I quietly released MT-Notifier version 2.3.0 about a month ago.

This was in response to the feature ransom that I introduced, and those who contributed to the ransom have been running this version since that time. This serves as an introduction to everyone else.

This version of MT-Notifier supports entry notifications as well as comment notifications. The changes are pretty much self-explanatory in the management interface. Simply choose the option you would like for your entire installation, an individual blog or a category, and users will be able to sign up accordingly.

If there is no notification type set on a particular level (for instance, a category), the system will look for the next level where it is set - the blog and then the entire installation in this example. So you can set the entire installation to send entry notifications only, and then override that setting for a single category.

Entry notifications are sent any time an entry is saved when set to publish. This means if you save an entry and then edit it three more times to get all your spelling correct, you will end up sending four notifications on this entry. This behavior is by design, but may seem confusing at first.

Comment notifications should not be affected at all by this upgrade. If you would like to see more enhancements to MT-Notifier (or any other plugins), please let me know - there may be further feature ransoms still to come. Until that time, you're free to donate to the cause.

Announcement. Download.

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You're very welcome. You can also update this value in the management interface of MT-Notifier. Go to the install screen and it will tell you the current status of each of your blogs, and you can then change it if desired.

Glad that it worked for you. Enjoy!

Hiya thank for the plugin, but i have a little problem. I hope you can help?!

I use pop-up comment windows and the comment-template are not working for me. Where do i put the lines to subcribe to comments? In the comment.cgi?

Please be so kind and help me :))


You're welcome. Glad you like it.

I'm not sure about your question, however. You don't need to do anything with mt-comments.cgi, in any case. All you need is a checkbox on the comment subscription form, and you need to have Notifier integrated with your MT install (you can do the latter step through the Notifier management interface). You could also create a subscribe form without requiring comments. There is a sample in the archive, and also one here.


I'd love to use your script, but everytime I click on "install" link in the menu, I get a permission denied error for "Comments.pm." Am I doing something wrong?

Got it. I had to CHMOD the comments.pm file to 777.


I'm not sure why but every time I save and entry as published Notifier sends out 2 emails about 1 minute apart. Can you think of anything that could be causing this?


I've had reports of this, and it appears as if it may be related to the sending of update notifications (to weblogs.com and blo.gs, for instance). I hope to look into it this week. If you have the time and inclination, try turning off this update notification and posting an entry, to see if it corrects the problem. Otherwise, hang in there and I'll see what I can figure out!

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