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Posted by Chad Everett on August 9, 2014

Laws of Attraction »

Do we get less intelligent in the presence of the opposite sex? According to a quick test put together, it seems the opposite may actually be true. Busted. Are men more attracted to blondes? In a speed-dating test, the same women came through with different wigs, and were rated on a numerical scale. The blondes did no better than any other color. Busted. Do pheremone sprays actually work? A turntable was built with 10 chambers of pheremones and/or sweat, while 50 women came through through and rated each one. The winner? The pheremone and sweat of Adam. Busted.

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Posted by Chad Everett on August 2, 2014

Road Rage »

Cliff Top Push Off. This myth tested the difficulty of pushing a driver off the road, first with cars of equal size, then with cars of varying size. As it turns out, it is not particularly difficult to get another car off the road, especially if you are able to use PIT (precision immobilization technique) maneuvers. Busted.

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Posted by Chad Everett on July 26, 2014

Commercial Myths »

Apple Bobbing Bungee. What could be better than bobbing for apples? Bobbing for apples while bungee jumping, of course. The myth was tested from a 100 foot jump - first safely reaching the barrel without hitting the bottom, being able to accurately reach the barrel, and finally being able to bite (and hold) the apple.

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Posted by Chad Everett on July 19, 2014

Household Disasters »

Sunscreen Sunburn. Do certain types of sunscreen make you more likely to catch fire? (Yes, catch fire!) The old-style cream sunscreen was tested, and it wasn't flammable at all, but those new-fangled spray-on sunscreens definitely do burn up when exposed to fire. The next step is to try them on a mannequin. Next to a grill. While spraying it, an arm did briefly catch fire. Now on to the pig for a longer test.

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