I'm currently in the general session at the BlogOn 2004 event. I'll admit that I'm probably not paying nearly as much attention as I ought to. But if the folks around me are any indication, I'm not the only one whose concentration is currently focused somewhere else. In any case...

Last night, we found out about the winners of the Plug In to Movable Type developer's contest (I won a third prize for MT-Notifier). Then a bunch of mostly developer-types - in which I include myself, even though I'm not sure that I'm completely deserving - went out to dinner.

One of the highlights of the dinner was when Ben and Mena told us about some of the new features coming in version 3.1 of Movable Type. A demo at 3:10 today (cute, huh?) is supposed to demonstrate these new features to everyone else. I think it's safe to say that, assuming that things work, many of you may be impressed. I know that I was.

David Raynes and Brad Choate - among many others, I'm sure - have put in some significant effort, and some of the longstanding requests that I personally have heard are on the horizon for MT users.

I'm far from a technological prophet, but it looks to me like the new features for MT are going to make it much more appealing to many users, including many people who only recently switched away from Movable Type. The new version will in several ways be more of a significant upgrade from a user's perspective than the change to version 3.0D. I don't know if all the cool new stuff will work as advertised, but it's safe to say that I'm glad that I've stuck it out with Six Apart (and MT). They've more than proven their willingness to listen to - and even learn from - their customer base.

Hang on. This ride is about to become a lot more interesting.

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