Okay, it's not really a scandal (at least not yet), but I wanted something catchy.

Ever the helpful neighbors, we bought a box of Girl Scout Cookies the other day. Actually, we bought 'em a few weeks ago, but they were delivered the other day. Cost? $3.50. Pretty pricey for a box of cookies, thought I. Then I opened them.

There were 15 - fifteen! - cookies in the box. The entire box. That works out to more than $0.23 per cookie. Now it's not an issue of donating to the group. Had they simply asked for a donation, we'd probably give them one. But what a rip-off. Fifteen reasonable-quality cookies, for $0.23 each?

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Subway only charges $0.49 for a cookie here. But the cookies are much larger than Girl Scout Cookies. :)

Yeah! A rant! Go get em!

What's this world coming too?

It's an outrage - the very moral fibre of our society is breaking down!

What did the Girl Scouts ever do for us eh?

You should buy Boy Scout's Trails End popcorn instead. Its a better deal.

But I just bought Girl Scout cookies too. It is too expensive to be considered buying cookies. So I go into it like this: I am donating to the Girl Scouts and All I got was this yummy Thin Mint.

Hey, its better then nothing!

Exactly. I mean, it's a fund-raiser. People are more likely to donate money if they feel they're getting something out of it (e.g. a box of cookies or overpriced tickets to a show or whatever). Otherwise, the Girl Scots would just walk around asking for cash.

Or the Girl Scouts, even. :-) I'm sure the Girl Scots are a worthwhile organization, too, but I meant to write Girl Scouts.

Yes, I understand. I'm sure as with many other things, I'm simply in the minority. I'd just rather have them come by and say "Can we have $5?". At least then I think of it in donation terms, and not consumer terms.

Nonetheless, who should show up yesterday but the Girl Scots? I don't believe that a nicer organization exists, and the price is right, at just $1 per box. Of course, I can never see their ready-made haggis being even remotely as popular as thin mints.

Sadly, while a fund raiser the company that makes the cookies gets more from the sales then the Girl Scouts do. On top of that, the national Girl Scouts take their chunk of the profits leaving the local troops with a small amount of the total profit. Everybody has their hand out. You'd actually do better the give the local troop a direct donation.

The local troop will only make about 12 cents a box, if they can obtain enough sales to get that much.

What happened to them, it seems that every year the quantity keeps getting reduced. The thin mints this year look like the package inside is 25% less. Yes it is nice to contribute to a good cause, but maybe let us know that we are not getting as many cookies per box!!

Girl Scout cookies are a great deal!! As a Girl Scout, I learned many valuable skills which have helped me succeed as an adult. Everything I know about sales, marketing and customer service, I learned as a Girl Scout. By the way - 100% of the proceeds stay in the local community-- none of the profit goes to the national organization.

It's not about the cookie - it's about the cause.

By the way - if you look at an order form - at least in our area- it will tell you how many cookies are in each box approximately.

You know. No one has twisted anyones arm to buy girl scout cookies. You bought them at your own will and now you complain about them and about the girls selling them. Those girls work hard all year long and selling cookies gives them a little extra funds to go to camp, trips etc and meet other girls from all over the world. Why not support our girls instead of critisizing them? I'm proud to be an assistant leader of my daughters Brownie troop and you know what I say? Keep up the good work girls!!!!!

Not only do today's Girl Scouts get to learn about sales, marketing, and achievement, they get to learn about the proud American traditions of masturbation, abortion, and homosexuality via the programs that are provided by planned parenthood and "unofficially" sponsored and endorsed by the Girl Scouts.

I bet that they have wild campouts.

By the way, if you don't like the facts (and they are facts) represented here....maybe you should question your support of the Girl Scouts.

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