematic phase of non-stop phone calls then began. Utlizing that revolutionary new technology known as Caller Id, I simply screened any number I did not recognize as someone I know. The cowards could not even take the time to leave a message 98% of the time. I continued to ignore the mailed survey, and anticipated the expected "field representative" visit with building bemusement. She showed up after only about 2 weeks of harassing phone calls.

I agreed in principle to answer only those questions that appeared on the 2000 decennial long form, and she accepted "refused" for anything else. In fact, I gave her even less than the principle would suggest - no names and no $ amounts of any kind. The nice bureaucrat accepted "refused" as a standard, valid answer on her nice little laptop. She made no mention of any legal implications. *She also volunteered the refusal rate is very high in general*

We’ll see if they come back with any legal threats. Not likely, I think. More likely, this is just a predictable story of nice little bureaucrats reaching beyond their constitutional bounds, and knowing it. The thing every true citizen must do now is give the nice little bureaucrats the minimum they need to check their little procedural boxes AND JOIN THE GROWING GRASS ROOTS MOVEMENT TO ELECT LAWMAKERS AND EXECUTIVES WITH THE CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLES TO REIGN IN STUFF LIKE THIS! Taking over Congress in 2010 will be a good start. As for me, I’ll be joining the crowd of “dangerous right-wing extremists” paying a visit to Nanny Pelosi and the Capitol tomorrow. It's time to make the Constitution relevant again.

Excerpts from my letter to my congressmen after the Census worker attempted to enter my home today by force:

Senator XXX,

[Personal info removed]

I am writing to request that you and Sen. YYY and Rep. ZZZ please call off the Census Bureau people who have been harassing my wife and me for the past 3 months. Today, one of the Census Bureau representatives attempted to enter my home here in XYZ, MD by force. This is completely unacceptable behavior on the part of anyone who claims to represent the USG.

In spite of the Census workers insistence, we did not receive the so-called American Community Survey documents in the mail, so we did not respond to this "random" survey (which begs the question - if it is random, how can it possibly be a census?).

After many phone calls from the Census Bureau, wherein the caller either left no message (our caller ID showed it was the Census Bureau) or the caller left threatening messages, which we did not respond to, they have started sending Census workers to our residence. When the first one showed up, I answered his questions about how many adults live at this address... He then started to ask me all sorts of intrusive personal questions, which I refused to answer. After my refusal to answer questions that go far beyond the scope and spirit of the US Constitutional requirement, he threatened me with jail and massive monetary fines. I sent him packing.

He returned many times while we were at work or away from home, leaving many threatening notes and demands that I contact him to complete this "survey". As a result, I looked up the ACS online and was absolutely astonished and horrified at the types of questions being asked and how many, and the intrusive and personal nature of this entire document. I was also aghast at the threats included against citizens in this document. The questions contained in this document have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the Constitutional requirement to enumerate the population every 10 years for the purpose of apportioning representation in the Congress.

Because of the intrusive and personal nature of these questions, I and my wife have not and will not answer them. We have provided everything that is actually required for a census as laid out in the US Constitution. We will not provide any other information to these harassers.

Once it became clear that I would not answer these questions for the first Census worker, a female worker began leaving notes on our door, insisting that we are required by law, under penalty of jail sentences and heavy fines, to answer the questions contained in this noxious and patently un-American "survey". Today, she finally caught us at home, and after being told that we will not complete the survey or talk to her, she refused to leave the property, began pounding on the door and yelling and demanding that we answer her questions. After restraining my dogs, I went to the door to tell her again to leave, and she attempted to force her way into my house. She left only when I picked up the telephone to call the local police, but again left threatening notes on my door.

It is time to call off these dogs. This "survey" is way out-of-bounds, and these petty tyrants who are attempting to collect information they have no right to or need for, are over the top. The next time they come by, I will not wait to ask them to leave; I will call the police immediately.

I have never been so shabbily treated by my own government, and certainly never expected to be. This is a government agency that is clearly out of control and needs to be severely curtailed, if not eliminated altogether. Perhaps that should be the goal of a future bill in Congress. In the meantime, I am asking that your office contact the Census Bureau and stand them down. I will provide the names of the Census workers who have been so aggressive and intrusive if you need them

Thank you for your assistance in this distasteful matter.

(Yep, another "dangerous right-wing extremist", who believes the government needs to stay out of my life)

DS, Wow! Your treatment by the CB field rep was way over the top. They are taught to be persistent but yours was abusive. You won't be fined or jailed for failing to respond to the survey and you should be free of them by the 1st of Dec.


TKS for the encouragement. I chalked this up to their last desperate attempt to get us to respond to that outrageous survey. I'm not worried about the outcome, but my spousal unit is nervous. The womanazi tried to call us three times after finally leaving, but caller ID is a great thing :-)

I would like to see this person disciplined, but I suppose she'll just go harass and intimidate some other poor schmuck now. We could probably balance the budget if we'd get rid of all the unnecessary government agencies, which is to say, about 90% of them, starting with the Census Bureau (temp employment every 10 years should work for an actual census).


So, for all of us that refuse this, being 'randomly' selected, they will now have us on an even more limited list. Who is to say that they won't prosecute this later when they do have the funds and the resources allocated for this? What is the Statute of Limitations for refusing this Legal Survey? Also, for those of you who are just filling out the number of people, why? This can't be a Census, it isn't a Census year. You will have to just fill it out again with the Constitutionally mandated 2010 Census. They can't need this info twice in a year, so the number of people can't be the point of this "Survey". It has to be to gather the other information.

Paul, the info is used to employ social, behavioral and economic scientists. The subcommittee which allowed the CB to use the "mandatory" on the survey did so with the stipulation that no one would be fined for not responding. The treats are to encourage compliance. They want the info not fines. Too many groups wait for the release of this data from the CB each year. The CB uses their surveys to keep their budgets and staff increasing.

Thanks Cathy, I have read your years worth of helpful information posts. I assume the 90 day cycle is still the norm and that there has been no changes in the CB's tatics? I am expecting my 2nd survey in the mail any day. No phone calls that I know of yet. I can't imagine just filling in the number of people as I expect to have to do that anyway in 2010? Thanks again. Paul

Got my first visit today, never got a mail in survey. I am one who will dish out as much as they give so,I am looking forward to it.
Follow them to their house and stop by all the time just to tell them I'm still
not answering the questions !!!!!

Refused two mailings, got the phone call, refused any compliance, told the poor woman to save us both a lot of time and just send police or IRS agents to deal with me because I will not answer any of these questions, ever. She reminded me that my compliance was mandatory, I reminded her that I'm a free man in a free country, and that compliance with Jim Crow laws was once mandatory; don;t think she appreciated that comment, noted me again as a refusal and hung up.

"A census taker once tried to test me . . . I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti."

Hello everyone!
FYI I'm a 52yo Honorably Discharged Disabled Veteran.

I gave the best years of my life in service of my Country.

I am ashamed of what our govt has done and continues to do to us.

ALL OF US.!!!!

Although I have no children, I fear the future will be bleak for all of them.

Got the "survey" back in November 09. Kept it lying around.
I must mention here that even though I NEVER received a survey form before this one, I was hassled back in '01 when I lived in the city by some lady with a clipboard and a "Census Bureau" badge. I told her to leave or I would call the law. Never heard from them again till now.

I now live WAY out in the styx, like 11 miles from the nearest gas station/convenience store. In the Northwoods.............

I found these posts back in December after receiving the intrusive "questionnaire." Best comments on this subject to date, and thanks to all who posted, as there isn't much else out there.

The first personal contact this year was on Jan 10. at about 3 in the afternoon. I wrote down the lady's name, from her DL, noted the make, model, color, year of her car, her tag# and then politely asked her to leave or I would call the sheriff's department and report her as a hostile trespasser. I had the phone in my hand. She looked like a librarian, so I took it easy on her. She offered a parting handshake, I withdrew. She said her supervisor would call. She couldn't get out of the driveway fast enough. She almost got stuck in the snow!

I spoke with my attorney after this first visit and he said that I don't have to answer any questions from any Govt official except under oath, and in his presence. Even if I was under arrest he said, I wouldn't have to utter a word without him there.

Had another visit by the census taker today, Jan 18 2010 about 2:15pm this time a man. He almost walked right up on me as I was stacking firewood into my quad-trailer. (I should be more wary..) "Excuse me sir," he says, trudging through the snow as he is showing his little ACS badge "I was wondering if..." ..I loudly cut him off.." You are trespassing!" I told him, pointing at the road, "Get out of here" I said loudly. He said "I only want to ask you a few questions," and that "he didn't even need to know my real name." (Well I knew he had that info right in front of him on his clipboard, so now he is also trying to play me for a dumb*ss)

Now I'm getting pissed...... so I went into yelling at the guy and telling him to get the hell off my property. I told him he was wasting my time, and said I wouldn't answer any questions unless it was in front of my lawyer and my accountant and on his nickel. He said "he wasn't going to pay for anything," I said "neither was I." "I already pay enough in taxes" I said, and repeated that he was wasting my time. He said "he would send someone else," I said, good and that I would tell them the exact same thing.

He continued, saying that I "only had to answer a few of the questions," but I told him again that unless I was under arrest, or had a court-ordered subpoena to answer, that I would tell him NOTHING! Especially without my attorney present. He waded off through the snow towards his vehicle saying I "would hear from them again." Didn't get his name this time, but I got his tag # and Y, M, M, color of his car.

Will post again regarding this.

Thank you all for your posts and for giving me the impetus to stand up to these goons.



Recipients of the American Community Survey are told several times that the information given is necessary for the operation of our government, is very secure and is kept private. What they don't tell you is that the information is available to a long list of private corporation, research agencies and think tanks, who use the information to justify and pursue their own agendas.

You may have noticed over the past week on the news, many articles about the new situation in American families where the wife is now the major bread winner/wage earner. Other articles have slanted this to be a case of "men marrying into money".

Where did this information come from and why is it on the news? It came from data mining by the Pew Research Center. Where did they get the data? From the American Community Survey and your tax dollars at work. Look at the listed source on the graphs in this article.

I don't think it's right for the government to be snooping in my personal private life . I don't tell my mother anything about my life and i'm 54 .Why would they have a right to know who i bump uglys with or who i sleep with or where i sleep . Why does it matter how many bedrooms you have or which one in the house you sleep in . What are they planning ? Are they going to come and drag us out of our beds and kill us or what ? This all scares me and i will be on the move . I'm homeless now and sleep where ever i land , guess i will just stay a few nites here and there now .

I have read several posts regarding the Public Servant's Questionnaire, with the idea being to give this to the Census worker who is administrating the ACS. It looks great, and I imagine the CB person wouldn't fill it out, BUT, I've also read that you need to request they fill this PQS out in your presence, and if they take the time to fill it out, you would then be obligated to answer the ACS for them! Is this a better chance to take than just saying No? It doesn't sound like you can do both. Necessary to get them to comply with the PQS, is the understanding that you aren't refusing the ACS. I like the thought of handing this form to a CB worker, but wouldn't want them to fill it out and then get on to their real business of getting my information?!

Paul, don't waste your time with the CB reps. Either ignore them or tell them no.

Man, the phone calls have stopped and nobody bothered to come and knock on my door. Shame, I've been kinda hungry lately.

I'm also a U.S. citizen being harrassed by my own Government. I've gotten the mailings and phone calls and have ignored all. Also, I have been ignored by Sen. Casey(Pa.) and Rep. Holden (Pa.) but both being Dems. probably answers that. My question is with as many people under this undue attack by our own Government, why haven't the talk show pundents i.e. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannady, Bill o'Reilly, Glenn beck, and our own public officials not standing up to this tyranny???


Beck did do a story as did Neil Cavuto during this past summer. They both interviewed Michelle Backmann who is leading the current charge against this. Ron Paul has been against this from the beginning. World Net Daily has some old articles on the ACS. A site called Survival Arts (currently broken) has a running commentary dating back to 2004, when testing for the survey began. The CB has its Rapid Response Team, which it uses to convince any news or wayward politicians of the benefits of the survey. Our public officials are responsible for the tyranny! The ACS is just the old census long form on steroids. This personal data is what drives the reasoning behind all the nanny state programs and contributed to the housing bubble along with the subprime loans. There are a number of groups which support the collection of ACS info. They lobby congress and even contribute questions for consideration for future surveys. The CB even tries to study those who refuse to participate, in an effort to develop techniques to conquer the resistance. I plan to only answer the enumeration question on the up coming 2010 census.

cathy, Thank you for your information. I usually listen to those people to keep informed and must have missed it. It just goes to show how dangerous apathy is. Until we are directly involved, we don't pay close enough attention. We all think our own Government could never be oppressive, but I think we are seeing that right now. Vigilance is the key! This web site helps to know you're not alone. Thanks again.

Check out post 109 from Tyler on this site.

My ACS-1 form is also numbered OMB No. 0607-0810. The Office of Management and Budget does list this form number as Expired 5/31/2008. Has anyone else come across this as another means for refusal to fill out?

It appears from this web site, that the new expiration date for the ACS-1 form 0607-0810 is 7/31/2011. It looks as if they've extended the deadline? Probably still best to just avoid talking to the CB reps.

Well, I stepped out to take my dog to the vet and when I got back there was a business card stuck in my door, with a little note written on the back to please call, "no matter what time of the day or night" . . . "I just need a few minutes of your time."


UPDATE: Note only did the Big Brother drone leave a business card on my door, but she also harassed a few of my neighbors as well. She asked, almost in a demanding tone, where I was and when I would be home (as if somehow they knew). She also instructed them to make sure I was informed of her visit as if somehow it was their responsibility. This is truly unbelievable. The bonus is that she drove about 45 minutes just to get to my house. LOL

We went through the ACS in July 09. Boy was it upsetting as we both thought the FBI would be comming at any moment. Folks, there are way more of us than their are of them. They give up in 90 days. If they came after each of us the courts would be so choked up and it would cost the Gov't so much money. Take heart, things are changing. I actually look forward to the Census. We are Americans so stand up for our country and oppose those who would ABUSE US. I survived the ACS.

It's Super Bowl Sunday and someone's is at my door knocking! Bawahahahahahahahahahahahaha

She left another card on my door indicating she is available 24 hours day, seven days a week. Hmmmm . . . you would think that sounds tempting, but my neighbor informed me she had all of four teeth up front. I don't think I'll be making that call.

My first field rep came on Saturday. I opened the door, went out on the porch and talked to him. He was nice enough and said he would put me down as a refual. I told him I wasn't refusing the 2010 Census or the CB, just refusing to give HIM any informaton, not knowing him or his laptop. I asked him when he might return and he said he wouldn't. I imagine his supervisor will stop by next. My 90 day cycle is up at the end of Feb., and it is cold and snowy here, so maybe they are giving up early...

Is it really THAT important to Big Brother to know how many bathrooms I have in my home? Apparently not, as I got my third visit in less than a week. I just didn't answer the door. I figured it was the Census Bureau or someone selling girl scout cookies. (Mmmm cookies) Anyway, I was right. After a few minutes I walked to the door and once again there was a business card stuck in it. The note written on it practically begged me to her call and that she promised to type fast. Well, she is persistent I'll give here that.

You know it isn't only the intrusive nature of the ACS, but they way the government is going about attempting to gather the information. First, ask relevant questions and maybe if you ask nicely and make the responses voluntary, you might get some answers. However, you are not gonna get me to comply via the threat of fine, coercion and harassment. Did I wake up in China today? Is this Nazi Germany?

You know, a lot of people may say (usually the mindless sheep) to just go ahead and answer the questions, "it's no big deal." Ah, but it is. You see the erosion of one's freedom and liberty does not happen overnight. It starts with the asking (in this case imposing) seemingly innocuous questions now. Go ahead, give a little now, but in time the demands will be greater and then finally more and more people will ask, "How did it ever come to this?" And our response will then be, "You just didn't care."

After the field rep on Saturday, I received my overnight FedEx letter on tuesday. I imagine the supervisor will be stopping by next. The letter didn't say that I refused the questions, only that I didn't want to participate in the 'survey'! 2-1/2 weeks left in my 90 day cycle. I'm sure glad that Feburary is a short month!

Hang in there Paul. I just had visit #4 while I was out for a run. This time the rep made a pity plea, saying she was a senior citizen with 4 grandchildren, and that she really needed to keep this job as they are counting on her for food. I hate to be completely insensitive to her situation, but my right to privacy is paramount here. I thought about leaving a note on the door for her next visit indicating that I was not going to voluntarily submit to the ACS interrogation. However, I know she is not going to lose her job and I just do not even want to provide anything directly to them in writing.

If they happen to catch me either coming or leaving my house, then we'll have out little confrontation. (Which I must admit, I'm kinda looking forward to.) However, until then there is simply no law that requires me to open my mail, answer my phone or open my door.

Just had visit #5 in 9 days from Big Brother. I was about to jump in the shower when the doorbell rang. I smiled. I had a really nice and long hot shower. How long was I in the shower? I ain't telling you, you nosey peeps. Mind your own business. LOL

Louis, you could just answer the door and say no. That's what I did, and I've only had the one visit. I expect another this weekend, but it hasn't happened yet. I had my one and only visit over a week ago. If you haven't made contact, they will just keep coming! (Though this may be fun as well I guess.)

I feel like The Count from Sesame Street. That's six, SIX visits. Muhahahahahahahahaha

I just had my eigth phone call in two months and no visits yet, but I expect they will start soon. They are relentless and oppressive. This is SO UNAMERICAN!! Why isn't there a good Constitutional lawyer out there, that could submit a CLASS ACTION against these twerps? Probably because lawyers know this Aministration will block TORT REFORM and don't want to ruffle feathers? We are being abused big time by our Government!! It's time for pitch forks, tar and feathers!! It's called freedom of speech and I just had to get that off my chest.

Just had to share this, Christopher Walken on How to Complete a Census.

Oh and Glenn, you can't file a class action here. Actually, someone needs to get fined first for failing to comply before they can challenge the law on Constitutional grounds.

Until someone is fined no one has standing to bring any court action against the CB for the survey. The threat of a fine is there to get residents to comply by completing the survey. Fear is a great tool and the CB knows it.

Had visit #7 today, but I wasn't home. My neighbors who were outside said that after knocking on my door, she walked around to the back of my house. She waited about 15 minutes and pestered them with questions as well.

I had posted a notice on my front door to educate whomever that the Constitution guarantees each citizen the right to privacy. The note she left on my door said that her office says "I can't opt out UNLESS I GUARANTEE I will never drive on any street, use any public transportation, never visit a hospital, use an EMT of ambulance, or any other service CONTROLLED BY THIS SURVEY."

Gonna leave a bucket of sand with note: "Pound This"

Well, finally got my FedEx letter telling me why my participation in the ACS is so critical. I love how that actually believe that by "selecting a household sample to represent ALL households, we can obtain needed information at relatively low cost. Since each household in the sample represents many others (really?), the accuracy of the survey depends upon getting as many interviews as possible." They actually believe this nonsense?

But here's my favorite line, "If we can provide decision makers with good data, they stand a much better chance of making sound , rational decisions that ultimately affect us all." That gold right there, pure gold.

UPDATE: Just had visit #8. Must be a different person as this one had teeth. I had the camcorder ready and opened the door. The nice lady politely asked me if I had received the ACS and I politely told her I was not participating in it. She then asked if she could ask me 3 questions and I told her she could ask me 1: How many people live here? With that said, she said thank you and goodbye.

I know some people may think that resisting the census and ACS is silly, but it really isn't. We have rights, and we must protect them from those that would try to take them.

We've received our American Community Survey (twice) Plus reminders that it's the law requiring us to fill it out as soon as possible and return it. I've called our Senator, and it was suggested I write requesting a change or amendment in Title 13 us code section 141 and 193. I've done that; listing the reasons we're against this inquisition and we will not be responding. I'm not contacting the 800 number given on the survey "if we have any questions", hoping that might eliminate some of their follow up tactics.
I'm not usually a confrontational type of person, but this survey is appalling!
If we are going to be harrassed about this, I'll contact the media. I'd be intererested if there's any group of people getting legal help to avoid fines, harrassment, and to make this threatening survey illegal.
Thank goodness for this site where I can see we're not alone in our indignation and outrage.
If we go down, it will be protesting to the end. Bring it on!

There are no fines. Anyone being fined would then have standing to bring a suit in the courts. This survey was designed to run under the radar, so that the people receiving it would feel isolated and intimidated enough to comply. I have yet to be fined after 3 years and you won't be fined either. A court case would end this survey and the CB doesn't want that since too many groups want the info the survey provides.

Thanks, cathy... I'm glad to know that about the fines... been searching posts on the internet to see if anyone had actually paid fines. I'll put up with the nuisance aspect of this because we're so against it.
Doesn't this violate the 4th amendment?

The ACS violates the Constitution in a number of ways. Since the site with the longest running commentary (Survival Arts) is not available, it might be time for a summary of the ACS.
The ACs was developed because of the backlash from the 2000 census long form. The CB feared that the public would boycott the census because of the intrusive questions. The Cb was given permission to use "mandatory" on the ACS by the Senate subcommittee, with the stipulation that no fines would be imposed. Imagine the backlash if one person gets fined.
Look at the language used on the survey. It is designed to cause fear and panic. "Require by Law"! "Mandatory"!
The CB uses a 3 step approach to gain compliance.
First - guilt; You'll be depriving your community of federal funds. It will be your fault that your community won't have schools, roads, community centers because you were too selfish to supply your info.
2nd - Just like jury duty, it is your civic duty to help your community.
3rd - Required by law; You must answer the CB questions. Title 13, title 18, It's the LAW. You'll get fined!!!!
Baloney, baloney, baloney! Anyone applying for a government program is required to give personal info to be a part of that program. The mandates for those programs have been hijacked by the ACS to troll for individuals who qualify for those programs. The gov seems to have a problem understanding that just because a program exist, doesn't mean that those who qualify will want to participate. Just because it is a good idea, it doesn't mean that it should become a gov program!

The ACS is used to discover targeted profiles; elderly, residences with large families.... to inflict more surveys.

Why doesn't the media care about this? Because the media uses the info collected to write articles. If the media prints a critical article, then the CB's Rapid Response team will swoop in and set them straight.

Why doesn't your elected official care about this? Well, because the CB will explain the benefits of this info for the politicians' re-election efforts. Makes it easier to pander to constituents.

Who else wants this info? DATA- JUNKIES!
Every social, behavioral and economic scientist on the planet. These people would invade every aspect of our lives. They whine about the survey not contain more questions. A group studying marriage had the marital history questions added last year.
Marketeers just love knowing where to target advertising.

In addition to the run of the mill CB field rep, there is the Refusal Specialist. This individual tries to find out why a resident is refusing. The CB thinks that there is a way to develop additional techniques to get compliance.

So the CB's Extortion ring uses 90 day harassment cycle to gain cooperation through any means necessary. It does end and things do go back to normal. Ignore them or tell them to get lost or get a warrant. The CB under reports the actual number of residences which refuse.

Thanks for your information... very informative/ How did you figure all this out? This really makes sense. Do you mind if I copy it?

Copy away. This is just a small part of the research I have done since receiving the survey. Thanks to the Freedom of Info Act, lots of the government stuff is available on-line. This info also came from published papers and power points from conferences. Data users have written books about the CB surveys. I could write more on what happens to the collected info and who uses it. Information is power; the power to know the enemy. Just as the CB studies us, I study them. I was sooooo angry about receiving the survey, that I needed to learn all I could about it and in doing so, found so much more. The housing bubble is directly connected to info collected about home ownership. The Constitution requires a population count. It does not require that we disclose our names, ages, race, gender, country of origin, home ownership or any other info about how we have constructed our lives. The more the gov knows, the more it wants to study, influence or control.

As far as it being private/confidential here is the USCB site to request the info. As far as all else, thank god for caller ID!

I received nearly 30 calls in one day alone from several different area codes after I failed to return either of the 2 "surveys" mailed to me. One voice message left me was using my real name even though my Telephone had been in my cousin's name since we cohabited 20 years prior!

(I just kept the phone in his name - cheaper than unlisted #) proving they're tentacles access all public records like taxes, utilities, driver's license, hell magazine subscriptions for all I know! My only answer when/if they do knock is "One armed adult male and one dog." L8R

Thanks, cathy... I've copied it and I'll advise anyone I know to ignore the acs if it comes to them. And now, I'm suspicious of what's behind every survey. Seems we've been getting a lot of recorded ones on the telephone that are about numerous subjects. I never respond to electronic attemps at conversing. Some of these are so rude as to go right ahead with their short survey as soon as you answer the telephone. I suppose we'lll have to get caller ID.
Have you thought about writing a book? But then you would have to be dealing with publishers that are probably benefiting from surveys themselves.
Again, thanks. I feel a lot more comfortable now with ignoring the acs and not anxious about impending fines. Keep spreading the word.

Thanks Jeanette. If I can help relieve the panic, then I have done my job. I do recommend caller ID or just ditching the land line. The CB defines an occupied residence as one with a land line.
After refusing the ACS, I received a postal survey. I don't do surveys or political polls. As for writing a book - hmmm. The writing I do on various anti- ACS blogs satisfies my writing need. I enjoy doing the research more.

I just read the 10 questions of the 2010 Census. Why do they need Names and DOB, Race, Phone Number, If the residence is rented/owned...

I will provide the Number of People, and Sex of each person. I do not want to provide any other information.

Any thoughts on this?


Why do they need names, DOB, race, phone number and rent/own?
The CB justifies the asking of questions by saying that they have always asked questions.
Name and phone number are administrative questions which allows the CB to contact individuals to verify the accuracy of the answers and to identify senior citizens.
DOB is a check on the age; in case the individual makes a math error.
Race/country of origin and specifically Hispanic are questions demanded by the social scientists. There is a map of the USA showing the distribution of individuals divided by ethnic identification. Various ethnic groups (like La Raza) want to know where their members are. Political elites want to know the ethnic background of their constituents to pander, pander, pander.
Tenure (own/rent) measures accumulated wealth. This question is directly responsible the housing bubble and banking crisis. Political elites thought that they could increase the rate of home ownership especially in poorer neighborhoods by mandating that banks grant loans to those who didn't qualify under normal lending rules. What the gov doesn't understand is that some people who can afford homes may not desire to purchase them and many who want homes may never be able to afford them. Every time the gov tries to level the playing field, in damages that field instead. Intervention creates more intervention by the unintended consequences.

The Constitution requires that the population be counted, not counted by category so that congressional districts are gerrymandered.

I intend to answer ONLY the number of people. It is none of the gov's business what I consider my race to be, my age, relationship to others who may share my residence or whether I rent or own! My country of origin is the USA. I am an American. I value the Constitution. I just wish the elected political elites who took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution actually valued the Constitution as well.

I just received this survey last week for the first time and could not believe what I what holding. It was GIANT. Then read through it and could not believe what I was reading and that I was REQUIRED BY LAW to answer the questions. I could not believe that, AT ALL. So, here I am. I found this site and thank everyone who has given information about this on here. I will not be answering the questions on this survey; however, I do want to know: Should I answer the "how many people and sex of each" question on it? I believe this is IN ADDITION TO the regular census, so it would seem I could throw this in the garbage and wait for the other one?

Thanks in advance for any responses to my questions.


Welcome to the resistance Shannon. To answer your question, I didn't answer any of the questions on the ACS. The Census bureau is free to count heads every 10 years as the Constitution permits. Everyone should resist any inquisitions made before the appointed time. And when the Census does make the rounds answer one, and only one question, how many people live here?

We too received the ACS form back in Early November. I sat down one evening to fill out my required form as any good American would, I was however shocked and highly uncomfortable with the nature of the questions and the amount of extremely personal questions required. I was highly taken back by the threat of fines and jail in order to gain compliance.

I filled out the form with only the number of residents living in my home, nothing more and sent it back and began to research the ACS rights and my rights as a citizen and waited. Sure enough, just as the others have described on this forum it began to happen to me just like clockwork. They only have one playbook. We received the original form first, followed by one month of very harassing telephone calls where I was threatened with fact that this a mandatory survey and that I will be fined for not completing the survey. On every call the ACS worker was trying very hard to get me to take the survey over the phone and that this would be over. I held by ground with the same story every time that I was not willing to take part in their survey and as an American I was protected by the Constitution and as such I did not have to reveal to them any information.

The phone calls lasted one month, have you heard this part before? Then the visits started. I received a total of three visits before I had a very short conversation with the ACS worker (he finally found me at home) where I told him the same story I had with the workers on the phone. After he realized that he was getting nowhere with me and that I was not going to complete the survey, he thanked me and left.

That was three weeks ago and I believe that this ordeal is now over. This site has helped embolden me to stand up to the ACS. I knew when I first sat down to fill it out that this was just wrong. Stand up to the ACS! Be polite, but firm and never, ever be afraid of them. Their threats are empty ands soon it will be over for you as well.

Shannon, you received your first ACS, not the 2010 Census, that will come this month. You will get your second copy of the ACS in two weeks. (I didn't answer the enumeration questions, or any others, on the ACS, as the number of people can be answered on the Census.) Next, you'll have a month of phone calls and a month of visits, unless you make contact and just say no. My 90 days ended yesterday with (hopefully) the last phone calls. I had 2 surveys, numerous posts cards, endless unanswered phone calls, but only one visit. I politely told him no and he left. I then received the FedEx overnight letter which gave me more names to call! Lastly I have been receiving phone calls from my local CB rep, but she hasn't stopped by yet. So, I'm either done or expect one last visit from her. I hope I am home so I can just tell her no. Avoiding contact simply results in more visits. A NO seems to stop them or at least accelerate it to the next phase. The process has really been quite easy and wasn't worth the initial stress I felt the first week after receiving the first ACS back in November. Take heart!

I agree with Paul. I think once you tell them in person that you are not answering the ACS, they will leave you alone. In my case, I ignored the knocks on my door partly because I wanted to see just home many visits they would make to my house. During the 7th visit the census taker told my neighbors it was costing them (the taxpayer) $25 each time she had to come out. It was finally on the 8th visit that I opened the door. I was kinda hoping for a heated exchange and had the camcorder ready. It lasted all of 15-20 seconds when I told her I would not answer any of the questions save one: the number of people living here.

Looking back, I probably shouldn't even have told her that. Instead I should have said I'll answer that one question in due time, when the actual Census is sent to my house.

I've been waiting for this year to watch what happens when residences receive both the ACS and the 2010 census. The unintended consequences of the confusion resulting from the double mailings will be royal. While only 1/3 of the non-responders receive a visit from the CB field rep, every non-responder for the 2010 census will be visited. I hope the CB hired enough people. Can't wait for the final cost of this census. I expect the CB to be way over budget. Your tax dollars had at work!!!!

Thank you everyone for your responses. I appreciate them.

When they call, does anyone know where they get your phone number from? I do not have a landline (which I saw some info about that in a post somewhere above that it is the landline that constitutes residency???) and have not had for years, only my cell.

I was hoping to elude them, but do not want to waste the money we pay, even though that is something like an oxymoron maybe, so will likely open the door and say, "No, thank you."

I will answer how many people live in my household when the 10-year census form - or person - comes around. That is it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Seems like the C.B. might get the idea they have harmed themselves by the 28 page American Community Survey, because a lot of people now won't be responding to either census. All they are doing is building more and more distrust, not to mention the enormous amount of money wasted. I've notice that lately we seem to be getting an unusual amount of telelmarketing, medicare, surveys via telephone and mail lately. I'm disgusted with them all. If Madison Avenue wants to know better ways to push their products, let them figure it out themselves ...or possibly making a better product.

The land line constituting an occupied residence is from the CB material. The CB, pollsters and marketers have become concerned about the disappearing landlines because it makes it more difficult to tie people to their residences. I have a landline listed under another name and a cell number from another state. I too got lots of additional calls from strange numbers, so I disconnected the answering machine but left the caller ID active. The calling center calls were identified as the Census Bureau. No calls came to my cell.
The CB contracts out to telemarketing companies for the phone numbers. They are the most successful with phone book published landlines. They have gotten unlisted, unpublished and cell phones some of the time but not always. Some people have reported that the CB skipped the phone phase and went directly into the visit phase as a result.
So when those 2nd phase phone calls start, they are from calling centers and not from CB field offices. There are 4 main calling centers.
The site checkpointusa.org has a collection of articles describing some of the behind the scenes stuff. COSSA (Consortium of Social Science Associations) is one of the data junkie groups which lobbies congress for additional questions and funding. Stimulus money went to this group. Additionally, there are numerous marketing companies which take CB data and sell them. Want to know where the high incomes are with long commutes are or families of 4 with a child of each gender, these companies have it down to the zipcodes for all the states. The more people know where the data goes, the less likely they are to give in to the CB surveys.

FYI, there is a video on YouTube, "The Census is Getting Personal" that is getting a lot of hits and plenty of comments.

Thanks, Cathy... I've suspected this (info being peddled to telemarketers) from the type of questions being asked. All they stress is how it will help your community in services. That's really deceitful.
Maybe they should make this entire survey a volunteer thing, paying people (who don't care about identity theft or giving out personal information). Even at $20.00 per volunteer survey taker, they would probably come out ahead with all the money they are spending. But wait a minute, isn't that our money?
Our telephone calls from c.b. have startedl: so-and-so from the census bureau wants us to return their telephone call as soon as possible. They have even given us a case number.
Do you think there is any chance of getting the major newspaper here interested in doing an article on this outrage? I submitted something to our local midweek paper, but they didn't seem to want to touch the subject.

Newspapers have been reluctant to print negative stories about the CB and its surveys for 2 reasons. First the CB conducts workshops and training seminars for journalists to better understand the data collected and to aid in the publication of articles using the data. Second, the CB will release its "rapid response team" to set the record straight for anyone not favoring the CB's efforts.

The CB did have the survey voluntary and had a very low response rate which is why the CB asked congress to add the "mandatory" and to up the fine from $100 to $5000. People were sending $100 checks to the CB instead of the survey. What they really want in the info and not the money from the fine.

FOX news has been running more stories on the ACS as we get closer to getting the 2010 short form. Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann has been encouraging individuals to only answer the enumeration question on the 2010 census as well as the ACS.

My advise is to focus on informing neighbors, family and friends about the invasive questions. I'm expecting a bigger backlash this year because of the ACS overlapping the 2010 census.


Neither your local newpaper nor a major news source will investigate your concerns beyond calling the Census Bureau and listening to the official propaganda. They will then print a story that re-states the part about the Survey being mandatory and quoting the Title 13 part about the possible fine.

If someone in the media actually prints something that questions the survey or the process, the Census Bureau will send a rapid response person to the source and make sure that a retraction or clarification is printed too.

Same with contacting your Congressperson. The American Community Survey is a large, fresh, gold mine of data and everyone wants you to just provide it.

Hi Cathy! Keep up your efforts. You usually cover everything I want to say. But you aren't alone.



Do you have any documentation evidencing people were actually sending in $100 to the CB instead of answering the survey. I seriously doubt that happened. Who on earth would write a check before actually receiving a fine? Also, you are mistaken on the amount of the fine. It is STILL only $100. Yes, I know that even the CB likes to refer to US Code 18 Ch 227 Section 3571 paragraph (b)(7) where the $5,000 is stated; however, it is paragraph (e) that is controlling:

"(e) Special Rule for Lower Fine Specified in Substantive Provision.— If a law setting forth an offense specifies no fine or a fine that is lower than the fine otherwise applicable under this section and such law, by specific reference, exempts the offense from the applicability of the fine otherwise applicable under this section, the defendant may not be fined more than the amount specified in the law setting forth the offense."

That brings us back to the $100 fine stated in paragraph (c) of US CODE 13 Ch7 section 221. The CB claim that Title 18 Section 3571 and 3559 "IN EFFECT AMENDS" Title 13 is pure rubbish.

The info came from various gov sources like the CB meeting minutes with the congressional subcommittee which over sees the CB, as well as minutes from CB meetings and training courses. The CB folk were laughing at the fact that people would send in the checks. They did not say how many the received.
I have been at this for more than 3 years and have found than the CB has a twisted trail of lies; lies to congress, lies to the public and lies to lower level employees.

The fine was increase but with the stipulation that it not be imposed. It was needed to increase the response rate. And you're right - it is all rubbish, including the letter from a gov lawyer which stated that the CB could stretch the law to include the ACS when it was separated from the actual census. Every thing is a twisted tale of legalese meant to confuse and deceive.

Let me clarify the $100 check thing was for the long form questions, which came before the ACS. The maximum fine is $5000. Which is all mute anyway, since no one gets fined. Don't get hung up on the title 13/18 stuff, most doesn't apply to the structure of the ACS.

The ACS was created for 2 reasons. First, because of the backlash over the 2000 census longform. Second, because the data junkies felt that data collected every 10 years wasn't current enough. There needed to be a mechanism to get continuous data collection. Marketers and Social science groups didn't want to base predictions on stale data. There is a push to get the monthly sample size increased for the ACS. The more info these groups get, the more they want.

For some reason we have lost Russel Whitaker's Survival Arts site. He had a thread on the ACS which contained all sorts of info on topics, which are now being discussed again here. His site had over 2,000 posts on the ACS.

For the new people receiving the ACS, the fines are for leverage. Title 13 and Title 18 are used to convince the public to comply. The CB states that the info collected will be confidential. There is a difference between promising to keep it confidential and actually doing it. The CB knows that any of the profiles can be reconstructed using 6 data points. Notice that no one has been prosecuted for losing a CB lap top or when the entire profiles of ACS respondents appeared on the internet.

The CB claims that it gets a 95% response rate for the ACS. The actual response rate is between 55-57%. The CB considers a completed survey to contain 6 data points. (Anyone could get 6 data points from just looking at a residence) Using the CB's faulty response rate for a little math, one gets: 250,000 surveys X 12 months X .05 non-responders = 150,000 residences/year. The actual number of non-responders is more like 1,260,000-1,350,000/ year. The CB doesn't get the enumeration correct without a court challenge for an over-count or an under-count, so it has no way of knowing if the data they collect on the survey is even accurate. If I had filled out my survey, most of the answers would have been dated within 3 months. The CB has no real way of checking the accuracy of any survey answers. What a waste of money!

On the site, Truth is treason, is a post called "How to Legally Refuse to Participate in the Census Survey" by Kevin Hayden. It's worth reading.

my sister told me she got the letter informing her that she would soon be receiving her census form. It had the family name and street address correct but the wrong town in our state. I saw on the news where this had happened quite a bit recently but the census bureau has "assured" us that that problem would be corrected "trust them"

I'm not even sure why they need ages of children. My children are in private school and every year at registration, we have to fill out a form for the public school district that says how many children we have and what public school they "would be attending" if they weren't going to private school. I'm not sure why they need to know this but I fill it out every year anyway. I guess it's time to wake up and start questioning authority. I'm only 40 after all.

The telephone calls continue from Census Bureau about our not sending back the American Community Survey form. They get more insistent and rude. Today (Sunday) I came home from church to receive a call threatening fines, and telling me they will be coming to our house. I willl certainly not be admitting them.
Do you think it will do any good to contact the Justice Department, complaining about this harrassment? When the Census Bureau first calls, they always ask if the information is correct: giving our tel. number, address, and names. I confirm the information because I believe there is a heavier fine (whether enforced or not) about giving wrong info. If they come to our home repeatedly, I've considered calling the police to complain; but our Mayor is very gung ho about this (believiing both short form and acs are going to "help" our community) and his son is chief of police.
My husband and I are both 76 years old (and husband is not in good health). This is distressing him, although I have told him just to ignore the telephone when I'm not home.
Isn't there anything proactive we can do? There's strength in numbers. Why aren't there lawyers who are willing to defend the Constitution?

Jeanette, you owe them nothing...no answers to anything. You don't have to confirm anything because they can't prove who they are over the phone.There are plenty of lawyers waiting for some one to get fined. In order to bring a legal action, someone needs to be fined and then a case can move forward. Harassment isn't enough. The best thing you can is either to ignore them or tell them to go away. The call always get more frequent as the end of the month approaches. Your Mayor may be a lost cause, since he believes the CB sales pitch.

You won't be fined. No one has been fined since 1960. There are too many of us to fine.
You have a 1/3 chance for having a field rep come to you house. The CB doesn't have enough staff or money to come to every house.

There is no law which requires you to read your mail, answer your phone or open you door.

Thanks, Cathy... After this I won't engage in conversation with them. (We don't have caller ID).
That's right, I don't have to accept their word as to who they are and verify my telephone number, name, etc. because they can't prove who they are. Why didn't I think of that?
And I certainly won't allow them access to my home.
I rather wish they would fine someone (even us) so it could go to court. How dare they!
Again, thanks for the reassuring words.

@ jeanette, Isn't our president a Constitutional Professor/lawyer? Ironic. They have started on us now, had a letter warning we would get census soon, now a guy showed up w/ packs for us and the only other neighbors on this road(2). Told us we have so many days to mail it in. And the mandatory thing. And I warned him about the psycho guy on the next road, chases people w/ machetes and such, and this census guy said he'd be alright, he's a retired cop and he has "a gun, so if you hear a shot then you know what happened!" Could be legal cause we're in AZ..I don't think so though. Or maybe they require it out here.

Sara: I'm guessing you live in a rural area, or have a p.o. box number, which might be why it was hand delivered. I hope the "machete man" doesn't fall victim to a trigger finger! I'm trying to talk my husband to learn to bark like a ferocious dog, but then he kind of does that anyway. Is what was delivered the regular (about 10 questions) census form? Ours would be more like 70 questions, and 2 copies have arrived in the mail.
It seems like most of these forum posts are saying all we're legally required on the regular census is to give them the number of how many are living in your home (nothing else).
I'm not certain I'm buying it about the "helping your community get services" anymore. Bogus threats, and bogus fines... what else is bogus?

Our President studied the Constitution to fined ways around the restrictions found in it. He wants to increase the funding for the CB to increase the sample size for the ACS, especially in areas with populations less than 65,000.

John W. Whitehead (Rutherford Institute) has written extensively about the Constitution and how the ACS violates it.

The CB, congress and the data junkies all know that these surveys violate the Constitution, and don't care as long as they can continue to extort private info from the public. It's all about getting the info by any means necessary. They start with the you're special; we chose you to help your community. Followed by guilt; you don't really want to be the person who deprives you community of federal funds do you? It's your civic duty to answer the questions. Lastly, they use the thuggery of - it's the LAW; fill it out or else!!! We'll REPORT you! There are FINES!!!!!

It's all baloney. It's about job protection for the full time employees of the CB and for the social, behavioral and economic scientists to examine every aspect of our lives to publish their mindless dribble in journals.

WFTV In Orlando had a piece that lasted about 2 minutes which by today's standards is a documentary... They explained that the first notification about the ACS was saving millions of dollars,and that if you didn't comply you would be visited by an agent,,,all intimidation ans scare tactics fines imprisonment...Absolute nonsense,,,But it also should solidify the media whores in this country are bought and payed for,,,there isn't one real gumshoe journalist on that staff..They where contacted about the unconstitutionality of this coup, and instead of doing the real work, they just called the Census and asked if it was within their authority to conduct the ACS...That's like asking a death row inmate what are his feelings are regarding capital punishment..

If we fall for this and the airport scanners than I'm afraid it's over in this country...My advise for like minded people would be to exit and become ex pat...

Well, I think I'm finished with the ACS process. No more visits or calls since the beginning of March. I still keep an eye out, but pretty quiet. It wasn't that bad after all, and the 90 days passed quickly.

Now I'm wondering about the 2010 Census I received! They say only 10 questions on the shortest form ever. That's BS! For a family of 4, I counted 31 questions and 6 pages that I would have to answer. I'm not going to answer anything but number of people, and identifications as Resident 1-4. I'm not even sure about sex, maybe M or F, but NO to relationships, and the Race will either be "Human" or "American". They don't need to know if I own or rent and they already have my phone number as the ACS proved! I wonder about the people who received BOTH the ACS and the Census in the same week! That must be discouraging.

Finished my civic duty. Mailed in the 2010 Census Form. It was very quick, provided headcount, sex and age. Took 15 seconds to complete (5 entries in all), 2 seconds to close the envelop, and 19 seconds to put it in the mail box. 36 seconds all told is not bad.

Just waiting for my 2010 census to arrive. I will answer the enumeration question only. The Constitution doesn't say to enumerate by category. I will not supply names, ages, DOBs, genders, races, ethnicity or tenure. It is none of the federal government's business. It is high time that this kind of statistical collection by the gov stops. I have no problem with any one who wishes to voluntarily disclose anything. I will not participate in a mandatory survey for any reason. The CB has wasted too much money for too long in an effort to invade personal privacy.

Since early 2/10 I have received 4 letters, 1 postcard, 2 surveys, 24 calls on my caller ID that hang up before going to voice mail and two voice mails telling me to call the US Census Bureau with my case number.
They cannot knock on my door as the call up system to my condo is out of order and has yet to be replaced. I have chosen not to respond to them.
But if I did I would say: I do not have a problem with the 2010 Census as mandated by the U.S. Constitution. But I do have a problem with the American Community Survey that is merely a statute passed by Congress and violates our Consitutional rights.
So quite harrassing and threatening me through the U.S. Postal System and my telephone for I am exactly the kind of person that would make a federal case of this.
I emailed my Congressman asking what would happen to me if if refused to comply. He emailed me back with what would happen to the Census worker if they gave my information away. Because of that, and because he will not support a halt to fluoridation and to hold congressional hearings on the current scientific information proving it is harmful when ingested, he
no longer has my vote!

Actually, there's a contradiction of interests here. Federal law allows them to fine you for not answering or answering falsely or imprison you for answering falsely with the intent to screw up population information, but Census records are sealed and can't be accessed from outside the Census for any reason.

They can't be subpoenaed, requested, warranted, or even obtained under the Freedom Of Information Act until 72 years later when they become public information. I'm sure the statute of limitations is out by then, but I don't plan to be alive then anyway, so I quiver when I hear the penalty.

If they take you to court or fine you for neglecting to answer, or lying with or without malicious intent, your best defence is, "How did you obtain that information? Oh yeah? It doesn't sound like I even need to present evidence because that technicality just made this so much easier."

Got my census and the address on it is wrong. The address on the announcement letter had the correct address. Way to go CB workers!!

Census data is hardly confidential. The Census Bureau handed over info on Arab-Americans to Homeland Security about eight years ago. Data from the 1940 Census was used to imprison/detail Germans, Japanese, and Italians once we entered World War II late the following year.

While that's disturbing enough (and when has ANYTHING the Federal government done ever been entirely confidential), I am still proud to be an American, even when my government gives me reason to not be.

I'm leaning heavily towards only putting the number of people in my household, period. However, there's one thing that's disturbing me. Everyone who keeps quoting Article I, Section 2, paragraph 3, seem to be missing a very important line in the code:

The actual Enumeration shall be made within three years after the first meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent term of ten years, in such manner as they shall by law direct.

"In such a manner as they shall by law direct?"

That seems to cover their rears for a variety of possible prosecutable angles. It certainly leaves a very LARGE hole open for interpretation.

Honestly, I'm fed up with the nonsense from non-citizen President Barry Sotero and his socialist minions helping the American economy down the drain. It's enough to make me not just want to vote them out of office, but to run for office myself and start beating some butt (legistlatively, of course).

@Fast Track.

Actually, whether or not the Census information actually is confidential is irrelevant when lying on the Census. It's legally confidential, and ergo, inadmissible as evidence in court. This means, unless you don't know the law, you can easily get all of their evidence dismissed by reciting the law that states the information is confidential.

That is, if they can even find out who you are. There is more than one person living in my house, and I don't plan on using anyone's real name or phone number. First, they have to prove who did it, and then, they have to prove I did it without using their evidence. I don't think they can pull it off. Do you?

Besides, I highly doubt they're willing to spend thousands of dollars in court to obtain $500 for a wilfully false answer, but then the government has done stupider things than that just in the past 24 hours, so who the hell knows.

In such a manner as they shall by law direct....... I take that to mean how the enumeration is conducted; collected in person, by mail or some other method. I do not take it to mean that the CB can ask every question they want in addition to the enumeration question so that the population can be counted by category.

No one has been fined for failing to answer the questions or the census since 1960. The CB won't fine anyone now, since they don't want a court ruling on the questions and surveys they conduct. Plus they don't have the budget to confirm all the info they collect. The 10th Amendment will come back to bite the CB. The response rate for the decennial census is somewhere between 52-67% depending upon the state. This census will be the more complicated due to the past disasters, foreclosures and individuals moving to find work. The census is tied to the residence. I could refuse to fill out the census and move and nothing will happen. If the residence remains vacant, the count is 0. If I move to a new place after the the census, then oh well I guess I won't be counted there either. Last census the CB omitted an entire apartment complex from the tally because it thought it was an office building.

Another thing which complicates the picture is the disappearing land-line. The CB defines an occupied residence as having a land-line. Cell phones don't tie anyone to a residence. I have an out of state cell.

The present political climate has created enough unrest with all government functions. We need to get back to the basics as defined by the Constitution and get the gov out of our lives and away from our private info.


Just a point of correction, you do not need to be fined in order to sue the Census Bureau. None of the five plaintiffs in Morales v. Evans 116 F. Supp. 2d 801 (S.D. Tex. 2000) were fined. It was the threat of prosecution as criminals and fines that was at the heart of their case. Sadly, the presiding judge dismissed the case and it was affirmed on appeal. Even sadder, the Supreme Court did not grant certiorari.


I followed that case. It was about the census long form not the ACS, which may have made a difference. The judge put a stay on the fines but probably learned that the CB had no intention of imposing the fines, so case dismissed. We're fighting a very carefully orchestrated system of deception.

There is a difference between bringing a case against being fined and bringing a case against the asking and collecting of personal info.


I see what you are saying, but she didn't dismiss the case because they weren't actually fined, she dismissed it because she bought the Bureau's argument. At no time was it stated that they did not have standing to bring the suit in the first place, which was the point I was trying to make. I certainly agree though, that someone filing suit, who was actually fined by the government, would certainly generate more public outrage and more media coverage. However, I do not believe that had these particular plaintiffs been fined, the outcome would have been any different with this particular judge. She just didn't get it.

The CB has a strong argument, which they have spent lots of time preparing and testing so that it garners the response the CB wants. The judge gave no real reasons for the dismissal, leaving the plaintiffs wondering if they would get fined. The CB has the "Rapid Response Team", which is sent out to clean up the messes created by bad publicity. The deception must be maintained at all costs because it is so important to maintain the co-operation of the public, even if that co-operation is gained through threatening fines. Bills have been introduced in Congress to eliminate the fines, eliminate the surveys or curb the finding for these surveys and they died on the vine.
I don't care so much about the fines as I do about the mandatory collection of personal data. Voluntary - fine; mandatory - NO!!! The gov has no business using the ability of the CB to ask questions to invade privacy to benefit the collective. I doubt that any of the data junkies are sufficiently qualified to take this data and make judgments about the success of the society at large. How I have constructed my life is none of the government's business. Linking my financial state to my health, race, purchasing ability, utility bills, commuting distance and those who live with me are completely off limits. The gov has enough on its plate without trying to infiltrate, control or micromanage the lives of the public. I could have filled out the survey with erroneous info, knowing that the CB had no real way of verifying any of it. In fact, my info changed 3 months after my 90 day harassment. I decided to waste as much of the CB's time and budget to try to collect what they could on me. I refuse. I am recalcitrant! I will not comply. This invasion of privacy needs to stop. Policies based upon this info needs to stop. Politicians drawing district boundaries based on anything other than raw enumeration needs to stop. Politicians pandering to the voters based upon race needs to stop. Marketeers, social, behavioral and economic scientists who petition to add more questions to government surveys, because the public won't answer voluntary surveys from these groups, has to stop. Using our money collected in taxes to continue these surveys has to stop.

I have a relatively easy solution for the harassing CB calls. Both Lingo and Vonage VOIP service offer an advanced call forwarding feature that allows you to set up multiple call forwarding schemes such that your phone never even rings when the CB calls.

This feature allows you to create named groups of numbers that are automatically forwarded to any other number you like. In the case of the census bureau, you can enter any and all numbers they call from and simply forward them back to the 800 number they tell you to call. You can also use wildcards for the incoming call numbers in the event there is a CB office (or offices) with a block of numbers, for example 123-456-7801 to 123-456-7899. To forward all these numbers you just enter 123-456-78*, and then enter the forward to phone number. Of course you can put the wildcard sooner and block an entire prefix by entering 123-456-*. (The dashes are not required on Lingo, I just included them for clarity. I have only read about this capability for Vonage.) Odds are that you can compile a list of numbers the CB uses from sites like this such that you don't even have to wait for the CB to call the first time to start blocking them. I just filled out my 2010 census form with one number and one checkmark, along with a note that the rest of the questions go beyond the Constitution, so I should probably set up a group for the CB now. Ha Ha

Of course this feature is also great for harassing telemarketers and collectors as well. Since you can have multiple groups of calling numbers and multiple forward to numbers there is no limit to your ability to stop harassment. The harassers end up harassing themselves because their calls go right back to them, and the Caller ID information from the original call is also passed through to the forwarded to number so your number does not appear at the forwarded to location's phone. If you still have a regular land line from your local telco you're already paying too much, so check out Vonage or Lingo and you can quickly throw up a phone gauntlet against the CB. (I can't speak for any other VOIP providers, but it's possible there's more that offer it.) In most cases you can still keep your existing land line number, too.

Darn you Chris BC, for not posting sooner. The only downside is that you don't get to witness the fruits of your labor. My favorite way of dealing with harassing telemarketers is to immediately start talking jibberish when I pick up the phone. Sometimes, it's all I can do to keep from laughing with I do.

You can sort of witness it by checking your call logs, and Lingo provides a complete one. You can see each and every time any number calls in the "Received" section of the log, and then down in the "Placed" section you can see where they were forwarded back to their 800 number. You also get to see the length of the call. I've seen multiple quick callbacks where it's obvious the caller had no idea how they reached their own call center.

Just imagination the frustration this causes for those really persistent abusive personality types in these jobs. Instead of having the satisfaction of personally berating you and threatening you they get totally rejected.

I love your idea Chris BC. I'll have to add that to my system.

You know, Chris BC, that's a great idea (and it reminds me of the prank calls where the moronic call centre people just don't seem to realise that they're speaking to Arnold Scharzenegger lines from popular movies), but I have a better one.

Have you ever heard of the rejection hotline? There are a few in every state, and they're designed for people who don't want to give their number to a potential date, but can't handle delivering rejecting news. So, they search the internet, before going out, for the rejection hotline in their area, and give that to any persistent people. When they call it, the recorded message handles the rejection that they couldn't.

So, when you lie on your Census, rather than including your real phone number, search for the nearing rejection hotline and give them that. That, coupled with lying about your name, and your address is covered as well as your arse, because they can't prove it was you. Even if they could, the evidence is inadmissible because it's sealed for the next 72 years.

You know, Chris BC, that's a great idea (and it reminds me of the prank calls where the moronic call centre people just don't seem to realise that they're speaking to Arnold Scharzenegger lines from popular movies), but I have a better one.

Have you ever heard of the rejection hotline? There are a few in every state, and they're designed for people who don't want to give their number to a potential date, but can't handle delivering rejecting news. So, they search the internet, before going out, for the rejection hotline in their area, and give that to any persistent people. When they call it, the recorded message handles the rejection that they couldn't.

So, when you lie on your Census, rather than including your real phone number, search for the nearing rejection hotline and give them that. That, coupled with lying about your name, and your address is covered as well as your arse, because they can't prove it was you. Even if they could, the evidence is inadmissible because it's sealed for the next 72 years.

Now, let me see if I can find a pen that's neither blue nor black so I can violate that rule too.

I looked up my Vonage call-forwarding options. Did not find what Chris suggested. Have asked Vonage. It sounded very good.

Joe, vonage doesn't do it. We have a computer which runs software which directs the call through a vonage account.

Isn't it much easier to give them the number for the rejection hotline than to forward them to themselves? Why did you give them your real number in the first place?

Don't have to give them a phone number at all. Didn't answer anything on the ACS and won't be answering anything on the 2010 census except the number of "persons" residing at the specified address. The rest is none of the gov's business. When the gov pays for me to have a phone, then it can call me. Until then, it can buzz off, because I pay for the phone and will decide when and why the number is given out.

Well then, Cathy, you don't have to worry about them calling you if they don't have your number.

Actually, the CB contacts out to a marketing company to find phone numbers on residences. The CB called me and my response was to unplug the phone. The CB has even found cell phone numbers. I just won't make it easy for the CB.

If they obtained phone numbers on the Do Not Call Registry from a marketing service or have obtained your private cell phone number, then they have violated Federal law. If they have called your cell phone number and you didn't give it to them, then that's also a civil liability. I say call a lawyer and discuss lawsuit, in such event.

Check out this discussion today. Especially comments of a huge CB supporter, "Dave in NM"

It appears that I may have been wrong about Vonage, but Vonage users should make sure there is nothing like "Selective Call Forward" in their options. In addition to Lingo, a company called BroadVoice also has it. See here for a description of how it works.

I believe there also other companies who have various ways of blocking or forwarding specific numbers. Just look for it.

The number you enter on the census form is not going to be their sole source of information, not by a longshot. (To user 'Already Lied...', I assumed this was fairly obvious when giving my advice. I'm sure nearly all readers of this forum had or have no intentions of entering their phone number on the census form.) If your number is unlisted the CB may still be able to get it. Odds are entering any bogus numbers on the form will only work for the first CB call try. If you don't have a way to block or forward their calls you better hope they don't have a way to get your number.

I also wouldn't count on getting protection from any other federal agency against the CB, so don't waste your time with Do Not Call list complaints. Also, if your cell number is listed, or it or your unlisted home number is otherwise recorded in some database which the CB has access to through legal means (Have you read all the privacy policies of the companies that have your cell number or unlisted home number?) you're not going to get anywhere with a lawsuit there either.

Other than calling the police if a census worker refuses to leave (or returns) after you have told them they are trespassing, your legal options to stop CB harassment are likely to be limited. I would also try informing CB callers that you intend to file phone harassment charges against them individually, but in the end they may be shielded unless they get way out of line. If you have no way of blocking their calls you should record them so you have a record of any harassment, threats, or refusals to stop calling.

The CB spends lots of time developing methods to trick or bully the public. They pride themselves in being persistent. These are the same people who decided that the 2010 Census should record the population count as of April 1st, but require that the census form be returned before April 1st causing the public to guess. For most, there would be no change, for others it would thereby creating more inaccuracies for system riddled with inherent inaccuracies. OOPS! The NYT reported that only 20% of forms have been returned. Go figure.
These same people try to convince the public that the answers from the ACS and other surveys are for "the public good" or to "direct policy". Which one of these pinheads get to decide "the public good" or "create policy"? I wouldn't trust them to take out the garbage! They lie to get the info and lie about its intended use and then want us to trust them not to misuse the info. They've got to be kidding! This is to micromanage our lives because in their eyes we're too stupid to do it without them. I don't need the gov playing the parent to the American public.

The CB says that a "response is required". It does not say that you have to give an accurate answer to the questions. Congress has said that the CB can ask questions but remains silent as to whether the questions should be asked. So give them a response; go to hell; get lost; not answering; or ignore them.

Read an article in TIME yesterday. Some reference to a 5K fine if people do not participate... That drumbeat is relentless. There is NOT 1 single story in mainstream media challenging the CB on information what they can legally collect, and clarification on how strongly they will pursue fines.

The 5K fine is the title 18 change to title 13. It was done to scare people because too many people who received the census long form were not sufficiently intimidated by a $100 fine. The the CB separated the long form from the decennial census when the public went nuts over it in 2000. Now the CB runs a stealth program with the ACS.
There are articles out there about the ACS. World Net Daily ran a series of articles a few years ago. The rest of the media outlets are in the tank for the CB because of the articles which can be written using the data (your info.) Any media outlet which prints unfavorable articles or a policy questioning congressman will get a visit from the CB's "Rapid Response Team" to set them all straight.
The CB doesn't do anything beyond the 90 day harassment cycle. The survey is tied to the residence. If the individual who receives the survey moves, the CB will camp out at the residence and not follow the original recipient. Mostly, there are no fines because that would lead to a court challenge, which the CB does not want. It's image is tarnished enough.

i don't have a land line does that mean I do not exist? I am not answering this....i did respond to the census but only answered the how many people in the house...nothing more nothing less.

I just received notice today I will be getting the ACS and I googled it....NO way will I fill that out! it isn't like I have anything to hide but I don't wish to volunteer either

Am i going to jail? My dogs will be really happy when they come to my door....i am confused and upset.....will someone come and visit me in jail?


PS...my town slipped something in my mailbox a couple of months ago asking very detailed and personal info....i threw it away! They have some nerve...they didn't even use a stamp!!

still scared but more confused....what is real here?


Relax and know that you are not alone. Many others have refused before you.
While the CB considers a landline proof that the residence is occupied, not having one may alter the 90 day harassment cycle for you. So, for the 1st month you get the mailings; surveys, reminder cards or possible FEDEX delivery of CB flyers. If the CB can get your cell number, you could be called, skip to the visit the home phase or get a month with nothing happening. After 2 months, you could then get visits if that didn't happen during the 2nd month or you could be skipped entirely. Not everyone gets the home visits. The CB doesn't have the money, so only 1/3 of the non-responders for the ACS get visited while all non-responders for the 2010 census get a visit.
You will not be fined, only threatened with one to get you to answer the questions.

There is no law which requires you to read your mail, answer your phone or open your door.

then why do they threaten all this if they cannot prosecute? I have spent the last few hours reading the net....yes I have a cell and if they do get the number I will block the calls

what are my rights? are they allowed on my property? What are their rights? the questions are absurd! I have never done anything this daring...LOL But in all seriousness.....what are my rights! I live in a pretty rural area. And they can follow me around my yard if the like.

I dunno.....sigh....what a nightmare....just want to be left alone :(

PS again....i'm not the brightest bulb in the pack....but I'm not stupid either. I don't watch news and and i am pretty ignorant when it comes to politics....but I don't see this as a politcal issue...it affects everyone.

some of the information they are seeking is already a matter of public record!!?? some is just plain ridiculous!

I don't make much money I am disabled and the government has made it very clear they won't work with me so why should i cooperate???

I would be better off if i was not a citizen and come into this country and then grants up the you know what to start a convenience store....but i digress....what are my rights? Can I have these people arrested for trespassing? are they trespassing?

read more and saw this

knowledge is power! I will NOT answer the ACS! Bring 'em on!!

We received a letter telling us we would be receiving the ACS form.

I have one question. I want someone to please send a copy to me of the exact wording that supports the rumored 'Title 18 amends Title 13' making the fine go from 'not more than $100' to '$100 to $5000.' I know everyone is saying it...and I have read both laws, but I see nothing that says one amends the other or that they can fine more than $100 for refusing to answer.

Thank you.

Why do they threaten? Because they can. They need the private info to keep all the data junkies happy. The CB is under the illusion that the info collected can be given out to social, behavioral and economic scientists to analyze and formulate conclusions about the public. The data junkies know that they can't get the info from the public directly so they petition the CB to ask the questions for them. Politicians love the info so they can pander to their voters.
Yes, some of the info is part of the public record which makes it more difficult for the CB keep the rest of it confidential. My town already knows how many bedrooms each residence has and what the taxes are. What the ACS does is to connect home characteristics with utility costs, property taxes, income, investments,health status, marital history, car purchases and education. The CB says that it is about roads, schools, hospitals, etc. Yeah, right. The federal gov has been stepping on states and citizen rights long enough. I have a right to keep my life off limits to the snoops of the world, regardless of how important the data junkies think it is to collect.

The CB is targeting rural areas because there is little data available. You can ignore them, which is what I did. I unplugged the phone and didn't answer the door. I left all the field rep notes stuck to the door till the wind blew them away. Some people have complained to the police. They can be asked to leave the property, told to get a warrant or given a firm "NO not responding". I had a camera installed to watch the front door. It became fun to hide out in the house. My goal was to waste as much of their time as I could.
The CB counts on people being isolated and afraid so that they will answer the questions.

Congressman Ron Paul tried to get the ACS stopped and Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann has said that the public only needs to answer the enumeration question on the 2010 census and nothing on the ACS.

@Another Concerned Citizen - check the link in the original post (admittedly, way up there). It points directly to what you seek: Title 18, Section 3571.

Subsection (b) item (7) sets the fine for individuals at $5,000. Subsection (c) item (7) sets the fine for organizations at $10,000. It doesn't mean it will be levied, as many have attested above. But I believe that is what you are after.

@Chad...Thanks...but if you look at subsection (e) of Title 18, Section 3571 it says,

(e) Special Rule for Lower Fine Specified in Substantive
Provision.--If a law setting forth an offense specifies no fine or a
fine that is lower than the fine otherwise applicable under this section
and such law, by specific reference, exempts the offense from the
applicability of the fine otherwise applicable under this section, the
defendant may not be fined more than the amount specified in the law
setting forth the offense.

I read this to mean that since a lower fine is specified, it trumps whatever Title 18 says.

Am I reading this wrong?

cathy....i am home all day....sigh....so i am an easy target...I know this sounds paranoid but I have a couple cameras around mostly for security as I am kinds rural....but not really afraid...this is a low crime area as most every here has guns and the potential criminals know it.....so I will resort to the flat out refusal....my friend in the next town got a ACS and refused....he was harassed and they eventuality gave up....the final woman told him all he legally had to do was answer the first question which he had done and that was the end of it....so I will ride it out

thanks again for this blog....it seems to be the most current on the net! I hope there is an organization that will help people like me in the event they take it further as I have zero funds to defend myself in the event they make an example of me.....and with my luck that will probably happen ;)

PS the phone on record for me is a "throw down" TracPhone so I loose nothing just throwing it in the trash

I am encouraged that people in this once free "democracy" are now standing up, questioning authority, and Just saying NO! Bring the the 60's!!!!

@Another Concerned Citizen

You are reading it correct.(see my March 4 post above)


We really are trying to get to the bottom of this. After reading, and rereading the law, the only glitch I see in subsection (e) is this sentence,

"a fine that is lower than the fine otherwise applicable under this section and such law, by specific reference, exempts the offense from the applicability of the fine otherwise applicable under this section,"

Could they use this one portion to uphold the Title 18 fine of up to $5000? Since Title 13 does not 'by specific reference' exempt the fine under Title 18? Also, the fine is for an 'infarction'. I see nowhere in Title 13 that refusing to answer equates it to being an 'infarction'...but I guess that verbiage could be elsewhere in the Code.

My idea is to throw it all out - and start back at square one with the Constitution.

Thanks much for your help!

Another Concerned Citizen,
You got it! The CB counts on the public being afraid of title 13 & 18 but not to actually read it. The CB has used various other laws to stretch over the ACS to gain leverage to compel the public to divulge private info. The CB justifies asking questions by saying "we have always asked questions". A gov lawyer stated that because the long form was part of the decennial census and the ACS replaces it that the laws which govern the census apply to the ACS. Really????
Actually, you are not required to answer the enumeration question on the ACS because it is not used for legislative redistricting, which is listed in the CB's own material.
There are lawyers waiting for individuals to be fined to have a court challenge. The CB doesn't want the fallout from fining the public. The ACS is a stealth program used to extort private info from the public. The internet has allowed the public to find the truth about this program.
The fine threats are used to improve response rates. The ACS had a response rate of 5% as a voluntary survey and about a 55% response rate with the mandatory added, but the CB claims that the response rate is 95%. Baloney!!!
The CB lies to the public; lies to its field reps; lies to congress; lies to the data users. So don't believe that the CB keeps the info private. It can only promise to keep it private. No one has been prosecuted for accidentally posting or releasing private info. An individual's entire profile can be reconstructed using info already in the public domain and CB data by using 6 data points. In addition the CB decided not to have the public use the internet to respond to the census or survey because it can't protect the info from hackers. The only way to keep private info private is to not give it out.
The ACS is a screening survey to identify individuals or families which fit a particular profile so that more voluntary surveys can be sent to them. Where does it say in the Constitution that the CB should be collecting info from the public to study the public or make policy? It isn't there. The CB has no right to do what it does. Unfortunately, the only way to get this to stop is to get the response rate to drop, force the CB to downsize and the public to demand that the Constitution be restored.

@ cathy....thanks again....are there other places with this info? such as attorneys ready to help?

John Whitehead, founder of the Rutherford Institute, is one of the lawyers fighting this. There is also a home schooling group watching the CB to see if home schooling becomes a question on the ACS. There are others as well.

The CB supporters are a huge group, which include minority rights groups like La Raza, marketing groups, local libraries and COSSA, a group which represents social, behavioral and economic scientists to lobby congress to add questions under the CB survey banner.

No Longer Scared,

I received my ACS in February, with a card arriving before the actual survey telling me the survery was coming. I did not fill any of it out and in the meantime received a card reminding me to do it and another survey came in the mail last week. If you are right smack dab in the middle of this, so am I and I will be right there with you - even though I am in Oregon, LOL! Do not worry and DO NOT GIVE IN!

I, like everyone else, have also received the normal census and have it filled out, well, only how many people, the age (not birth date) and sex, but that is all. I will not put it in the mail until 4/1/10, as it is supposed to be who lived here on that date. If I send it out sooner and something happens, it would be inaccurate, right?? Still they have already sent me a card reminding me I need to mail that in.

DO any of you find this a HUGE waste of our money? Sending out survey, after card, after card, after survey. Maybe one survery and one card adn then if they do not receive the survey, get the hint - it's not coming.

I happen to work for the Federal government and I believe that to fall into the fraud, waste, and abuse category. Nothing makes me more mad, well, some things do, than government wasting my money. I try hard to give the taxpayers their money's worth and when I see agencies sending out paper - the government is suppose to be as "paperless" as possible, green, so what is that about?

Sorry, I am done. I got a little crabby.


Big Whoop!! got my official ACS today with accompanied statements saying it's mandatory under yada yada!! Let the games begin


Looks like we are on the same schedule of ACS mailings and I live in Ohio. I totally agree with everything you said in your post to "no longer scared..." I was appalled at the questions on the ACS. I came to the conclusion that answering them would result in sleepless nights as it would cause endless worrying about the fact that this type of information would be out there in the hands of strangers that I had no idea about their honesty, integrity and mental stabililty.

I plan to ride out the storm with the rest of the people on this website and others that have decided the same. Keep updating your experiences as I plan to do also.

I received the ACS, and was really worried about answering the questions. It seems invasive and an invitation for identity theft. I thought we might need an attorney, or maybe even to contact Beck or another brave media celebrity to get someone on our side. Then I found this discussion via google. It's comforting to know that we are not alone in our predicament.

The questions, directed to be answered for at least 5 members of my household, are an invasion of not only mine and my spouse's privacy, but also of our adult children.

Who has time to gather all that info anyway? Water and electirc bills and mortgage statements for a year? Isn't it a burden enough that we have to file a slew of tax returns? Don't the feds have enough access to our personal info already? What could they possibly want to know all of this for? Our incomes? What TIME we leave and come home from WORK? It's ridiculous!

Why is no one talking about this?

Cathy and Scared,

It's been a while. I closed my browser and forgot about this place, and I just skimmed the replies, so forgive me if I missed anything.

The CB cannot legally obtain cell phone numbers, even though the government is exempt from DNC. Why? You argue, in court, when you sue them, that they can't exempt themselves because that's a conflict of interest, and you argue, if they rule against you, that they can't rule in favour of themselves because that's a conflict of interest. With a decent lawyer, you can't lose.

Anyway, as far as the fines. The fines, from what I read in the paper are up to $100 for not answering a question, up to $500 for a wilfully false answer, and up to $5000 and jail time for a false answer with the intent to distort the population information. Guess which one of those I'm guilty of.

But, I'm not scared, because they won't enforce it. The policy is there to scare people into answering accurately, but they know that, if they enforce it, they'll have their own problems. And, they did, in 1960, when they last issued a fine. The fined challenged the questions and those fines were dismissed by a court of law.

Okay, so say they attempt to enforce it anyway. What's their evidence? The form itself? First of they, they have to prove I filled it out. Since there are more than one of us here, that will be a challenge, especially considering they have no evidence it ever was filled out. No evidence that is admissible in court, anyway. The way the code is written, the information provided in the Census form is sealed for 72 years. The statute of limitations is considerably shorter than that. Meaning that they can't possibly make it stick in court, so why would they even spend the money to try?

Don't worry about it, Scared. Do as you will. Fill it out accurately, ignore it, or lie on it. It makes no difference to you, personally, and I highly doubt what difference it makes to the bullies that call themselves authority.

There is no government. There are only bullies. "Give us your lunch money and do as we say or we'll shove you in the lockers!" Guess what? There aren't enough lockers for everyone!

We filled out the census about 3 weeks ago, no problem, like they say 10 questions, 10 minutes. last week my wife calls me at work and asks me how much I paid for electric last month... I said what are you talking about?? she said she is filling out the census, I said the census has been filled out and has been sent back. She said that this is another census, and she tells me that it asks for name, phone, date of birth, etc, etc, I say DO NOT FILL OUT any more, wait till I get home. I called the number and I told them that we had filled out the census, so what is this "survey"? She said the usual stuff, it seemed like she was reading it from something: "you have been selected at random to participate..." I told her I DON'T want to fill it out!!! give it to someone else!! she insisted and read me the whole thing again... I said again I am NOT filling it out, you got my 10 answers in the census, that's it!!! she then told me that I was required by law to fill it, so I said: well, then come here and arrest me!!. If and when I get arrested, I will contact you.

The only true way to keep info private is not to give it out. The CB only promises to keep it private. Promises??? Trust the Gov with a promise? Data collected by the CB was accidentally posted on the internet. No one was prosecuted for the accident. If we accidentally hit another car, we pay for the damage, well so should the CB.
It is keep private for 72 years. Why 72? Reminds me of the 72 virgin thing. Why not 100?
The CB had discussions about having the ACS answered on line, but the site could not be kept secure from hackers. What about the rest of their computers? How safe are they? What about all the paper surveys? How does the CB handle them? Shred them? Dump them into a dumpster? I would not believe a word the CB says.
Why collect this data at all? This is my biggest problem with the surveys. Communities don't need info filtered through a gov entity. Communities need creative ideas not gov intervention. The gov doles out money to state and local govs like a drug dealer handing out drugs to get everyone hooked. How much better communities would be if tax money stayed put instead of being controlled by the whims of elected officials pandering for votes? Communities don't benefit from having gov programs shoved at them.
No one looking at this date is smart enough to know what to do with it. Friedrich Hayek, an economist said that the economy is simply too large and complicated for info to be gathered together and operators aren't smart enough to make it work.
The problem the gov has is that it has gotten too involved in the lives of the public and it has warped the economy with layers of legislation, with each layer trying to correct the problems created by the previous layer.
The CB has become a giant job protecting entity, which has take wasting money to a fine science. It is constantly over budget and not capable of doing the enumeration accurately. It has no business conducting surveys or being used as a front to invade the public's privacy no matter how important the date if believed to be.

The CB needs to ask only ONE question - How many "persons" live at a particular address. That is it! Nothing more. No counting by category. No questions about health, marital history, spending habits or commuting preferences. Just because people inhabit a particular area doesn't mean that those people patronize shops, schools or public transportation in that area. The gov doesn't need any more opportunities to throw money at what it perceives as a problem. The Constitution does not give the gov the right to micro-manage the American public.

You're missing the point, Cathy.

I know it's not really confidential. This is why I gave them fake information. I filled in every blank with a name such as Heywood Jablome or Jaques Strappe, made them all related but different races, impossible ages ranging from infancy to 1000 years old, and put the rejection hotline as the phone number.

I know the information is not really confidential, but it is not admissible in court. This is why I can't be prosecuted. They have no evidence that is admissible in court. This is why I'm posting this online instead of explaining it to a lawyer on a collect call.

Get it? Don't give personal information on the Census, but for the Love of God, don't fear deliberately bucking their results. That's exactly what they want.

I wasn't responding specifically to your post. My post had more to do with annoying the data junkies who read these threads and defend the data collection. I agree about what is admissible in court. I would not have wasted my time to give false answers. I didn't give any answers. I don't fear CB at all. I have done enough research to know how the whole thing works. There are a bunch of reasons why no one will be prosecuted.
I only answered the enumeration question on the 2010 census. I don't expect much to happen as a result of not answering the rest of the questions.
I had a 3 year head start on this. So I do get it and I do know what they want.

It has now been several weeks since I've had any tel. calls, letters from American Community Survey people. I told the caller before last not to bother us anymore and that I was perfectly aware of the purpose of ACS and the marketing interests.
One tel. call after that and she rattled on and on about how it was going to help the community. I asked her repeatedly what would happen if I chose not to respond. I had to ask this 3 times during her dialogue before she finally said it was the law and I could be fined. I said I would not be responding and she told me that someone would be coming to the house.
I said to go ahead, but I would not be receiving unwelcome guests. Almost before I got that sentence out, there was a very clippy, musical "good-bye!" and we have heard nothing, nor had any ACS people show up. Don't Back Down!!

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the ACS from the Census Bureau.
The first census instituted by the Founding Fathers was for counting people so they would be fairly represented in government. What I hear people saying is that the American Community Survey goes far, far beyond that function and is invasive and offensive and I agree.In addition to the multitude of personal questions I find the behavior of most census workers to be offensive. Most of these workers are temps yet they act as if you are personally affronting them when you practice civil disobedience in refusing to answer any question other than how many people live in this house.
The temporary positions of these workers will be up I believe, in June, I think that is corrrect. June or not, they are still temp jobs but they are going to be included in the unemployment figures so that for a while it's going to look like the job market is improving but of course that is the same type of gerrymandering the census bureau uses when it counts prison inmates who (except in two or three states)lose their rights to vote.
The census forms are also sent to abandon buildings. When the census bureau discovers that a building is abandon they simply fill in the form with information that would be gathered from the surrounding area.
So in essence, the stats are padded all around. How skewed is that?

We received our ACS in early February and I received a couple of cards and two complete surveys, but no phone calls - could be because I only have a cell phone not sure - also no visits at all. I am feeling pretty lucky after hearing all of your stories. I have been prepared for it, but am just wondering when my 90 days actually started, lol

The mailing phase starts the month you received the survey (feb). Mar would have been the calling phase and April the visit phase, which means you're not technically done until the end of April. Hopefully you will be spared the visits. My visits started the second week of the last month and ramped up with more visits during the last week, including twice a day some days.

Thanks, Cathy. I have about three weeks left then and I am still prepared, lol! Just keep waiting to see someone when I pull onto my street and into the driveway.

The reason, Cathy, that I chose to lie rather than to ignore the Census, was a moral reason. I ignored it in 2000, but ignoring it solves nothing. Half the population ignores it every decade with no changes.

If you deliberately and blatantly lie, you buck their results. If their results are bucked enough, they can't even guess an accurate reading. That was my goal.

Telling the truth bucks their results as well. They use data manipulation and imputation to skew their own data and then have policy based upon it. Had I answered truthfully, most of my answers would have changed within 3 months of returning the survey. The sample pool is too low for accuracy as well. The CB claims that the response rate for the ACS is 95%, which is not. The CB hasn't gotten a 95% response rate on anything it does. There are too many variables built into the methodology for the CB to have meaningful data or analysis of the data. So if you had fun with your answers, that's fine.

I understand they like to manipulate the data to get their way, Cathy. That's what governments do. However, most people accurately portray the number of people in their residence, even if they elect not to answer. The CB always seems to know. "XX% of people didn't fill out their Census." How do you know? Isn't the Census what counts said people?

But, if you portray the number of people in your residence all wrong, and so does everyone else, but then answer the questions in such a way where they know you did that, then they realise they've been screwed.

The CB uses the ACS and the Current population survey as a check on the census numbers. The freedom of information act allowed for lots of material to be available for the common individual to read. The data users print their own stuff as well in journals, books and seminar power points. The CB conducts workshops to train the data users or other individuals in other countries how to run a survey program. That's how I know. Much of my findings were discussed with others on the now defunct Survival arts site. Where are you Russell?
The data junkies lobby the Congress hard for expansion of the CB surveys, which is why it is going to be difficult to get rid of this. The groups supporting this have their jobs on the line. Stimulus money went into their coffers to continue to study us. A small list of supporters are listed on the COSSA website at the end of the newsletter.

The post that received the most critical response from the data junkies was when I posted that returning the CB forms without the address and barcodes. That really it hit a nerve. One poster stated that a shredded form was returned in the envelope. There are lots of ways to mess with the CB. Unfortunately, the best way to get rid of the over spending CB may be when Congress is replaced with individuals who pass legislation to defund and disband the CB survey machinery.

They don't do anything that A. they aren't being paid to do or B. that isn't in their own personal best interest.

So, you have two options. You can either pay them to defund the Census, or you can make them defund the Census. For your average Joe, making them do it seems to be the way to go. Willing to take one for the team? Walk in to the Capitol with a gunduring a session and say, "You have five minutes to take a vote on defunding the Census Bureau before a congressperson dies. Every five minutes it doesn't happen after that, another will die."

You will lose your freedom (as if you had it in the first place), but you will get the vote. Not willing to go that far? Then walk in during a session and say, "Okay. No one is going anywhere or doing any other work until you vote on MY issue."

In this latter scenario, you will be arrested, but the charges will be dropped. You might get your vote, but you might not.

By the way, Cathy, who's Russel?

Hi Cathy,
Apparently the CB really doesn't know how to compile data accurately. You said they claim the return/response rate for the American Community Survey is 95% and I've read where they have stated that 25% of American people do not return the forms. So I guess they can't do the simple math on that one why would I think they could get anything else right?
One other little tidbit: During World War 1 census information was used to round up draft dodgers and in World War II census information was turned over to the FBI and other government agencies to be used to round up Japanese Americans and confine them to interment camps. Twenty percent of the census forms today are questions on race.

Russell ran the survival arts site (None of your Business). His site had thousands of posts on the survey dating back to when the survey was being tested on the public.

The CB also was used after 9/11 to identify Arab Americans. Checkpointusa.org/Census/Census.htm has a list of links to documents one the ACS.

hey......... everyone that has smartphones (cell) download YouMail it's free and very versatile when blocking calls! There is also Privacy Star...the blocking and ditching call features on YouMail are really great you can set it so they cannot leave a message

I hope this helps some of you and thanks so much for the blog!! Knowledge is power!

Great, Angry. They want you to be scared. That's how they get you. Scared of them, scared of the alternative, scared of whatever. They're bullies or, in a more cynical term, terrorists. They get what they want by creating fear, albeit real or imaginary, to keep you in line. The first step in not being controlled by the governments is not fearing them.

You can be angry, anyway. Anger is useful. There are enough angry people now to overthrow the North American governments. I better get on manipulating these people into doing it before someone with less noble intentions does it before me. My plan is to eradicate all world governments, tell people they're on their own, and let them taste real freedom. They will be scared, at first, because they will believe it will be chaos with government, as the government wants them too.

But, as it folds out into absolute freedom, they won't want to give it up. I will sit as leader in name only, just to prevent new governments from taking over, while taking no taxes, and making no rules. I am of the firm believe that people are capable of governing themselves without the aid of people who profess to have more power. In the current system, people with more money can buy laws and rulings in their favour. People will more experience can not get caught even though everyone knows they did it while retaliation remains illegal. In a completely free society, the victim chooses his or her own justice, leaving the perp to guess about the odds and consequences of getting caught, thus reducing what would be formerly known as crime. They will protect the guy who acts as the person who protects their freedom from other potential imposing leaders, while doing nothing else for or against them. If I wait too long, however, the Glenn Becks and Sarah Palins of the world may take control of these people and...

Well, I don't even want to speculate on that one.

I'm not quite that militant I just don't want to give up personal information...I have NEVER taken a stand like this before but I will NOT back down!

Thanks for your comments!

received my second 2010 census form....I "filled" out the first by only put the number of people residing her. Do I ignore the second or repeat? An suggestions?

Thanks to all here!!

Do anything you want with the second. Mine is still sitting in a pile of CB mailings unopened. I keep the first one with me to show people I meet.

Yes, Angry, do whatever you want with it. However, consider that anything you do to make this whole song and dance worth their while will only give them incentive to do it again in 2020. The point is to make them not want to do it in 2020, so whatever you can think of to create such incentive, do it.

update......now I got my second ASC yesterday

No need to lie and no need to be angry. Lying puts you in the wrong which will affect your self-confidence. Being angry will activate your Amigdala and put you into fight, flight, or feeze mode which will seriously affect your ability to think clearly and with reason. Calmly choose a course of action based on what you know about this situation and what your conscience dictates. Those two actions will put you on solid ground. Before making a decision research all that you can so you will make an informed decision.
The ACS has a bar code on it. If you simply answer the question put forth by the Constitution of the US which is in short, "How many people live in this house?" and return it anonymously it will track back to your address and Census workers will start knocking at your door. I'm sure that you can handle them politely and firmly from a position of strength and conviction.

Resident - I'm not angry enough to be militant about this or anything. I did answer question one on the first census form, I received another one. I ignored the the first ACS and received a second which I shall also ignore....i saw your "Got Warrant"....link didn't show up here....Hmmmm!!!???

I intend to be polite if and when someone shows up at my door and I will expect them to be the same....if not I will take a video of the next appearance of these people. I also understand that they are local people and just doing their job which is no doubt jaded by their "training"

I do not intend to fight or be rude but I will NOT be bullied.....am I scared yes a bit....as I have stated in earlier posts I have never stood up to the government before and it is a bit unnerving for me.

So time will tell and with everyone's patience I will post updates! Thanks for your reply, info and another blog with info.

Confused as to what is right and "wrong' :(

I received my 2nd ACS the other day as well, after not returning the first. I'm highly offended at the information they're asking for. Who are they to impose this "survey" on the American people? It's unfortunate that some trained census interrogator will possibly make their way to my front door. But I cannot in good conscience fill out and return that thing. I guess I'll have a fun month or so playing cat & mouse or blatantly ignoring solicitors at my door. It's also unfortunate that many people will fill the thing out completely and return it.

Actually, no one has to answer the enumeration question on the ACS. It is used as a check on the decennial census numbers. There is nothing about the ACs which is covered by the Constitution. A government lawyer made the case that because the CB has asked additional questions on the decennial census as part of the longform and that the longform was being replaced by the ACS, then the ACS deserved to be covered by the same laws which apply to the census. The problem comes in when one debates whether the CB has the right to be asking what is being asked. Congress won't discuss it. The government has no right to use the CB to ask personal questions no matter what excuse is used. The CB doesn't disclose how many complete the survey. The CB wastes so much money for its petty job security ploys that there is no use in informing Congress about the response rate or the completion rate since there might be a budget cut. The data junkies are at present lobbing congress for an increase in the sample size for the ACS because the little data they get isn't enough. Go figure!

Cathy, you seem to be very informed. Are there any other resources on the 'net that you could point others to in regards to the ACS? I'm aware of this site already

Good Day!

Well, reading all of this certainly makes me feel better. I received a letter informing me that our address had been "randomly" selected for this survey, which I had never heard of before, and that answering the questions once I receive them is MANDATORY and fines are involved for not "participating." I called the regional office of the CB and talked to a supervisor, who, much to her chagrin, admitted that the CB hasn't the autority to enforce fines...and that they have 90 days to collect the information. I will answer the door ONCE should anyone show up, and I will be polite, but I will make it clear that unless I am under arrest, I will not surrender private information or aid anyone in violating my 4th Amendment rights under the Constitution I still believe in, or my right to privacy. My mother is a senior citizen. Does this survey have any connection to the horrible health "reform" re: rationing of health care for seniors? Am I paranoid? No. Just shocked and infuriated by what is happening to our country. Thanks for the reassurance about this survey.

update....got my first visit...he was courteous ...I refused he smiled put me down as refusal, said it was federal law I disagreed and he politely dismissed himself. So why am I SHAKING!!!?? UGH :(

Why are you shaking? You stood your ground. Most of us are not use to civil disobedience. We work hard, pay our taxes and are not use to being the focus of a government agency. The language used is meant to get cooperation. The bottom line is that while it may be the law, a law unchallenged by the supreme court, it does not replace, preempt or over rule the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

thanks Cathy..I am not a confrontational person and it takes me out! I am ok now but I'm sure I will be the same when they come back....this is a very small community....at least he was courteous, i will give him that!

I agree with what Cathy said. Also, think for a moment what you would be feeling like if you allowed yourself to be intimidated by him and you caved in. Instead of shaking, but being proud of standing up for your constitutional rights, would you be angry with yourself? Anger directed at ourselves causes depression. Would you be depressed? Would you be saying, "I should have said..."?
In times like these the people who have had the courage of their convictions and acted on it will be the ones who are prepared for the future.
The next time you are tested the test will be just as hard (they wouldn't be tests if they were hard and everyone could do it) but because you passed this test, you have knowledge of your previous success to carry you through the new test.
Courage does not mean not being fearful, courage means feeling fearful and following through anyway. That's what the Founding Fathers knew. They were scared to death most of the time.
You are a courageous person. Now instead of feeling guilty and ashamed of yourself you can be proud to know you are a person of character and moral fortitude. Way to go! High five! :)

Just got my 1st packet in the mail. Amazing the questions they ask. If I don't give in do I make the list of people they are going to put in the detention camps in the future? Is there any watch dog group looking out making sure nobody gets fined? Admit I'm a little scared, I actually feel Big Brother squeezing on this and I have not received the first call or second packet yet. Can't imagine in the future what they are planning to take control of our lives.

Thanks for the Web site I'm actually entertaining fighting this. All encouragment is welcome.

No fines; No detention camps; yes there are "watchdogs" keeping on top of this.

The whole thing seems strange to me. They have to know they are crossing the line with the questions. Seems to me this is partly an excersise to see what they can get away with as far as prying into our lives. Trying to desensitize the masses. Kinda like taking of your shoes at the airport. Will keep all posted...I imagine I have time seeing I got the first mailer a week ago.


Eric... do fight this; you can expect lots of phone calls, after more copies of ACS coming to you in the mail... maybe even a visit or two from someone. You can fight it by simply ignoring the mailings and phone calls. I wish there were a way we could all join forces in our protest in standing up for the Constitution, and not just quietly refuse. You will not be fined. Their threats are empty because they would be hurting themselves it did go to court (which it can't).
I wish there were some way we could protest as a group because probably 90% (guess) of people who get this atrocity object to it. I've already called my senator about it and written a letter. When I ask what can be done to change this happening, I'm just told we need to change that act of Congress.
Maybe the senators would be more proactive in helping with this if they knew it just may cost them votes. They should know how many people are very indignant. We are legion.

Thank you Cathy and Eileen for responding.

Eric, yes they know that they are crossing a line. The CB is being used as a cover to invade personal privacy because the public won't volunteer the info so that all the social and behavioral scientists can stay employed while publishing their useless articles about the American public. The threat of a fine is used as leverage to garner cooperation. I call it extortion. Congress wants the info to pander to voters. Various groups lobby to get their questions on the survey. The marriage history questions, insurance question and college major questions were all added after I had my run in with the ACS.
Rep. Ron Paul hand more recently Rep. Michelle Bachman have been against the ACS. Having the ACS and the 2010 census overlap will ultimately do more damage than the CB thinks. After answering the 10 census question, most will not want to fill out the ACS.

Cathy writes :"Having the ACS and the 2010 census overlap will ultimately do more damage than the CB thinks. After answering the 10 census question, most will not want to fill out the ACS."

Thats where I'm at. I just did the Census myself and feel this way.

Ron Paul has his hands full......seems like he is the Lone Ranger in trying to fight the system.

@ Res apt 1 THANK you and Cathy and all of you for your encouragement! I wouldn't have even given any of this a second thought if it were not for this blog! I expect more visits but I am sure they will all be busy with the flooding we have had....as long as they continue to be courteous so will but....but let one person step out of line and I will turn into mega B##CH

Standing proud in WET rural Tennessee

Hello Everyone!!!

I have an announcement to make - I received my FIRST visit today!!! WOOHOO!!!! And, I was just thinking today while at work reading your posts that I was able to avoid it all. Nope! What a "surprise!"

I received my first ACS at the beginning of February two cards and one more survey since then. NO visits, NO phone calls, until today!

So, I got home and there were a couple of things on my door knob, a door knob flyer from the electric company telling me they changed out our meter today and THE envelope from Jerry Scott, U.S. Census Bureau Field Representative. Written in handwriting on the envelope is, "We can do this survey by phone. Please call me at 503-292-8857," and a sticker stuck to the envelope that says, "Please call me at the number on the attached card (yes the business card is also attached to the envelope). I am required to make contact with an adult member of this household and am obligated to return until contact is made."

Keep on coming, Jerry! I'll make you visit as many times as it takes! I will not answer the door, even if the curtains are open and you can see me. I will ignore you and not even look at you as you talk to me through my window, if that is what you do. Then, one day, about 90 days from now, hoping you are frustrated, I will then answer the door and let you know I am not interested in anything you have to say.

That is my big announcement. Thank you all for listening (well, reading).


Shannon writes:
Keep on coming, Jerry! I'll make you visit as many times as it takes! I will not answer the door, even if the curtains are open and you can see me. I will ignore you and not even look at you as you talk to me through my window, if that is what you do.

Good Stuff LOL

Shannon I just got my first post card after getting the first AMC Census a week ago. Feels great not being alone in this.

What's that old saying? Oh yeah, "If we all don't hang together, we'll surely all hang separately." But to be truthful I don't think you'll start seeing any fines this year. However, I'm willing to bet someone somewhere is busy at work right now trying to slide some sort of Census Bureau bill through Congress hidden as a rider in some obscure bill no one cares about. That's how they usually get the nasty bills through Congress, by making a part of something totally unrelated. Anyway, it was tough on the Founding Fathers too. They were pretty scared most of the time. If it were easy it wouldn't be a test. Hang in there.

The poor CB is frustrated with familiar patterns of non-response, which means that the follow up research is not producing methods to reduce the non-response rate. Maybe the CB should go and read the Constitution. The sole purpose of the CB is to enumerate persons every 10 years. It does not have the right to ask every question it likes.

The next phase of the ACS for 2011 is to run tests for internet responses. Just another program to waste tax money.

hello I totally agree with you guys 100% I would NEVER give any info to these guys. The govt is going rouge and we need to do something! This is a first step saying we are free! WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT!!!!!! However dont hold the census takers accountable, I live in an area where NO jobs are available and the only employment I was able to find was making these stupid calls! They dont allow you to say anything you think, they give you a script and tell you if you dont say it exactly this way you will be fired!!! On top of that they provide a great wage that couldnt be found anywhere else. Sadly I am doing this just to survive! I will be nice to every person that I talk to no matter how they treat me, I cant say that for everyone though. I brought up the fact that the constitution states only a head count is legal. The trainer claimed he hadnt even heard of this. I submitted the question higher up and hopefully I will have a legitimate response from them next time I go in. So if you do receive these calls just remember that every SINGLE one of them talking to you is just a person with kids and a family. Someone who was severely impacted by this economy caused by the very organization who now imposes to slowly enslave every american until we have no where else to go. Dont be scared to decline giving any info though. Hopefully things will get better for all of us, after all we all are AMERICANS. We all know they are not. One day there will be an uprising, I cant wait.

Thanks for posting "itsa mystery". We do need to remember that not everyone loves (or agrees with) his/her job. In these hard times, we all have to survive as best we can.
I try to never be unkind to telemarketers on the phone for this reason (unless they relentlessly won't take a "no".
That must be a very difficult job and not very rewarding when you get rude people. We should all just stick to our not backing down; but not at the expense of others trying to hang on to their homes, or provide for their families.
Our best defense against this is for more and more of us refuse to give the information. That should put them out of business. (Although I wouldn't put it past them to make up info to "share or sell" with interested parties.)

Just checking in. Another envelope, exactly the same as the last one TWO days ago, was left on my door. I work full time and go to school full time, can they give me at least a week to follow the directions of calling in before they leave more GOVERNMENT WASTE on my door.

Jerry Scott, Field Representative for the Census Bureau, you will have to work REALLY early in the morning or REALLY late at night to catch us. Good luck! I hope you do not get caught in the Dundee back up coming from and going to Portland. You must HATE coming here. Poor guy. There are many other federal agencies you could work for, like the IRS. Just in case you are reading this.


Sorry itsa mystery, I do hold the field agents accountable. So you're a new hire who just happened to go looking for a site resisting the ACS? How interesting. The ACS is unconstitutional PERIOD. I didn't like my privacy being invaded with threatening mailings followed by copious phone calls and residence visits and your advise is to be nice to the poor CB employee. Take that up with your employer, who is KNOWINGLY sending out individuals as part of a data mining extortion ring. I've been in a bad economy which left me unemployed and I didn't turn to the gov for a job. The gov caused this recession. The ACS data collection feed the bloated gov programs. The CB needs to go back to one mission - decennial enumeration and dump all the various surveys it conducts. I don't want to decline answering questions - I don't want to be asked those questions at all. I pay for my phone and to have a residence not the gov, so I will decide who gets to contact me. I don't take kindly to those who invade the public's privacy.

You said,"The poor old CB is frustrated with familiar patterns of non-response..." Don't worry abut it too much, if their Resistance Avoidance Training for Census Workers doesn't work they just fill in the information for you based on you're surrounding neighborhood. In other words, they draw conclusions and make assumptions about your income etc based on answers they have received from areas they consider to be similar to you. So basically they'll fill it out for you. Accurate huh?
Here's a link to a verbatim copy of a manual published by the US Census Bureau on their train census workers to manage refusals.

Sign me,
Resident Apt.1

Some additional comments:

The Constitution calls for an enumeration of persons to create districts for congressional seats.
Not an enumeration by category - we are a melting pot not a salad.
Not data collection for government programs - we can't mandate our way to prosperity or success.
States have gotten hooked on the drug of federal money, money which comes with strings attached. States have abandoned their responsibilities of self-sufficiency and violated the 10th amendment.

CB methodology:
Only answer the questions you feel comfortable answering. Huh? They have NO right to ask the questions! The strategy used by survey takers is to begin by asking questions that most people will answer and then shift to those which the person might not want to answer, but because the person has gotten into the habit of answering, more answers will slip out. Remember, they have already studied and tested their methods on the public.

The guilt trip: when the questioning fails to get the answers, then next step is to employ the guilt trip. You don't really want to be the individual who deprives your community of federal funds much needed for schools, police or fire departments?

You could be fined: Well, title 13 and title 18 will allow for fines if questions are not answered and we are required to keep your info private or we will be fined. Yeah right! It is kept private unless a laptop is lost or info is accidentally posted on the net. No CB employee has been prosecuted for an accident which resulted in the release of private info.

Your info is already out there so what is the problem: Yes there is a lot out there already, that is why there is no need to add to what is out there.

It is your duty to help by supplying info just like jury duty: What? The Constitution doesn't support that.

Government employees work for us. We pay their salaries with money taken from our paychecks. Now we have to put up with them invading our privacy? Be nice to them? What about us? What about all those who were scared to death because of a possible fine? What about the lies told to get responses? What about the data junkies who get to use our info for research or marketers who want to peddle their wares to us? Why can't we just be left alone?

@ Cathy!! You go girl!!!! Wish I could met you!!!!!!

Thanks confused.

Resident, I'm not worried. I find it amusing that the CB with all its testing, training and analyzing still admits that the non-responder is a problem. My initial reaction upon receiving the ACS was "Fat Chance I'll be answering it". The CB already fills in the blanks. It's called imputation. The questions on the survey are designed to allow the reader to then guess other info based upon the info disclosed by the respondent. There is an entire book written about the problems data users have with the CB data. And yes the CB field reps can mark answers by looking at a residence or occupants. I have no problem with that. Every town hall has info on dwelling as part of the public record. Anyone could guess if a residence has a kitchen or flush toilet. They can guess at how much a house could cost and extrapolate to the income necessary. There is a lot they can't guess and I feel it unnecessary to tidy up my life decisions into a 22 page package for them, nor will I disclose any info on any individual who may live with me. A program designed to overcome non-response only works if the CB rep can talk to the resident. Not much can be asked if the phone is not answered or the door isn't opened. Which also means that the rep can't guess at race, age or gender. They could ask the neighbors, but mine are just as difficult to contact as I am and they know very little about me. I make it a habit to never answer questions about my neighbors to strangers. The Cb just thinks that more training and better techniques will conquer anything. I wish them good luck with that.

The ACS is also a screening survey for other gov surveys like the Current Population Survey, the Survey of Income and Program Participation and the American Housing Survey, just to name a few.

I answered the 10 question survey, then came this other thing. Wow, I had no idea. I haven't answered and the calls have started.
You know when you mandate something like this, it's un-American. If it was a voluntary survey, they would get more response and less inaccuracy. Any survey co. could do this for them, we could get rid of our Census dept just like that - a reduction in govt. wouldn't that be nice?

I received the ACS form 2 or 3 months ago. I showed it to my husband and we both thought the questions were outrageous. We threw it in the trash. I also received the short census form but that had to be at least a month or two after we had got the ACS form. We lost that form. I'm glad im not the only person angry about this ACS survey. I have not received any phone calls. I hope I never do. Some man with a clip board just rang my doorbell as I was her posting. I will never know if such a visit is the CB agent or a someone trying to sell me something. I will never answer the door. I have no intentions of ever sharing such personal information.

Third envelope in less than a week left on my door yesterday. I was not home, but husband was and he said the guy did look in the window, but my husband was hiding because he saw him drive up while he was letting the dogs in from the back yard. Too funny! We'll see when he starts coming in the middle of the night when he knows we should be hime, LOL!!


Do your dogs know how to answer the door properly? LOL

@Shannon.....your post makes me sad! I think it's awful we have to hide or fear answering our doors

Don't think about it as "hiding in your homes". Think of it as avoiding arguing with CB reps who don't care what you think about the survey. Think of it as standing your ground against any unwanted intrusion. Think of your time as being too valuable to waste talking to the CB.
They are taught to get around resistance. They are are taught to take advantage of an an individual's need to be polite. There is this "golden rule" thing to treat others the way we want to be treated. The rule fails to to give guidance when those "others" fail to treat us the way we would treat them. Most people don't want to be rude to a stranger even when that stranger is being rude to them.
I set up a camera to watch the front door to watch them. Remember, they do go away and things go back to normal.

You are so right, Cathy. Don't be afraid. Be indignant, outraged, obstinant in holding your rights. They are powerless, unless we give it to them by complying with their unconstitutional demands. So an act of Congress allows them to do this because of high pressuring lobbyists. But they well know that Constitution trumps Congress, and so there will be no action behind their threats.
We have not been contacted now, in several weeks...
We never returned or responded to the ACS. When they called; the couple that I accidentally picked up, I was firm in my not participating; even when they mentioned fines. Two final calls, and no one came to "visit" in person.
Thanks to these posts/information; we did not stress out about this although we're in our seventies and not used to such intrusions. Hopefully, if we all stand firm; we can discourage things like this in the future. Don't let go of your freedom!

it's bad enough they have to invade our privacy with the Census and now ACS now we have to endure them at our door? and don't think for a second I won't be ruse if someone is rude to me! This all so stupid!

CB was just back just now!....a woman this time! Dogs went nuts!! Good boys ;) I told her I already answered all I am going to..she looked surprised and asked "You have?" I said "yes Ma'am" and closed the door......I hate this crap! I'm an easy mark as I am home all the time!

Great job, confused! Let's hope you're done.

AS the great Greta Garbo said, "I want to be alone" Why don't they just leave me the "F" ALONE!!!!?????? I'm about to blow a gasket :***(

Now I understand that people do not like conflict. And so does the Census Bureau, that is why they have refusal aversion training.

They also are required to make a certain number of contact attempts. They will give up sooner with a clear refusal but avoiding them doesn’t count according to the procedures they have to follow. If you answer the door and clearly refuse to participate, they may send another person. But after multiple refusals they leave you alone.

Not answering the door or avoiding them does not count as a contact, so they have to keep attempting contact longer. By hiding you are dragging out the experience longer than it needs to be.

Firm, polite, No. That is all you need to do.

There is no way of predicting which method of dealing with the CB will result in shortening or dragging out the experience. There are too many variables. The CB has the 90 days to get the job done. Just like it was a game with me not to talk to them, in may well be a game to them to get compliance no matter what. Every individual has to decide for themselves how best to handle the CB rep at the door. My primary goal was to not have the CB rep get any info on me. While info could be gained by looking at my residence, nothing could be learned about me directly. I decided not to waste my time telling them no. I wanted them to waste their time and resources with me instead. I don't owe them an answer. I don't have to answer my door. I don't have to deal with them at all. Right now I'm waiting for round 2 with the CB over the 2010 census. While the CB can act as a thug, we are expected to be polite to the field reps. Well, guess again.

"As the conversation grows, it becomes less socially acceptable to break it off."

I am so entertained by this quote from the Refusal Aversion Training material. Say WHAT??? Less socially acceptable to end the conversation? Got to love these people. Do they try hard to be this stupid, or does it come naturally?

this is not true! I gave a CLEAR refusal and they are still coming back....next time will be a CLEAR and RUDE refusal and a not so polite invitation for them to LEAVE MY PROPERTY

aversion training was an interesting read...it's clear the people here have not taken that class....I'm safe!!

Thanks again all!

Can i get in trouble for an email like this to the US Census?

We were recently visited by Mary Anne Jordy about the Census form and my wife refused to give any answers because we already mailed them back weeks ago. This does not make me feel comfortable about our personal information with the US Census Bureau. The information we provided includes personal social security numbers and date of births of all my family members so I am not pleased that your office has lost this information. I suggest you research for our survey further and if any of my family members end up with identity theft of any personal information I am holding your office accountable.

Can i get in trouble for an email like this sent to the census bureau?

We were recently visited by Mary Anne Jordy about the Census form and my wife refused to give any answers because we already mailed them back weeks ago. This does not make me feel comfortable about our personal information with the US Census Bureau. The information we provided includes personal social security numbers and date of births of all my family members so I am not pleased that your office has lost this information. I suggest you research for our survey further and if any of my family members end up with identity theft of any personal information I am holding your office accountable.

Just checking in, another envelope left on my door today by Jerry, the field representative. Four visits, so far, in 10 days. Poor guy, Dundee is one of the worst places to have to drive through in Oregon. I bet that is why he did not come on Friday, LOL!

Hello Ron,

I don't believe the 2010 Census or the ACS ask for social security numbers. If you did fill out a form that asked for that, you had better verify that it isn't fraud. It's bad enough dealing with the real thing!

While the CB ran a study to see how willing the public is in disclosing social security numbers, the 2010 and the current ACS doesn't ask for SS#. The field reps are not to ask for those numbers either. The CB website has a copy of the current form. I'd get Lifelock or something similar to lifelock to protect your identities.

accidentally unsubbed so I am resubbing disregard this message ;)

Hey Ron and all just looked at my ACS and duplicate 2010 CB form neither form asks for SS numbers!! I would be pretty upset too!! Good luck man!! let us know how you make out!

Is it 90 days total from when you first rec'v the ACS or do they harass..er, visit and call for 90 days? I rec'd my 2 copies of the ACS survey back in March and just started receiving visits within the past 2 weeks. The pattern is a phone call (I never answer the land line and don't have caller ID) then a visit within a few hours. I've only been home once when they visited, the other time I didn't answer the door. They always leave something in the door...one letter was addressed "dear friend"....how funny is that?? I had 3 visits this week alone, 2 from the field rep and one from a supervisor. Surprisingly, their home phone numbers are on their cards and can be traced via Google to their home addresses, which are not far from mine. I'm angry that our hard earned tax dollars are paying for these calls and visit. The ACS is a very inefficient tool to use for deciding where funding will be distributed. There are other more efficient ways to do this.

I will not be giving them anymore information than what I answered on the short census form...number of people who live in my house and that we are all American.

THanks for all your posts. They have been a great support to me!


I received my ACS February 1 and was celebrating May 3 when I had not received a call or visit; however, I got home from work the evening of May 3 and had "the envelope" attached to my door. He has visited 4 times in the last 13 days. He came last Saturday, so am expecting him to maybe show today. I just got home from work and he had not come yet and only my husbadn was home last week, so I am not sure of the time he came last Saturday.

So, to answer the 90-day question, my 90 days was up approx. May 3, but that is when my visits just began. It may different for oyu, since you have already received phone calls and visits. I have never gotten a phone call, but do not have a landline.

Good luck to you and I will keep my posting my visits until either they stop prior to 90 days from May 3 or in 90 days when I finally answer the door if I am home and tell him to take a hike right back to Portland. : )



I'm wondering if the CB might be deviating from the the 90 days because there are so many more CB field reps resulting from this being a census year. You should have been done at the end of April. The CB contact for the decennial census is different from the ACS. I had read that for the follow up for the census, the reps have a 7 contact maximum. Whether they stick to that is another matter. I'm still waiting for the reps doing the 2010 to visit me.

We received the ACS in the mail after we had sent back the standard census form. The first one was shredded in my shredder. We then received another form. This form is a violation of the privacy laws and the U.S. Constitution. We have many telephone calls from the U.S. Census Bureau requesting that we fill this out and return it to them. The calls have come from all over the U.S. (Arizona, Indiana, and Maryland). We have received most of these calls on the weekend especially on Sunday evening. They have stated that we should immediately call back a toll free number with a case number that they have assigned us. We have Caller ID so we screen our calls and we have not spoken to the idiots calling our home. We will NOT return their calls!

I haven't had anyone knock on our door as of yet. I did come across an excellent response in the form of a letter that I will be giving them. We have too much government control and I don't normally respond to surveys anyway. I am posting the letter so you may copy it and hand it to the drones if they knock on your door. Hope this helps!!

To Whom It May Concern,

Pursuant to Article I, Section 2, Clause 3 of the Constitution, the only information you are empowered to request is the total number of occupants at this address. My "name, sex, age, date of birth, race, ethnicity, telephone number, relationship and housing tenure, work habits, financial information, personal information, mental condition, etc…" has absolutely nothing to do with apportioning direct taxes or determining the number of representatives in the House of Representatives. Therefore, neither Congress nor the Census Bureau have the constitutional authority to make that information request a component of the enumeration outlined in Article I, Section 2, Clause 3. In addition, I cannot be subject to a fine for basing my conduct on the Constitution because that document trumps laws passed by Congress.

Interstate Commerce Commission v. Brimson, 154 U.S. 447, 479 (May 26, 1894).

"Neither branch of the legislative department [House of Representatives or Senate], still less any merely administrative body [such as the Census Bureau], established by congress, possesses, or can be invested with, a general power of making inquiry into the private affairs of the citizen. Kilbourn v. Thompson, 103 U.S. 168, 190. We said in Boyd v. U.S., 116 U. S. 616, 630, 6 Sup. Ct. 524,― and it cannot be too often repeated,―that the principles that embody the essence of constitutional liberty and security forbid all invasions on the part of government and its employees of the sanctity of a man's home and the privacies of his life. As said by Mr. Justice Field in Re Pacific Ry. Commission, 32 Fed. 241, 250, 'of all the rights of the citizen, few are of greater importance or more essential to his peace and happiness than the right of personal security, and that involves, not merely protection of his person from assault, but exemption of his private affairs, books, and papers from inspection and scrutiny of others. Without the enjoyment of this right, all others would lose half their value.'"

Note: This United States Supreme Court case has never been overturned.


Just received our second ACS. Thanks to everyone on this site. I live on a dead end in a small town with a serial killer (8 women) on the loose. I have children to protect, I'm not answering the door for anyone!!!

Go back even further Gulfman. The ACS used to be the census long form, which has been around longer. It caused such a backlash during the last census that the CB thought that people would not return the census forms at all and therefore jeopardize the enumeration, which is the only reason for the CB to exist. If you want a real thrill, research the groups which get to submit the questions for the ACS. It should come as no surprise that there is a question about type of health insurance on the survey. I even found reprints of lectures that the CB gave to the UN about how to conduct the survey elsewhere while disclosing the data collected on us. I'm still digging up stuff after 3 years. Check out COSSA too.

Received another ACS in the mail since we didn't answer the 1st one. Fully expect phone calls to start--thank God for caller ID. The govt. needs rename it--a survey implies voluntary cooperation. This felt more like an interrogation which turns out is mandatory.

Thanks for your blog and the comments. I'm feeling a little better now. Six months ago I received the ACS at the apartment I lived for only four months. The form says you still have to send it in even if you lived there for two months. Since I was moving out to another neighborhood and didn't want to be counted twice so I ignored it. They sent a letter, a reminding card, then a second ACS. They said it takes 38 minutes to complete. I didn't like the questions but I was intimidated so I filled out and sent in anyway. This "good citizen" is too honest.

Then I received the 10 questions head count which I think it's reasonable and acceptable. I sent it in immediately. A few weeks ago I got the ACS in the mail. I was so upset!! I intended not to send in. But I just received another ACS! It's enough to worry about job and paying bills. Now I'm scared to open the mailbox too. Don't they know everything already and still keep wasting money sending useless stuff? Can you do something, please! Thanks!

I really do think the ACS bothers you less if you never respond to it at all, rather than attempting to answer all or partial.
We didn't respond at all (several months ago) and did receive other copies of it, along with tel. calls, and threats of visits and fines. Nothing at all lately. I did worry about the fine threats and it's legality. So I e-mailed the Rutherford Institute (legal org. that handles cases of civil, and concerns about our constitutional rights. The response I got was very encouraging.
They affirmed that to their knowledge, no one has ever been fined. They also wrote that they have been trying for a long time to get a test case against the ACS because it's unprecedented in its intrusiveness. They also request that in the event of an "unlikely fine" they be contacted immediately.
This makes me wish they had carried out their threats of fines, in order for it to come to the place where they would not only suffer from the bad publicity, but would be put out of business because it violates our constitutional rights. Bring it on!

What groups are getting this information once it has been submitted? I researched COSSA and this seems like an liberal organization using this information for their own purposes.

We are still getting the phone calls but nobody has been to the door.

I talked to a person locally and they told me that they had a census worker stop by their home and start asking questions regarding another person in our neighborhood. This is reminiscent of tactics used by either the S.S. or the KGB.


Many marketers have the data available for business. This info is by zipcode or even by block. planetizen.com is one such group. I had a whole list of other companies. Then there are the groups which represent the less fortunate and various ethnic groups.

Coalition of Human needs
Council for community and economic research
council of professional association on federal statistics
international council of shopping centers
japanese american citizens league
leadership conference on civil rights
national associations of counties
national association of latino elected official and appointed officials
education fund
national conference of state legislators
national low income housing coalition
organization of chinese americans
population reference bureau
south michigan census council
us conference of mayors
westal statistical group
market watch
american association for public research
la raza
lots of libraries across the nation support the census ACS data

I have so many pages of research that I can't find it all.

Visit three just happened this guy was more curt but professional. I told him I had answered all the questions I was going to. He said okay then asked if he could get my name for the "refusal" and reiterated that I had answered all I was going to answer. He thanked me and dismissed himself as I was closing the door.

I felt better this time....Not so scared, but now I'm getting PO'ed....next time I will have camera on to record as I feel they are stepping it up and will try strong arming me next few times.

What a waste!! I am not answering anything do they think they can continue to send people that I will give up and give them info??? It will just make me less likely to answer......ARGH!!!

PS...I answer the door as I feel the more I refuse the less likely they will be to return......any input!!??

You get the gold star for standing your ground. Saying no and sticking to it is a great skill to have.

Just want to say I'm still reading your comments. I mean to read them all. Yesterday, I only had the time to read a few of them but I already felt better. I really appreciate that. It bothered me enough to look around to see if anybody said anything about it. I asked a whole bunch of my clients in TX and they said they've never received that in their lives and they have been in the US for many generations. This is the first blog I saw and I like it. Now I know how to deal with it. I'm waiting to see if they will come to my house. Cheers!

You're really not that alone. The reason why most people haven't heard of the ACS is because the CB wants it that way. Keep telling people about it and eventually you'll connect with someone who has received it or will receive it. There are other blogs dealing with this survey as well.

I rec'd the first ACS copy the end of April; then a postcard reminder to fill it out; then the second ACS form last week. I figure the next stage will be phone calls. I can unplug the main line and screen the 2nd with my answering machine. I called The Rutherford Institute. They will provide free legal representation to anyone the CB attempts to fine or prosecute for not participating in the ACS. I am so outraged by the wrongness of this "survey" that participating any way at all as an attempt to make a statement, i.e., using "human" for "race," etc., would be an acknowlegement that this thing even exists. So, like Cathy, I will not even answer the door. If that draws it out, who cares? You're dealing with an entity using brainwashed droids seeking bonuses for every address they score answers with - trust me, they aren't morally capable of grasping the deeper implications of the ACS. This same ilk WANT govt. running their lives for them. They do not understand what freedom and patriotism mean. Don't waste your time on them or elevate your blood pressure. They'll never change.

At first I didn't know there're two different censuses, but later I saw and heard more ads on the 10 questions head count which is less frightening than the ACS. I think they're a little bit sneaky! Anyway, I remember that not long ago a man came to the company where I work; he said he's from the census and asked if he could leave his business card there (to whom?)? But the receptionist said No.

So far, I'm reading the comments up to April 3, 2008. Amazing! To be continued....


The list that you posted is very sobering. Many of the groups requesting this information seem to be either civil rights or ethnic groups. Our tax dollars are supporting this invasion of privacy, so the marketing companies and radical groups can get information on patriotic Americans. I don't think that CAIR or La Raza needs to know how many toilets that I have in my house but I am sure they would love to know the income information. Here is a link that has additional links. The Arab-American Institute and other Arab coalition groups are promoting the census and even show job opportunites with the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Census Bureau.

Here is a great video on the ACS.

I am waiting for them to knock on my door!!

Three interesting organizations behind the GPS mapping of each address done by the U.S. Department of Commerce (Census Bureau) are:

Michael Baker Corporation

Harris Corporation

Law Enforcement Associates Corporation

This is scary!!


One of the posts mentioned Mr. Howard Clark. How interesting, I happened to hear him on the radio while I was driving home from work. I thought he's a very smart man and I started listening to him whenever I can since the end of last year. I heard a person asked about the questions in the census and he answered that "it's none of their business". The other day I picked up the phone and almost dial the radio station's number to talk to him about that too, but I was shy. So I went on the web instead and I found this site right the way.

I also got the long postal survey recently. Of course, after reading it I got a headache so I shredded it. Then a reminder card came too. It would be cool if the postal survey asked the patron just one question or two "Are you happy with our services?" "Is there anything else can we do for you?" Yes, no junk mails, please.


I also received a postal survey 3 month after refusing the ACS. I don't like surveys at all. If I have a problem with my postal service, I'll go to the office which delivers my mail and inform them of the problem. I don't see a point in sending in a survey to the feds.

Thanks, cathy. That's very true, ma'am. I believe in helping the helpless and do what I can on my own, beside paying my all kind of taxes which they use for whatever worthy purposes. I think "they" refer the welfare recipients and the mentally ill patients as "clients". What about us? We have a voice and they should listen too. Btw, who are "they"? To me, "they" is an invisible, a faceless entity who tries to scare me. Only the poor(?) census reps are the ones we see. They need jobs, but I wish they'd quit this kind of job and go for a long, long walk to see this beautiful country and don't bother me. Otherwise, it's not cool!

I stayed up to finish reading all the posts from top to bottom to get the whole picture and to get more educated before I can check out other sites. This is the best non-fiction I've ever read! I'm wondering if anyone of them ACS's, the congress people, the social scientists get the exemption from doing this survey? How about the police officers, do they fill out the ACS too if randomly selected?

Now I recall before all of this a rep knocked on my apt door, he said "you live here? we'll be doing a survey, when you get the form make sure you send it in, ok!" I said ok. But after I saw the form I got depressed. I still remember the question "How many separate rooms are in this house, apartment, or mobile home? Rooms must be separated by built-in archways or walls that extend out at least 6 inches and go from floor to ceiling. INCLUDE bedrooms, kitchens,etc. EXCLUDE bathrooms, porches, balconies, foyers, halls, or unfinished basements". I had a one bedroom apt. but I had to check all the wall's measurements for fear that my answer were not correct.

I can't believe I fell for that. But NO MORE! Luckily I moved too. If the rep comes to my new place when I'm at home I will watch him thru the blinds, like in the Rear Window, while enjoying a cup of coffee. I'm not supposed to open the door to stranger anyway, especially the one with the clipboard!

Ooop! In the Rear Window, the guy did come into the apt. to attack the resident!

The longest running commentary with over 2500 posts on the ACS, is inactive right now. Russell Whitaker ran the site Survival Arts, which had a thread dating back to the beginning of the ACS.

The survey is tied to the address and doesn't change if the resident moves. The CB will go after the new occupant. I'm sure Bill Gates and Warren Buffet don't get the survey, but members of Congress have. Some are just as outraged as we are about it and others buy the CB baloney about how "useful" the info is. There was an aid to an elected official who spoke before some social scientist group and laughed about getting the survey, which he didn't fill out, but felt that it was important for the rest of us to be duped into filling it out. Another reinforcement of "The rules don't apply to me mentality". They're laughing at us for being stupid enough to be compliant.

I received my first ACS a couple of months ago and threw it away. Then I got another...it sat in my junk mail stack for another month. When I finally opened it I was shocked!!! Who are these people to try bullying me into giving such private information. I am already the victim of identity theft. I started filling it out and then quit. I have carried it in my briefcase half filled out. Now I am getting people knocking on my door. Once she even looked in to see me sitting there. I still didn't answer. Now the phone calls have begun. I requested they send another...she refused saying they have already sent two and now I needed to spend 30 - 40 minutes on the phone giving all the answers. I told her I didn't have time for this and hung up. I reluctlantly put it in my mailbox today and then paniced again and retreived it before my postman could get it. I am not mailing it, I think I will contact an attorney to see what my rights are as and AMERICAN CITIZEN living in the land of the FREE!!!!

I had a census taker come to my door last night looking for my neighbor/relative. I explained the lady was 84 yrs old and told her the lady filled out the census and it was sent in. I was actually very rude and shut the door on her. She was out there still asking questions after the door was shut. I then called my neighbor/relative who was equally upset that these people showed up and thankful that I ran her off. The lady is 84 yrs old! I feel she was targeted for her age and they think she would easily be intimidated. I actually probably spared the census taker from being caned.


You're correct about the elderly being targeted. They are, not only for the ACS but for other voluntary surveys.

I'm a female cop who lives alone. There is no way I'm answering this "survey" now or ever. The information requested is definitely a safety issue as far as I'm concerned. I've gotten both mailings of the ACS and no phone calls...could that be because I didn't put my phone number on my census form? There have, however been visits to my house at about 8 pm on two different evenings. Since I work long hours and am rather tired of people by the time I get home, I don't answer the door for unexpected visitors...and my kids have keys. Last night as the census-tool was pounding on my front door, I raised a beer in her direction and took a long drink.

I did some simple checking and the woman who has been ringing my doorbell and beating on the door has a Facebook account...and she loves her job with the Department of Commerce.

I rec'd my 2 copies of the ACS in March. The calls and visits started May 1st and they were almost everyday for 3 weeks. We seldom get calls on our land line and the number is unlisted but on May 1st we had a call nearly everday. There's no caller ID so I can't prove it was the ACS but the pattern was a phone call and within a few hours a visit from a field rep or supervisor. The field rep would knock on the front door and wait about 5 minutes...we would never answer the door...then he'd leave his card and/or a note requesting a return call. The supervisor would knock repeatedly and go from the front to the back door, sit in her car and stare at the house, then try again. Her notes contained threats of fines and prosecution and she underlined the threats and put asterisks around the words. ( I think she was nuts!) The visits stopped on May 21st...exactly 3 weeks from the 1st visit. The daily calls continued for another week. I'm happy to say that we haven't had any calls or visits since. This web site and others like it have given us the determination not to give in to the threats and harassment and I appreciate every person who took the time to post. It's time for Americans to stand up and fight for our right to privacy and freedom! I've written my congressional representatives a number of times about this issue but apparently they don't care enough to even send a response. They will never get another vote from me. I've been spreading the word about this "survey" to every one I know in the hopes that if they get a copy they will also know that they are not alone if they refuse to participate.

I love this site!

I received two census forms, which I ignored, then our tenacious lil' census taker started visiting. Upon initial contact, I told her how many reside at our home and how long we've lived here. She continues to visit so "we can complete the form."

That day will never come. I've lost count of our census taker's attempts to make further contact---at least six visits, which is a very conservative estimate---with the last three being consecutive days. I leave her little notes in the door frame/jam (just as she positioned them), yet she knows I am home.

I taped over the peephole in my front door and ignore her knocks. On another site, a census worker mentioned the visits will persist until the end of July. I have fifty-seven days of cat-and-mouse remaining. It should be interesting.

I would like to thank another poster at the aforementioned forum for recommending this site. I don't wish to mention his name (out of respect for his privacy), but if he is reading this . . . thank you, "B"!

You're welcome.

Third visit today (Sunday) while I was away from home.

She keeps highlighting the message that she MUST make contact with an adult in the household. She also states that I can call her anytime up until 10pm. Since they don't have my phone number as far as I know, this isn't going to happen!

This will continue for a month? Or more?

Well, last Tuesday my husband and I returned home from visiting my parents in Montana and while we were gone we had a visit from Rebecca, SENIOR Field Representative, instead of Jerry, Field Representative. So the next phase has started, as it has been just over 30 days since my first visit. We'll see how long she stays and how many visits we get from her over the next 30 days. Only 1 so far, although I hd expected a visit this weekend. She must not like Dundee as much as Jerry did.

Oh, and on the envelope she left, she wrote OUR NAMES, so if she can get that info, she sure can get much of the other info they are asking. If they cannot get it through public info, then it must mean it is PRIVATE. She also wrote below our names "Is there life beyond this door? Please call me am/pm," blah, blah, blah. No there was no life beyond the door because we WERE NOT home, Rebecca!

My report for the time being. Godd luck to all of you dealing with this, too. I am hanging in there with you. It is nice to have SO MUCH support here!


There is a bill before Congress, Bill H.R.3131, that if passed will make the American Community Survey voluntary. Here is information about the bill and writing a letter to Congress.

I recommend that everyone google for their own names and addresses and see what you find. Lots of info is out there for the CB field reps to find. Also, every town/village/city maintain public records on property owners. Anyone can walk in and look that info up.

Remember that the CB's own info states that it is your RESIDENCE and not YOU selected for the survey. Placing your name on their notes is another intimidation tactic. Maybe notes to them should be addressed to "CB Extortionist". Without a warrant, the CB gets nothing.

They may be required to have contact with the "resident", but YOU are not required to supply them with that contact. The field reps only visit 1/3 of the non-responding residences. Where is the requirement to "make contact" with those people? The CB can take a hike! It's time to be like Brigadoon and come alive every 10 years for the census and only the census. All they need is a postcard sent out asking for the number of persons at that residence and nothing more.

Every question on the ACS relates to a program which most likely violates the Constitution and allows for the theft of wealth while employing the pseudo-scientists who suggest the creation of more gov programs. Anyone wonder why the US GDP is in the dumper? We need more people manufacturing wealth rather than studying way to redistribute it.

I expect that the CB is under a lot of pressure to attain results. The CB is constantly over budget. Lots of money was wasted on the handheld computers which failed to perform in the field. There are always challenges to the accuracy of the decennial counts. Congress has cut funding for the CB, although some funding was restored through the stimulus bill.

All of you are doing a great job!

Cathy, thank you for your encouragement.

My lil' pit bull census taker visited again today. She pounded on the door once, paused, then pounded again. She waited on the porch for a while before giving up.

Interestingly, she didn't leave a note in the door frame this time. That's okay; I have numerous notes from her previous visits. They'll make great kindling this winter!

Fifty-four days of cat-and-mouse remaining.


P.S. Hiya, Ben!

I received 2 surveys in the mail, two weeks apart in May, which I did not answer then I received 3 calls over the weekend, which I ignored. They called yesterday evening and I answered, after verifying my phone number (she called me?) she said "Am I speaking to the woman of the house" I said yes, she went on to say that an important survey was being conducted in my area and she needed to ask me some very important questions....I asked if this was about the American Community Survey - yes she said, I then told her to mark my residence as Refused and that I was well aware of the consequences of my actions. She said "Well, okay" and hung up.

Any chance I might skip the visits or any future calls?


It is difficult to predict if you'll be able to skip the visit phase. I knew that I had a high probability of being visited because the CB was targeting small towns and rural areas. Large cities and towns are easier to assault with the ACS because more surveys can go out without one resident knowing another person with the survey. Areas with small populations will need 5 years to collect the same volume of info by the stealth method.

Every CB field rep has a different level of aggressiveness when dealing with the public. I didn't have any door pounders, while others had reps who camped out watching the residence. Think of the tactics like good cop bad cop. They can be sweet spewing the guilt trip or threaten with the fines.

We also have no way of knowing how many non-responders are on the harassment list. The fewer the rep has the more time can be devoted to each residence. Also factor in the commuting distance the rep has. My original rep lives about 10 minutes away from me. But the time I got finished looking her up, I could have filled out most of the questions on the ACS on her.

Thanks Cathy, I guess I have a high probability of being visited, my town is less than 12,000. I'm ready to fight it but I don't want my neighbors harassed. And I don't want to feel like I have to hide out in my house!
I know that they hire locals for the regular census home visitors, are they going to be the initial workers sent to my house? I know someone who is from my town and is working for the CB, any chance she will be sent to my home? It's going to be hard to tell her to get lost, oh well, I'm still not filling it out.
As I said a few weeks ago, we have a serial killer in town, the rep is going to have a hard time camping out in my neighborhood!
Thanks for all of the information.

The ACS field reps are not the same folks that are hired for the 2010 census. The field reps are the permanent census employees who have had more extensive training. They are connected with a regional census office. You could get someone who has to travel a hour to get to you.
If the rep is someone you know, you might be able to talk sensibly to her. On the other hand, she could use what she knows about you and fill out as many questions as she can. You could tell her that the ACS is a violation of the 10th Amendment and you will not be providing any answers. Just keep repeating that line until she is discouraged.
The CB will count a form completed with as few as 5 questions answered. The ACS reps are not supposed to bother the neighbors, since the info may not be correct, but the 2010 census people can consult with the neighbors to get short form answers.

After I told the census worker to put me on the Refusal List I didn’t get any more visits for the ACS.
I got a business card from the census supervisor, she left it in my door on a visit before I told her to put me on the list. I used Google Earth to check her out. She lived only 15 minutes away in a trailer park. Nice little garden. I love Google Earth.
Also Cathy, the census workers ARE authorized to ask your neighbors questions about you. The neighbor has to be at least 16 years of age. Nice, huh?
Sign me,
Resident Apt. 1

I've had my name removed from zabasearch.com and have taken my name off whitepages.com (easy to do if you register). When I search for myself on Google, I get nothing...well, other people with my name, but not me! I don't trust the woman not to check out anything that might be in my mailbox or any packages which might be left on my front porch. So she might get my name, but there's only 2 neighbors who have my phone number...one is home as seldom as I am and the other is very good at "knowing nothing."

I'm hoping she'll give up since she's not having much luck.

I got the ACS a few years ago and posted about it here. (Ed June 28, 2008)

I just wanted to mention that the ACS really backfired for the Census Bureau in my case. When I got the ACS, I learned a lot about the census and as a result only answered as required by the constitution in 2010 census. I've gotten calls from the CB indicating they just want to count me (which is hilarious since that is the ONLY information I gave them).

They won't get anything else from me either. Had I never received the ACS in 2008, I probably would have responded in full for the 2010 census.

We haven't received a telephone call for several weeks and there hasn't been any knocks on our door from the Census Bureau for the Amercian Community Survey. There also hasn't been any form of mail correspondence either.

The first ACS form was shredded. They sent a second one which we did not respond to either. We did not answer the telephone calls which averaged two to three calls per week including Sundays and during the evening telling us to return the telephone call with a case number which they gave over the telephone. I think the best advice is to completely ignore the ACS. They are sending an average of 250,000 of these surveys monthly to American citizens to collect data!

If by chance, someone knocks on the door, I will tell them the ACS is a violation against the U.S. Constitution and ask them to leave. This whole thing is a waste of taxpayer dollars. We recently had a local census worker arrested on felony drug charge, so this goes to show you that background investigations are not being conducted carefully including employee drug testing.

Do not let the census worker into your home which would be a very risky propostition. If the worker appears threatening then call 911 and report them by giving a complete physical description including their vehicle description. Make sure you talk to your neighbors and ask them not to give out information on you or your family. Tell your neighbor to contact you if someone is asking personal information regarding you or your family. This is specific for your privacy!

Stand firm on your constitutional rights and your privacy. "Don't tread on me!"

Just hung up on another ACS worker, this time it was the Maryland branch, last time was Arizona. This is the second refusal I've given over the phone, I told her not to call again, she said that she can't stop the calls, my number will continue to show up in their system until I cooperate. Whatever, I'm a little too informed to fall for that one.

I find it entertaining that when the Constitution requires a population count, the Census trots out the most inexperienced personnel while reserving the more trained individuals to harass the public with unconstitutional surveys. Apparently it is more important to invade privacy than to redistrict for accurate representation. The CB needs to be defunded until priorities are corrected.

I didn't even return the two ACSs and been waiting for whatever consequences, but nothing yet. I only have the cell phone. Last week I read Dear Abby and there's a census worker asking Abby to help in convincing the public to comply. HeHeHe....

It funny, the U.S. tries to intimidate us to register for census. what they don't tell you is that in 1941-1945, they used census data to round up all the japanese families, and put them in "camp" I ain't gonna register for something that might get me "ethic cleanse" Up yours U.S. goverment

File under - close enough for government work:
The Brooklyn census field office has fired 2 supervisors for filing out 10,000 household surveys (ACS??) themselves by using data bases rather than visiting the non-responders. Just another way to manipulate the numbers and lie about the response rate. When refusing turns out to not be refusing. It is way passed the time to defund the census bureau. It has no business collecting data through household surveys.

File under - wasting even more money to conduct the 2010 census. It seems that even when responders have returned census forms, a CB worker arrives anyway to verify info or to visit "randomly" selected residences for a follow up to confirm that the census workers are doing their jobs.

Also, a census worker was arrested for trespassing in Hawaii. The case is headed to court.

It's been almost a month since I've had a card left on my front door. Can I assume (I hesitate to use that word!) that they've given up? Or is this the calm before a supervisor starts showing up?

Hi again,

After doing errands on my day off, I decided to do some mowing. I did the front lawn then I went to the back yard. That took me a long time because my mower kept dying, and I needed little breaks in between too. It's still a very hot and humid evening. Afterwards I went to the front to whack the weed. While I was on the side of the house fixing the whacker because it too, kept stopping. Then I happened to look up and I was startled because a man was standing in front of the door. Luckily I always lock it. My garage door was opened but a few minutes before I accidently hit the close button so it's closed and I let it be....

The man walked toward me and said he's from the census (btw, he looks decent). Immediately I thought it's the ACS, which I forgot completely about it, but I told him that I already sent in the 10 questions census. He said it's the ACS. I said "I'm sorry, I don't want to participate this survey. I know the consequences that you'll be bothering me".

He said they had sent the form twice. I said "I did it from my previous address but I don't want to do it anymore". He said he left his bus card for me (in the flower pot). Then he went straight to his car without going to any of my neighbors. It's about after 8pm. I asked "Are you doing everybody or just me? It's random, right?" He said every year they select some. If he's reading this, he'd know that's me; but sir, please leave me alone. Thank you!

Guys, remember to protect me. Thanks!!!


After that first rep visit I went on the web and read many other sites too. I saw some of you there as well and you gave very useful information. Thank you!

On the ACS, if I'm the only one in the neighborhood got chosen for the survey then what good does it do for the purpose? I'm not representing the whole neighborhood. I'm sure the police officer who lives two doors down from me didn't get picked on. Like I said, I did return a complete form a few months ago, honest to God, from my previous address. "No Way I will do that again!" I told people about it and they all said that "It's not right!"

j, you just pointed out one of the data flaws. I was the only one in my neighborhood chosen as well and I am not representative of my neighborhood either. It is easier to sample large cities with the survey than small towns and villages. The CB makes due with the info while the data users go nuts about wondering about the accuracy of the data but something is better than nothing. There is a good possibility that the survey response rate is down this year, but the CB won't be admitting that. The refusal rate seems to be up for the 2010 census. The public is more angry with the CB than in 2000 when that anger caused the long form to become the ACS.

Thanks, cathy.

This ACS deal is making me to think about it more than I have the time for. I'm expecting more visits so I have no other options but to keep wondering about the individual who has the position to approve those ACS questions. I wish to be able to say "You are fired!" like Mr. Donald Trump got to say. But seriously, it's not funny. To give someone a mental anguish is not a joke.

If the congress people want to build their mansions with their money(?) out of nowhere, they will "automatically" build the roads or private roads to go with their stuff and other services come along as well, the whole nine yards. Do they ask me? No! And do I care? Of course not; it's their business. However, for the public roads, just watch the traffic jam report (live) on TV, or listen to radio broadcasts; that is enough to add more lanes asap before the public complains.

In short, to conduct a mini voluntary response survey is ok, and as often as you want about many different projects as needed; but this ACS is like cat and mouse. Please cut it. Thank you in advance!

Got a letter earlier this year advising me to be on the look out for the "American Community Survey", which I was required to complete or face jail time and/or a $5,000 fine. Whoa, sounds pretty serious. Apparently, this survey isn't part of the census count every decade, rather it's sent out monthly to 250,000 "randomly selected" households. Oh, lucky me!

Got the form, it was addressed to "Resident". You have got to be kidding me. It's like 30 pages of questions ranging from what time I got to work everyday and how long my commute is to how many flush toilets I have in the house. I'm amazed it didn't ask if I like anal sex or if the house had a dungeon I keep kidnap victims in. And it didn't just want my info, it wanted the same info on every house member. Check it out and you will be shocked by some of the questions.

Needless to say, I chucked it in the trash. About 2 weeks later, another one came and went straight to the trash. About 2 weeks later, we started receiving calls non-stop from the Census Bureau (hey, how did they get my unpublished phone number?). Days, nights, weekends, holidays, didn't matter (these folks must have previously worked in collections). After about 30 days, the calls mysteriously stopped. Thought "whew, that's over"!! Silly rabbit, not so fast. We now have a gentleman named Keith Albrecht making personal visits to the house wanting us to invite him in, so he can "help us" complete the survey. We also are now getting letters from Mr. James T. Christy, the Regional Director, advising us that we "need to cooperate" with Mr. Albrecht. WOW, all this is starting to sound a bit like the late 30's early 40's government of a little country that starts with a "G" and ends with a "Y" (and I'm not talking about Guernsey).

The last love note was guilt-inducing. It advised me that the survey was a "positive use of your taxpayer dollars" and that Keith's making "unnecessary visits to contact" me was a "negative use of your taxpayer dollars". Really? I think spending $146-150MM+ annually on this asinine survey program is the real "negative use” of our taxpayer dollars.

Everywhere I searched indicates no one has ever been fined or jailed for refusing to complete the survey (or providing false information which was my initial thought, and boy, was I gunna have a field day with that). Seriously, I don't know why no one seems to know about this except the folks that actually receive it and have serious concerns about the invasiveness of the questions and the tactics of the CB drones who appear to have no problems infringing on our personal freedom or property rights. I have a sinking feeling that the reason behind that is our beloved FedGovCo, and more specifically the Census Bureau, doesn't want someone suing them thereby making this whole invasive and, IMHO, unconstitutional survey, and the CB’s tactics to enforce compliance, a national topic.


I came home from work yesterday (Sat) evening and got a card stuck in the door by the same ACS rep "Please call to complete, or to allow me and when to pick up your completed survey". No, I won't allow you. When the lady says No, it's No.

There's a flyer included in the card with some quotes "As one community leader said, 'Guessing is always fun, but seldom effective'". Well, then he's not a good guesser.

Then this one made me feel a little bit guilty at first "Each time you turn on a water faucet or a light switch in your home, summarized census data may be behind the services you receive." Hmm....the utility companies charge me all kinds of fees, I shouldn't feel guilty for them. Besides, it's been fine without additional invasive survey!

Don't buy into the guilt trip. Behind the ACS is a group of highly manipulative people who have done extensive testing on how individuals react to different tactics. They use the "you've been selected" (you've special), followed by the guilt trip (depriving your community of funds and programs), then "it's your duty" and if all else fails the threats begin (mandatory, its the law...). The gov uses the ACs to find areas and individuals who qualify for gov programs, whether wanted or not. All of this is a clear violation of the 10 amendment for both the states and individuals. Everything the CB does beyond enumeration is an invasion of privacy to obtain job security for gov employees. The CB is constantly over budget and wastes too much tax money.


Just came home and opened the mailbox, Lo and Behold, there's an envelope for the "current resident" from the US Dept of Commerce! Included is a list of 10 frequently asked questions, and I'm not happy with some of their answers such as:
1- This is a MANDATORY survey as provided by TITLE 13 of the United states Code. Because it is a sample survey, your participation is very important if we're going to be able to produce accurate statistics from it. (What a useless statistic from a small sample, just me in the whole neighborhood; the local phone book gives a better statistic).
2- As you answer the survey questions, I will enter the data directly into a computer, so we can process it quickly and meet our deadlines. (Deadlines for what?)
3- Your address was scientifically selected from a list of addresses, so we can't substitute anyone else's address for yours. One of the advantages of a sample survey is that we can use it to measure the whole population without having to actually interview every household. (Shortly after I moved here I saw a woman with a clipboard walking around writing down addresses. You're invited to scientifically delete my address on your survey, or just manually cross it off your list. I appreciate that.)
5- The data from all surveys are summarized, so that no one person can be identified. (Why specifically needs all the private info?)
6- We will publish only statistics from this survey, not any information that could identify you or anyone else personally. (Then who keeps the rest of the information when the statistic is done?)

And the letter to the resident, "Dear Sir or Madam: Recently, one of our Census Bureau Field Representatives, Mr. Otto Pfahl, contacted you in connection with the American Community Survey. We thank you for completing the questionnaire and mailing it. However, our reports indicate we have not yet received it. Due to the time-sensitive nature of this data, if in a few days we still have not received the questionnaire, we would appreciate your doing the survey with Mr. Otto Pfahl. The data is encrypted and transmitted through his government laptop. We do apologize for any inconvenience.

The primary goal of the survey is to provide up-to-date statistical profiles of the people in your community....A Federal law (Title 13, United States Code) authorizes the Census Bureau to conduct this survey and requires that you participate in the survey......You may call Mr. Otto Pfahl at 512- 244-6357 to set up an appointment. If you have any questions, please call Ms. Tamia Morris, Ms. Peggy Lineberger or Ms Tiffany Chang, the Program Supervisors at 1-800-835-9752, extention 34462. Thank you! Signed Gabriel A. Sanchez, Regional Director.

I was curious so I looked up Mr. Otto Pfahl's phone number on his business card in the phone book since I don't want to google anybody out of respects for the people's privacy. I saw the general area of where he lives. Still, I don't trust anybody.

Someone's ringing the doorbell, then banging on it as I'm composing this posting. Then I heard he put something though the door. The letter says in a few days but he's here already at 8pm. I peaked out and saw a dark blue sport utility. He waited a bit then drove off. I think he's following me home. I saw it behind me on the way in, but it turned left before I turned right.

Yep, it's him and the card.


It's almost midnight and I haven't eaten my dinner yet. I just read the article "End of Census, and for Many, End of Job" someone sent to me earlier today. I felt really bad for the ones who will be laid off again; but I had to explain the difference between the head count census and the ACS which some people didn't know about.

I also reread the ACS brochures I received today. This paragraph states "We may combine your survey data with data that you may have provided to other federal agencies. Any combined information is given the same protections as your survey information. Some households that respond to the ACS maybe asked to participate in other CB surveys." It looks like more than enough information shared between them already. Don't ask me anymore.

"Only a small sample of addresses is randomly selected to participate in the ACS and they represent other addresses in the community." This is nonsense. My address has decided to decline the representative position which you have offered it.

At least this one ACS's acclaimed credit made me laugh "Have you ever thought much about why it took so long for your favorite restaurant to get to your neighborhood?" Hmm....


This early morning I taped a note by the front door
attn: "American Community Survey"
Do Not Disturb The Resident
No Pounding On The Door!
-Thank you-

Then I went to the bookstore and picked up two copies of The Constitution of the United States of America (one copy for home and one copy for the road). I'm studying it carefully right now. I remember a friend gave me a xerox version of it a long time ago; I know it's an important document but I didn't read it then. I think one can print it out from the website too.

Wow! This, I didn't know about: "The Constitution at the National Archives

The National Archives has the responsibility for preserving this nation's documentary heritage. In carrying out this mandate, the Archives has preserved over three and a half billion documents that include valuable information on all aspects of American life and government. Among the most important is the Constitution of the United States of America. This document is a vivid symbol as well as a forthright statement of American democracy. Preserved in sealed cases filled with an inert gas, it is on display year round in the Rotunda of the National Archives Building in Washington, DC.

Even though the nation has always cherished this charter of our freedom, it took more than a century and a half to establish a permanent home for it. The odyssey of this document is told in a publication available from the National Archives- A More Perfect Union: The Creation of the United States Constitution. In 1952, the document was transported in an armored vehicle under armed escort from the Library of Congress to the National Archives. The first and last pages were then installed in the marble and bronze shrine designed for them by famed architect John Russell Pope. All four pages are displayed together once each year on September 17, the anniversary of the approval of the Constitution by the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

Concern for the preservation of this document is evident in the manner and method of its display. Leaves of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution are displayed flat. Above them the Declaration of Independence is held in an upright case; all are shielded from ultraviolet rays by special filters of laminated glass constructed with a yellow cellulose inner layer. Armed guards stand next to the documents whenever they are on public display. Twenty feet below the floor of the Exhibit Hall lies a vault of steel and reinforced concrete. Each night the Charters of freedom are lowered into the vault by the use of an electric jack. The apparatus can be operated manually should electricity fail. Every precaution has been taken to ensure that no harm will come to these documents.

The Constitution is much more than a fragile piece of paper worthy of special preservation. It is a living document as important today as it was two hundred years ago. In fact, the text that follows is the blueprint for our democratic way of life; in these words we find the basic meaning of our national identity. Most importantly, the text underscores the fact that Americans need not travel to Washington to appreciate this special document. The wonder is in the words themselves."

Sorry for my typo. It should be "Each night the Charters of Freedom are lowered into the vault...."


Yesterday evening I got another duplicated letter from the regional director in the mail Then came home from work today I got a note from the same rep. This is his 4th visit. So he saw my note- not to disturb the resident and no pounding on the door! Wonder what he did? Just stuck the note there and ran away maybe because I'm not sure he could stand there long from the summer heat....

One sentence on the card says "The USCB is the principal fact-gathering and statistic publishing agency of the US Government." To me, the statistic is unreliable. How can a single unit with no car's parking in the driveway represent another single unit with three cars in front, or to a two-story unit with four or five cars or trucks visibly in front of their homes everyday? And they're not even chosen for the survey.

I read some of the statistic articles from the senior editors of a builder magazine; the statistic indicates something like, on an average, there're about 2.7 or 2.42 persons live in each house, etc., lol. It's totally wrong. It's for a pleasure reading. I'm not going to volunteer my privacy for their entertainment purpose.

Oh, the AMENDMENT X is "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Then I found comfort in seeing this by randomly flipping through The Book, "having wiped out the handwriting of requirements that was against us, which was contrary to us. And He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross." Colossians 2:14. Pardon me for quoting it if you don't believe....Thank you!

Yes that pesky 10th Amendment. The thorn in the sides of the social scientists. The CB should just get this show on the road and fine people so that the court challenges can begin. Instead, we'll have to wait for the CB budget to be cut. I, for one will totally boycott anything that the CB does until it returns to its primary function of enumeration. Statistical collection contributes to BIG gov and BIG policies which create BIG gov programs to perpetuate the job protection for BIG gov employees. All this statistical collection hasn't contributed to the advancement of anything beneficial for the American public. The decisions that I make in constructing my life are off limits for study by people who are too dumb to do anything else for a living. The CB has become a group of VOYEURS. They need to stick to enumerating, only enumerating and not enumerating by category. We are a melting pot not a salad. No more questions about race, age, etc. As a result, district gerrymandering has left us with representatives who are too dumb to walk and chew gum, let alone go to congress and pass legislation. these same people feel also feel that it is beneath them to read the bills. If they don't have to read bill, then I feel no need to read anything from the CB. I take a dim view of taxes funding surveys which violate the Constitution and that fellow citizens working for the gov have so little regard for that document.

Thanks, cathy. I was away (timeout) for two days, just came back and got another letter from CB. I admit I was worrying for the whole time that while I was not at home he may come and knock down the door. I'm going to install an extra lock. I have irregular hours anyway so nobody would know my going or coming; I'd prefer to be at home when he's here but I won't open the door, of course. In the meantime I have been telling so many people about it already, both local and in other states because this bothers me.

I received my first notice that the ACS will be arriving in a couple of days. I immediately went to the God-forsaken internet and found this site. After hours of skipping through here reading threads I went from very worried and pissed off to confident and pissed off.
They don't have my cell number and I have no worries about being bothered at my front door because I'm confident I can annoy them into submission.
I'm good at answering questions with questions. I'm full of smart ass comments. I have a healthy distrust for government. Let's get it on!!

My wife just came in the door with our first ACS. I could tell she was upset because she can't hide her feelings. I asked her what was wrong and she handed me the survey. After going though the second page I understood why my wife was not happy. This is almost as bad as being a soviet! What are these people thinking? I alwasy had the feeling that the government considered the general population to be less 50 inteligent but htis is a downright insult! After quieting down I wnet to my computor to search this whole thing out and lo and behold I found this sight.
After about an hours reading I am so happy to see that the general population has more than a 50 point IQ.
I want to thank Cathy and all of you out there. I am bracing myself for the coming 90 day asault.

I'm am so please to see that as more people receive the ACS, that they move quickly from being scared to being empowered to fight this gross violation of privacy. Congratulations to all. This country is still in the hands of the people and it is high time that our gov learns that.

I've thought several times that it would be great if some our government weasels read these comments and realized "oops, we've awakened them... and damn... they're not afraid of us!" or some variation thereof. They've certainly stepped in it deep... and they're not coming in my house.
I live in the southeast where the heat is oppressive so I've imagined our conversations taking place with them standing in the hot sun on my porch and me with the door cracked, a cool 72 (though I'm not telling them that if they ask) and leading them into thinking that they may actually get some answers.
They will get some answers, but they won't necessarily be related to the questions.
"How many vehicles do you and your wife own?"
"Well, we might own more if Obama wasn't a Marxist."
"You and your wife rent this place or are you buying it?"
"I don't really care for seafood. Now a steak sounds good."
"Sir, you must answer these questions."
"Cats suck, you know? They're just arrogant."

:) this might be fun

Gov weasels do read these comments. They use to post arguments in support of the data gathering. They would blab on about how the community would suffer; how sad it made them feel; how paranoid we sounded; how safe the info was; how selfish we are; how ancestry sites would suffer. Blab, blab.......
Remember, they are still studying us. Non-responders are a puzzling group. The challenge is to get us to comply by whatever manipulation they can develop. It's not about helping the country, because all these studies and gov programs have spent us into massive debt. It has helped to expand the CB and all its support groups into a huge employment agency, whose work hasn't resulted in anything beneficial for the communities they claim to serve. They serve only themselves. If they truly wanted to help advance the disenfranchised groups they study, they would working towards getting people on a track towards prosperity, which would result in social scientists pushing themselves out of the very jobs they are in. They are too selfish to do that. Keeping victims as victims equals job security and keeps the funding rolling in for all their stupid projects. How does studying what doesn't work result in producing solutions for people?
Stimulus money went to save or create jobs for social scientists. Get a REAL job! Make something which contributes to society. Build a business which employs people. Stop with the never ending guilt trip and READ THE CONSTITUTION!!!!! WE the PEOPLE ultimately CONTROL this country!!!!
This country was built through hard work and individual freedom. Freedom which has been eroded over time and crushed by mandates and policies forced upon the public. The fact that after decades of data collection, we have an economy in the dumper proves that these surveys have done more harm than good. Communities haven't improved and won't because it is not about the "collective". It is about the INDIVIDUAL.
Social scientists believe in winner and losers, income redistribution, SOCIALISM!!!! I believe that the tide raises all boats. Individuals don't win because something was taken from someone else. Winning comes from working hard to produce something; creating a path for others to be successful. Knowing what I have doesn't tell anyone about HOW I got it. I have always been open to teaching others what I can do even if they become competitors because I believe competition is good. Forcing me to share is un-American. The ACS is un-American. The people behind the survey are un-American.

I am not a rebealious person by any strech of the immagination but when I received the ACS I went up the wall. How dare they think that they can come into my private life! This is one of the main reasons why I left the country I was in. I am a naturalizen American citizen, gave by being in the military, paid my taxes and now they want to know every aspect of my daily life? I say NO! Enough is enough! I will be damned to be dictated to and that is what is coming if people answer this rediculous "Survey". One more thing, Title 13, Sections 141, 193, and 221, doesn't that pertain to the census not the servey? I am now lawyer but that is how I see it. Cathy, why hasn't this hit the media big time?

It has hit the media at various times. FOX News has had a bunch of features on the ACS prior to the 2010 census mailing. World Net Daily had a bunch of articles on it as well. There are lawyers waiting for someone, anyone to get fined so they can go to court over it. Check out John W, Whitehead's writings about it. As for the rest of the media and elected officials, the CB has its "rapid response team" which it sends out to do damage control when there is an unflattering story because they need to maintain the deception so as to obtain public cooperation. Since no one is harmed in their estimation and the media likes printing stories using the data the CB collects, the media will not report the outrage. Which is no surprise given that the media prefers to not print many stories which the public needs to know. Youtube has videos of various stories on the ACS.

Thanks Cathy for the info. I will take a look at Mr Whitehead's writings as well as Youtube. I have informed all my heighbors about this and most of them were very surprised of the questions on ACS. Only one heighbor knew about this and they were all happy that I told them. As far as the lawyers do you know of any and are they well versed in constitutional law? By the way I have taken down my name from the front of my house.

John Whitehead is one of the lawyers. He is well versed in Constitutional law. He runs the website The Rutherford Institute. Also check out the checkpointusa site (checkpointusa.org/census/census.htm) which has a collection other links for ACS info.
There is a lot of outrage over the ACS out there. Every year I notice more sites and blogs appearing on the net. The word is getting out.

Several comments...

An organized campaign against the Census Bureau is in order. When they start seeing bumperstickers that say "DON'T ANSWER THE CENSUS", or "AMERICAN COMMUNITY SURVEY: BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING" (too long, I know, but...) they'll realize that they 're in *real* trouble.

The fact that people can organize and form support groups on the Internet against this sort of thing has got to really have the Government piglets peeing in their French lace panties. As long as they can keep people divided and ignorant, they can rule untrammeled. They've never before been up against an electronic samizdat-style spread of information that they DON'T want spread. I.e., you're ruining their day just posting on here - Keep it up!

The best *strategy* is probably to do whatever spends the most of their money. The more refusers they get, and the more money they have to spend per "refusal", the harder it is on their budget and the less efficient they look, and consequently the harder it is for them to justify their machinations to Clowngress. There *are* other (equally vile, but whatever) agencies who want that money to fund their expensive Government salaries and perks, you know.

From that standpoint, the best *tactics* should be directed not at embarrassing them or "telling them off" (even though they deserve both, of course) but to take up as much of their time as possible. From that standpoint, the best approach might be complete silence whenever confronting them. If they have NOTHING to write down - not even a refusal - they'll have to keep trying over and over again until their protocol expires (which I gather is 90 days, but who knows).

I haven't done the math, but a widespread campaign of non-cooperation, contrived so as to cause them vast expenditures for no results or inaccurate and unusable results, will probably result in cancellation of the program. Again, there are plenty of other Government piglets who want that money to fund their cocaine-and-underage-boys habits.

As Merinas van der Lubbe has pointed out the only way we can bring this kind of thing to the front pages is to organize the vast majority and make a lot of noise. I for one would volinteer my time to help. Any takers?

I did the silence thing. There is no law which requires me to read my mail, answer my phone or open my door. I have a right not to allow the CB field reps to waste my time. Further, I didn't want the field rep guessing at my age, race or recording my gender. We are all Americans; not Americans by category! I didn't feel that I needed to explain my position to a field rep since they are trained to get as much cooperation as possible. I went so far as to install cameras and I disconnected my phone. Landlines define an occupied residence. Ditching a land line gets rid of that and it saves money in taxes, since every land line is billed a tax to pay for the Spanish American War. That tax should have been discontinued when the war was paid off, but our money grubbing gov can never get rid of a tax once it gets it.
The way to fight this is to get the word out. The ACS was created because of the public backlash over the 2000 census long form, which asked the same types of questions. The next thing is to do research. Follow the data. Look at how it is used. There are marketers who have the data distributed by zipcode of by block. Understand how much personal info is already out there and who sells it.

Don't count on the media or your elected officials to be on your side. They all benefit from the data. States gerrymander districts using racial data. That's why we have so many beyond stupid elected officials. Instead, read and understand the Constitution. Understand how the gov is violating the Constitution.

Merinas is right about money. The CB has wasted lots of money. Congress has cut the budget for them only to have it restored because the CB supporters and data junkies petitioned congress. COSSA is an organization which lobbies congress on behalf of a huge group of social, behavioral and economic scientists to get funding (they received stimulus money) and to get new questions added to surveys.

Here's a little tidbit brought to you by the Legal Defense Fund. The following is a collection or reasons that organization offers to convince the public to respond to the ACS.

The survey is useful to capture more details about your household to have a better understanding of what your community is like. (Well, gee....why not ask local leaders? Why not park in the neighborhood? Where in the Constitution does it say that the federal gov needs to collect "details" on communities?

Answers help expose many of the problems and disparities that are seen in you community but remain unknown to others. (So..."they", in their infinite wisdom are going to judge what is a problem in you community. Maybe I chose my community for the way it is and feel that the members of the community have the right to decide what is a problem and what is not. We don't need the feds deciding what is needed. Just because something is a good idea doesn't mean that the gov should do it - because is can't seem to do anything well. The gov IS NOT MY PARENT! )

Organization like the LDF push for greater equality and helps enforce civil rights laws. (Push for greater equality???? According to whom??? What I need or want may have nothing in common with anyone else and I don't want a one size fits all lifestyle. This country was founded on equal opportunity and not equal or guaranteed outcomes - Got it social scientists! INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS not collective rights; not social justice; not forced equality. I acquire what I have because I am willing to work for it, not because it got handed to me. I don't expect anyone to give me stuff, especially stuff I don't want - like gov help.)

If people in your community are having a hard(difficult) time finding a job after a layoff or unfairly paying more for their mortgage, the ACS can help expose the problem and help to identify a solution. (Oh, like you helped by forcing banks to loan money to people who couldn't pay mortgages causing the current housing crisis. Here are some solutions for ya.... don't treat us all like we need the gov or organizations in bed with the gov to design our lives or fix problems we don't have. If someone is unfairly paying more for a mortgage the maybe they bought a house the could not afford.)

Details matter. ( Yeah, how much do the details matter after data manipulation and imputation occur?)

Must study the impact of race. To truly get rid of racial discrimination, we must expose the problem. (First, there is no way to eliminate all the biases or racism, so I guess this is another job security ploy. Next, maybe the perceived bias/racism is simply a jerk being a jerk and it could have been directed at anyone regardless of race, but when directed at a minority it turns into racism. When do we get to be Americans and not hyphen this or hyphen that? When it come to jobs, character matters along with qualification, integrity and a solid work ethic. If the LDF was to do something productive then fight to get rid of the survey, since this data collection is a distraction from getting to the real problems and finding real solutions and not by shoving gov programs down our throats. I'd like to spend my own money instead of having the gov take it. Oh and demonizing employers won't expand job opportunities. Punishing employers with gov mandates won't expand jobs either. )


It's been quiet for two weeks, but I think of it almost daily. I was at home this early evening and working on the computer. I heard the doorbell twice. I was not expecting anyone so I was hesitant to even answering the door; besides, I was not decently dressed, lol. I peaked and saw a woman with a familiar envelope in her hand walking back to her car. She hung around then caught my next door neighbor and gave him the envelope, pointing toward my place. Now I'm wondering if she's from the ACS. Let's see if that was it. I won't be asking him for it. If he comes over then I'll have the chance to tell the neighbor about this site too. I still have the note on the door "attn: ACS Do not disturb the resident, no pounding on the door!"


Really sorry, that was a false alarm. I saw the envelope on the doormat which the neighbor placed it there for me when I was away. Turned out my mail was in someone else's box and the lady brought it over for me. Hmm, now I'm writing a thank you note to her and telling her the story why I didn't answer the door. I'm giving her this website as well. I wish the ACS people would say "Give us a break! We didn't send you anything or anybody!"

Why didn't that woman just put your mail in your mail box? Why give it to a neighbor? CB field rep have been known to look at addresses on mail in mail boxes. I return mis-delivered mail all the time and don't knock on doors to deliver it.

Thanks, cathy.

I felt a relief that it wasn't another census form. I guess we just wanted to be good neighbors; neither of us thought of that adversity. However I asked her to drop the mis-delivered mail back in the locked outgoing box. Live and learn....

SUMMARY information about how to proceed requested -

so many great postings and experiences here about ACS - so much to read - perhaps some short summaries of how most effectively to proceed in certain situations when they call or come by could be shared ?

key word here is effective, to be able to most quickly stop the visits or other contact, assuming that one does not want to answer those questions for variety of reasons. (or if not stop the visits, at least lessen the stress on the resident who is scared or upset and does not know what to say or what to do)

The various situations specifically am looking for information on how to proceed are below:

1. if encounter the workers while coming/going to ones residence -
say nothing at all ?
say only won't participate at all ?
tell them to leave only ?
say only the number of people there ?

(From what have read, am not sure discussions with them or statements to them about legality of survey or its scope would be effective or helpful
and would just provide openings for them to have longer discussions with the resident)

2. is it better to let them know they are being filmed and recorded or are they used to that and don't care ?

3. for their knocking on doors - is it better to answer and just state things
like won't participate, or tell them to leave vs just not answering the door
and saying nothing thru the door ?

(I guess talking to them thru the door is same as talking with them with door open, that once there is some discussion, they will try to continue it ?)

4. Is calling the police really a viable approach given that the police will know they really are official census workers and might view that their contact is legitimate and be negative to resident in spite of repeated knocking or contacts by the worker ?

5. Somewhere in this thread it mentioned that with 5 or 6 answers the workers or CB considers a survey complete, but other parts have said theat once some answers have been given, they will continue with phone and visits for getting more answers of the survey and even other questions.

Can someone clarify about this ?

6. If filling it in, but wanting to leave out most answers, with the hope that after sending it in, it will satisy them and there will not be phone calls or visits, is it better to put
words like "refuse to answer" OR "N/A" or "don't know" on those answers
versus leaving them blank ?

or in any case, will this just mean they will keep contacting by phone or visits to get the survey complete or more complete ?

7. saw a reference to a govrnment public servant questionaire that workers can be given but also read something that giving them that means or implies you need to fill in the survey ? Can someone clarify ?

---> thanks for practical and effective information about how to proceed related to above questions.


In spite of that scary "mandatory" on the form you are NOT required to return the survey. It is a violation of the 10th amendment to the Constitution. You will not be fined. You are not alone either.

First, the CB field reps are taught to keep a conversation going. Most of us want to be liked and perceived as being polite. The CB will take advantage of this. What to do depends upon how aggressive the reps are. Some do the good cop routine while other do the bad cop. You won't know which you have till it starts.

You can call the police, some have done that. If they are asked to leave they should leave your property.

The 5 answers thing is a deception used by the CB to convince the data users that the response rate is higher than it is. So the rep could look at a residence and come up with a number of answers. Contact with a resident provides info like gender, approximate age, race or physical condition. (Which is why I did not wish to have any contact with the rep.) The CB claims a 95% response rate when it is between 55-72%. The data users know it and have reported in their literature and books as a kind of disclaimer for the accuracy of the data.

Filling out the form doesn't mean that you won't get called. The CB might call to have you verify your answers and to get you to answer more questions. The ACS is a screening survey. It is used to find targeted populations; those eligible for gov programs, large families, elderly and disabled. These groups can be contacted for future voluntary surveys.

The public servant questionaire is from public law 93-579. It is a safeguard for privacy protection. It is not something we can have a field rep fill out. The law is designed to prevent the intentional disclosure of private info by gov employees which is similar to the title 13 and title 18 stuff. This is when they tell you that your info will be kept private unless it is released by mistake.

As for what to do - the answer varies. Do what makes you feel good or empowers you. You are not required to talk to them at all. You can tell them to go to hell. No matter what you do, they can continue to contact you until the 90 days are up if they want. If all depends upon how aggressive the rep is and how many non-responders are being visited that month. They don't call every one nor do they visit everyone. They tend to be more aggressive with rural areas and small towns because the sample size is already too low.

The CB has invested lots of time and money into developing strategies to get compliance. The non-responder is their most difficult subject. They like collecting info on us as a group so that new tactics can be developed. Well, good luck with that!

Hope this helps.

File under - it sucks to be them:

The NYT is reporting that the Republican Texas Rep Ted Poe is cosponsoring a bill with 34 others, demanding that the CB either make the ACS voluntary or to stop being so nosy.

The long form was eliminated because of public outrage and then it was replace with something even more intrusive. The CB behaves like a scam artist. The ACS is a dangerous invasion of privacy which is overreaching and intimidating. The CB spends millions of dollars to violate rights and invade privacy of citizens. The 4th Amendment protects against unreasonable searches.

The CB defended its position saying that congress requires the questions because of federal mandates for federal programs.

Time to eliminate big gov programs and the CB surveys as well. My prediction is that this bill like others before it will die on the house floor. Any member of congress who doesn't support this bill will be exposed and will no longer be able to claim ignorance regarding the ACS. The next step is to fire these members with the voting booth.

Hi everyone,
It's been several weeks since we received our first ACS questionaire ans I was begining to think that maybe the CB had given up. Well, they haven't. We just received our second packet in the mail to-day. I guess we will start to get harassed bY the CB very shortly. Just a point of info for you all out there, I have been going around our heighborhood talking to people and asking them if they had heard of the ACS. I was surprised that not one of them had heard about it. When I gave my neighbors copies I was encouraged by their responses...."What kind of BS is this?'' I figured if more people knew what the CB was up to the better it would be for all. Anyway, I'll keep everyone up-to-date as what takes place.
Cathy, I cheked out the John Whiteheads web and found it to be very informative. Thanks for the jnfo.

I finally got my third notice prompting me to hurry the hell up and send my ACS form back. They've informed me that they may have to come to my home... I should hope... I've only been waiting like a kid on the week of Christmas. I was excited to get a second copy of the ACS because I cut the previous one up and scanned it's intrusive ass into my computer, but this one is a keeper.
My wife came up with a good line. She said, "They say you MUST respond but they don't tell you WHAT to respond with..." so I suppose CRAM IT is a legitimate response... that's REQUIRED BY LAW!

Yup, JoRingo - cram it is a response. Notice that it doesn't say that your answers are required, just that answers help you community. Social scientists like to play with language so that it sounds worse than it is so that the public will cooperate.


A few days ago I heard on the radio that the gov census jobs are gone. I waited a while then I removed the note for the ACS by the ringer- not to disturb the resident, no pounding on the door. I threw away the note. I didn't feel nice to leave them that kind of note, but I had to. I won't leave anymore note. I just won't answer the door. If I had a bad dream it would normally go away in a couple of days; but this ACS nightmare seems to be here to stay. I wish they'll disappear for good.


The temp CB workers are gone. The CB uses its permanent workers to conduct the survey follow ups. Shows you where the CB priorities are - the least trained people are used for the enumeration and the most trained are used to invade privacy. Your 90 days should be done at the end of the month. Visits usually increase before the CB rep has to move on to the next group of non-responders.

Just received my ACS, opened & started to fill out. Then I was sure this was not from the Government, I filled out my Census & mailed it the next day. I did my duty. But I am OUTRAGED that the Government wants to know how many times I've been married. WHAT THE DUCK??? Thanks to this site I will sleep much better tonight, I have printed my sign for the door & informed my neighbors not to respond to any questions from a CB agent on my behalf. I'll keep you informed as to any contact or problems. Will read more posts tomorrow. I have my name on the front of our house, I hope they use it, then my cat can vote.

I have gone through the postcard, first ACS, second postcard, second ACS. I mailed the unanswered survey along with the printout of the 1894 Brimson Supreme Court case.

I got my first call on 9/5/10 (Saturday) from a guy named Jason. He was pleasant sounding. I told him I sent it in unanswered and he gave me the guilty line of community goodness and such. I said no, I 'm not going to answer anything because I already did the 10 year short census survey. He said I'll have to turn this over to a field rep and they're not as nice as I am and are very persistent.

I said, "Do they pack?", he said, "Oh no, they don't do that". I said "Good, because I do, goodbye".

Got my second phone call yesterday and I did not answere it. Since this started I have never ever seen my wife so upset with the government. I am too! With all the problems we are having in this country for the government to spend so much time and money on something as trivial as this is a crime in its self. I'll keep yo all up-dated as time goes on.

Robert, I feel you wife's pain. How dare the gov use our money to violate our Constitutional rights with a survey. How dare they threaten us in our own homes to gather private info. How dare they threaten fines for not answering. How dare they collect this info on us. How dare they disturb our lives with phone calls and visits. How dare they lie about the purpose of these surveys. How dare they cause undue stress on the American public by the creation of this extortion ring. How dare they continue to divide us up by category by using race, age, gender and income. How dare they draw district up by these categories. How dare they intrude in any way, shape or form into our lives. How dare they use this data to make our lives worse by micromanaging our economy into the dumper. How dare they!!!!

Had to share the latest "excuse" (from CB) - "Since the nationwide survey was not returned, Bureau reps came to see if building has been demolished, vacated, etc." Appears to be a reason to come on my property. Of course, they could see my house from the street, but I guess they wanted to be sure it wasn't a carboard facade. Probably rang the doorbell just to see if there was electricity. Now the survey is about "the building" and not the people?
Bill collectors are allowed to call you on the phone, but are not allowed to come to your residence for personal intimidation. Why is the CB afforded this option?

The CB's favorite reason for doing anything that they do is that they have a history of doing it. They get to ask the questions because every census questionaire contained additional questions. The reps do have to visit to see if the property is occupied, but that is only for the 1/3 of the non-responders chosen to get the visits. If the non-responder lives in a small town or rural, they are more likely to get a visit since the CB has less data from those areas. The CB dinosaurs still define an occupied property as having a land line. Ditch the land line. If that is not possible, then I suggest that the name listed in the phone book not be the same as the occupant, because it looks like the property is owned by one person and rented by another. Property owners are listed at local town/city halls as a matter of public record.

It seems that I spend every day dodging the CB - Phone calls, postal mail, personal visits. They make me feel like a criminal, always watching over my shoulder. I can't even walk in the yard without flinching every time a car goes by. I hope everyone is right that this will soon end (and that there won't be any after-effects)! Anybody know a good civil rights / constitutional lawyer?

Yes it does end. It ends abruptly, usually after the rep increases the frequency of the visits. I had more than one visit in one day. Then it ended and I heard nothing..... no threats, no fines, no additional contacts. Unfortunately, it runs the 90 days, with each phase lasting 30 days. I think that the CB wants to make it appear that it won't end until the non-responder gives in.

The CB does not want this going to court. It goes to court, it ends. So in the mean time the American public will be subjected to this harassment. The CB wants voluntary cooperation because it feels that the info gained will be more honest and accurate.

I had a second chance to watch the CB rep during the 2010 census. I didn't answer the additional questions on it and had 3 different reps coming at odd times for 3 months. For all they knew, I was on a very long vacation. I have gotten good at dodging the reps.

Google for John Whitehead or the Rutherford Institute. He has been following the ACS for a while.

It's been almost 6 weeks since my first notice. I got a second about 2 weeks later. Then a third... and then nothing. It's September now and I wait every day that I'm off work. I'm looking out the blinds waiting.... waiting... I've gotten no phone calls because they don't have my cell number I suppose, but I'm so impatient that I've considered calling them just to get it started. I've read several posts on here of people wishing it would end... BUT I WISH IT WOULD START!! I can't wait to wear their asses out with inane questions of my own!! I'll sit on the front step talking to them until they just throw their hands up in frustration. I'll have the bastards talking to themselves!
I guess I'm unusual... but I see this as an exciting opportunity to let the stupid morons have it. LET'S GET IT ON!!


The mail phase was the first 30 days. You are now in the call phase and they don't have your number, which can make things a little fuzzy. If you are a renter, the CB rep can demand that your landlord give out your contact info. (Title 13 chap 7 subchap II 223 - to furnish the names of the occupants of such premises...)

2 things may happen at this point; 1st you may have the month off and get visits next month or the CB may start the visits at any time this 30 days. It is still too early to tell. The contractor for the phone numbers can't start till they research the "randomly chosen victims". These calls will come from 4 different calling centers across the country. I received calls from 3 of the 4 centers. My phone calls started closer to mid month and my residence visits started after the 1st week of the new month. Reps have been tied up with the 2010 followups and data submission. When the calling centers fail to make contact then the reps take over in the 3rd month. I had calls from my rep, a supervisor and the local CB office.

A 3rd option is that you may be part of the 2/3 not getting the visit at all. If you are in an area with a population above 65,000 that increases the likely hood that you are done. Living in an area with a population around 20,000 increases the the probability of having the reps come.

To counter act the nerves, I took one day at a time. I had my plans all mapped out for different situations. I installed cameras to capture stuff going on outside and unplugged my landline phones and left the caller ID connected. It became a spy game for me. I hid out and spied on all who came. By the time they finished, I knew more about them than they knew about me and could have filled out an ACS on them.

So, start your 90 days from the 1st of the month that you received the 1st survey, not when you received the warning letter announcing the survey. Keep crossing off the day till the 90 are up, which should end on or about the 30/31 of the third month. Sometimes a rep has been known to go over a day or 2 if there is a holiday weekend at the end of the month. This whole deal can be a bit of a rollercoaster ride until it is done. My ordeal had me switching between anger to amusement.

It will end and things will go back to normal. Trust your instincts and know that the Constitution is on your side.

Hello again. We have been getting phone calls from the CB just about every day and night. It is almost surreal (Pardon my spelling). At times we feel that we are in pre-war Germany and that the government is out to get us. There must be different phone lines they use because we are now getting phone calls from numbers we don't recognize. Since we have caller ID, we don't pick up any numbers we don't know. We figure that if it is a legitimate caller then they would leave a message. By the way Cathy, you sounded just like my wife with the "How dare they" routine. I figure since we sent in the standard form at the begining of the year we don't need to send this one in. They are just being redundant and we don't need to be counted 2x.
Keep you up-dated.

We received the "Survey" back in August. Upon coming home from the long Labor Day Weekend, we had a business card and pamphlet stuck in our door telling us to call the person on card. We decided the information was way to personal and we already sent in our Census information. The next night there was a knock at the door..... we didn't answer as instructed by a friend that is an attorney. More information was left. We ignored again AND left the information stuck in our door. On Thursday...... at two different times of the day, neighbors saw cars parked in front of our driveway that sat for about 20 minutes. Neighbors called the police and of course, the cars left right before the police arrived (which makes us suspicious that someone was monitoring the police radio in our area). Saturday morning we received the Fed X delivery addressed to Resident and the letter starts off "Dear Friend". We are awaiting our next knock on the door..... which we won't answer. As others posted.... we feel alone because no one else on our street has gotten a survey. Not only are all the questions on the ACS an invasion of privacy, but the attempts to "get in touch" with us is an invasion of our privacy as well.

How do we get this to stop in the future???? From the information that I'm seeing here, this has been going on for several years now!

You may be the only one in your neighborhood being harassed, but you are not alone.
This has been going on for 10 years. Getting it to stop is another matter. At least if they are visiting you now, you should be done at the end of the month. Sitting outside for 20 minutes is a common tactic. They hope to catch someone coming or going. They try to visit during times when children may be getting off buses and common times for workers to return home. If you google for their phone numbers, you might be able to find out how far they have to travel to annoy you. I also left all their notes and cards out side. I copied what I needed off the notes and never touched them.

I work from home sometimes and have a very erratic schedule. My neighbors don't know when I'm home and when I'm not. I can move around my residence and not be seen by anyone wondering if I'm there. It served me well for dealing with the CB reps.

Thanks Cathy.... it is a very lonely feeling, but knowledge is power! And we have some great neighbors who view things the way we do. At least they will know what to do when theirs arrive.

What is the line of defense to get the law changed so this will stop? My goodness, what an invasion of privacy!!

There is a bill being introduced in the house (HR3131) to make the ACS voluntary, which will probably go no where. Ron Paul tried to get this stopped a while ago.
There seem to be 2 ways to get rid of it - congress cutting CB funding or someone getting fined and getting standing in court. The CB requested to increase to number of residences getting the survey, but failed to get it. The CB won't do the fines, because no one in the gov wants a court challenge.
The more people refuse, the more expensive it gets to justify the survey. Each year the survey gets more attention. The more people refuse, the more skewed the data becomes. The public outrage over the census long form in 2000 caused the long form to become the ACS. Now the backlash is building for the ACS. I see more and more blogs appearing with personal stories. The CB knows that it is invading privacy and doesn't care.
The CB and congress get lobbied hard by a bunch of groups addicted to the data that the CB collects. These groups also submit questions to be added to the survey. It may take a while to get it stopped.

I never thought I'd see the Orwell book "1984" come to fruition! "Big Brother" does exist and will continue to grow stronger if we don't wake up!

I warned a friend in AZ a little too late. She said it already happened. The owner of the house she's staying in had to let the ACS rep in for the interview. He felt intimidated.

However, a friend in CA had been avoiding the rep until he moved away to another location. He thought it were the UPS like usual so he quickly opened the door; turned out it was the ACS woman but he did not answer anything. After that another rep waited across the street and the minute he came home from work and got out of his car she dashed over and started asking questions. Luckily he already got the education from me.

The ACS wants you to personally hand over your private informations although you're not applying for anything, lol. Even if you're applying for something, there're optional questions which are up to you to provide them or not. I read from another blogger which the gentleman filled in each of the questions as "I have nothing to say".

I'm thinking if I encountered the rep I would act as if I'm deaf, mute, can't use sign language, blind and can't read anything. The rep may send in an army of helpers. Still, I can't understand them; but I only know how to say one thing my mother taught me, "No!".

We can point to the CB data collection for a lot of the economic ills we are facing. The number of "disabled" has increased because the CB has redefined what being disables is and that definition has expanded the payments from social security for the new disabled. The housing market was targeted because not enough minorities owned homes. The insurance question wasn't added for nothing. The college major question was added by the National Science Foundation to track individuals with degrees in science and engineering. Wonder what they want to do with that info. Can't wait to see what new questions are in the works.

The ACS is a screening tool for other surveys which target the elderly, large families and lower income families. The SIPP and the Monthly Expenses surveys are even more intrusive. Then there are a bunch of surveys for businesses.

Well, here's our latest..... I got in my car ready to leave and before I could get out of the driveway, a car pulled in and blocked my path of backing out. Knowing it was one of the cars that had "monitored" our house several days ago, I closed the garage door and decided I was at a stand off with the CB rep that wanted our answers to the American Community Survey. It was a stand off.... every five minutes the door bell would ring, the dogs would bark and I wouldn't answer the door. This went on for 30 minutes! I told my husband to wait at a neighbors house.... I was willing to wait this person out. But when my husband saw that my way out of the garage was blocked, he'd had enough. He pulled into our driveway, got out of the car and confronted the person trying to get answers to the ACS. He told him that he was on private property and to get off. The worker said that it was a $500 fine if we didn't fill out the survey. My husband told him to get off our property and he would be calling the police. My husband snatched the information that the worker had in his hand and crumpled it up and told him to get off our property. The worker was very sure of himself and told my husband that he'd be happy to wait for the police to arrive.

We called the police who arrived with a few minutes. My husbands statement was taken and so was the workers statement who CLAIMED my husband assaulted him. Needless to say the two stories didn't mesh. However the worker said that he was not going to press charges.

We were almost to the end of the cycle....... but I got blocked in.

For those of you that receive this American Community Survey...... hang tough, and do some research and read everything that Cathy has posted! She's done the work and lived through it!!!

Congratulations Fay!!!

Blocking anyone in their driveway is a bad idea. In spite of what the CB training is for the reps, local trespassing laws DO apply to federal workers.

Tell him you'll call the tow truck; that will make him to move his car real quick.

The CB is run by a bunch of old codgers. This is the wrong political climate to keep with the status quo. Our current administration seems to think that the police can't ask about someone's legal status after they have broken the law, but law abiding citizens can be compelled to divulge private health and financial info because a CB rep says so.