The fun continues over at the ProjectNameProposals page. 20 names are currently up for consideration. Don't be intimidated, though. It seems that only a few names are really getting any lively discussion. The thing about the Wiki is that you don't really know what this means. Is anyone reading? Does anyone care?

For whatever it's worth, the most popular discussions seem to be on my own suggestion, Nota, and the second generation Zing (derived from PubZinc). Most of the blogs I read seem rather apathetic to the whole process - perhaps because of the frustration that stemmed from the earlier voting process.

I did find a couple of blog entries about the process. In one, Nota has found a fan. In the other, Nota was again mentioned, but a new suggestion was also born: Blackbird, from the four-and-twenty reference. All in all, not much though. Come on people - Blog the Nomination!

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