I noticed earlier today that Wal-Mart has implemented online gift registries. This could be something they've had for a while, but I've never noticed it. The cool thing about Wal-Mart's registries is that you seem to be able to create more than one - so you can create a birthday registry, a wedding registry, whatever you like, then add items to different lists. It's pretty cool. They don't seem to have a general wish list registry, even though they have one of that name. All of them still seem to require a date, and I'm not sure what will happen once the date is past - it would stink if you lost your entries.

What seems to be a really nice feature is that you can print out a registry - perhaps even particular items from the registry - that include a bar code. Then you can shop at the store, they can update the bar code into their system and the registry will be updated (allegedly - I haven't tried this yet). I've long disliked the feature at Amazon that your wish list doesn't get updated as things are bought, meaning that you could receive more than one of some items. Perhaps that will change in the future if Wal-Mart's works as advertised.

Wal-Mart's recommendations don't seem to be quite as solid as Amazon's, but I suspect you'll see that improve. I'd also like to see some reviews, as I generally enjoy reading those at Amazon. The selection isn't as good, either. But the prices overall do seem to be a bit lower, so that's nice for those items that exist at both places.

They also have introduced a DVD rental service (apparently like Netflix). Prices seem to be good and they offer a free 30-day trial. Might have to try it out.

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