I quietly released MT-Notifier version 2.3.0 about a month ago.

This was in response to the feature ransom that I introduced, and those who contributed to the ransom have been running this version since that time. This serves as an introduction to everyone else.

This version of MT-Notifier supports entry notifications as well as comment notifications. The changes are pretty much self-explanatory in the management interface. Simply choose the option you would like for your entire installation, an individual blog or a category, and users will be able to sign up accordingly.

If there is no notification type set on a particular level (for instance, a category), the system will look for the next level where it is set - the blog and then the entire installation in this example. So you can set the entire installation to send entry notifications only, and then override that setting for a single category.

Entry notifications are sent any time an entry is saved when set to publish. This means if you save an entry and then edit it three more times to get all your spelling correct, you will end up sending four notifications on this entry. This behavior is by design, but may seem confusing at first.

Comment notifications should not be affected at all by this upgrade. If you would like to see more enhancements to MT-Notifier (or any other plugins), please let me know - there may be further feature ransoms still to come. Until that time, you're free to donate to the cause.

Announcement. Download.

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Something like this ought to work. There's also an example in the documentation in the archive that looks about like this (but this one should be XHTML compliant).

<form method="get" action="http://.../mt-notifier.cgi">
<input type="hidden" name="dkey" value="0:<$MTEntryID$>" />
Subscribe Without Commenting<br/ ><br />
<input name="mail" />
<input type="submit" class="button" value="Go" />

Naturally, you'll need to use this in a context where MTEntryID will work - such as on an individual entry archive or within an MTEntries container or something, but the rest should be clear enough. Let me know if it's not.

Keep in mind that this will create a subscription to an individual entry, meaning that you will receive new comments on that entry (no new entries on an individual entry, after all).

If you want to subscribe to a blog, to receive all new entries on that blog, use <$MTBlogID$>:0 for the dkey value, and if you want to subscribe to a category, use <$MTCategoryID$>:C for the dkey value (make sure the C is capitalized).

Nice job, thanks for doing this!

Question: Is there a way to specify a "thank you" page to display after someone subscribes?

Hi, I don't have Movable Type 3.0 :(
PLZ can you tell me where can I get a version of MT-Notifier for Movable Type 2.66.

PLZ reply me back if you can help me.


If you subscribe without commenting (using something like the form above), you'll be taken to a sort of confirmation page. There isn't a "thank you" on that page, but if you'd like one, it's easy enough to add to the template.

If you subscribe in the process of making a comment, there is currently no way to send any sort of a confirmation page. I have had the request previously, however, so I may do another feature ransom for it at some point. Mostly depends on the demand (and support) for it.

The last version of Notifier supported on MT 2.66 was 1.4.1. However, that version does not support entry notifications. There is not a huge amount of difference in the versions, but in 2.66, I have no way to create a callback, which actually tells Notifier to do something. I'd have to muck with the code to insert the necessary information.

It's not that this isn't possible - I just haven't done it. I'll add it to the request list, and perhaps do another feature ransom for this feature if there's enough demand for it.

Would it be possible to have a check box on the entry page to select whether you want to send an entry notification or not?

That would be really useful!

Notifier is awesome!!! I tried to donate to the feature ransom but it was closed. If you need to do it again for that check box sign me up!!!


Do you mean on the entry maintenance page (within the MT management interface)? I hadn't thought about it. Anything is possible. I'll need to put some thought into it. Let me know how you are thinking that it would work/why it would be useful.

If you'd like to donate, there are options at the top of the page, as well as a new dropcash campaign. This campaign isn't specifically for that feature, but feel free to leave a note in your donation (whichever way you choose) so that I know what you'd like to see.

That's basically what I meant.

It would be useful to have a checkbox there in case you didn't want an update message to be sent out during that save process. Like if I have to go and fix a mistake.

We also post a lot of entries and I don't want to annoy our visitors with every post.

P.S.-A small donation is one the way!

The challenge with that is that it changes the actual MT template, which means any time a new MT comes out, the change may be lost. I'd prefer not to do that if possible.

There are some other ways for determining if an entry has already been saved that I'm toying with in my head. I'll see what I can figure out.

Thanks for the donation!

Hey there - I downloaded the pluginpack and got version 2.2.1. I'm wondering how I can get 2.3.x? Is it available somewhere here on this site?

Okay, I'm a retard. :) If I get it from you, it's the latest version. Thanks!

I have Notifier installed and it shows up and is accessible in the MT maintenance screen, I inserted the code in for both ways to notify in my comments template. When I check the box and leave a comment it takes me to the confirmation screen (and shows as registered) but does not send comments. Neither way sends a notification. I don't know if I've done something wrong or if there is something in the setup I am missing.

I do have email option selected in weblog config. I am trying to set this up in an MT 3.11 install
(The url link is to my test blog)

I wasn't receiving the standard notifications as author. I had been, but then I wasn't. I went back into weblog config, and sure enough the option for me to receive nofication was off. I selected it and rebuilt and now it is working.


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