So the other night, my son asks me about this fish he saw in Finding Nemo. Normally I might not share such a tale, because it's probably only memorable to our family - but the answers found from this innocent question were pretty impressive indeed.

You see, the alleged fish has a light on it's head and huge fangs. I don't know about you, but I'd never heard of such a beast. In fact, I thought it sounded like someone had been having a little fun in the animation room. I even made the mistake of mentioning that it might not be completely real!

You can imagine my surprise when I finally found a picture of the fish in question. That's a freaky fish indeed, and it seems that very little imagination would be necessary to get this fellow looking like a scary fish!

So I looked around some more and found all sorts of information, including this little tidbit that seems to provide all the information you might need (sorry, link died). You see, apparently this vicious beast is the female of the species! And you thought human women were bad! Luckily they only live at depths of 1,600 to 10,000 feet!

The luminous organ on her head actually attracts her prey. She can vibrate the thing, too, presumably to attract prey if they're blind. The worse part is that the male of the species lives only to bond himself to the body of the female and provide his seed so that the species may continue. He's also a lot smaller and not quite as strange looking,

I even found a picture of a live one (or a recently live one - about halfway down the page). Strangely enough, this beast is not the ugliest creature in the ocean. No, that honor belongs to the Fangtooth, a fish so bizarre, that he actually has sheaths in his head for his teeth to slide into when his mouth closes (about one-third of the way down the page)!

And that's not all - don't skip the main creature feature, more creatures and still more creatures. Pages courtesy of the Norfanz Voyage web site.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you.... My son has also been asking me about that fish. I am a teacher, so I was impressed by the authenticity of "Finding Nemo" AND am happy that my son finds science information so interesting, BUT... I thought I would have a difficult time finding information and photographs. Thank you for making this task simple..... David is only 6, so too much information is not needed!

actually i don't believe it was an angler fish. To me it seemed to be the species known as the viper fish. Check it out.

I don't think that you're correct with the viper fish designation. Check out this link for a pretty up-close picture. The mouth is similar, but there's no lure on the head, and the fish in Nemo certainly had one. It was it's defining characteristic, in fact. Or did you think she (the fish, that is) carried a flashlight?

But don't take my word for it. There are a number of folks much smarter than myself who claim that the fish in Finding Nemo was indeed an angler fish. I found a grand total of two who ID the fish as a viper fish (or viperfish). Of course, maybe everyone else is just wrong. But I'm thinking not in this case. Especially since Disney/Pixar claim that it's an angler fish on their token site (#10).

I like to see one angler fish in my life

It is an Angler Fish that was in the movie "Finding Nemo," I was doing a school project (11th grade Marine Science) on a fish of my choice. I have always been interested in this fish, so, I chose it. I would just like to second the fact that it IS a Angler Fish, or Lophius Piscatarius, that was in "Finding Nemo." Thanks.

I believe I can shed a little light on this subject. Deep water fish have been of interest to me for some time and when I saw Finding Nemo last night I was a litte confused. From my understanding the fish in question is actually a hybrid of the angler and viper fish. The animators evidently decided to include characterists of both fish. The fish in the movie probably exists, but it hasn't been found yet.

Obviously, if you'd watch the Discovery channel you would know that the angler fish has already been found live with the help of special submersibles.

You can visit this web site to see some pictures of angler fish pictures taken Dr Peter Herring while on board the RS Discovery Vessel. Apparently there's about 120 different species of it.

Someone - I think that Jess is saying that the fish in the film is actually a cross somewhere between the viper fish and the angler fish, and that that cross-fish hasn't been found yet.

I still lean towards the fish being an Angler, though I'm certainly interested to hear about other possibilities. Also, thanks for the link - always nice to see some new pictures!

I stumbled on this site doing a search for angler fish. I had seen something in a magazine on a plane about them, and it reminded me of them. Im an avid fish breeder, and had always been interested in anglers. There are 4 general classes of anglers: batfish, goosefish, shallow-water anglers and deap-sea anglers. If you want to see a scary fish, go a google search for "goosefish"...Pretty amazing.

Wow - definitely a pretty ugly fish. Some interesting facts and a picture at this site. They eat not only other fish, but birds and turtles. According to this link, they can actually swallow fish that are equal to their own weight. Very impressive indeed!

i'm just doing a school report

its the angler fish, not the viper fish in nemo. they just made it even more scarier looking by making the teeth longer shaper and pointier.and the fish bigger then they are in real life. in real life the angler fish , about the size of a tennis ball! maybe a softball. not 50 times bigger then the clown fish in nemo .also its the females that hunt like that not males and they hardly swim like in the movie she mainly lays around waiting for a unsuspecting victim to go for her "lighted" lure. males are even smaller then clown fish, Adult male clown fish grow to be about 2 to 4 inches. see impossable to be 50 times the size!

Thanks for a good website and info :) My kids were also fascinated with the deep sea angler fish on Nemo.

I think the confusion of this fish with the viper fish happens because there are so many different types of (deep sea) angler fish... the one in Nemo could just be a combination of a couple of them. I have included a link to another picture of a deep sea angler fish that looks a little different to the picture you have a link to.

But anyone looking at this picture of the actual fish in question on Nemo should be able to tell that she is some type of angler fish. One of the website I read on these fish said that the female fish actually absorbs some of the internal organs of the male fish once he has joined with her... freaky.

Thank You everyone for your comments!

Yes, it is an Angler fish in "Finding Nemo". I actually talked to one of the animators on the project. I never knew anything about this cool fish until then, If you don't believe me, buy the DVD and watch the commentary at that part.

Good links to information my daughter needed on the angler fish. I noted some of the negative comments. Glad you accepted them and moved on. Well done, thanks for your help.

My 6 year old daughter and I were also interested
in the ugly fish in the movie Finding Nemo. My search led me to your site. It is definitely an angler fish!! I looked at the picture of the Viper fish that hmmm referred to and it has long sharp teeth like the angler fish BUT the main difference is that the viper fish is long like an eel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, I thank you sir for your information, that is correct! Mr. hmmm needs to get HIS facts straight!!!!! Mily

Hey!! Try to remember it's just animation. It's like you would argue over what breed of rabbit Bugs is for crying out loud!!!
By the way, my vote is on the Angler theory.

I have to say that i think your site is fantastic. It was just what i was looking for - with great pictures and info. Pity about the disagreements but i guess you get that in any comment forum! Anyway.. good site and good job :)

I was wondering if anybody could tell me what kind of fish are the black ones that school and get caught in the fishing net in Finding Nemo.
Thanks, Peter

Indeed, I agree with jayseae and pete. The angler fish from finding nemo is indeed a deep- water angler fish that lives on the dark waters of the darkness zone. The teeth in the movie was the teeth of a viper fish. Though, since there are over 200 species of angler fish, I might not be surprised that there is actually an angler fish that looked like the movie and you never know what phenomenon creatures live in that zone.
I am a junior at a University and studying marine biology for my doctrines, and I can guaranteed you that the fish from the movie is an angler fish. The light on the female head does light to attract their preys and the light is full of bacteria. I wish I can show you pictures and proof, but I can't even insert a link on this text. Does anyone know how to include a link of pictures and information on this exact text?

I like this site a lot. I saw Finding Nemo for the first time this weekend and I thought that fish was pretty amazing.(Yes I'm 15 and still I liked that movie) So I started to look up on it and I came across this site. But just to put my two sense in I believe that it is an Angler Fish in that movie. I agree with Pete. I believe they just tried to make it more scary looking by adding longer sharper teeth. I looked at the picture of the Viperfish and it looks much smaller than the Angler and it's shaped more like and eel. Sorry I didn't put any pictures on I don't know how to. -Keagan

Thanks for the great site. I needed to research the anglerfish for school and after researching for days I began to give up and think that my teacher was crazy.But finding your site I recieved many intresting facts. Actually there are four types of anglerfishes, the batfish,goosefish,frogfish, and deep sea angler.
And the male lives as a permanent parasite on the female, and is totally dependent on the female for nourishment. Also the angler fish can grow up to 4 feet long. The dark skin of the anglerfish absorbs the light and does not reflect it, so it remains invisible in the blackness. Also I find the rude comments very immature because any information is still helpful even if some is partially incorrect.Thanks again for all the help! Age 12

I had to do some digging to find out anything about the "black (fish) that school". I think these might be the moon fish, but I'm not certain. I put together a separate entry for the full answer, simply because it got a bit unmanageable as a comment. Please let me know what you think!

Check out this link.

I think the fish is in fact a Viperfish. Viperfish, like anglerfish, have a "lure". In the case of the Viperfish it is luminescent just like in the movie. Viperfish also have large eyes and huge needlelike teeth.

More proof.

The viperfish, Chauliodus sloani, has such lengthy lower fangs that they don't even fit in its mouth, but rather project back dangerously close to the eyes. No Chauliodus has ever been photographed in its natural habitat, but a scientist who saw one from the window of his bathyscaph off Portugal reported that it hovered "head upwards, the long axis of its body making an angle of about 45° to the horizontal plane. The whiplike dorsal ray was inclined forwards so that the tip dangled in front of the mouth. Here, surely, is good circumstantial evidence for deep-sea angling."

And even more.

The picture on this site looks very much like the one in the movie.

The viperfish is also bioluminescent, with photophores--light-emitting organs--on its dorsal fin and along its body to lure its prey to it. The fish has been observed hovering in place in the water with its dorsal fin curved around so that its photophore is waving near its mouth, as a means of drawing prey. Because the viperfish's body is dark blue or black in color, it is thought that other fish can see no part of it other than its lights.

Olis, those are some really great links. Unfortunately the data within, and even the information you present in your comment, works against your argument that the fish in Nemo is an Angler.

The information mentions the viperfish is bioluminescent, but it also mentions that the photophores are found on the dorsal fin and along the body.

According to Webster's dictionary, a fin is described as being used in propelling or guiding the body, or even something resembling a fin as a hand or arm. The fish in Nemo clearly had a dangling "lure", which certainly could not have been used for propulsion, and that no one should mistake for a hand or an arm of any sort.

Still, some very good links. I especially enjoyed your NOVA link, which also includes some images of anglers, clearly illustrating the dangling nature of the lure. Thanks again!

O.K. poeple. Let's remember that this is a cartoon. Animators will take one or more kinds of things and blend them together to make them look meaner than an original. Such is the case with this "angle-viper fish". I believe, as someone mentioned before, that the fish in the movie is made up of both angler and viper, or it could have been drawn right from the animator's head. It doesn't need to be argued over though, but it is nice to try to recocnize it for the kids.

True,none of my links said the Viperfish is a true anglerfish. Several did however state that they had been observed dangling the long "whiplike" dorsal fin in front of their face to attract prey. Watch the movie again, the fish also has photophores along its body. I agree though, the fish in the movie is a cartoonish exaggeration and I'm sure it wasn't meant to represent an actual fish.

Great information on your web site! I too began my search on this mysterious fish after watching Finding Nemo with my 5 year old daughter.It's been an interesting and informative search.
My guess is that the fish in the movie is an imaginary cross between a deep sea angler and a viper fish.
I came to this conclusion based on the pictures and information I found on numerous web sites.
Most searches I did told me that the viper fish has photophores on it's body and from the fin dangling from it's head. The angler fish only has the photophore from it's head.
They're both pretty freaky looking!
I would've never believed such a fish existed.

Great info, I had just watch the Nemo movie and i thought that the movie was great. When they said that the fish was an angler fish i looked it up and found this site. Great site. Lots of info and pics. Keep up the good work!

The fish that get caught in the net at the end of Finding Nemo are grouper.

The fish in the net could indeed be grouper. Thanks umm. Here's one link that mentions hundreds of thousands of grouper. I also found this picture that is allegedly a grouper - and I think that this could pass for the fish in the net (obviously embellished a bit for the movie, but still very similar).

As a few people have said before me; This is a Cartoon. The creature is probably fictitious. I think it is fictitious, as in the movie, the spine of the Fish lights up after Marlin and Dori see the teeth. Also the fish has VERY FREAKY GIANT GRAY EYES! Which neither the Viper Fish or Angler Fish have.

My conclusion: It's a fictitious fish, that was probably inspired by the Angler, and then had large teeth added to it to make it look scarier.

PS: I also found this site when looking up the Fish in the Movie. Hehe, I just love that movie. And right before they get to the 'Angler Fish' scene they're in the dark, and Dori asks "Are you my conscience?" after hearing Marlin's voice... Heheh, I just love that movie...

I came across your site because I was also fascinated by this fish in Finding Nemo. I thought it was a made up fish. But I have the Finding Nemo story sticker album which describes it as an Angler Fish which is obviously what Disney believe it is. If you want to know what all the other fish are, get hold of the sticker album.

Thank you for your information.

I also agree on the anglerfish story. There are lots of information on the internet and it SURLEY isn't a viperfish. They are too long. I found a very queazy picture but I won't post it. I am only 13 but for heavens sakes......its not a viperfish and I also have done a project on teh anglerfish and that is definitly an anglerfish. Rude comments shouldn't be accepted and I really don't understand the argument over a fish. I too asked my mother what fish that was and we looked it up together. Thank you for your time. I was facinated about this fish and I came across this web site and I thought I would give in a comment.

~A "Finding Nemo" Lover

P.S. Don't out in rude comments. It's only a web site!

Its me again and I thought I would add a few things to my comment. I think rude comments are unexeptable and you shouldn't write those type of things on a thing such as this. The fish on Nemo is definitly an anglerfish. I think some people need to get their facts straight. I don't think they even looked it up and just assumed. I am not always going to be on here so if you would like to comment on this or if you agree or disagree please contact me at
Thank you and have WONDERFUL day!

After much research, I am lead to believe that the fish is indeed an angler fish. I have observed that the vapor fish, has a more elongated figure than the fish on Finding Nemo, which body seems to be a smaller and stout figure, taking after that of the angler fish, and the jaw shape seems to match, the only thing that seems to be different would be the size and the length of the teeth, which could likely just be exaggerated for an effect. But in truth it is just a cartoon and I am pretty sure the world will still go around if I or any other person is wrong, ok? So please, try and be nice, and don't provide rude comments. It isn't a big deal. ;)

I work at Pixar and can confirm she is an angler fish. Reality, not surprisingly, is much better than fiction which is why we steal from it.

I must say I it was fun to see so much interest in this character.

Someone should start a thread on clown fish as the dominate one changes sex to a male and keeps the others subdued by force. Not stuff that we could actually write into the story :)

The commentary on the DVD states that it is indeed an Anglerfish. Straight from DVD commentary: "Anglerfish were for me the scariest darn fish I've ever seen in a National Geographic magazine. I used to turn the pages faster you know I'd like try to skip past those pages when I was looking through those magazines as a kid. I think really it's the one thing on our planet that's the closest to being a real monster. Such a pleasent name for a fish. Anglerfish! Aye I'm fishin' fer something. But it's pretty amazing they do exactly, well not as entertainly but they do pretty much what's happening in this movie. They have an antenna with bioillumiscent fluid that glows in the dark and it attracts other fish then when they get close enough they kinda come outta the dark and you know just chomp 'em up."

Thanks everyone for all the research you have done. I too remember reading National Geographic as a kid and seeing pics of the Angler Fish. I have always been fasinated by all the amazingly freaky things that live in deep waters. Who knew a cartoon movie could make so many people want to learn new things. But I think it's great. hope everyone keeps learning new stuff. :)

Okay dudes and dudets... I was just looking for a picture of "the scary fish on finding nemo" to put on one of my oil paintings for my class and thanks to this web site I found out the name, ANGLER FISH, not viper fish but the viper is pretty scary itself and i am going to use that picture as well as the giant rattail, fangtooth and anglerfish, im glad that all of you had this argument because i was so entertained and found more than what i was looking for and for the record ... on the dvd of finding nemo it says it is a angler fish ... in the illistrations part or whatever. have a good one and thank you very much

* Thankful

First of all I would like to thank you for this info, my child was watching Finding Nemo and I also questioned if it was a real fish. Second I would like to make a comment to the rude person who said it was a viperfish it is absolutely incorrect. Not only does it not have a lure, but if you have the dvd of Nemo and go to the scene selection it says it is an angler fish.

I thought the fish looked pretty creepy so I looked it up and it was just as scary in real life as it is in the movie. Thank you for the info it helped a lot.
The movie was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The fish in Nemo that is in question is BASED on the Angler Fish, but Pixar has taken some liberties on the design. The two defining aspects that the fish is based on the Angler include: 1) The movie says its an Angler (hey, they drew the thing) AND 2) The fish has the tell-tale hanging "light" OVER its mouth (not very viper-like). However, the Pixar people made some "enhancements' to its Angler fish to make it more intense looking. 1) Added LONG, overlapping sharp teeth, similar to an Viper fish, that overlap (angler does not have very long teeth), 2) Added very LARGE EYES that bulge (not in proportion to the body size of a true angler or viper), and 3) Added an elongated body, with a distinctive, almost lobster-esk look (definitely not the classic tennis ball round body of an angler and not exactly the long, snake-like body of the viper).
THAT's the BOTTOM LINE! Thanks everyone for an interesting chat and links!

Hey guys! I love your comments! Can you believe I read all of them?! I think it's cool how people are trying to stop people from making rude remarks but not only that, but people saying IT IS AN ANGLER FISH or IT IS A VIPERFISH. Come on people...we all have different opinions! Say you believe it is blah blah blah. kk?

Thanks for the comments. They really help.

Look at this scary picture of the angler. It's the second picture with captions. Read the captions's nasty!

I happen to know that the fish in finding Nemo is an angler fish. We recently purchased the DVD and there's an option to watch the entire movie with commentary which I did, and that particular scene with the fish chasing Nemo, they do mention the name of the fish as an angler fish. So there. From the pixar animators themselves

Just because the Pixar animators say it's an Angler fish doesn't make it factual or you an expert. The fish apears to be an Angler fish with some creative liberties taken by the animators. Bottom line is there is no fish that looks exactly like the deep sea terror in Finding Nemo, and this debate will continue to rage on!

Thank you I am doing a project on anglerfish and this is very interesting and helpful.

Even Elmo knows what an Angler Fish is. Just check out Elmo's World Great Outdoors DVD.

yeah, i have to do a report on the angler fish for school and this website wasn't too helpful. what's the point of it any way? i'll keep looking for INFORMATION

guys i think u can stop saying it's a angler fish now. no one is een saying it's a Viper fish any more. u'r point has been made over and over again. it's in the DVD commentary for crying out loud. let it go, both of u. and the sadest part of all s that i now have been scked into this.

Actually there are four different types of Angler fish and ONLY the Deep Water Angler lives toward the bottom of the ocean. The others live rather close to the surface; no worries though because very few can survive in American waters. They are only found in thier true living grounds around the U.K. and other Eastern Hemisphere countries.

You all are insane....FINDING NEMO IS AWESOME!!!! : )



Hi everyone, I'm 21 (and I love the film too!) I'm currently studying a bit of aquatic biology and thought it might interest you to know that deep sea anglerfish can range in size from 10cm to up to 1m!">This is a pretty good link for some basic info. There's a short video on there too.

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming....

This is my responce to the second reply: It wasn't a viperfish. It WAS an angler fish. If you look VERY carefully, it has no lights in it's mouth. Also, the angler fish's mouth was closed as it approached. Viper fish keep their mouths open when they swim. They attract fish with their mouths. Their outer skin glows like the anglerfish, but they don't have a lure. Plus, the viperfish's eyes are further to the sides, while some species of anglerfish have eyes next to eachother like in Finding Nemo. If you look at a lot of stuff, you might find one with eyes like that. Try watching Blue Planet on discovery channel, they recenthy showed a deep-sea special one. Anyways, [fill in blank].

Ok - the exsistance of the Angler Fish was piqued by seeing my son's Finding Nemo DVD. Where as I'm not so interested in whether or not the Angler Fish is correctly represented in the movie - hey its a movie, who cares about correct representation - I AM wondering if this is the fish that experts thought was extinct and recently found. If NOT does anyone have the correct name of the fish in question and may I have it please?

Thanks - temporary suspension of disbelief, its what movie makers hope for in their audiences for just a few hours. (source-film class at U of Montana)

Hi again, I think the fish you're asking about might be the coelacanth which is refered to as a 'living fossil'.
I did a quick google search and this page looks like it has some good info:

Just had to get in my two cents... ok I'm good

I was trying to prove a point to my wife, when I stumbled over this site. AWESOME! If any of you are old enough to remember the Childcraft Encyclopaedias, there is one called, "Deep Sea Creatures". This book is circa 1976, and has wonderful info on the anglerfish found in "Finding Nemo"; so I've known about the anglerfish since I was 6. Because of that book, when my wife asked what kind of fish it was, I knew right away.

OK, I was mistaken, it's the 1979 Childcraft anual, titled "Story of the SEA", so I was 9 when I learned of it(you can do that math). The angler is found on page 139, with an illustration of it on page 140. Unlike some have mentioned the angler is NOT a newly discovered spieces! Mention is even made in this book about the fish mentioned here that can swallow fish much larger then itself. Find someone who has these books and look for yourself. Being a packrat pays off, and although well used, my "World Book- Childcraft International" books are still in xcellent shape and help me teach my OWN 12, 10 and 2 year old, the things I loved to learn about at their ages.

it is an angler fish, the reason i started looking is because my sons nemo book specifficialy stated the angler fish was after them.

TY so much i have been needing information about this fish its so weriod and exiding. i have done so much on this fish and i need more information it is jsut so amazing to me

I am doing a report on angler fish

I thought it looked like a cross between an angler and a lantern fish at one point the entire back bone lights up like a runway I didn't thing anglers could do this?
Anyone know what Dori is?

Interesting hypothesis, k - the lantern fish apparently have bodies posessing "patterns of light producing organs that light up as they swim". Interesting.

This link has a diagram of one, and it doesn't really look like the fish in Nemo, but that doesn't mean that the designers didn't get some of their ideas from it. This page also says that the lantern fish swim to the surface at night. We didn't see that, but again it doesn't mean that parts of the fish weren't used.

Dori is apparently a Blue Tang. MIT used to have a great site with information on the different species in the movie. Unfortunately, no Angler. Plus they seem to have taken it down. Or perhaps moved it.

While watching Nemo with my son for the thirtieth time, I too was amazed by the angler fish. I remember on a trip to Cape Cod, we stopped by the Mystic Aquarium and the theme this summer was Finding Nemo, Surprisingly they didn't have much information on the angler fish, though one tour guide did mention that the angler fish does exist in the deep sea, though not as large or as agile as the one in the movie. I found your site to be informative as well as pleasant. Thank you.

Hey...Nice site. You guys r right...It is indeed an angler fish. Whoever dissgreea obviously never passed the third grade. I Havent read everything present, just like half way down. I think this is a good site with fine information. I am constantly watching the discovery channel and looking at these fish for my own pleasure. I have seen a show on the discovery channel referred above about the submerrsive going to depths to see these fish.

I also thought that Finding Nemo was an excellent movie not only in plot but ininformation.I am a 4th grade teacher and I took aside one class to talk about each of the fish mentioned in Finding Nemo. Your info has helped my class of 8 and 9 year olds to understand sea life a little better!
Elizabeth McEnroe

Alrite! This rules! Not only did I find out about Angler fish but I finally found out what kind of fish Dori is, which is what I was looking for in the first place...

It was an angler fish in finding nemo. I know this first by saying that the fish in finding nemo was a fishlike shape. Viperfish are snakelike and have their lure start a bit longer along their body. I know this because I am kind of obsessed in the fish which live in the Abyssal zone (the zone in the ocean where it is ice cold, pitch black, extremely high pressure and from 6000 ft to just above the ocean floor) and I am particularly intrested in the angler. Usualy, the viperfish is always a page or two near the anglerfish.

Oh my Gosh!! your website is great! To tell you the truth, the only reason i went looking for the Angler Fish on the Internet is because i saw it on Finding Nemo!!! You have an amazing site!

I wonder what kind of fish the little green fish that eats the Angler in the very end is? Its after the end credits. I mean, the angler is maybe 100x bigger than the lil green guy, but the lil green guy swallows the Angler in ONE bite. Not only that, but after its meal, the lil green guy is back down to the same size as before. talk about Metabolism.....this fish could be worth development.....just think, eat 100X your weight in food and not gain an ounce. (If you couldn't tell, the point I'm making is that this movie is a work of fiction, and not neccessarily factual, although many of the fish are based off of real life. Look at the lil octopus thing.....thought they had longer tentacles...And on the DVD...CH 11: Anglerfish :)


You make a good point above. But just in case you REALLY wanted to know, the fish at the end of the movie is a Gobi Fish. Being a certified diver, I see tons of them when I go on trips. Oh and yes angels, blue and yellow tangs, clowns, octopus, green turtles, parrotfish, green moray eels, stingrays, sea stars (not starfish), puffer fish, anenome, tons of coral and even a rock fish (very poisonous). And yes you are right the movie is a work of fiction to make us all laugh and have a good time. Amazing how everyone above became so passionate on identifying the anglerfish in the movie. I can't believe it took seeing a strange animated creature in a movie to prompt people to educate themselves. People should really know more than they do these days. Sadly, the dumbing down of America has begun.

I don't think America is dumbing down. Many people have just never heard of this fish before, so they never knew to look for it. It doesn't mean that they haven't looked for other fish or other exciting things. That's why we are all learn. ;) Lastly, weather it's an Angler, Lantern, Viper, or "whatever" fish, look at how much we have learned just out of our curiosity. I now know about all these fish, including the fangtooth and others. Thanks for all of the great info.

By the way, I believe it's an Angler fish, it not only says in commentary, but in scene selection. Also, when I was about 5, (I'm 23 now) my father bought me a book called the ABC's of Nature, I saw that fish and could never forget it. (Who could?) So when I saw Nemo, I knew what it was. I was proud to know what it was, and came online to learn more. And who's to say, there are so many different creatures and species down in the depths of the abyss that we don't even know about. One species of the Angler could be out there just like the one in Finding Nemo. Thanks for the great site!


I understand your comments above. The "dumbing down" I speak of goes way beyond an anglerfish many fathoms below the sea. With you being a young lass or lad (23) you will understand what I am talking about as you begin to put a few more wise years on yourself. Obviously you have the curiosity to learn while some others don't. I applaud you for that. Everyone above had the curiosity to learn about the anglerfish. My whole point is why did it take a Pixar animated "super" cartoon to create the curiosity? Watch the discovery channel or Nova on PBS, read, do more with your mind than just rely on fictional movies or other media, it's just that simple.

Dori is a Blue Tang or better known to Aquarium owners who have them as a "Hippo Tang".

It's an angler, please do your research before commenting on the net. Sigh, if you actually looked at the above links that everyone advertised, you would see it's an angler fish. We just made her a bit scary. They really don't move like that, I should know, I researched her and then drew her.

I think its an angler with big viperfish teeth and whatever those little glowing spots are on it's sides like a viper fish. My opinion is that it is a angler with some viperfish fetures

omg i love this site it is extremly informative me my self am absolutley facinated with deep water fish you know the kind that you connot believe that are real any way i just love this site
thank you

"And you thought human women were bad!" wow... how funny... *cough* anyways

i hate that fish, its friggin scary! i had to look it up 'cause i didnt believe it existed.

Where can i get the Angler fishes Life Cycle?

does anyone know if you can go fishing for theese angler fish? if so what do u baitem with? any info will b greatly appriciated. thank you all n have a nice day

Since the Angler lives at depths starting at 1,600 feet, I'd suspect that fishing for them would be difficult, if not impossible.

Hey! thanx for the AWSOME info! And Those dumb butts who were rude enough to say those things seriously need a life. Like, its ok to have your own opions, but u don't ahev to say that theother persons wrong. just start with "I Belive..." and end whith "Thats just my oponion"


I love learning about fish that are still somewhat a mystery to us! It is so interesting to see what all is there that we dont have a full understanding of. Many people don't seem interested in any sort of thing; since i have seen finding Nemo i have become interesting in learning, not many people my age really understand, and i know i am in my mid teens, and i know these things! Thank you for creating a site where i can learn about these mysterious creatures!

How funny so many people wanted to find out the same thing. Our little girl is too young to ask, but covers her eyes. My husband told me..oh that's an Angler Fish, I said well I've never heard of such a thing, seems a little far fetched. WOW, boy was I wrong....just one more excuse to stay out of the ocean!

My step son is looking for information on the angler fish. More precisly (sp), the Human Impact on Angler Fish. My thoughts are we can't find information on it, because there isn't much of a human impact on them since they are so deep. It looks like someone in here may have seen a site with this information at some time... so I'm giving a shout out!! :-) Thank you.

I know this sounds funny as a reason behind the fish being an angler fish. I watched finding nemo with my nephew and I wondered what the name of the fish was. I didnt really look for any information on it but when I was watching Sesame Street with my son on Elmo's World elmos fish dorothy imagined Elmo as an angler fish....Looked the same as in nemo (not as a scary obviously because its a kids TV show) But thats how i got to this webpage cause now that i knew the name i was interested. LOL I told you it was a weird reason for believing it to be an anglerfish.

I know this site is all about the Angler, but I saw something I just had ot comment on, albeit off topic. A post a bit back had a link to a site from MIT listing what type of fish each character was. They listed Chum as a Mako. Take a peek at this site , I thought he more resembled the Blue, not the thick bodied Mako. You can deside for yourselves.


Thanks for that link, Daywalker! The Blue does indeed seem as if it could be the correct shark for Chum, but the Mako doesn't seem all that different. Check out this page from the same site.

The primary difference I noticed was the location. The Blue is apparently found mostly in Southern California and Mexico, while the Mako is found in deeper waters worldwide.

As with the Angler, it's quite possible that the folks at Pixar simply decided on a fish, then enhanced it slightly to make it more interesting as a character. The end result is that it might not be the exact species, but rather a composite of several.

Hey thanks for the fun read during naptime. With a two year old here, I watch "Finding Nemo" at least once every other day. I was looking for some pictures and info about an angler fish and stumbled on to this site. It has definitely been interesting. To add my comments about what type of deep sea fish it was, I would have to go with the angler fish, but with accentuated cartoon features (like every other character in the film). It's too bad that some people can't see that it's a cartoon and not a discovery channel documentary.

Again, thanks for the ineresting read.

LOL. The argument about which type of fish the lets just say "monster" fish in Finding nemo is not really a good thing to debate about. It's DISNEY for crying out loud. I would hate to hear everyone arguing about how terribly wrong they got the Phocahontas story. *Rolls eyes* It does look like an Angler fish more than a Viper though.

The Anglerfish in Finding Nemo doesn't only have a light coming off its head but it's stomach is lit up as well. Is there really a type of Anglerfish that lights up like that one did?

Hum, just came across this site and couldn't be bothered to read through it all, but I thought I may just add a few comments. Unlike most people, I did not become fascinated with the anglerfish after watching this movie - I was fascinated with them since I first learned about them when I was about 10 years old, watching them on the Discovery Channel. I am far from my younger years now, and do research on high-tech vessels that trawl the deep seas. I have mostly anglerfish in my own collection (yes, dead, in forma.), but I have about 4 specimens of viperfish for my own enjoyment. They are not of the anglerfish family, but are equally 'freaky' looking. They have more elongate bodies, while anglerfish are -mostly- classified as having 'globose' or 'globular' body shapes. There are some bottom dwellers that are dorso-laterally flattened (many of the goosefish family).

Most of the anglerfish DO actually live deep, there are a few 'shallow' water specimens (Histrio histrio being the most researched), but even the ones that are not classified as being extremely deep still live several hundreds of meters down - still too deep for any common fisherman to get to.

The luminescent lure on an anglerfish is called the illicium, while the actual 'lightbulb' is called the esca. The bioluminescence is produced from bacteria that live permanently within the esca. Most deep-sea males are reproductively parasitic, fusing their blood vessels with the females once it has clamped onto her. The female has to eat for the both of them, while he supplies her with a lifetime of sperm. A very good strategy for living in the deep where it is hard to find a mate, even in your entire life.

The 'deep sea' monster that was shown in Nemo was inspired by real deep-sea anglerfish, as stated in the movie commentary. It is, however, very unrealistic. The movie itself is a wonderful Disney film, but it is just that, with a great many things that are not true. What it is, in fact, can be called nothing more than a "Disney Anglerfish hybrid."

I am glad to see that people have taken an interest in this incredibly bizarre, fascinating fish.

interesting site, I will be looking more into it as soon as my schedule permits. Like everyone else, my wife and I were wondering what kind of fish (angler fish) that was in "finding nemo" at first I thought it was a hatchet fish, but that was just a guess. The way I found the the name of the fish was actually interesting. I am sitting here watching an "Elmo" video with my daughter, and one of their skits is about fish and they did a skit with the angler fish. So I did a search on yahoo and found your site. Like I said, I will be visiting again soon when time permits. Thanks for the interesting info.

What kind of Fish is Dori?

I'm a junior and FPHS and I'm making a web quest about diving. On the webpage I'm trying to add some fish pictures, and I was interested in knowing what kind of fish Dori was from Finding Nemo.

This site rocks!! I have had a good laugh and have come to the conclusion that it is infact the angler fish on Nemo. I am 9yrs old and am doing a project on it.

This website was really helpful, for my needs. I couldn't have done my project without it. Thank you so much!

Dori is a Paracanthurus hepatus (AKA the Pacific blue tang, the regal tang, the palette tang, the flag-tail tang, and the hippo tang). Hippo tang is probably the most common name for it in today's world.

On our first date, my fiance and I went to see Finding Nemo... Of course we bought the movie and are watching it right now! When the angler fish came on, he said that it was surprising how much it looked like the actual fish. I had to see for myself! You're page has some truly amazing photos! Thank your son for inspiring your curiosity!

I was impressed by everyone's arguments. When I first watched the movie and that lit up scarey fish scared the hell out of me, I asked my husband what it was and he told me that it was anangler fish. He would know what it is that he is talking about as he is a deep sea fisherman... however, I do greatly appreciate the entertainment that I recieved while checking it out for myself.

Hey, I was searching around and found this site. It really helped me a lot, because I needed to know what kind of fish was on Nemo for a school project. Here's a good site that shows what kind of fish some of the characters in the movie are:

It shows the name of the character on the movie, the common name, and the scientific name for the main characters. Thanks for your help!

OMG--THANK YOU for giving me all of this information on the Angler/Viper fish. I have been arguing with my husband that there is a real fish out there that really is THAT UGLY! Now, I have proof--thank you guys!

I always thought that the angler fish was real, thankyou for giving me proof. Now i can finaly prove my friend wrong :)

I have always wanted to see an angler fish!

I wanted to know what kind of fish Dory is... does anyone know?

Dori is a Blue Tang. More info can be found above - it's listed at least three times.

My son who is 9 is doing a report on viperfish I was hoping that I could get some help with info on this fish. please help.

i don't care about what the fish's species is i just love the movie!

My son loves this movie and the "freaky fish", so thanks very much for the info on the "real thing"!

this wab site is not gay and if it was how would you know red,you did it last nite or somthing and in fact I think that this site is pretty cool explaining wut fish it was off finding nemo when most of us get confused with other fish

Thank you soo much for sharing this with people!!! I'm in 6th grade and I'm doing an under the sea project on the deep sea angler fish and I couldn't find anything about it. So now at least i know sone stuff! ~Thanx~ LPB

this website is so cool.

This was dumb because there are no pictures. I found this from a google search and I need pictures of angler fish for a science project in school. Do not expect me to visit this website again. Please inform me when you are going to get printable pictures of angler fish in this website. I would really appreciate if you add this feature in soon. Please forgive me for not filling in the URL box but I have no idea what that stands for so there was no way of me filling in that section of the website. I also filled in the name part incorrectly because I do not want you to track me down. I filled in the e-mail address part correctly so you can inform me of when you add printable pictures of angler fish in this website. That is all I have to say. Ta Ta for now

very helpful site thank you

HOW can u say that its a viper fish when that fish looks like a damn eel! but u know, the fish in finding nemo looked like a eel after all. no. all the people that reckon its a viperfish ARE all right! what would we know! cant really tell by a picture NOW can we? yeah!! thats what i thought!

I love finding Nemo and you all are ruinning it! I am trying to study the Angler fish for my project and you are all like this isnt an Angler fish. Just shut up and..its a an angler fish

who writes this much?

If you need pictures and other info on an angler fish, try wesrching the web for "frog fish." You'll find lots.

Dori can't be a Blue Tang! As far as I am aware by extreme and exhaustive research, blue tangs do not have the ability to speak English. I have not checked on the other fish with English speaking abilities yet but I will keep an eye out.

My point is that I feel that the “monster fish" is a representation of an angler fish, with some added features (but still can talk, clearly a stupid fish) I do think its teeth look like a viper fish, and It seems like the viper fish also has the luminous effect down the sides of it body, other wise the lantern fish is a possible fish with features that were taken from. An animation does not have to be 100% accurate.

If Finding Nemo was 100% accurate we would have had to have a lot of subtitles and listen to some occasional bubbles, and some water sounds etc.

Also Clown Fish and Blue Tangs probably can't swim that deep. The “evil" fish also had to light up more or the whole sequence would have had to happen in the dark with the little blue light moving around the screen, that would have been pretty darn boring! Pixar and Disney had to do what they had to do, to enhance the story line.


For pictures and info on Angler Fish, there are tons of links in this thread. Just read all these posts and look for the underlined words. There are numerous great resources that you will find here. Start at the the top and work your way down!

I think this is the best site I have seen concerning the fish in Nemo I also thank you for taking time out to answer the questions of those who are curious my kids watch this movie at least 15 times a day so I can pretty much quote every word in the movie ha ha ha

Its an exaggerated angler fish.! clancy age 11

Black Dawn, that cracked me up. Made me think of "Ice Age", when, at the end Diego tells Sid, "Come on, you know humans can't talk"

(Waaaay off topic, but I had to)

Thanks for your help. My son Chris needed the information for his science class. You made it very easy to find. I was not too suprised with the authenticity of the fish in Finding Nemo...Disney seems to pride itself on being as authentic as possible with animals...just look at the Lion King.

I like the site doing a projects for school. I am in grade 8

I have to say that there is a wealth of information on many species of sea creatures on this site. I am intrigued by the angler fish family, and came here by doing a search to learn more about them. They are one of my favorite fish. Thanks to you all for the great links and information. It's rare to come to one site with so much valid information.
Have a great day! :-)

hey this is a cool site.

Thanks for the great information! My 6 year old was asking about the "Scary fish" in Finding Nemo, so I came across this site while searching for some pictures to show him!! Very informative and great pictures! :)

i think that the fish in nemo was in fact both viper and angle.i have seen pitcures of both fish and they look just like the fish in nemo.anyways this was a really useful site for me to do a report in my class so please post more info if you can!^_^

Wow I'm not sure if I write this if it will ever be seen :) But I think your site is very cool and I was very interested in the fish after seeing Nemo as well. But the one thing I would like to know is, is it even possable to catch this fish or even have it in an aquarium? And yes I know it's a stupid question so to anyone keep your rude comments to yourself, because no I'm the brightest crayon in the box, I already know that I am the Dory in my family :) But thanks again for the site it gave me all the info I needed, and some laughs for the day too, it's amazing have flustered people can get over little things but I thought it was great keep up the good work ;)

umm.. i dont know why these stupid people keep saying that fish in finding nemo was a viperfish. its scientifically impossible, u idiots. try researching on the internet for about a minute and u will see. and theres no way it could be both a viperfish and a deep sea angler. its just an angler. and dont try posting back to me cuz ill never look at this site again. just get over urselves.
anyways, nice pic of the fangtooth. =)

I would recommend this website to all my friends I am extremely impressed by all the facts. I am 12 and I am now very interested by the Angler fish from watching Finding Nemo.

Dudes, check out the Finding Nemo DVD. They say it's an Anglerfish. it may not look like it 2 u, but that's what they ment it 2 b.

The fish in the movie has to be a mix of the angler and the Viper. First, it has a lure, so do both the angler and the viper, second, when Marlin and Dory swimm up to the mouth the fish lights up along its back, only a viper does that, third, the fish chases them, the viper will chase its prey but the angler wont, fourth, the teeth resemble that of a viper fish, and fifth, they body and eyes represent the angler more. I think that the cartoonists were going to make an angler fish but one found a picture of a viper fish and mistook it for a angler fish.

This is a great site. I learned a lot about many different species of fish. I was wondering if anyone had heard of a fish that lives under the ice and can melt the ice with it's doing this the prey falls in the water to be eaten. I had heard of this quite a long time ago, but can't find any info what so ever about it. I think I heard it being called A Hot Head and possibly being found in Antarctica. If anyone could tell me if this species is real or not and give me a link if you find one, I'd be so grateful!

To the poster above asking about hotheads in Antarctica - they do not exist.

The hotheads were invented as an April Fool's joke in Discover magazine (April 1995). The article was titled "Hotheaded Naked Ice Borer". The newly discovered creatures were supposed to have a bony headplate with innumerable blood vessels radiating tremendous body heat to create a hotplate effect that melted ice. The "hotheads" supposedly traveled in packs searching for shadows below thin ice - their favorite prey was penguin. The hothead pack would then gather together under the shadow (presumably a penguin) to melt the ice & consume the prey that fell through the slushy hole. The article claimed that a biologist named Aprile Pazzo in Antarctica discovered the new species. Aprile Pazzo can be loosely translated from Italian as "April Fool".

Discover received a tremendous response to this hoax article. Some of the letters to the editor in response to the article were utterly hilarious :) Here is a link to the article & letters you can copy & paste:

Is there such thing as a angler fish? I always thought it was called a lantren fish.

Thank You SO much! I thought "hot heads" were real this entire time! lol.

it is true the fish is deffinetly an angler fish, if you have the DVD Finding Nemo in the special features the animators are talking about the animations in the movie and they say that it was hard making the ANGLER FISH

hey y'all... it's just a fish. It's an angler fish. They added things to make the fish look more scary. The anglers I have heard about have small eyes and are not normally very big. However, it is possible for an angler fish to measure up to the size of 4 meters. The angler fish on "Finding Nemo" may not fit the angler definition completely but it is a pretty close picture. Disney added extra features to make the creature look more alive and scarrier. This happens in movies all the time, it is not a big deal.

Just a movie. Just for fun.

Have a good one!


Hey, I actually cant believe this fish is real, but doing research I see that it is, its just one of Gods creatures and are here for a reason, and beautiful in a way scary way thanks Dae Dae

finding nemo is the best movie EVER!!! and if you look at the extra commentary, it does say the fish that dory and marlin come up againist IS an angler fish, so blah.

After taking much time reading through all the comments on this page I have come to the conclusion like several other people that the Finding Nemo monster fish is a blend of the Angler Fish, the Viper Fish and also the Lantern Fish. The body of the fish is more like that of the Angler Fish. Both the Angler fish and the Viper fish have the illuminated lure. The Viper fish has the mouth structure of the fish in the movie with the large jaw and enormous fang like teeth. The large eyes on the movie fish are not characteristic of either the Viper or the Angler, but does look a lot like those found on the Lantern Fish. The Lantern fish is also able to illuminate at will. But thank you everyone for all the great links and arguments. I definatly agree that it is a silly argument over it being one or the other, it's a cartoon. Cartoons don't have to be realistic people...Whoever heard of a big round monster with one eye befriending a big hairy blue guy. Boo from Monsters Inc was supposed to be about 5 right....well she didn't have a very developed language ability did 3 year old can speak better than she could. Now Toy Story, there was a realistic movie...did everyone else's toys come to life like that too? That totally explains why they were never where I left them.

I don't think it's all that stupid to be arguing about a fish at all. In fact, I've had lots of fun reading the comments people have posted, (it took me two nights to get through it all).

My personal opinion is that the fish is an Angler fish. Both the Pixar Animator, Artistic Designer (Jadey), and even the producer in the commentary on the DVD, say that they based it on the Angler fish with some extra modifications.

I found the first few links to show pretty good pictures of the Angler, Viper, etc. and "Deepsea"'s info on the angler was very informative.

To Juliet, Disney only concentrats on detail with the first of each of their movies, i.e. Lion King 1 was better than the Lion King 2, same for Aladin, The hunchback of Notredam... Any Disney cartoon is great, but in all the sequels i've seen, except for the pixar animations, the quality degrades a little.

To whoever brought up the Hot heads, I believe that some of the letters were as much a joke as the original article.

And as for the "rude" people, (I didn't find them that offensive), i just say to everyone else, just to ignore any "offencive" bit, and get back to arguing about fish.

I'm having so much FUN!!!

P.S. I'm 19, love disney movies, and Love this site.

Hi. Love the website. My family and I have actually seen an angler fish in the Ripley's aquarium in the Smokey Mts. It's pretty cool and kept in a dark, cold tank to simulate the deep ocean I guess. Last spring we were in the Charleston, SC aquarium with my son and saw a dvd of the deep ocean with an angler fish on the cover. As he was only allowed to choose one video he chose a great white shark one. now he really wants the other one. Does anyone have any idea what the title or maker of this dvd is? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

what is the name of the light on the head of the angler fish?


uhh yea the thing are funky which is why when i reincarnate i want to be a (female) angler fish also the males are more like parasites really they never even have a digestive track and the rest of their body colapsed when they attach thmselves to the female.

i found this site really intersesing and inforative, i couldent believe the amount of people interseted in this disgusting fish! i was searching for it because i am recently having re-occuring dreams with the angler fish in it and if any one could explain why please do, thanx xx

Cool site. Thanks for all the information. I'm doing a project for Science and the information in this site helped me. Whoever wrote this, good job. Don't mind the negative comments. If you think something is true, and have proof,stick with it until somebody really proves you wrong. If that happens then own up and 'fess that you were wrong. Thanks a bunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless

HI, im in the middle of a project on the deep sea anglerfish for my university degree and stumbled across this site.
its one of the hardest iv done soley due to the fact that there is very little information and research performed on this animal. They are a very interesting order of species and a brilliant product of evolution. The illicium (light) on its head is a symbiotic relationship with bacteria that produce cold light through a reaction where a compound called luciferin is oxidised with and enzymed named luciferase. If anyone wants information on this creature e-mail as i have searched to the depths of this planet to find things about them.

I was watching Finding Nemo with my son when we decided to find out if the angler fish was real. If you go to it has a really good picture of the fish, and it looks just like the one in the movie.

Hi, I know it's an angler fish because it has that fishing rod and vipers don't. And I have the moive Finding Nemo, and I did research on Vipers and Anglers it said Vipers are a foot and Anglers are 1.2 (4 feet). That Angler on the movie looked like real anglers but it was a little bigger in length and size.

This site helped me with my report thanx, but you need more and better info......

Please reply

Interesting points. I am no expert, but it sounds like they combined the Angler and Viper characteristics.. My question is, does the Angler fish light up on the side like the one in the movie or is that just something the Vipers do only? I am blown away by that animation in "Finding Nemo" by the way...WOW! Wish I knew how to do that!

Sorry I didn't read all of the comments...too many and it has been going on for too long so I don't know if anyone else in the past 2 yrs knew to tell any of you, but the DVD for Finding Nemo has(on disc 2) a special features section that names every fish in the movie. So you can see for yourself if you still have doubts about whether or not it is indeed an angler fish. Check it out for yourself, it was pretty interesting.

I love Angler Fish they Are Mean looking!

thanks so much... cos i am doing a research for my school's project.... what u had described IS a angler fish, as only the angler fish have a 'fishing rod' and not the viper fish... those ppl who said that u are a dumbo is wrong, they are then the biggest dumbo in the world.... passing such comments without do the research themselves.... once again thanks a lot..

Thankyou so much, this has been so helpful for a school project. THANX muah oxoxoxo

I jayseae is right, in Finding Nemo it was a Angler Fish. I know this because Angler Fish look more roundish and fat. If you do a google image search for angler fish, you'll see that. A viperfish is more like a eel. I'm doing a fifth grade report on the viperfish. Highlight the text and press ctrl-c and then click in the U.R.L. box and press ctrl-v: to see a viperfish. Angler Fish is

To Nicole,

The light on top of the head is a light organ called a photophore. It is a controllable chemical reaction that makes that happen.

Do angler fish have lights on their back?

Thank you this is very helpful for my class!

i know this is off the topic but what kind of fish is dori and the yellow fish in the tank (that likes bubbles) in finding nemo? i have a fish project coming up and i'd like to know the names of them. please respond.

Dori is a Blue Tang. This was mentioned a ways back (more than once). I don't know about the yellow fish in the tank, but some of the other links here might prove helpful.

i need to no how long a angler fish lives for and what it's enemies are..what makes it bioumiinescenece? can someone tell me because i was looking on sites all day and i connot find anthing.

Thank You.

Elle, there is a site mentioned awhile back.

Check it out..It identifies the characters of the movie.

Hi guys,

Nice to see y'all discussing. Well, that beast is in fact an angler with some modifications, like those photopores and the elongated body. It is definitely not a viperfish, because the viperfish has a VERY long, snake like body, does not have a large, round head like this creature, and its glowing rod used for attracting its prey is located on the BACK side of its body, just in front of the upper fin, not on the head. The other modifications were made to just make it look more scarier and fit for a movie monster (pretty strong for an angler fish - it breaks clear through an entire pile of rocks!!) and there's nothing bad in doing that - actually, the villainous Carnotaurs in "Disney's Dinosaur" were at least 7 or 8 times smaller than iguanodons like Aladar, they were made bigger just to make 'em look more more dangerous. It's not a big deal. Thanks for wasting five precious minutes of your lives reading my lil' novel.

Adios amigos! - Lord Beletio

What is the taxonomy of Dory from Finding Nemo? I Know she's a regal blue tang and all, but its for a school thingy. One last thing, PETA Sucks!

wow... so much discussion on a nemo fish... but still it is useful. I am working on a school project on an anglerfish so i came across this. Just one little fact: the fish in finding nemo was a deep sea angler, so not all anglerfish look like that one

What kind of fish is Dori?

deffinitely an angler fish. sure the viper fish looks similar in the mouth, but when you pull up two pictures, one of the viper and one of the angler, who could even doubt it? creepy creepy fish. *shudder*

Why are Viper Fish allergic to sun light?

i think your website is good, it gave me the right information i had been looking hours for, thank you!

I am marine biologist and study the ocean creatures. I go scuba diving alot and I do alot of reashearch of the fish we normaly don't hear about. The Angler fish lives miles into the deep ocean. It has a light emmiting antenna on it's head. It is used to catch pray. You may see all the pictures of Angler fish, the big ugly things are all females. The male's look very diffrent. their the size of your thumb and they hook onto the female and live there forever. there eyes start to desolve and there organs disinigrate. The males are used for sperm for the female. The female gives nutirents to the male. When there conected it's like there cells conect. If a male canot find a mate it eventually dies.

does anyone know a really good website about anglerfish? i have to do a project for my 10th grade .3 biology class, and i can't find much...especially diagrams of their life cycle. I need information about their life cycle, life span, what happens to the babies, communication, and migration/hibernation. i can't do an image search because that's blocked at school (which is ridiculous). any help would be great. email me at it would be much appreciated!!!

I believe that the fish seen in finding nemo is infact a viper fish. If you google image search viper fish you will find a few pictures of these creatures that have 'lures' on them try this.

Wow, this discussion has been going on for a while. Thanks for all the interesting links. I knew existed angler fish before I saw the movie, but I did not know much about them. There was a Japanese cooking show on tv recently where angler fish liver was used as an ingredient. I had thought that they were all deep sea fishes and small, so I thought it was strange that people would eat them. I did not realize that some can grow to over a metre. I assume that it is a shallow water species that was used on the show. Does anyone have any idea what it would be?

Definitely an angler fish. May have added an elongated body, larger teeth and the light organs, but fully an angler fish otherwise, no doubt.

Does anyone know what enemies/predators of the angler fish are?

I think that you are right and that the people that say that it isn't an angler in finding nemo are wrong! It cannot be a viper fish or else it wouldn't have a biluminescent light on it!
I would also like to say that I agree with you 100% that it is strange that the people that agree with you write a lot and people that don't, they just write on line without backing themselves up with at least another website or something that they know for sure! I see that I'm a bit late seeing as it is 2005 and this conversation started and ended in 2003 so I'm not so sure that anyone is going to read this!

i wanted a pet angler fish because there so cute when they are little but then i read this. on the finding nemo site it does say that its an angler fish. good job on the research.

hi there,
I saw the debate about angler and viper fish...
check out the following, the viper angle may not be entirely incorrect,


hey everyone, i am watching nemo at this very moment and was wondering if this...."scary" fish (i am SO not about to get in the middle of the argument)was real. After a while i came across the site and really got a kick out of you guys...and learned a ton of info on this whatever you want to call it fish (i just wanted to know if it was real!) The pictures were amazingly...interesting, to be politically correct (not that i ever am) and for the last hour i've been oh-so-entertained. At this point i've forgotten about the movie. so i just wanted to thank you guys for the fun trivia and a good laugh. im 15, and though i dont have any project due next week on the fish, im happy to say that if i ever do, i'll be back!! ok, gettin sleepy..goodnight folks!!


I just picked up a stuffed animal angler fish at the local goodwill for my dog to play with. The tag said it was a football fish, which is a type of angler. It's about 16" and my dog loves it. I kinda wonder if it had scared a small kid, thus why it was at the goodwill. Ps~ I agree, the fish on Finding Nemo was an angler.

i think your son is smart if he remebers the animals on finding nemo

Thank you this was so helpful. I am doing a report so I loved it.

this is pretty good but i need more info on this fish im doing a marine assignment for my yr 7 english report and we have to write about a sea creature if u have any more info can u please send it to me at

Why is your stepson scared of a little angler fish( and they are really little)?

Thank you this site is great me and my little bro (whom is 7) Are looking for a picture of the Angler fish (its midnight)and info and its about time for the pic cuz he waiting to draw it! HEHE!!!

The animators have indeed took some liberties in the fish in question. I personally would say it is about 80% Angler. But the teeth are definately exagerated. It a libery taken to make the fish a really menacing creature. It is however very little viper, mainly because the Viper's body is quite longer. This does not mean they did not take elements from it to create this animated monster.

If it does inpsire people into science, good.

I've known about angler fish for a while, but can't find good pictures of him.
Thanks for the pics and info. Especially on the fangtooth.

I have the Finding Nemo special edition 2 disc set, and in the 'special features' part of the DVD, when they talk about the film, how it was made, the fish used in the film, and so on, they specifically say this fish in question, is in fact an Angler Fish.

I have seen the film many times, as it's one of my favorites...guess that's the kid in me. Anyway, when I watched the film again the other day, I decided to watch all the commentary stuff, and all the extra stuff, to learn about the film, the fish and such, I got curious about this particular fish, and decided to check out yahoo search first, and then this google site.

It's true that this fish doesn't look identical in every aspect as the fish in the film, but does it really have to? It has a very close resemblance, if you really look closely at it. As far as I am concerned, it IS in fact the Anlger fish, with a little bit of imagination added to it.

Either which way, it's not a fish I'd want to be getting close to. It's so ugly and scary looking. Sure, it eats other fish, but would us humans be safe around this fish? Or would it try to take a chomp out of us too? Does anyone know if it'd actually take a chomp out of a person or not? Or would it just swim away?

Maybe I can settle this question. I work in Walt Disney Imagineering and I'm currently working on the Nemo & Friends attraction that's being built in The Living Seas pavillion at EPCOT.

The fish in question in Nemo is definitely an anglerfish and is specifically modeled after the anglerfish with the scientific name - Melanocetus johnsonii - a humpback anglerfish.

Yes, the Pixar animators definitely took some liberties with the depiction. However, considering that fish talk in this movie, one might expect that not everything would be 100% realistic.

I looked up Fangtooth in google imiges and i think that is the freakiest fish i will ever see in my life!

i so much needed this for a school project! It was quick and easy and this fish is not that popular though even after finding nemo! wel just want to say thanks and to keep posting useful iformation!!!!!!!! :)

I agree with Jess, I asked my biology teacher today what it was and he said it was a viper fish, which I think is true, at least for the head, the body is that of an angler fish. But the personality was taken from the viper, angler fish are not aggressive like the one in this movie, so it is a made up fish made from the head of a viper fish and the body of an angler fish.

look Does anyone know how much light an angler fish produces I am in thailand And I've got to find it before my project is due. thats in the 16th of december

Thanks so much for this great information! I am doing a schol project and this info is SOOOOOO helpful!!!!!!! Thanks again!

thanx so much I am doing a skool report and I have to come up with 5 interesting facts about it and I got ALL of them here thanx!

Mr. Fresh

I really don't appreciate that fling at women from this artical. Men are as bad as women are when it comes to being scarry. In fact, men are worse!!!! And if you have anything more to say about women, i'll tell your mama and/ or wife/girlfriend. Otherwise, i know that i am younger than most of you, but i'll have my opinions heard. the information was related more to the movie Finding Nemo than to Angler Fish and their habbits. I came to this cite for information, not false accusations and comparasons, but that is all what i got. Thanks a lot. :)

i'm doing a presentation on these deep sea creatures tomorrow!
They are pretty scary, well to me!

I need to know more about the angler fish nobody ever put that info on. You gatta go down there and get good info. Thats all i'm saying. :)

Thxz this help me in my project about a story with fishes.


Hello! I was wondering if you could have one as a pet they are very facinating and awesome. I can get the suplies and what is need but I cannot find one for sale.

Wow i'm doing a project too i did not know that the females were the big strange ones and the males are the little small tadpole like creature. wow suppose human women where like that i would be afraid....Very afraid, " why did you come back so late dear, uh"....squashed like a bug. I'm just glad its the way it is and not also like the black widow spider, " eat up children your father taste good, lets dig in".....Creepy o.0

Here is a video from our scientific expedition of a real anglerfish!

thx this really helped me with my report on the anglerfish

what is an anglerfish?

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