Household Disasters

9:00 pm · July 19, 2014 · Mythbusters · (0.0)

Sunscreen Sunburn. Do certain types of sunscreen make you more likely to catch fire? (Yes, catch fire!) The old-style cream sunscreen was tested, and it wasn't flammable at all, but those new-fangled spray-on sunscreens definitely do burn up when exposed to fire. The next step is to try them on a mannequin. Next to a grill. While spraying it, an arm did briefly catch fire. Now on to the pig for a longer test.

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Fire in the Hole

9:00 pm · July 12, 2014 · Mythbusters · (0.0)

Grenade Shoot. Can you shoot a grenade in mid-air, rendering it effectively useless? While probably not the best skeet shooting target in general, as it turns out, you can certainly shoot at grenades, just as if they are anything else moving through the air. And after a bit of practice on clay pigeons, Adam and Jamie were able to regularly hit their targets as expected, so they switched to paintball pistols and steel dummy grenades, demonstrating that it is certainly possible to hit the grenade - even to people without much practice. Time to kick it up a notch!

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Supersonic Ping Pong, Ice Cannon

9:00 pm · March 1, 2014 · Mythbusters · (0.0)

Killer Ping Pong Ball. Those little white ping pong balls are just plastic - but what if one was fired fast enough - could it really do some damage? To test, Adam and Jamie hit them, and get them up to about 75 mph. Adam builds a compressed air launcher and achieves 140 mph, but Jamie suggests that a longer barrel would give them more speed, so they ratchet up the PSI and add a longer barrel and get 453 mph. Definitely an improvement! It goes through the target and leaves a mark on the backstop as well!

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Bullet Baloney

9:00 pm · February 22, 2014 · Mythbusters · (0.0)

Bent Barrel. A rifle with a bent barrel can still fire lethal projectiles. Using a forge, and bending a rifle barrel saw that the barrels bent to 45, 90, 135 and 180-degree angles all saw the rifle fire successfully, though the muzzle velocity did drop off a good deal from the initial baseline tests (approximately 25% from the first to the last test). Confirmed.

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Mythssion Impossible

9:00 pm · February 15, 2014 · Mythbusters · (0.0)

Herding Cats. It is impossible to herd cats. Adam and Jamie first need to brush up on the finer points of livestock herding, and in so doing, find out that sheep have a tendency to move in groups - something that cats lack. Setting up an indoor Cat Corral utterly failed, even carrying them into the pen didn't work, and using a sheepdog didn't even help. Confirmed.

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Do Try This At Home

9:00 pm · February 1, 2014 · Mythbusters · (0.0)

Microwaved Watering. Does microwaved water kill your plants (or have any effect at all?) Adam built a simple try to test the theory, and try out multiple watering theories: microwave-boiled, stove-boiled, unheated from the tap, and no water at all. After one week, the plants - romaine lettuce - showed that not only will microwaved water not kill the plants, they will actually do better than the others (and not giving them water will kill them). Busted. Do Try This At Home.

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