Recently I have received a number of requests about where to place the checkbox to allow people to subscribe to comments. The use of this checkbox is fairly straightforward if you are using an upgraded blog, which has a detailed form for comments.

With the introduction of MovableType version 3, however, these fields are included only in the MTCommentFields tag, and produced dynamically. While they can be edited, it's not a simple task. Also, more than a few people have asked about maintaining the state of the comment checkbox when previewing the comment.

Because these two tasks are fairly closely related, I will work on them at the same time. I have created a new Dropcash campaign, titled, appropriately enough, MT-Notifier Comment Integration.

Upon the succesful completion of this campaign, I will release a new version of MT-Notifier that addresses these features in such a way that they will be easily implemented by anyone, and not just someone who likes to hack at the MT code like myself.

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