A new release of MT-Notifier is available. There is little to no functional improvement in this version of the plugin. If you already have the plugin installed, you may want to skip this upgrade. At the same time, there are some cool new features, so you may want to pick it up. It should be painless to upgrade MT-Notifier for those who are already using it.

There were some invalid tags in the template for MT-Notifier. I think I've fixed them all, so they should be XHTML-compliant now. Please let me know if you find this to not be the case and I'll give it another shot.

I've added the long-rumored auto-hack feature to the manual mode menu, which means you don't need to get your hands dirty by hacking at Perl modules. Even if you've already installed MT-Notifier, you can use this change to easily uninstall (or reinstall) it. Simply connect to manual mode, click a link and MT-Notifier is installed. Don't like it, and want to uninstall? Just click a different link.

Thanks to a suggestion from Lisa, I've also added an auto-backup feature, so that you can make a copy of your existing modules prior to messing with them. Again, all it takes is a click to create a backup and another to restore from it. The backup copy is stored in the database, so once again those without will be unable to use MT-Notifier. Sorry. I'll see if I can work out a way for others to be able to use the plugin too.

Announcement. Download.

Comments (3)

I installed a your MT-Plugin.
But An error occured when I connect to mt-notifier.cgi and click 'Backup:Create'.
When I configure default "From Address",an error occur too.
Error message is 'Error encountered while saving MT::PluginData.'.
Why that?
Please help me.

Can I get a copy of 1.40? I just messed up and tried to install the latest version on MT 2.661.

Sure. Just download it. It's actually 1.4.1, but that should be close enough.

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